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I knew something was wrong the second I woke up. For one I couldn't hear any of the ambient noises that I had come to live with, no beeps of the heart monitor, no wheezing sound of the air pumps, and most oddly no hushed shuffling of the nurses from outside. It was just pure silence. Then a sudden flash of light so sudden that it dazed me for a moment, and I realized that I had my eyes open the entire time it was just so dark that I hadn't' noticed yet. It was a blue rectangle with a wave-like pattern along the outline, and large print black writing.

[Congratulations, You are the newest gamer. After your unfortunate previous life the RNG gods have decided to award you with the power of the gamer.]

'Wait, the Gamer I used to read that when I was younger.' Holy shit, I'm going to be the gamer, that's insane I'm a cripple how has almost no muscle, and I am not the brightest banana in the bunch.

[So? The gamer is all about greatness coming from unlikely sources. You are no different. (but for your humility and understanding your limits you have increased your WIS by 1).]

"Hold up let's go back a bit to the part about my previous life. Am I dead," I asked dreadfully.


"Oh god, what about my family, my friends, my collection," panicked upon this revelation.

A sense of dread passed over me. It couldn't be true, It had to be wrong.

[Sorry. This is real might as well accept it, and look on the bright side you learned that you can increase your stats from just doing things related to them. So to get you over it let's start that tutorial, we've been putting off.]

A bit pissed from the systems apathy reluctantly decided to go along. If this really was going to happen I might as well be prepared.

[(For putting aside your feelings and making the pragmatic choice you have earned 1 INT)]

"Fuck you"

[Let's start off with setting up your options. First up is your commands, would you like vocal or thought based skill activation (don't worry even when you speak or think the name of the skill you need to have the intent to activate it to work.)]

"Thought, I don't want people to think I'm crazy." Best not to be thrown in the looney bin right off the bat.

[(For thinking about how people perceive you 1 CHM)]

I was starting to get pissed at this sarcastic little shit of a system, but at least I'm getting stat boosts so that at least helps it; but only just a bit.

["Next, do you want your inventory activated."]

""Duh,"I said. Who in their right mind would turn down their own personal hammerspace?

"Although I wonder if it's one that has a space limit," I wondered.

[Nope, (but for practical thinking you get 1 WIS)]

'Sweet, I thought but, then I remembered the law of diminishing returns and if I'm getting all these power-ups in quick succession, then that means I was an idiot with no social skill. The social grace I can forgive because I was isolated for most of my life, but since I was in a situation where studying was one of the only things I could do, kinda was a kick to the taint.

[Moving on, let's take a look at your Status.]

I grumbled in indifference as it moved on.

[Name; undecided]

[LvL; 1]

[Title; The Gamer]

[HP; 100]

[MP: 50]

[RGN HP; 1/min]

[RGN MP; 1/min]

[STR; 5] [Strength; affects how much you can exert your muscle, how much you lift, and how hard you physical attacks hit.]

[VIT; 5] [Vitality; is your insurance, it is how long you can go for, how much punishment you can take, how long you are affected by status ailments, and your hp regen]

[DEX; 5] [Dexterity; is your accuracy, your speed, your reaction time, and how steady your hands are]

[INT; 6] [intelligence; is how smart you can be, it determines the damage of your Mp based skills, it's how well you are at memorizing, and how well you are at remembering things are, also your MP pool. (Note, while for most people INT does not determine MP for you it does, it increases at a rate of 50 per state level ]

[WIS; 7] [Wisdom; This is how well you perceive your surroundings, apply theory to real life, solve puzzles and problems, and determines your MP regen.]

[LUC; 5] [Luck, This is how change affects you, (note, low luck is bad luck and higher luck better good luck.) It affects how well you gamble, affects percent based skill admissions, loot drops, and quest rewards.]

[CHM; 6] [Charm; This affects how others see you, how well you can convince someone to your side, how inspiring you are, or how intimidating you can be, and your chances of getting laid if you ask]

I was confused by the name box, I mean my name is, um is. CRAP, "I can't remember my name what the hell man," I practically screeched to the offending box.

[Sorry, but due to the conventions of RPGs, it is a requirement for all new gamers. (as compensation you get a free point to spend on anything you wish.)]

'That's was some shitty trade for my name, but there isn't anything I can do about it,' I thought. But, the skill page was actually quite helpful, being easy to understand and giving me a good idea of what's going on. I wish it would tell me how to increase them but, it wasn't too hard to infer. I need to exert my muscles to gain STR and basically do the same for VIT only training for endurance instead. DEX I would need to train accuracy. INt would need studying and WIS would need me to solve puzzles or apply meanings to life. CHM and LUC were a bit harder. I guess that if I gamble it would increase my luck that or just dumping my points into it. With CHM I guessed that reading people and acting appropriately would raise it, but it's just a guise at this point.

[(For examining the facts and interpreting them you get 1 INT)]

'Sweet free points,' I thought.

[Let's check out your skills.]

"No need, I already know what I am going to get. Gamer's body which lets me lose HP instead of taking actual damage, Gamer's Mind that keeps me calm even in the most stressful situations, Observe which lets me see info about stuff and finally Create/Escape ID. Did I get all that right," I said sarcastically.

[Wha…but..yes. Can I also don't need to explain how skill books, exp, action gained skills or stat increasing work?]

"Yep," I said a bit arrogantly.

[Well, or being a spoilsport your choice of skill based on one of your stats. Keep in mind these are exclusive skills that will only be available now and can never be gotten again, whether it be by skill book or specific action]

"Cool," I practically shouted. 'I had to think about this carefully. It said that these are exclusive and single opportunity. I had no idea what world I was going to and whether or not regular thinking would apply. I mean, if I go to a world where the main conflicts are political I am going to not be fighting much then STR and VIt would be next to useless, or a world where it's just a bunch of mooks that are immune to magic and just use swarm tactics than INT and Wis are out. What I need is something that can help me out in any situation so that boils it down to CHM and LUC. With CHM I could talk my way out of any conflicts with sentient species but would be almost useless against mindless mooks. So that left LUC. I was a bit on edge because when I was kid luck didn't help me out and after the accident, but that could be because I had really low luck, and it did state that having low luck was equivocal to bad luck so not upgrading it will only screw me later.

"I want the luck skill to please," I said determinately before the doubts seeped back in. "Ping" with my choice made and heart steady it accepted my choice and was buffering my request.

[Congratulations, you have gained the lucky day skill, (Lvl max; Once a week on Monday you will be given a random skill, that could range to the game breaking to the useless, but mostly the useless unless you have a high LUC skill)]

My eyes bugged out at least an inch. This skill was so op it mind-blowing Ya, it wasn't going to do much right now because of my piss poor LUC but once I upgrade my luck a bit it might just carry me the whole way. Being practical I decided to invest one point LUC after each level including the one I got earlier.

[For practical thinking and decision making you get 1 WIs]

[Now onward, You get your choice of one of these options to start you out, along with 50 of the currency of your new world.

A weapon

A skill book

A single item from your previous life

A beer]

'While the beer is appreciated I'm only fifteen so I'll pass on it. But the real conundrum was which to choose of the other three options. If I go to a dying world then I should pick the weapon for protection, but if I go to just a regular world then a skill could help survive from day to day, although knowing the gamer it is unlikely for me to get to a peaceful world. The third option however caught my eye the most, because the other are random I would get a guarantee on what I got. Since I read a lot I have a decent repertoire of books any of which could be a skill book, but I can't know which ones would or wouldn't be skill book because I mostly read fiction. In the end, I have to go with the safest option, which was the weapon because well I'm not going to be short on skill because of the lucky day skill, and I'm most likely going to be incomplete soon'.

(For Thinking through your actions and not rushing into things have gained the realist title)

[Realist; passive bonus of +1 IN and CHM]

"I choose the weapon", I said glad for the reward. I equipped the title as I said the fraise.

[You got 1 Glock 19 compact, 9mm]

[You have gained the Gamer's Pocket skill (GAmer's pocket gives the player infinite standard ammo, including bullets, arrows, and condoms)]

'Ignoring that last bit, I smiled devilishly with glee at the sight of the new skill that would no doubt help me in my adventures.'

[With all that out of the way it's time to choose your randomized race and send you onto your new world]

"Finally, wait for randomized race what do you mean," I screamed to the box as it preceded to for a slot machine roller and start spinning, eventually landing on elf.

[Thank you for your time and enjoy your new life]

I screamed as a bright light suddenly expanded out of the box and I felt myself be painfully ripped apart at the atomic level.

My adventure starting, with or without my consent.

I hope you enjoyed it. I am going to continue this so do not worry. For those who are familiar with the RWBY gamer will easily be able to see the influence of some of my two favorite gamer stories The Verdant Gamer by Phoenix champion and Jaune, the Charismatic Gamer by Random O' Panda. Don't worry I will not just be ripping them off I will just include some things and aspects that are based on them. Please review, and if anyone knows a beta looking for work I would be happy to have them.