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PS I Love You

Wedding bells pealed.

The small chapel was alight with candles and joy. Sarah stood at the end of the aisle, her arm in her father's arm.

Her mother stood at one of the front pews, beaming. Their reunion had been difficult at first. They were still getting to know each other, but they loved each other. Having her mom help her get ready, to help her put on her wedding dress, having her to talk to as Sarah's nerves got to her a little - it had been wonderful, a wedding present of the most satisfying possible kind.

Her father was happy for her. He was proud of her, and he liked Chuck, even if he pretended not to be able to remember Chuck's name. He would leave town again soon, no doubt, but she thought she saw something in his happiness for her and his affection for Chuck that would bring him back to town again. Assuming he could avoid jail…

As she walked down the aisle, she passed Wanda, who kept looking at her and then to the front, at Casey, who was best man. Casey was looking at Sarah and then at Wanda, and Sarah and Wanda both knew he was trying a white dress on Wanda in his imagination. Wanda smiled widely at him. Orion and Beckmann both nodded at Sarah with pride and deep fondness. Lou and Ellie were waiting for her at the front, along with Carina, all looking beautiful in their dresses, all so happy for her. Her friends.

She had friends.

She had a family.

Morgan was trying to look solemn, but glee kept breaking in. He couldn't hide his smile for long. Devon stood alongside Casey, and he mouthed "Awesome!" to her just before she reached Chuck.

Chuck. He was resplendent in his tux. To say that he looked happy would like saying the sun looked bright. He filled the room, his love for her rays of illuminating devotion that stretched outward from him in all directions. He rivaled the sun. He lit and warmed and enlivened her whole world.

Chuck stopped breathing when he saw her. Her wedding dress was beautiful, white with the barest undertone of blue. He could see the light that surrounded her, much the same color as her dress, and he could see the piercing shine from her engagement ring, now on her right hand. Chuck knew he was surrounded by the people he loved and people who, like Sarah's parents, he was coming to love: but he could see only her. She was the focal point of his existence, the author and finisher of his happiness. Sarah.

Sarah was hardly aware of their vows, although they were wonderful, and hardly aware of Morgan's officiating, although it was insightful and restrained. She was aware of Chuck and of the fact that he was promising himself to her. Chuck.

She then promised herself to him. She had begun to understand in the past months that a person's reality is constituted by the promises, commitments, and resolutions the person keeps. The most beautiful thing in human life is dedicated living. She was dedicating her life to Chuck; he was dedicating his to her. Perfect.

Afterwards, in the midst of the reception, Devon proposed to Ellie. After an It took you long enough! scowl, she said Yes. At a very high pitch. And the party became, if possible, more breathless and more festive.

Chuck hugged Morgan, thanking him for the ceremony. Morgan had a lighthouse smile. Chuck stepped back and Lou, standing beside Morgan, put her arms around him and squeezed him tightly, possessively.

"Chuck, man, I am so happy for you. I know you are going to have an amazing life. Sarah is special, and you two belong together." Morgan's smile became more expansive, which seemed to violate some law of nature.

"Thanks for everything, Morgan. You did great. I know how lucky I am. It's like my life is...is…" Chuck stumbled, hunting for the right ending to his thought.

"It's like your life is one long episode of Bewitched, Darrin!"

Lou looked slightly lost. Chuck snickered.

"When you're right, Larry, you're right."

Sarah stood on the rocky Maine shoreline.

The ocean was in dramatic movement, waves falling heavy onto the shore. Rain was coming. Sarah could see it in the distance. She welcomed it. It meant that she and Chuck could start a fire in their small cabin and spend the day...honeymooning...on the couch in front of the fire, or maybe on the rug in front of the fire…there were lots of in-front-of-the-fire possibilities. Thinking about the possibilities started small answering fires deep in Sarah, in her chest and elsewhere.

She had awakened before Chuck. She contemplated his face, so beautiful and so peaceful, and she was devoutly glad that his haunted look and troubled sleep were passing. He was amazing.

She let him sleep. She got up and slipped on jeans and a sweatshirt. She put on her boots and a jacket.

And now she stood on the rocky shoreline.

Her power had been changing. She had always understood it as a weapon, as intended for fighting. But ever since she had used her full power against Graham and to protect Chuck, hidden potentials in it had been revealed to her. She was, for instance, more deeply and completely aware of her body than she had ever been. Even its automatic functions, breathing, pulsing, all had been made accessible to her consciousness. She wasn't conscious of them constantly, but she could be aware of them, if and when she wanted.

She had wanted it last night when she had made love to Chuck for the first time as his wife, and it had made what would have been the best night of her life anyway even better. She knew the full depth of her responsiveness to her husband. And this morning, as she walked along the shoreline, she knew something more.

A life had begun to grow inside her last night. It was a small but intense pinprick of presence.

A little girl was waiting to join them, and she would in a matter of months. Sarah could feel that all was well with the little girl. Tabitha Eva Bartowski. The name leaped unbidden into Sarah's mind. She was sure Chuck would love the name. She was sure he would be overjoyed about the baby.

She wanted to tell him immediately but she also wanted to let him sleep. They had time. The rain moved from the ocean onto the beach. She stood in it for a few minutes, arrested by the display of grays, the sky and the ocean. Far off, blue shone through a break in the rain clouds. The rainwater felt baptismal, cleansing, freeing. She gazed around herself, horizon to horizon, a new woman.

It was a good world. It was a wild, half-saved, half-savage world. It was a world of magic. It was a world of love. And she had a future and a home in it. She walked back to Chuck.

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