I still couldn't quite comprehend what was going to be waiting for me at the Cullen house, Carlisle had been studying Eastern medicine and had paid a visit to some of his friends where he had found a cure. A cure for immortality, the cure was held in the deepest caves and had been hidden away from the world. Carlisle and Esme had taken a trip to seek the cure and they had finally made it home, Carlisle had opted to take the cure first to ensure it was safe for the rest of his family. I had been banished from the house for the full week as they turned one by one, Edward hadn't been in contact and I was anxious to see him again. I couldn't fight off the worry that my boyfriend wouldn't be the same, what if he didn't feel the same about me now? I shook my head with a sigh as I pulled my truck into the drive way out of the Cullen household.

This was the first time I had visited and I hadn't been greeted immediately, I ran my hand through my long hair before hopping out of the truck heading straight up the stairs knocking on the door. I was greeted by the tall frame of Emmett, a huge smile was plastered across his face as he flung open the glass door. "Hey! What do you think?" He asked giving me a twirl playfully before wrapping his strong arms around me in a hug, I laughed softly hugging him back with a nod. "Looking good, Em. How is everyone? What about Edward?" I was anxious to see him as Emmett pulled my coat off of my shoulders leading me up the stairs to the living room. "Everyone is great, Esme needs help with cooking though...Edward well...it turns out human Edward is as clumsy as you. He has fallen down the stairs and knocked over one of the expensive statues" Emmett's booming laugh filled the room as Esme hit his shoulder softly.

"Bella! Hi sweetheart" Esme hugged me for a moment before leading me over to the couches, a little smile reached my lips as the rest of the Cullen's made their way to the living room. Everyone was still so beautiful but they all had their own unique characteristics back. "Edward would you just stop messing with the stupid mop on your head! Your girlfriend is here!" Alice's voice flowed down the stairs, Esme gave me an apologetic look as the sound of them scuffling upstairs began. "Could you both come down here please?" Esme called up to them before going to the kitchen to make us all some coffee.

I looked up quickly hearing footsteps on the stairs, there he was. His skin more tanned and his cheeks flushed his hair in it's usual messy style. A slight smile reached his lips as he stepped into the living room, lingering by the door his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. "Are you okay?" I asked with a raise of my eyebrow moving off of the couch going over to him, his beautiful green eyes met mine. "I'm great...so..what do you think?" Edward asked taking my hands in his brushing his thumbs over my knuckles his voice showing he was clearly nervous. "You look amazing...Emmett told me that you had fallen down the stairs already" I laughed softly as he rolled his eyes glancing over at Emmett who held his hands up innocently.

"It turns out wooden stairs and socks don't mix, who knew" He laughed a little moving his arms around me kissing me for a moment, the kiss wasn't its usual stiff and careful kiss. It was so relaxed as his warm lips met mine, I looped my arms around his neck brushing my nose against his lightly. "How about we go upstairs so we talk?" I whispered to him as he nodded a little before leading me up the stairs. "Wear a condom!" Emmett called to his earning himself a punch in the chest from Rosalie. "Its a shame your mom didn't, huh?" Edward smirked a little going to his room kicking the door closed before him.

"Are you sure you still like me like this? I look so normal" He frowned slightly looking at himself in the mirror again running his hand through his hair scrunching his nose slightly, he could't possibly be serious. He honestly thought he was just your normal average Joe? "You look human but you still look like you were sculpted by Jesus himself...how is that for your ego?" I laughed softly flopping down in the middle of his bed putting my arms under my head. "Ohhhh you think you are funny?" Edward asked raising his eyebrow playfully as he moved onto the bed leaning over me before kissing me deeply, I smirked slightly against his lips before deepening the kiss my tongue brushing against his softly.

Edwards smooth hand slipped under my shirt slightly his finger tips grazing my ribs as we were lost in the kiss, I kicked off my shoes before moving my legs on either side of him. My hands moved to the buttons of his shirt as his lips moved to my neck, my heart was pounding against my chest my eyes falling closed as I pressed my body against his. "Bella, are you staying for dinner?" Esme called through the door knocking softly, Edward groaned slightly moving off of the bed opening the door a crack. Esme cleared her throat trying to hide her smile as she saw Edward's shirt unbuttoned and my red cheeks were clearly enough evidence for her to know what we were doing. "That would be great..thanks Esme" I nodded with a half smile as I fixed my shirt. "Door open, Edward" She said with a slight nod causing him to roll his eyes waiting for her to get to the bottom of the stairs before closing his door again.

"Ohhh someone has his moody teenager head on" I teased moving to kneel on the bed fixing my shirt as Edward shrugged off his own putting on a black tshirt and a hooded jacket. "I kind of have an excuse, I'm the baby of the family" he teased as a crooked smile reached his lips, I rolled my eyes playfully before kissing him again tugging him out of his bedroom to the kitchen. The rest of the family were already at their seats as Esme dished up the pasta, I took my seat between Edward and Alice. "You know I really don't need an open door policy, I bet no one else has one" Edward complained as he sipped his water, Emmett snorted as he ate a mouthful of pasta. "You have a policy? We don't...awww poor baby Eddie" Emmett teased reaching over ruffling Edward's hair playfully, Edward batting his hand away quickly.

"Actually you all will have one, I want you all to be extremely careful now" Carlisle said seriously as he sipped his wine sitting back in his seat giving a look to Emmett and Rosalie. "Before you all start with your complaints, Carlisle and I are your parents and you are living under our roof" Esme waggled her finger between everyone as she took her seat beside Carlisle. "Fine i'll just go to Bella's" Edward shrugged as I frowned slightly, Jasper and Emmett shared a look trying to hide their laughter. "You really think Charlie will let you hang out in Bella's room?" Jasper asked in his southern slur with a raise of his eyebrow. "Yeah good luck with your midnight snuggling now you can't climb through her window" Emmett smirked a little. I could see some raised tempers starting in the usually calm house.

After we ate dinner Edward had been set with the task of doing the dishes, he didn't complain but It was clear he wasn't happy. I leaned back against the counter holding the dish towel as he washed the dishes a frown on his brow. "We always have our cars to hang out in..." I offered him a smile as he glanced through to the living room before picking me up setting me down on the counter, kissing me deeply his arms holding me to him tightly. I giggled a little against his lips slipping my arms around his neck his hands moving to my thighs as he stood between my legs. I loved my new Edward. I couldn't wait to find out what he would be willing to do and to find out how the rest of the Cullen's would cope with their new human lives.

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