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River watches from her seat on the couch as Chibs walks Jax to the door. She can tell the VP is feeling very certain of his new plan but the whole thing has her conflicted. The letters feel like an important missing piece of the puzzle and if they contain information worth beating up Gemma, River is worried about whoever has them. Her gut tells her Tara is probably playing a larger part in all of this than they know. All these thoughts are swirling through her head when a wave from Chibs gets her attention.

River looks up to the man she's forced herself not to think about too much for the last two days and feels a chill go down her spine at the look on his face. He's standing behind the couch both his hands braced on the furniture staring down at her with dark eyes. Everything since they got back has happened too fast but now she takes a moment to look him over. He's wearing his cut with a tight leather jacket underneath, his shaggy hair still a mess from the helmet, and she can just make out a poorly concealed shoulder holster through the layers of leather. He looks dangerous. She feels her pulse pick up.

"Luis was at the meeting." His mouth is tight on the words and she can tell there's more to say, "Do yeh want to talk business tonight or no?" He looks tired and he's chewing on the inside of his cheek, making the scar on that side more pronounced than usual. She signs no without further thought. A look of relief spreads over his face.

He doesn't say anything else, just moves around the end of the couch. He sits down at the end opposite her and toes off his boots before reaching for her. He takes the phone, switching it off and then pulls her, she goes willingly. He leans them back until they're both laying with her spread over his chest, their legs tangled. She tries to prop herself up so she can see his face and he just tangles a hand in her hair guiding her head to rest on his chest.

If the hard edge biting into her side is any indication the holster is still fully loaded and River has a feeling something special is going on. The feeling deepens when she feels Chibs take a deep breath and then his chest vibrates with his voice saying things she'll never hear. She tries to pull up to see his face on instinct but the hand twisted in her hair tightens and then starts to massage lightly. She realizes he doesn't want her to see. He doesn't want anyone to know these words but he still needs to say them.

She relaxes into the moment and his hand starts to trace patterns over her head and down her neck to rub at her back. River has no idea what happened on the trip that has him needing to confess but she knows he's probably not telling her about how nice the room service was. She's known men who do this in the family too. Men who carry too much and need a place to put some of it so they don't overload. Considering the bomb Jax had dropped about leaving the club River isn't surprised Chibs needs to unload a bit. She's just surprised he's doing it with her, lack of hearing or not.

This doesn't feel like a favor to the Cartel. In the moment, Gemma's words come back unbidden, a man mad at a woman. Even when they're not a prisoner and guard they're still a criminal biker and a mafia daughter. They'll never be just a man and a woman, not in real life but maybe this is a chance at a break from real life. River hasn't felt like she has a real life for months and if they're going to call Vinny tomorrow she knows reality could come crashing back in very quickly.

Chibs' voice is still sending gentle rumbles through his chest and she feels safe wrapped against him. She's felt safe around him since that first moment in the kitchen when he crouched down and she'd pushed through a wave of pain and fear to take in his scarred face but kind eyes. She's on the tail end of what she hopes will be most harrowing experience of her life and he's been an unexpected beacon of trust, understanding, and hope. She'd missed his presence for the two days at Gemma's and not just because he knows more ASL than anyone else in the MC. She is sure she doesn't have Stockholm Syndrome.

His hand stills on her back and River risks lifting her head just a bit to glance at his face. His lips aren't moving, his face calm and his eyes trained on the ceiling. She pushes up a bit and he shifts to make it easier for her to settle over him, her hands braced on either side of the pillow behind his head. He looks up at her with tired eyes and she stares back at him for a long moment until he speaks.

"Did yeh miss me?" His face is serious and his eyes tired as he asks the question. She nods. "Good." His head comes up as he speaks and his lips catch hers. She doesn't draw the kiss out but he's the one to break it, settling back into the pillow. "Let's go to bed."

She doesn't try to reply, just moves off his chest and, careful to avoid the holster, gets to her feet. He stays in place looking at her and she holds out her hand answering his silent question with an invitation. His palm is rough and heavy against hers as she leads him into the bedroom. At the side of the bed where they would normally go their separate ways they stop and River feels like there's been a shift. The other times they've been physical it started with anger or lust but now here they are both calm and it feels like an intentional decision is being made.

He uses their linked hands to tug her up against him and his eyes are unreadable in the dark room but this time when his lips hit hers they make a scorching demand. He drops her hand and his fingers find her neck, holding her against his mouth. She reaches between them tugging at the cut, her hands trying to find a way to push it from him even as she kisses him back with everything she's got. He breaks the kiss to unzip his jacket and he tugs it, the cut, and holster off all at once dropping the layers onto the nearby dresser.

Now that she knows where they're headed she's impatient and as soon as his hands are free she goes up on her toes to wrap her arms around his neck and capture his lips again. He uses the opportunity to tug at her jacket and she tries to help without breaking the kiss, rolling her shoulders. As soon as the leather is gone his fingers are hot at the hem of her top rubbing patterns into the available skin above her jeans.

River follows his lead and reaches for the bottom of his shirt, her hand accidentally brushing against the front of his jeans and she feels him exhale hard into her mouth. The feeling gives her confidence and she tugs at the cloth shirt attempting to pull it up. Breaking the kiss she succeeds and he takes advantage of the opportunity, helping her lose her henley. It's only been a day since she gave up on the rib wrap and she feels suddenly self conscious standing in front of him mostly topless in this new context. She doesn't have long to let the nerves set in before his hands are on her.

His lips bypass her mouth to trail heat down the column of her throat and one hand slides up her back while the other comes up to cup a breast through her bra. She knows she makes a noise from the feeling in her throat and it seems to be a good one because he suddenly picks her up, hauling her against his chest until her feet leave the ground. She wraps her legs around his hips and her lips seek out his pulse point until he turns and they fall forward onto the bed.

His mouth is sliding down her neck to her chest and she arches up to tug at the clasp of her bra. Chibs seems to have the same thought tugging at the offending garment and then dipping his head to get his lips around a nipple. Her fingers tug at his hair and scratch at his shoulders but he ignores her as his hands run over her stomach and chest while his mouth goes lower. When he hits the edge of her jeans she feels a rumble of noise go through him and then the pants are gone followed by his own.

She takes the chance to slide further up the bed and when he comes back down over her it's to settle between her legs. His lips find hers again and his hand grabs her thigh hooking it around his waist so he can grind his hips down into hers. She can feel him hard against her and she knows her panties are soaked.

Her need is building and he seems in no hurry to satisfy either of them. His hands are everywhere, running over her body, leaving trails of heat in their wake. He hits a particularly sensitive spot and she feels a noise slide from her throat into his mouth. There's an answering rumble in his chest and he dips his fingers between her legs, pushing cloth out of the way to sink into her wet heat. The feeling has her back arching off the bed against him, her eyes snapping closed.

He pushes one finger up into her and his thumb finds her clit. She knows he's good at this and she's just settling in to enjoy the ride when he taps at her cheek. She opens her eyes to find his face close. Even in the dark she can see the heat in his eyes as he watches her. His thumb presses against her clit, rubbing with just the right amount of friction but as she starts to close her eyes he stops his movement between her thighs. She tries it again, staring into his eyes and he starts again but as soon as her eyes drift he stops. This is a new kind of communication but she's always been a quick study.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, her breathing starts to pick up as his thumb keeps up a steady rhythm. His fingers are pumping in and out of her in a way that keeps her entirely at his mercy. He is in control, he knows it and he's using it to his advantage. She lets him.

His eyes are blown out with lust and she knows hers are probably a mirror image. His hand hits just the right spot and it takes everything she has to keep her eyes open as the coiling orgasm starts to peak. Her fingers dig into his shoulder, the digits without nails screaming in pain. She keeps her eyes locked on his until the moment the pleasure crests and she feels the orgasm speed through her. Her hips leave the bed and she can feel the sound leaving her throat as her body convulses around his still moving fingers.

In the after glow she's vaguely aware of his body heat leaving her, his fingers tugging at the useless scrap of cloth between her legs. Then he's back and she feels his length against her thigh, condom already on. His breath on her neck pulls her eyes open again, he's watching her, and she can feel him hard as steel between her legs. She realizes that even now he's checking, a question on his face. She pushes her hips up in answer and he responds until he's buried to the hilt.

There's a pause and they're both breathing hard, getting used to the new feeling. She feels full but nowhere near sated. His eyes are closed and she reaches out to twist a hand into his hair pulling him down to her. It breaks the moment and his hips start to move. He's slow and controlled, setting a torturous pace. Every attempt to speed things up is stalled by a firm hand on her hip and she finally gives in to the slow burn.

His mouth is moving against her neck and River is overcome with the desire to see him. She throws a leg over his hip for leverage and using the other foot pressed against the bed she rolls. There's no doubt he could have stopped the motion but instead he lets her take him holding her in place. She ends up astride his hips and with this new angle he is almost painfully long inside her. His hands settle on her hips and she rolls against him.

It's incredible. Every shift of her hips forces his eyes closed and she feels powerful in a way she's been missing recently. His lips are moving and she doesn't bother to read them just enjoying the moment. One of his hands slides up her stomach to twist at her nipple and she starts to ride him earnest. Hands on his chest, over the million dollar bill tattoo for leverage, she uses her thighs to lift up and down. She knows she's got him close when his hand abandons her breast to join its brother on her hips.

His eyes are closed tight and his hands are helping to lift her up and then bring her down in a punishing cadence. She can feel another release slowly building deep in her core and like she'd summoned them his fingers slide between their conjoined bodies to tap urgently at her clit. She's so close and he suddenly shifts under her his hips tilting until he's hitting just the right spot on every thrust. His fingers speed up and her hands tense on his chest, her hips going still without her permission as the orgasm overtakes her.

She's seeing white behind her closed lids. His fingers are still moving between her legs forcing additional convulsions out her tired body while his hips continue to pound up into her. She knows the moment he comes even through her own haze of pleasure. His hand drops from her core and he pulls her down into his chest, his teeth sinking into her shoulder as his hips jerk up no longer in rhythm.

They stay like that, still connected and catching their breath, for a long time. It's Chibs who moves first and River feels boneless as he gently scratches his fingers through the back of her hair. She feels a rumble go through his chest and his hands shift her gently sliding her off his body so he can get up. She stretches into the bed and rolls over to watch him pad out of the bathroom. He stops at the edge of the bed where she's managed to fill far more than her share of the king sized mattress.

"…over…" There's not near enough light to read his lips but she enjoys the look of feigned outrage on his face when instead of moving she stretches out further trying to take up as much space as possible. His hand snakes to pinch at her nipple forcing her to curl away in mock defense. He takes advantage of the space and climbs back under the blankets tugging her towards him until she's curled against him. Everything else forgotten for now she drifts to sleep with his breathing against her back, safe and sated.

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