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10: Companion

From then on, everything was a blur.

Her Pokémon were there, Holly knew. But hadn't been seeing them. Instead, her vision alternated between spinning and going black.

Holly couldn't tell how many times that happened.

Holly thought she could hear her Pokemons' desperate cries. Mawile's rang the loudest, its pleading howls unlike anything she'd ever heard from the Pokémon.

Holly didn't hear the Nidoran who started the whole thing, but she suspected it was here somewhere.

Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe she heard nothing.

Maybe nothing else was real.

But some things had to be.

Like the shaking.

Holly registered not being able to do even the simplest of tasks. Things slammed onto the ground as she constantly dropped them. Always, she could register the rapid footsteps of someone picking the dropped objects up.

But there was always more.

And someone was always there, trying to comfort her. They would place the objects in her hands, getting her whatever she was feebly able to ask for. More than once, Holly thought the person was a nurse. There were plenty around here.

But the person didn't seem like a nurse. There was no scent of medical equipment, no aura of someone at work.

Just someone who cared.

Someone who didn't want her to die.

Or perhaps the person was just a figment of her delirious imagination.

It was difficult to tell. But she couldn't concentrate on that.

Because, more than once, Holly followed the objects the ground.

She swore she could hear her own strangled screams as her body betrayed her.

But every time, someone picked Holly up, reassuring her in a voice she did not know.

At one point, Holly looked down at her leg. A massive purple and red wound glared back at her. Holly thought it was oozing something, but she didn't dare touch it. Instead, she howled and tried to tear her gaze away.

And the person was there, comforting her. Holly was dimly aware of someone wrapping something around the wound. But Holly didn't know what, and she couldn't tell who was doing it.

And it didn't bring her any relief.

Instead, more tears stung her face.

But every time, that person was there to wipe them away.

Holly didn't think nurses did that.

But maybe they did and she just didn't know.

Or maybe they weren't doing anything.

But there was one thing Holly knew was real.

And that was her horrific stomach pain.

The pain pierced like a knife and burned like it was on fire. Holly cried out as her stomach did flips and cartwheels.

But Holly knew these were no innocent tricks.

Not when someone held a bucket to her mouth. Holly remembered groaning again, and pitching forward. She was vaguely aware of someone throwing their free hand around her as she vomited into the bucket.

Holly tried to cry again, but it kept going and going. She thought she would start to dry heave, but somehow, it wasn't that bad.

When she finally did stop, tears stained her face as she sobbed openly.

But once again, there was that soothing voice, the one that could've been her imagination.

No matter how bad things were, she could hear it try to calm her.

Holly could specifically make out the words "it will be okay."

But Holly didn't believe that.

Not when she could feel like she was going to be sick while lying down. She could only manage a whimper, and yet the other person was there. A firm hand grabbed onto her shirt collar, and dragged her over to the edge. Holly registered the bucket and another hand tipping her head to the side.

Yet all was a blur when she vomited again.

And sometimes, even a bucket wasn't enough.

The attacks came faster than any Pokémon, to the point where even Holly didn't know their speed. Was she did know was the pain burned through her entire body, scorching her from the inside out.

Holly tried to scream, but it was too late.

All that came out was more vomit, soaking the bed and her clothes. This time, Holly could hear nurses, as they rushed to clean her up.

And yet the person from her hallucinations was rushing too. Holly tried to speak as the other lifted her off the bed. Yet nothing came out as the person rapidly undid her clothes.

Almost immediately, they were replaced with fresh ones. Before Holly knew it, she was back in the bed. The covers were pulled around her, and she was tucked in tight. She couldn't sense the nurses now, but instead, the other person.

Yet, Holly could feel little comfort. Because the pain in her stomach still remained.

And that didn't even include the pain other places.

Like the needles.

Holly didn't remember what the needles looked like, only that she'd been fearful. The other person had stroked her hair, trying to tell her more soothing things.

But it was to no avail, and Holly only whimpered. The other person offered her a hand, and she took it.

Holly thought she could see the other person nodding, but she couldn't focus for long.

Sharp pain shot through Holly's arm, and she squeezed until the other hand turned white.

Holly thought she heard another person let out a gasp, and she only squeezed harder.

Out of the corner, Holly could see another person grimacing.

But she couldn't be sure if it was real.

Dimly, she registered a word.


But she had no idea what that meant.

And there were, apparently, other things to worry about.

Like the person pressing cup of water to her lips, desperately pleading her to drink.

And yet, Holly shook her head. There was no way.

So instead there were more needles. More hand squeezing. More whimpering. More pain.

At least Holly didn't see the other person cringing. Maybe they'd gotten used to what happened.

Or maybe they weren't there at all.

Holly had reason to believe the latter was the case as her temperature spiked. She groaned when someone touched an ice pack to her head.

But it did nothing.

Holly whimpered as she continued to burn from the inside out. The other person rubbed her sweat soaked hand.

But the gesture brought little comfort, and instead Holly could feel herself grimacing. Things grew hotter and hotter, as she continued to be drenched in sweat and tears.

Holly didn't know what the temperature was, but it felt as though she was sitting inside a furnace. A gasp escaped her, and she instinctively found that the other person's hand. She squeezed, and the temperature continued to climb.

Hotter than a fire.

Hotter than a desert.

Hotter than the sun.

And then…

It ended.

And Holly could only see darkness.

A deep breath escaped from her, as she realized she was still holding another person's hand.

It was the person from her imagination… And she'd come to take her away…

So this was it.

Holly was dead.

This was the end of that brief journey…

And all because of it, she lost her life…

What would things be like from now on?

Would there be fluffy clouds?

Did she have wings, and a halo?

She certainly didn't feel like she had either, but she wondered if that was normal for new angels.

Holly figured she might as well see.

So she opened her eyes.

Only to be greeted by a white room with sunlight streaming through.

And another person's voice. "Oh, thank goodness! You're going to be okay!"

Holly's eyes went wide.

It was the same voice from her dream!

But there weren't any fluffy clouds or angels here…

Which meant…

Holly's eyes widen further as she realized that she was continuing to hold someone else's hand. She tried to jerk her hand away, but the person spoke again.

"It's all right. You can still hold on." The other person chuckled softy as they stated. "I think my hand might be broken, though."

Holly resisted the urge to squeeze as she turned her head. Now, her eyes were the size of saucers.

So everything was real! There really was another person here!

And now she was staring right into the other person's concerned face. The person gave her a reassuring smile, but Holly couldn't smile back.

So, she just continued staring.

The person was a woman. She looked young, yet Holly could see maturity in her eyes. Maybe she just appeared young. Holly supposed she could ask her age, but she figured that was impolite.

So instead she focused on the woman's looks.

Purple eyes shone with relief as the woman smiled at Holly. Purple hair tumbled down her back, surprisingly well-kept. The woman also had bangs, yet somehow they didn't hang in her eyes.

Yet what caught Holly's attention the most was her clothing.

She was barely able to resist a shudder.

The woman's clothing was all black. Holly could find a speck of white underclothing showing inbetween her shirt and long pants. But that was it. Not even the woman's socks could be seen as they were covered by her black shoes.

All black clothing… Just like the thief…

The thief that got Holly into all of this…

But the woman couldn't be affiliated with thieves… Otherwise she wouldn't have stayed here with Holly… But she didn't look like anyone Holly knew…

So who was she?

The woman seemed to realize Holly's question. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Anabel. And you're Holly, right? I heard your name from the nurses."

Holly nodded. At the same moment, she had to wonder.

The name Anabel sounded familiar, but from where?

Regardless, she had more pressing concerns to deal with at the moment.

So she quickly asked. "Where am I?"

Anabel responded. "You're in the Pokémon Center on Route 3. I don't know you realized it, but you were pretty far away from Pewter. I didn't think you would make it if I went all the way back, so I brought you here instead. Thankfully, the nurses knew enough about Pokémon venom to treat you. There wasn't an adult here with you, so the nurses let me stay and help."

Another question was written Holly's eyes.

What about her Pokémon? If this woman was real, then Holly must've heard them too…

Annabelle again detected her question, and replied. "Your Pokémon all got healed up. We had to put them back in their Poké Balls, though. They got a bit... rambunctious when they saw you."

Holly remembered the cries of Mawile. She could only imagine what it would have done in this situation. None of it could have been good.

Instead, Holly turned to Anabel.

Anabel's eyes suddenly adopted a grave look, and Holly tried not to shrink back.

"You're lucky. If I'd been even a few minutes later, you'd have died."

Holly's mouth went dry as she replied. "Thank you for rescuing me. If you hadn't passed through…"

At this, Annabel shook her head, but her grave gaze continued.

"I was not just passing through. I was actually looking for you specifically. But that will have to wait for later."

A slight smile played on the corners of Annabel's face. "You should get some rest. The nurses just changed the sheets, so you should be comfortable. Now, you look like you are about to fall asleep."

Holly resisted the urge to clench her fists. She couldn't rest now! She had a journey to go on!

Yet, Holly was suddenly aware of her entire body drooping.

She tried to speak, but all that came out was a giant yawn.

Anabel nodded. "And that speaks for itself."

Before Holly could protest again, Annabel gently pushed her back down into the bed. Holly registered the movement of the covers as Anabel tucked her in tight.

Holly rolled around, trying to find a sweet spot, but all she could focus on was Annabel as the woman closed the blinds.

How long would she be like this? She had a study to complete!

Again, Annabel answered. "If you rest up and take your time, you will be better before you know it. No point in traveling if you are too sick to go."

Holly saw the room darken as Anabel continued. "Sweet dreams. I will be close, so call me if you need me. Or just ask one of the nurses for help."

Holly nodded, and she heard the woman walk out of the room.

Fatigue overtook her at last, and she quickly drifted off into sleep.

After that, time passed at a crawl. Being awake didn't mean the same thing as being completely better, Holly found out.

There was medicine and more medicine, testing and more testing. Annabel explained that the doctors needed to make sure that the poison was entirely out of her system, but Holly was pretty sure they just wanted to torture her. She was certain she'd never be able to look at a needle after that. Holly tried hard not to crush Anabel's hand as each one went in. She wasn't convinced she succeeded, but at least the woman didn't complain.

And then there was her leg. Holly couldn't help wincing at the purple and red wound that still remained. It might not have been leaking anything, but it was still gross. Annabel patted her shoulder, saying that it would eventually just leave a huge scar and a story to tell. Holly shook her head, responding that she couldn't wait for the day. At least the doctors and Anabel put bandages on it.

After a few days, the nurses finally declared Holly fit enough to leave.

And that was when Anabel approached her.

Holly sighed. She knew why.

So, she figured she may as well start the conversation. "You said you were looking for me before."

Annabel nodded. "Yes."

Holly couldn't resist asking. "Why?"

"Because I am a member of the International Police Force."

Holly's eyes widened.

The International Police force. She had heard of them! Her mother talked about them sometimes. Apparently, they went after only the toughest criminals and cracked the most difficult cases. And they were in every region, not just Kanto.

But then…

If Annabel was a member of the International Police Force, why wasn't she at Pewter?

Probably because it was a petty theft, and as far as Holly knew, the International Police only went after the hardened criminals. Besides, there were already police there.

Holly turned back to Anabel as she asked. "And what does this have to do with me?"

Holly could not miss the stern gaze in Annabel's eyes as she replied. "The force has been observing strange happenings in Kanto. They sent me over to investigate. According to Pewter city police, a thief broke into the museum there. You chased him down and recovered the stolen objects. Is that correct?"

"Yes." Holly responded, but she couldn't help feeling confused.

Where was Annabel going with this?

"It was just a petty theft."

Annabel shook her head. "No, I don't believe it was."

Before Holly could respond, Anabel continued. "We of the International Police believe that it was part of a much larger happening. Perhaps there is an organized crime group around. But we have no evidence of this, and no way to proceed. However, that's where you come in."

"Huh? Why me?"

"Something strange has already happened with you, and if you're headed around the region, there will most certainly be more. If I travel with you, I may be able to better investigate what's happening and help crack the case."

Holly couldn't help blurting out. "You, travel with me? But…"

"But what?"

"Well, wouldn't the International Police be angry if you spent your time traveling with me?"

"I spoke with the International Police while you were hospitalized. They agree that since you've already encountered something strange once, following you is the best plan."

Holly shut her eyes.

This Anabel woman had saved her life, and then treated her with nothing but kindness…

And yet…

How could she let her travel with her?

She barely knew Anabel, and there was no telling what she would do.

She might just use her, like those Trainers in the forest did…

Holly opened her eyes, yanked by her thoughts as Anabel continued.

"Besides, if I go with you, I can supervise you."

Holly's eyes widened.

Supervise? She didn't need to be supervised! Almost all Trainers trained by themselves! They may has well have been adults!

"I don't need supervision." Holly mumbled.

Somehow, Annabel understood her as she responded. "I beg to differ. You could have been killed before, and that was just by a regular Pokémon. With all these unusual events going on, who knows what could happen to you? Besides, I'd like to protect the person that could help me solve this case."

"I don't need protection either!" Holly snapped.

Annabel's eyes hardened as she replied.

"Well, were you carrying any antidotes? Or any healing items at all, for that matter?"

Holly's face burned red with shame, and she squeaked out "no". She honestly hadn't thought about healing items… Her team had been so strong…

Anabel shook her head. "And that proves my point. Someone that reckless needs protection. If you had even one antidote, you could have healed yourself enough to possibly get away. Or at least, call for help.

For now, you can use my healing items. But you owe me for every one you use. And at the next city, you will stock up. Understood?"

Holly nodded. "Yes."

She looked at Anabel again. "Let's get going! We both have things to do!"

Annabel nodded. "Of course."

Holly ran out of the Center, but nearly tripped as Anabel grabbed her arm.


Holly turned back, and she couldn't resist the frustration creeping into her voice. "What now?"

"You've just gotten out of the hospital, and I don't want you straining that leg. It's better for you to ride on a Pokémon, at least for a while."

Holly's eyes widened. Ride on the Pokémon? Hardly anyone did that in Kanto! Did Anabel think they were in Kalos? Or Alola?

But Annabel did have a point. They were still long way from Mt. Moon, and that wasn't even counting any detours. She glanced at her leg. It was wrapped up in bandages now, and the purple was gone.

But it was still, a faded, angry, red. It would be a while before it healed completely.

And any more problems would make it worse.

Nevertheless, Holly responded.

"I don't have any I can ride on."

"Then, you'll have to use mine." Anabel grabbed a yellow and black ball. An Ultra Ball, Holly knew.

She tossed it into the air.

"Come, Salamance!"

A huge blue dragon erupted from the Ball. It sported massive red wings, and Holly almost braced from the wind they created. Its black eyes darted to Anabel, waiting for a command.

"Salamance, let this girl ride on your back. Fly close to the ground, so I can see her if anything happens."

The Salamance nodded, and Anabel gestured to Holly.

"Jump on."

Holly stared at the enormous Pokémon. She had never ridden any Pokémon before, let alone a dragon. But she would have to, if she wanted to keep going.

Holly climbed onto the Salamance, Anabel helping her find a good footing.

Holly shuddered. What would this be like?

Only one way to find out.

Anabel walked to the front of the Pokémon, studying Holly as she held onto its neck.

"Are you comfortable? Can you hang on?"

Holly nodded. She still fought to suppress shudders, and her hands barely went around the creature's neck. She felt like she might fall off. Maybe if she did, Anabel would catch her.

Yet Holly knew if she said no, Anabel would never let her leave.

So, she nodded.

Annabel nodded back

"Let's go."

With a cry, the Salamance took off into the air. Holly's fears of hanging on evaporated as the Salamance began moving. Flying was quite smooth, much more so than walking. And even though the ground was right near her, Holly couldn't resist looking at it. Her eyes widened again, this time because of how fast it whizzed by. Even Anabel looked like she was passing right by she ran next to them. She kept a brisk pace, so she must've been used to training with Salamance.

More than ever, Holly resolved to get herself a flying Pokémon.

But she was interrupted from her thoughts as the grass began to rustle.

Anabel halted abruptly. Holly was worried Salamance would run into its Trainer, but it stopped beside her.

Another rustle, and the Pokémon appeared. It was an orange puppy, with black stripes like a tiger. White fur covered its head and chest, and black eyes held a resolute look.

Holly narrowed her eyes. A Growlithe. It was a Fire type, and she already had one.

Perhaps Anabel would let her knock it out…

But before she could do anything, the Growlithe opened its mouth. It let out a fearsome cry, and Holly covered her ears. The sound was deafening, and Holly thought it would burst her eardrum.

Of course, this Growlithe would know Roar. Most of them did.

Holly found herself biting her tongue, trying not to scream.

She had to get away from the horrible noise!

Holly tried to urge Salamance away, but Anabel held out her arm.

The Growlithe had stopped its Roar and was now looking around. Clearly, it was confused that its target hadn't run, and Holly couldn't blame it.

But Annabel wasn't letting the Pokémon recover.

Her eyes hardened, and she tossed another Ultra Ball into the air. Holly thought she would see another powerful Pokémon appear, but instead the Ultra Ball continued flying.

It hit the Growlithe square in the head, scooping up the stunned Pokémon before could react.

In a single shake, the Pokémon was caught.

Holly wasn't surprised. Ultra Balls could capture most Pokémon no problem. A lot of times, she heard Trainers didn't even weaken them.

As Anabel just proved.

The woman was now turning towards Holly.

"Here, take it."

Holly's eyes widened. "But I already have a Fire type. I don't need this.'

Annabel quickly responded. "It might be useful if something happens. Besides, a beginning Trainer like you can always use more Pokémon."

Holly nodded. "Fine. But as soon as I get to the city, it's going in the box."

Annabel handed Holly the Ultra Ball. "Fair enough, just hang onto it until then."

Holly attached to the Ultra Ball to her belt, and tensed.

There was an extra Poké Ball there.

And she knew what it held.


The Pokémon that had nearly gotten her killed. The Pokémon that had made hers worry.

But, she supposed, without it, she wouldn't have met Anabel.

So there was some good.

As Holly attached her new Pokémon to her belt, a thought crossed her mind. "If I train this Growlithe, can I be like you?"

Annabel shook her head. "It takes more than a certain Pokémon to be an officer. And only a special group of officers use Growlithe. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them, so I can't teach you anything."

There was no way Anabel could miss the disheartened gaze on Holly's face.

Holly thought that with a Growlithe, she could chase down bullies!

And she could save people!

She could save herself!

Anabel quickly responded. "But if you are interested, I can put you in contact with some of the members of the canine squad. They would definitely be able to tell you more. That would be after this mission, though."

"I will think about it." Holly replied.

Truth be told, she was trying to shake off fatigue. She stifled a yawn, and thankfully Anabel had turned away.

If Anabel knew she was tired, she'd make them stop. And then Holly would get even further behind.

Holly wasn't sure what it made her tired. Perhaps the Roar.

But she had to move on.

So, Salamance continued flying, and Anabel continued running. They seemed to cover a long distance, and Holly was glad she hadn't walked.

Yet the same wave of fatigue assaulted her again. She tried to shake it off, almost losing her grip on Salamence.

She was hoping they wouldn't have to go much further, or Anabel would certainly notice.

Yet, after a while, Anabel stopped again.

"What-" Holly tried to blurt out, but Anabel put a finger to her lips.

"Listen. Can you hear it?"

Holly strained her ears. It was difficult, but she could make out a faint moaning and what sounded like gurgling.

Holly snapped to attention.

There could be an injured person, or a Pokémon!

And there could be a bully! She had to help!

Holly nodded. "Yes, I do! Someone is in trouble!"

"The sound appears to be coming from the grass near us. You should be able to walk there. Get off Salamance, and follow my lead."

Holly quickly dismounted and Anabel recalled her Pokémon.

Holly soon followed, and they crept through the grass.

The moaning and gurgling grew louder, and Holly could not resist wincing. She was glad Anabel couldn't see.

Whatever creature lie beyond, it must've been in horrible pain…

As the grass cleared, they finally found the source of the noise.

Beyond the duo lay a Pokemon. The gurgling clearly came from its nose, which dripped a thick green mucus. But Holly thought she could also hear more gurgling, as the Pokémon coughed. Its eyes, normally full of life, lacked any luster. Instead, they looked red and irritated, and Holly thought she could see tears coming from them.

Tears, much like her own so shortly before.

Holly shook her head. She could not think about that.

So instead she focused on the rest of the Pokémon.

Its body was blue, except for certain parts. Those that weren't were black. The black parts included its legs, it ears, and part of its face that looked like a mask. Holly could see that its eyes were normally red, but not the angry color that they were now.

It was clear that this Pokémon was a Riolu. Riolu were rare, so people would take notice of this one.

But then…

Why hadn't anyone helped it?

Holly unknowingly clenched her fist, and Anabel walked up.

"What's wrong?"

Holly couldn't resist yelling. "This Riolu is clearly suffering! Why hasn't anyone helped it?"

"Because the Riolu is clearly a wild Pokémon. And wild Pokémon can get scared or lash out when they are sick. With a Pokémon as powerful as Riolu, it's easy to see why people would back off."

"Well, I have to help it! There must be some way…"

"It's worth a try, at least."

Holly crept towards the Riolu, but stopped in her tracks. Her nose felt like it was running, and she resisted her own urge to cough. She rubbed her eyes, even though she was sure they weren't red.

"Everything all right?" Holly spun around, trying not to let the surprise show on her face. Anabel clearly didn't hide her emotions, as she was looking at Holly with a mixture of the bewilderment and curiosity.

Holly resisted the urge to groan herself. She had never told Anabel about what happened to her. How would she explain now?

"It's a talent I have. I can feel the pain of people and Pokémon. I don't know where it's from, but I've had it as long as I can remember."

Anabel nodded. "I see. Maybe you can use it to help the Riolu now." As Holly continued to crawl, she thought she could see a wince on Anabel's face.

Holly shook her head. Her "talent" was rather bizarre, and knowing Anabel, she probably just thought she had wasted their time explaining it.

The Riolu looked up as Holly approached.

As she did, a sudden fear approached her. Riolu was weakened, so she couldn't battle it. One blow from the Pokémon would leave her damaged when she already was from before.

So how would she convince it?

She glanced down at the bandage on her leg, and an idea came to her.

She knew pain, and she knew fear.

And it was clear the Pokémon did too.

Now was the time to use what they had in common.

Holly softly stated. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you."

The Riolu looked up at her, curiosity in its eyes.

Holly continued. "I know what it's like to be sick too. It happened to me recently. It was scary, and I was crying and hurting."

She stopped, letting the bandage on her leg be in full view of the Riolu.

"But you know what? This nice lady behind me and some nurses patched me up. And now, I'm all better. And I'm sure, if you come with me, some people can make you better too."

The Riolu stared at Holly, eyes wide. Holly wondered if it would accept. After a while, it tottered over with unsteady steps.

She could see Anabel smile out of the corner of her eye as she remarked. "Well, it seems as though the Riolu thought the feelings you had were true. It would make sense, given its ability to understand emotions."

Holly let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, but then realized something.

How would she carry the Riolu? Not in her arms, certainly. She didn't want it infect the other Pokémon, and she wasn't really looking forward to getting snot all over her.

Holly looked towards Anabel, stating "how should I…"

Anabel replied. "Just capture it like you would a regular Pokémon. As long as you don't enable the capture mechanism, you should be fine. Even if you do on accident, you can just release it like you would your own."

Holly nodded.

With that, she fished out a Poké Ball. The Riolu did not resist as it was sucked into the light. The Poké Ball did not click shut, signaling that the Pokémon was not truly caught. Holly put it into her bag, stepping out of the grass.

But an important question begged to be answered.

"Where should we go? We are not anywhere near any centers or towns."

Annabel responded. "There's a little-known place called Sable City. It's to the south of this route. It's a bit of a ways back, but we should be able to reach it easily. There, we can get Riolu to the Center and stock up on supplies."

She looked straight at Holly. "But first, a rest."

This time, Holly couldn't hide her how tired she was. She could feel herself shaking and struggled to keep her balance. The wave of the fatigue was overpowering now, and Holly thought it would drown her. Her eyelids felt heavy, no matter how hard she desperately tried to keep them open.

Without warning, she lurched forward.

Anabel caught her, safely laying her down. She muttered something about what they did being a bit much for Holly's first day out of the hospital.

But Holly couldn't hear her, shutting her eyes before Anabel even finished lowering her to the ground.

Author's notes:

So… A lot happens in this chapter, but first, the prompt.

There is an injured Riolu on the route. It's refusing help from everyone, and the player has to convince it to get to a Center. The player has to bring to a place called Sable City in the south. Sable City is exclusive to the RP. I chose to have Holly connect with the Pokémon using her injuries because it made the most sense, and connected the rest of the story together. The Growlithe was captured for a reason that will be revealed later on, but right now contains spoilers. Roar is a move that it knows early on, hence why it is used here.

-So here is Anabel, the other major character in the RP. Like the title states, she will be a permanent companion to Holly. She similar to how Ash had companions in the anime, even though some of them were held high ranks.

-For those unaware, Anabel is actually a canon character. However, finding her during the games is completely optional. Anabel first appears in Pokémon Emerald, head of a facility called the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier can only be accessed after the main game is completed, and contains facilities with incredibly powerful Trainers. Each facility also tests a specific skill in combat. Anabel tests ability by having Trainers win successive battles in her Battle Tower.

Anabel also appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon, although once again her appearance is entirely optional. She appears again after the main game has been completed, although not as the head of the Battle Frontier. Instead, Anabel is working with the International Police, investigating the appearance of mysterious Ultra Beasts on Alola. She tests the player's skill by challenging him to a battle, then recruits them. After all the Ultra Beasts have been found, she can be challenged at a facility known as the Battle Tree.

-Anabel's appearance is based off of her appearance in Sun and Moon, as well as the fact that she is working for the International Police. Anabel's Salamance is also from Sun and Moon, as well as the fact that she uses Ultra Balls.

As for whether or not her Emerald information will carry over, I cannot say, due to spoiler reasons. I will say that things will be a bit different than what the games reveal about her, and she's a large part of the reason this story is labeled alternate universe.

-The International Police is also something that appears in the games. They first appear in Sinnoh, and their only known member is a man named Looker. He is tracking down the dangerous Team Galactic, and like Anabel, recruits the player. Later on, the International Police appear in Pokémon Black and White. Looker gives the player a fishing rod and enlist their help in finding the Seven Sages. The International Police makes yet another appearance in Pokémon X and Y, where Looker is tracking down the remnants of Team Flare. The final appearance to date is during Sun and Moon, in the same quest Anabel appears in.

-The idea of supervision for young trainers being odd and Trainers being like adults is something that I observed in the games. In the game, it's not uncommon for young Trainers to be very far away from home and no adults in sight. Therefore, Holly would find supervision odd, and realistically, Anabel would be concerned with it.

-The police using Growlithe comes from both the games and the anime. In the anime and the games, police officers battle and use Pokémon. At first, their main Pokémon is Growlithe. However, later on, other Pokémon are used alongside or instead of Growlithe. Anabel mentioning the canine squad that uses them comes from the anime, where Ash briefly trains with one.

-Holly talking about Anabel having her ride to Pokémon and whether she thinks this is Kalos or Alola comes from the games. In X and Y (Kalos) the player could ride Pokémon in certain sections of the game. In Sun and Moon (Alola), the player could ride Pokémon on command provided they had progressed to a certain point. The Pokémon in both games were needed to get the player past obstacles. Holly explained that hardly anyone does Kanto has to do with how the other games handle riding Pokémon. The player can ride the Pokémon once they've obtained certain moves, but hardly anyone else's seen doing it. To my knowledge, only Steven and Lance (in Heartgold/Soulsilver remakes only) are seen riding Pokémon in the games.