Author's Note: I'm meant to be working on a million other projects, but I heard the song the title of this story comes from and that was it. I tried to pawn the song off on my lovely roomie, starrnobella, but she didn't take the bait. That left it to me… One thing led to another and BOOM! This story emerged. Originally, I planned on finishing the story and then uploading as complete, but I owe you, my dedicated and lovely readers, something new! Here it is! This is for you.

This is a different sort of story than I normally write. It's not a love story. It's allllll about the girl power and what females have to endure after breaking up with their significant others. Our three lovely witches band together in order to get over their heartbreak and come out all the better because of it. It's full of crass language and sexual innuendos and references. It's meant to be a fun, male bashing sort of fic that makes you laugh and sympathize with Hermione, Pansy, and Ginny as they muddle their way through the aftermath of their relationships. Be forewarned, Draco, Ron, and Harry are made out to be horrible gits in this story.

My goal is to write one chapter ahead of posting, which means that, yes, the next part of this story is complete. I will post Part One once Part Two is finished, but for now you get to enjoy the ever so dramatic Prologue! I'm really loving this fic and I hope you do too. I can't wait to see your reactions to it. Huge thanks to GaeilgeRua for alpha beta reading. xxDustNight

Trigger Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations/References, Male Bashing, Drinking, and maybe a tinsy bit of Infidelity (just to be safe)

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New Rules

Technical Pairings: Hermione Granger/Draco, Pansy/Ron, Ginny/Harry

Rating: M (Rated Mature for adult language and sexual situations)

Prologue: The Breakups

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Prologue: The Breakups


Exhausted, back aching, and famished, Ginny Weasley stumbled through the floo to the flat she shared with Harry Potter without taking in her surroundings. She had only one thought in mind—get in the shower and then eat the leftover Chinese take-away in the refrigerator. Quidditch practice was brutal today, and she couldn't wait to simply relax and put her feet up for the next two days.

Sighing as she thought about how nice it would be to sleep in past six in the morning, Ginny still didn't notice anything off about the flat. Instead, she shrugged out of her Quidditch robes and hung them on the coatrack before unlacing her boots and shoving them into the closet by the front door. Her broom followed suit, safely tucked away until practice again Monday morning. The off-season practice schedule was a lot more manageable than when they had games every other day.

Finally ready for that shower she'd been craving, Ginny made her way through the flat while pulling the elastic band from her hair. Red locks fell around her shoulders in waves, and she raked her fingernails over her scalp in anticipation of what she was about to do to it in the shower. Opening the door to the bathroom, she frowned, finally realizing Harry hadn't greeted her upon her arrival.

Normally on a Friday evening, Harry could be found crumpled on the sofa in a heap of exhaustion of his own. Being an Auror wasn't the easiest of jobs, especially when you were still considered a rookie. Turning before she even entered the bathroom, Ginny paused and listened to the flat. All seemed quiet. Odd, she thought to herself as she placed both hands on her hips, a confused frown taking over her pretty face.

"Harry?" She called out rather obnoxiously. "You home?"

When there was no reply, Ginny felt herself deflate. Where was Harry? She checked the upstairs bedroom first, thinking that he might have come home and crashed in bed instead of on the couch like normal. When she found the bedroom seemingly untouched, she started to back out of the room but stopped. Something was off, she now realized, and it was the simple fact that there were only two pillows on the bed instead of the normal four.

That's when she also noticed the closet door slightly ajar and an empty duffle sitting by the dresser. Padding over to investigate, she was surprised to find that the closet was devoid of all Harry's clothing. Upon further inspection, she threw open all his drawers in the dresser to find those empty as well. Standing in the middle of the room, she felt her stomach drop and her heart begin to seize up.

"What the…?" She questioned herself before dashing from the room and downstairs toward the living room. Standing there, in the middle of the room with her breath rushing in and out of her chest, Ginny glanced around the cluttered room. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, at least not at first.

As if a beacon of light were shining upon it, she finally noticed the meager scrap of parchment tacked onto the mantle. Of course she'd not noticed it when she'd arrived—who would think to check the mantle for a note when they'd just stumbled through it? With shaking hands, Ginny reached forward and snagged the paper, ripping it at the corner. She held her breath as she unfolded the note, thinking that it almost looked as if it was a second thought. Bracing herself, Ginny began to read…


I love you, I swear that I do, but some things are just not meant to be. It's nothing that you did—I promise. It's me. I need some space… Some time to just be me. I've never really had that, you know? I hope you can understand. I'm so sorry.


Glaring at the tattered piece of parchment, Ginny could only blink in annoyance. Finally, in an irrational fit of anger, she closed her palm, effectively crumpling the parchment. Throwing her head back in exasperation, she closed her eyes and spoke to no one in particular.

"You have got to be kidding me? Not this fucking shit again."

Opening her eyes, Ginny huffed and then tossed the paper somewhere, not entirely caring where it ended up. Swallowing back angry tears because, damn it, she was not going to cry (this time), Ginny stormed from the room in the direction of their bedroom. Scratch that. Her bedroom. She wasn't going to sit around and do nothing but sulk because her boyfriend of five years had commitment issues that were more than ridiculous at this point.

Undressing quickly in her fit of frustration, Ginny redressed for a night on the town. She threw on her tightest Muggle jeans and a sparkly silver top accompanied by knee-high boots. As she headed for the bathroom once more, she accio-ed the cordless phone and called her best friend by hitting the speed dial. Smirking at her reflection in the mirror, she waited for Hermione to answer.


"Hey, 'Mione, it's Gin."

"Hey!" Hermione honestly sounded thrilled to hear from her. "What's up? I thought you and Harry would probably be enjoying a movie and cuddle time by now."

"About that—"

"Oh no. What happened now?

Using her shoulder to cradle the phone, Ginny began applying mascara before deadpanning, "Harry's gone. Broken up with me by leaving a fucking note this time. I'm done," she gushed, tossing aside her mascara and reaching for her favorite red lipstick. "Done, Hermione. Get dressed. We're going out. Tell Malfoy his dick can get sucked after you get home from helping your best mate get sloshed to forget that the Twat Who Lived ever even existed."

"Hah!" Hermione laughed before repeating what Ginny said to Draco, who she was currently dating. "Okay, okay. Draco wants to know what you ever saw in Harry and has given me permission to enjoy myself as long as I come home sloshed as well. You know how he likes it when—"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Ginny cut her off, cringing at her reflection as she thought about all the kinky shit Hermione and Draco liked to get into. She was into some freaky stuff herself, but she and Harry never went that far. Shaking herself, she cleared her head of such thoughts and smiled at her reflection, enjoying what she saw. "Save it for later, Hermione. I'll see you at the usual meeting spot in half an hour. Oh, and don't forget to call Pansy! That bitch is coming with us."

With that said, Ginny turned off the phone and set it aside on the bathroom counter. With one last fluff of her hair, she exited the loo and headed to the floo. Harry Potter may have been the love of her life, but she wasn't going to be like normal girls, sitting home on a Friday night crying and eating ice cream because she got dumped. No, not Ginny Weasley. This wasn't even the first or second time Harry pulled this shit, but it would definitely be the last.

Making sure she had everything she would need for a night out, including Muggle and Wizard money, extra lipstick, and her wand, Ginny opened the front door and headed outside into the early evening. This part of London was bustling, a threshold of opportunities for a young single woman such as herself. Tonight, with her two best friends, she was going to forget her heartache and enjoy herself, entirely letting go. If someone asked her about her boyfriend, the great Harry Potter, all she would have to say to them is, "Who?"


Ridiculous. That's what this was, but she couldn't seem to stop the angry words that kept falling from her mouth like verbal diarrhea. Merlin, why couldn't he not be an arse for just once in his life? Elves had rights too! Why were they even fighting about the rights of house elves again?

Oh, right.

Draco bloody Malfoy wanted to relocate three of the house elves from his family's manor to their new townhouse so that they wouldn't have to worry about taking care of everything. Lazy, privileged git. That was why they were fighting. Hermione didn't want house elves under her roof, let alone ones that would not take compensation in any form whatsoever. So she'd lost it, spewing forth all sorts of facts and reasons as to why Draco's house elves would not be welcome anywhere near this townhouse as long as she lived here.

"One, Granger! I'll drop it from three to one," Draco tried bartering with her as he followed behind her as she stomped through their new home like a three year old. "You're being unreasonable here."

"First," she partially screamed, turning around to point a finger in his face. "What is unreasonable, is the fact that you can't seem to see how unethical it is owning house elves when we are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. We've been doing it since we moved in together two years ago, and second," she paused, taking a deep breath before carrying on, "I'm back to Granger all of a sudden? All because of a stupid fight about house elves?"

"No," Draco sighed heavily, scrubbing his face with one hand. "You're Granger because you just called me Malfoy and it's what we do. We forget we love each other and revert to our old habits."

"I didn't call you Malfoy," she replied, bristling, denying the accusation. She wracked her brain, trying to figure out when she'd used his surname. She knew it bothered him, even if it only ever happened when they were fighting. "I honestly don't even remember saying it, Draco. I'm sorry."

Suddenly feeling rather worn out, Hermione collapsed onto the edge of their bed, not even remembering entering the bedroom. She worried her bottom lip as Draco continued to frown at her from the doorway.

"I don't know if I can do this anymore, Hermione."

She merely blinked at him in reply, feeling a chill wash over her skin as she tried to comprehend the meaning of his words. Was he—was he saying what she thought he was? As she continued to sit there gaping up at him, Draco pushed away from the doorframe and moved to stand in front of where she was sitting. His grey eyes looked sad, like they had foreseen this conversation playing out and already knew the outcome. It was ridiculous to think such things, but here she was.

Finding her voice, Hermione asked, "What do you mean, Draco?" Her hands gripped the edge of the bed, knuckles white from the pressure she was exerting. She wasn't ready for this to happen. Not now. Maybe, not ever.

"You know what I mean, Hermione. This," he explained, waving his hand between the two of them. "I can't keep fighting with you nearly every day and expect to be happy. Fuck, you have to feel it too; we're not happy anymore. It's not working."

"You don't mean that," she started to say, but he interrupted her with an exasperated huff.

"Merlin, Granger—We spend more hours of the day fighting than talking like normal people these days. I don't even remember the last time we went an entire day without arguing about one thing or another." Pausing, Draco ran a hand through his blond hair, pushing it away from his face. "It's like we're twelve and thirteen years old again, fighting simply for the sake of fighting."

"Draco… I had no idea you felt like this," she replied, honestly. Inside, her heart was breaking knowing that she'd somehow failed this relationship. Maybe it wasn't too late to fix… She just had to find the right words to say to repair the damage. "I—I'm sorry. I can be better, I know I can. Work has been busy and stressful. You know how I'm trying to break into the MLE…"

He was shaking his head at her now, making her babbling stop mid sentence. Why was he shaking his head at her? And doing that sad pout that usually turned her on when he used it the right way. It wasn't a come-0n this time, though. This time he was pouting as he backed away, his head telling her no even before he opened his mouth to confirm her suspicions.

"It's not just you that needs to be better. I failed us too, and to be honest, I don't think there's anything left for us to do." Draco swallowed heavily, audibly, and Hermione waited for him to break her heart. "I think it's time we went our separate ways, Granger. It's time to stop trying to force something that's not there."

Hermione's eyes slid shut slowly, her heart shattering into a million tiny pieces. Oh and if that wasn't the worst cliché in the entire universe, but it was true. Hermione Granger didn't fail, but she'd failed at making her relationship with Draco Malfoy work. As tears threatened to fall from her eyes, she had to try at least one more time before accepting what Draco had said.

"Are you sure? We can get counseling…"

"Granger," Draco spoke softly, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder and causing her eyes to flutter open. "I'm sure… It's done. We're done, all right?" His words were spoken in a soothing manner as if he was trying to placate a child who'd broken their favorite toy. Only it wasn't a toy, it was her heart. And it hurt. A lot.

"Okay…" She sniffed, ignoring the burning in her eyes as Draco removed his hand from her shoulder and stepped back. An uncomfortable silence settled around them, and Hermione glanced around their bedroom, wondering how everything had gone so terribly wrong.

They'd just moved in not three months prior, having finally decided to upgrade from the drafty flat they'd shared in Diagon Alley for the first year and a half of their relationship. Now it all seemed too lavish, too bright. Hermione yearned for simpler times, when the sink leaked and the two of them spent their weekends curled up in bed naked and reading books. Not a care in the world. No fighting, just loving.

With a start, Hermione realized that Draco was saying something to her, his hand picking at imaginary lint on his clothes like he always did when nervous about something.

"What did you say?" She questioned, shaking her head of her prior thoughts and refocusing on Draco. She'd managed to lose herself there for a moment, remembering a past long gone at this point.

"I was wondering if you didn't mind leaving tonight…"


"It's just that I can't go back to the Manor and I know you won't be able to afford this place on your current salary alone…" Draco managed to appear a bit sheepish as he told her this outright, and it took everything she had not to punch him right in his pointed, Pureblood face. "You have someplace you can go, right?"

Hermione opened and closed her mouth multiple times before jumping to her feet in a huff. She said nothing as she brushed past her now ex-boyfriend and straight into her expansive closet. When she emerged twenty minutes later with two magically stuffed duffel bags and tearstained cheeks, Draco was nowhere to be found. In fact, he appeared to have gone out entirely, leaving her no option but to move out without saying goodbye or getting closure.

Breakups… They were the fucking worst.

Later, after debating where exactly she could go, Hermione found herself on the doorstep of her best girlfriend's flat. Dropping one duffle down at her feet, she hesitantly knocked on the door. While she waited for an answer, Hermione nibbled on her bottom lip and wondered if maybe she should have called first. After all, Ginny was recently single herself, and she might not take kindly to having her privacy interrupted.

There was no time to change her mind, Hermione realized, as footsteps sounded on the other side of the door and it was suddenly thrown open. Ginny was revealed, her hair thrown up into a messy bun that was secured with her wand. She was also wearing a simple black camisole and a pair of ridiculously short pajama shorts. Clearly, the witch was preparing for bed or already had been there and Hermione was interrupting.

"Hermione?" The redhead asked, her face scrunched up in confusion at seeing her best friend at so late at night. "What are you doing here?"

Taking a deep breath, Hermione had every intention of calmly explaining what transpired not an hour prior. However, when she opened her mouth all that came out was a garbled sob and then she was practically throwing herself into Ginny's arms. The sobbing started then, and Hermione didn't even feel the least bit embarrassed about her emotional display.

"Draco he— We were fighting and then he decided we should break up," she blubbered as she relinquished her grip on Ginny so she could ease back to look her in the face. "Then he told me I needed to leave and you're the only one I knew I could come to…"

She gave Ginny her most pitiful look, which wasn't that difficult given the circumstances. It only took a second for the information to register with Ginny and then she was frowning; but it was clearly directed towards Draco's actions and not the fact that Hermione was standing at her door a tearful mess.

"That wanker…" Ginny mumbled, rubbing soothing circles on Hermione's back. "Come right in. You're welcome to stay here for as long as you need, okay?" She guided Hermione inside before bending to pick up the discarded duffle.

"Thanks, Gin. I don't know what I'm going to do," Hermione admitted as she set her other bag by the sofa to run both hands through her tangled curls. "We had an entire life planned and—"

"Don't do that to yourself tonight, 'Mione." Attempting to smile, Ginny grabbed hold of Hermione's hand and guided her to sit at the sofa. She then plucked the wand from her hair, causing her hair to cascade around her shoulders. She used the wand to summon two cartons of ice cream and spoons from the kitchen before joining her friend.

"Thank you," Hermione said sincerely through her tears as she accepted the cliché breakup snack. "I knew you would understand what I was going through."

"Of course," Ginny smirked, a sneaky grin taking over her entire face as she popped the top on her ice cream and dug in. "And tomorrow we start planning our revenge."

Hermione knew it was a joke, or at least she hoped it was, but it made her feel better nonetheless. Tonight she would cry a bit and stuff her face with rocky road ice cream, and tomorrow she would try and imagine a life without Draco. A life on her own… It was going to take a hell of a lot of soul searching to get over Draco bloody Malfoy, but, somehow, Hermione would manage.


Tapping her long, painted fingernails on the hard surface of the kitchen table, Pansy Parkinson wondered if maybe it wasn't time to change to color. Her eyes slid away from the article in Witch Weekly that she'd been reading to examine her black polished nails. Perhaps she would go tomorrow and get them done at the salon in Diagon Alley. Purple seemed like a good choice. She loved that color. Satisfied with her decision, Pansy returned her attention to the article on Fall Colors.

Half an hour later, she glanced up to check the time on the wall clock. The sleek, silver appliance ticked away, showing that it was well after nine. Frowning, she began to wonder where the hell Ron was. He'd gone out to have a pint or two with his mates like he typically did on a Tuesday night, but, usually, he was home by eight and ready to take her to bed. Sighing in irritation, Pansy shoved aside her magazine and stood from the table, intent on finding out where her man was so late at night. A quick call to the Muggle pub he and Harry frequented would easily solve this problem.

In a way only a well-raised Pureblood could manage, Pansy elegantly stalked to the kitchen phone in her emerald green negligée. Hopping up onto the counter, she pulled the phone out of its charging cradle and was just about to dial the number she now had memorized when the front door slammed shut. With a roll of her eyes, she returned the phone to its place before sliding from the counter and hurrying into the front hall.

She and Ron lived in Notting Hill, one of the nicer parts of London, in an upscale townhome. In fact, Draco lived just a few blocks away, but that was a different story. Coming to a stop at the end of the hall, Pansy watched as Ron hung up his jacket by the door before turning around. He startled upon finding her waiting for him which Pansy found odd. He gave her a sort of awkward wave before coming making his way toward her. Dropping his head, he pecked her on the cheek before passing by to head for the kitchen.

"Ron?" She called, following after him, entirely confused by his lack of affection. Normally, he'd have kissed her full on the mouth and then taken her right to the bedroom. She didn't wear fancy lingerie on a Tuesday night for no bloody reason! "Ron, is everything alright?"

"What?" He replied, obviously distracted as he opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of lager. "Oh—yeah. Sure. Everything's fine."

Clearly, it wasn't.

She watched him silently as he used the edge of the counter to pop the top off the bottle before bringing it to his lips. He didn't meet her eyes as he began to chug the beverage. Irritated, Pansy padded over to the kitchen island and placed both hands flat on the surface as she continued to observe her boyfriend. Something was clearly bothering him and she had every intention of getting to the bottom of it right this instant.

"Look, you were fine when you went out earlier," she began, testing the waters, "but something clearly changed in the past five hours. Either you tell me what's bothering you or I'm just going to bed. You know I have to be up early tomorrow for that wedding fitting." Pansy crossed her arms then, resting her elbows on the counter as she waited for Ron to reply.

Being a fashion designer, the best in the Wizarding London in her opinion, Pansy often had respectable and wealthy clients request early morning fittings to beat the more "common" crowd. Tomorrow was one of those occasions, and Pansy needed to get to bed within the next hour or so if she wanted to be any semblance of awake when her alarm went off at five in the morning. Quirking an eyebrow at Ron, she watched as he fidgeted, setting aside his nearly empty bottle.

"Harry just made some good points tonight, that's all. He said some things I never really thought about when it comes to relationships…" Ron trailed off, his cheeks coloring ever so slightly as if embarrassed.

Taking a slow, deliberate breath, Pansy forced herself to remain calm. Harry fucking Potter had no right giving out relationship advice when he couldn't even properly commit himself. Barely two months single didn't give him the sudden wisdom of understanding relationships. What a sodding idiot… She had to get to the bottom of this before things took a turn for the worse.

Pursing her lips, she also thought about the fact that Draco recently broke up with Hermione too. Fuck. Was this some sort of twisted epidemic? Their men suddenly getting cold feet or ideas about what they were missing in their lives? If that was the case, Pansy was starting to wonder where Ron might be tempted to go with this conversation. She had an uncomfortable suspicion that it wasn't going to end well.

Damn it.

"Enlighten me, Ron," Pansy prompted him, her face displaying a mixture of curiosity and disdain. "What did the great Harry Potter have to say that would cause you to keep me waiting up late and drive you to the bottle?" She gestured to the beer he was about to finish, and smiled to herself when he set it aside again.

"It's nothing. Let's go to bed," Ron tried to avoid the conversation, starting to move toward the door again.

Pansy was tired of this game, though. She was sleepy, irritated, and obviously not getting any sex tonight, so she wanted answers. Grabbing for his arm, she forced him to stop and face her. "No way. You're going to talk to me—none of this just sleep it off and hope she forgets it nonsense. I'm not falling for that this time."

Ron flinched at her words, knowing he was caught. Pansy released her hold and pointed to the table. Taking the hint, Ron pulled out the chair and sat down, his face paling as he did so. That was not a good sign; nevertheless, Pansy joined him, tucking her short, dark hair behind both ears. They sat there in silence for a few minutes, both obviously afraid of opening this jar of flobberworms. In the end, Ron decided to break the silence and tell her what was bothering him.

"Harry was telling me about how he enjoys living on his own and not having to worry about anyone but himself." Glancing up from his hands, which were knotted in his lap, he found his girlfriend glaring at him. Immediately upon seeing her expression, he dropped his gaze again. "I know that you and I are…happy…but what if there's more out there, you know?"

"Seriously? What the hell do you mean by that!?" Pansy knew this was going to be a conversation for the books, but she'd never expected that!

"Yeah," Ron muttered, meeting her affronted expression. "I figured you'd take it this way."

"You're insinuating that you want to go off and see other women, Ron! How else do you expect me to react?" She screeched, hating how affected she was by just a simple sentence. It hurt, but she wasn't about to let him know that. "Did you think I was going to be understanding?"

Well, no, but I thought we could at least discuss it a bit. Malfoy said once you get past the loneliness—"

"Draco was part of this drunken epiphany!?" Now she was fuming, so she pushed back from the table and stood to tower over her boyfriend. "I'm sure that privileged git had oodles of knowledge to bestow upon you after breaking up with your best friend and basically kicking her to the curb in the middle of the night!"

Pansy may not have always been friends with Hermione, but she'd grown to adore the bushy-haired know-it-all since she'd started dating Ron. It was kind of hard not to. Hermione was just so personable and fun to be around. She was smart but still had a personality aside from her bookishness. Not to mention she was a literal hoot when drunk. When she'd found out how Draco broke up with her, she sympathized. She, Ginny, and the brunette had spent an entire weekend cooped up in Ginny's flat bitching about boys and binging on biscuits and tea. That was about three weeks ago now, but she was still fuming over the entire situation. In fact, she'd not spoken to Draco since, having decided the idiot needed to apologize to Hermione before she'd ever speak to him again.

"Well, Harry seemed to agree with him."

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Pansy closed her eyes and tried to count to ten in her head like her anger management Healer suggested she do in situations such as this. If she didn't get herself together, she was liable to lose it entirely. Sighing, she dropped her hand and merely stared at Ron before pointing out yet another fun fact.

"You're taking advice from Harry…the one who dumped Ginny by leaving her a note. Harry, who couldn't even be arsed to talk to your sister to her face before deciding he wasn't ready to commit long-term for the, what was it, fifth time?" Taking a breath, Pansy waited for Ron to reply, knowing he wasn't grasping the point of her rant just by looking at the vacant expression in his eyes.

"I know it's not an ideal situation, Pans, but I think if you take a minute to think about this," he spread his hands out in front of his as if the answer were there in front of them, "you'll see it's for the best."

Slapping a palm down on the table as her anger broke free, Pansy seethed, "What's for the best, Ron? And I swear if you say one more thing about Harry and Draco's opinions on our relationship, I am going to lose it." She was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she glared daggers at Ron. This was infuriating, not at all the evening she'd had planned.

As if sensing she was about to hex the shit out of him, Ron sat and thought about what he planned to say next. Pansy felt that was wise, and allowed him the respite while she, too, tried to calm her ire. She loved Ron, dearly, and it wouldn't be wise to throw all that away for some idiotic banter between three drunken wizards. Ron had to be smarter than that, didn't he? Didn't he? He wouldn't throw away a four year relationship for the sake of being single again? Right? Right?


"Pansy, I'm in love with you, but I've been thinking about this all evening. I think it would be best for the both of us if I just… What I'm trying to say is… I think I want to…" Ron floundered, not quite getting the words he wanted to say out of his mouth.

Pansy knew Ron wasn't the best at relationships, or words in general, but she'd hoped he had more sense than to succumb to the peer pressure of two idiotic fools who clearly didn't know love if it was smacking them in the face with a Blast-Ended Skrewt! Deciding to end this on her terms more for the sake of her sanity than Ron's, she held up her hand, effectively cutting off whatever the next half-assed breakup line Ron was trying to spit out of his oh so kissable mouth.

Fuck. This was going to hurt.

"Get. Out."

Okay, not what she'd thought she would say, but it worked. Pointing at the door, she narrowed her eyes at her now ex-boyfriend. His mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide with surprise, but he did manage to stumble to his feet. When he made to move towards her, for one reason or another, she backed away, not wanting him anywhere near her right now. Where was a Blast-Ended Skrewt when you needed one?

"Don't," she threatened, shaking her head as she dropped her hand and placed both hands on her hips. Ron stopped where he was and just gaped at her as he waited for her to continue. "Just get whatever you need for the night and get the hell out of my house. We're done. If you want to be single because your best mates are too and told you how much fun it is, then so be it," Pansy hissed, straightening her back and putting on a strong front. "I'll send the rest of your belongings to wherever you end up."

Again, Ron tried to step towards her, a strangled, "Pans," escaping his mouth, but the damage was done. He wanted to be single? To leave her alone? Fine.

"Get out, Weasley. We're done here."

She turned and walked briskly from the kitchen, heading straight for her office. Once sealed inside, she angrily pushed her hands through her short hair, tugging slightly as she tried to wrap her mind around everything that just occurred. Ron, the love of her fucking life, basically just broke up with her, and she allowed it to happen.

"Bollocks," Pansy whispered to the room full of unfinished wedding dresses, all of which were designed with her future engagement in mind. What an utter fucking nightmare. Spinning in a slow circle, she tried to take it all in while she heard Ron rummaging through the bedroom above her as he gathered his things and prepared to depart. She wasn't ready for this, not at all.

When the house was quiet, Ron having either apparated or taken the floo somewhere, Pansy emerged from her office and headed for the kitchen again. Picking up the phone from the cradle, she dialed Ginny's number. It was late, well after eleven at this point, so there was little to no chance that either of her girlfriends were awake or willing to hear her sob story. Not that she was going to cry…

When, at long last, someone did pick up the phone, it was Ginny and she sounded sleepy. "'lo," she mumbled, stifling a yawn. Pansy almost felt bad disturbing her sleep, knowing she probably had training in the morning.

"It's me," came her miserable reply. Feeling both mentally and physically exhausted all of a sudden, the adrenaline wearing off as her rage fizzled out; Pansy slid down until she was sitting on the floor with her back against the counter.

"Pansy? It's late…on a Tuesday… What's wrong?" The girls knew she and Ron always had sexy time on Tuesdays, constantly teasing her about how titillating Tuesdays were for the couple. Well, that wasn't happening any longer.

As her head lolled backward, hitting the hard surface with a 'thunk', she decided not to beat around the bush and straight up told Ginny what she was thinking.

"You're brother basically just told me that because his 'bffs' are single, he wants to be too."

"You're kidding!" Ginny gasped, clearly shocked by the news.

That made two of them. Just wait until Hermione found out. She was going to lose her shit, probably more than any of the three of them. Ron was always a sensitive subject for her, having dated him herself. Although, that probably meant she would also be more sympathetic to what an utter fuck up he turned out to be in this case.

"Nope. I cannot make this shit up."

"What did you do," her girlfriend whispered, obviously in abject horror.

"I told him to get the fuck out, obviously." Rolling her dark eyes, Pansy wondered what she would do now. She ought to go and set fire to the rest of Ron's belongings… Well, maybe not.

"That's probably for the best. What a right mess—all three of us dumped. What are we going to do?" Pansy could hear the smirk in Ginny's voice and couldn't help her own from sliding onto her face.

"No idea, but I do know one thing," Pansy replied, examining her fingernails for a second.

"What's that?"

"If Ron wants my forgiveness, he's going to have to truly show me how sorry he is. You know me, I'm going to make that boy suffer." The last thing she heard before saying goodnight was Ginny's laughter. It made her feel better knowing her friends were on her side and there for her right now. Actually, they all needed each other right now. They'd make it through this dark time, and end up all the stronger, as long as they stuck together and didn't let their exes get them down.

Hanging up the phone, Pansy went to bed alone for the first time in years. As she snuggled under the covers of her king-sized bed, Pansy decided that it was going to take a hell of a lot for her to let Ron Weasley back into her heart and life.