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Rating: PG ish
Summary: Catherine's brush with the law.

The uniformed officer stood with cap pulled forward over his eyes. Catherine's gaze swept up and down his form, a slight frown furrowing her brow.

'You'd better come in then,' she gestured standing aside and allowing him access to her hallway. Closing the door behind him she led the way into the living room.

'What's this about?' she quizzed.

The policeman removed his hat, tucked it under his arm and looped a thumb through his gun belt.

'It's about you ma'am,' he replied gravely.

'What? I don't understand. It's not my birthday so unless you're a strip-o-gram.......'

'Actually I've come about something better than that.'

The cop moved towards her, discarding his cap on the sofa. Catherine took a step back she put her hands out in front to ward him off. He chuckled pushing her hands away and grabbing her about the waist.

'What the hell?????' He pulled her into a crushing embrace. Catherine fought him weakly as his mouth explored hers more tenderly than she expected. When he moved his mouth to her neck she took the opportunity to slip her wrists from his grasp.

'Officer i really don't think you're here for this.' She let out an involuntary gasp as he lips nibbled her shoulder blade.

'I've seen the way you look at me Ms Willows when we pass in the corridor at the station,' he mumbled into her throat. 'I know you want me. You think I haven't dreamed about this moment?'

'Can't resist a man in uniform,' she reassured quietly fingering the gun belt.

Jim Brass looked at her with smouldering eyes.

'In that case, fantasy fulfilled,' he grinned sweeping her up and carrying her towards the bedroom,' Help me out of this damn tight uniform, I promised officer Talbot I'd have it back to him before night shift.'