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Rating : G

Summary : Warrick and Brass clash again

'Jesus Brass, can't you get anything right man?' Warrick shook his head in disgust.

'There's a difference in getting it right and doing it a different way Brown,' Jim growled.

'C'mon guys,' cut in Nick, 'Let's just get down to the crux of the matter. We haven't got all night ya know.'

'Tell him that. Jerk!'Warrick stabbed a thumb in the detectives direction.

'You really hate it don't you Rick.' Jim's mouth turned from a tight-lipped grimace to boyish grin. 'You really hate the fact that I got one over on you.'

'It's not about getting one over on me. It's about kickin' your ass good and proper for all that crap you gave me when you were head of CSI.'

'As much as I'd love to hear the rest of this argument,' laughed Doc Robbins,'We do have work to do.'

'Okay Brass,' smirked Warrick.'Call it.'

Jim lay the five cards in a neat spray across the table, his grin turning into a full broad beam.'I think my full house beats your pair.'

Warrick slapped a hand to his forehead laughing as Jim rounded in the matchsticks. Grissom stuck his head around the breakroom door.

'Okay children, playtime's over.'