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53. Fiery Encounter

Despite being up later that night, Holly couldn't help feeling refreshed and restored.

She had to continue, to find a way to free Kris from Anabel! And it meant even more now that Kris had asked her to look after her Pokémon!

Holly couldn't resist smiling, but she quickly realized she had to keep things a secret from Anabel.

If the woman found out, everything would be over!

Her feet pounded on the bridge, and Holly was on the lookout for more Trainers. Yet none appeared. Perhaps they had all been frightened away.

Holly let out a sigh.

There was nothing to do on this route! Hopefully, they'd reach the next one soon…

Yet just when Holly was about to voice her displeasure to her companions, a loud splash filled her ears.

Holly's eyes grew wide. She had forgotten there was water on this route!

Holly glanced sharply to her left, where Kris and Anabel also were looking.

The splashing grew louder and louder, and Holly could see water constantly being disturbed.

Holly cocked her head, trying to find the source.

But there didn't seem to be anything.

Holly was about to ask Kris and Anabel if they had seen something when a creature finally leapt out of the water.

Holly let out a gasp.

The source of the splashing was a Pokémon, and not just any one.

The Pokémon had a brown body that looked like kelp, aside from its glaring red eyes. It had something red on its head, and that red thing had a bit of dark green. Holly noticed that underneath the kelp-like substance was a purple scaly body. That was all she could see before the creature dove back into the water.

Yet, she grinned.

And her smile didn't fade even as Anabel spoke.

"A Dragalge. I never thought I would see one in the wild…"

Kris replied. "It's rare to see them. There are even shyer than most other dragons… I'm surprised a Pokémon like that made its way here…"

Holly could hardly contain her glee as she responded.

"Which is why I can't wait to catch it!"

She continued dreamily.

"Ah, I can just imagine having such a rare and powerful Pokémon…"

Yet Anabel shook her head, an icy glare in her eyes.

"And probably all it will be is part of your imagination. Dragalge is a dragon, Holly. Dragons are hard to catch and even harder to use in battle. They are strong and sacred, more so than any other type of Pokémon. You may think you know about them from what happened with the Tamers, but almost every other dragon's power is far beyond that. A normal Trainer cannot hope to use them."

Holly clenched her fist.

Leave it to Anabel to ruin her fun!

She glanced towards Kris, hoping the disabled Trainer would back her up.

However, Kris had a grave look in her eyes as she spoke.

"Some people believe that in order to truly train a dragon, one must pass a grueling test. The test is so difficult that even I couldn't pass it."

Holly's eyes went wide.

What test would be so hard that a powerful Trainer like Kris couldn't pass it?

Before Holly could ask what Kris meant, the disabled Trainer continued.

"Don't fantasize over the wild Pokémon you saw. That species isn't the only poisonous dragon Pokémon out there."

Holly couldn't help showing confusion.

What did Kris mean? She hadn't heard of any other dragon that was poisonous…

She glanced to Anabel, but the woman was similarly bewildered.

Kris began. "There is also…"

However, as soon as she started her sentence she cut herself off. The disabled Trainer closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

Holly couldn't resist asking. "Kris, what's wrong?"

Kris simply shook her head. "Never mind. Perhaps you will find the wild Pokémon later."

At first, Holly blinked.

What exactly did the disabled Trainer know, and why couldn't she tell them?

Holly quickly shook her head.

Whatever it was, it didn't matter now, and she was sure Kris would reveal everything in time.

Holly quickly regained her composure, eyes gleaming.

"Later won't be a problem, because I will still catch that wild Dragale!"

Before Kris or Anabel could answer, another voice drawled.

"You think you're going to catch a Pokémon like that, brat? Don't make me laugh!"

Holly quickly spun around, finding another person standing behind her.

This person was a woman with long pink hair and light red eyes. The light red eyes were partially hidden behind a pair of shades, but Holly could still see they matched a pair of long red pants the woman wore. She also had on a short black shirt, and high heels that were jet black. Holly could see the woman had a slender frame, but strength could still be seen in her eyes.

Those eyes looked mockingly down at Holly, but she glared right back.

How dare this woman mock her!

"Who are you to call me a brat?"

The woman let out a laugh, as if she was enjoying Holly's frustration. Regardless, she answered. "I'm Malva, member of the Kalos Elite Four. If you're wondering what I'm doing here, I'm also the leader of a group that fights against the evil prowling the regions. So far, Kanto is in pretty bad shape."

Anabel nodded, a warm smile on her face. "I've heard of you, Malva. Your heroics are well known among the International Police, especially since you saved one of our top officers years ago. I'm glad to finally meet you."

Malva flashed a grin back.

"You're Anabel, right? Looker told me about you. He says you're the best they've got."

Malva's smile suddenly turned into a playful smirk.

"And I also heard you're his favorite coworker. Thinking of getting a little closer?"

At this, Anabel's face paled, and she looked horrified.

She shook her head furiously.

"N-no! It's not like that! Looker and I just work together sometimes, and beyond that, we're just friends!"

Malva simply scoffed, as if she couldn't quite believe what Anabel was saying.

However, Holly thought she caught a flicker of pain in Anabel's eyes.

But she returned no sympathy, relieved that someone put the woman in her place.

At the same time, she couldn't help feeling a hint of confusion.

Malva… That name sounded so familiar, and Holly knew it wasn't just because she was an Elite Four member of another region…

Holly frowned.

For some reason, the name Malva reminded her of something sinister…

Something dark… Something violent…

Something… Evil…


Holly's eyes narrowed she came to a grim realization.

At the same time, anger boiled inside of her.

How could Anabel not know about this?

Well, she would make it known!

Holly took a step forward, eyes blazing.

"I know you! You used to be part of the horrible Team Flare, and they wanted to destroy everything!"

Holly could hear her voice rising as she snarled.

"Hypocrite! What right do you have to claim you fight against evil, when you were a part of it and got off Scott free?

Holly waited for a response, hoping she had hit a nerve in the former Team Flare member.

However, she was not expecting Malva's answer.

Quick as lightning, the Elite Four member's hand shot out.

Holly screeched as the hand struck her face. She recovered and tried to retaliate, but Malva wasn't finished.

Holly was aware of burning pain coming from her arms and shoulders. She registered that Malva had struck her there as well. Instead of crying and flinching back, Holly still felt rage blazing within her.

"What are you doing?" She screamed.

"I'm doing what your parents should have done years ago! You obviously have no respect for authority whatsoever!" Malva retorted.

Holly snarled back. "Neither do you, if you used to fight against them!"

Malva's eyes blazed with silent fury. "Listen to me, brat. I have long since been separated from Team Flare. And it didn't take me long to turn against their leader. Hardly anyone even knew I was a part of Team Flare. When the truth came out, the League agreed not to press charges against me, as long as I worked for them for a while. So I did, clawed my way up to the Elite Four, and here I am. I founded the resistance group not long after, because I know how a lot of villains work.

Holly clenched her fist. Of course Malva would know when she was one!

Holly opened her mouth to say something else, but Malva spoke first.

"Enough talk."

She swept her gaze over all of them.

Suddenly, she focused on Kris, and the disabled Trainer shrunk back at her narrowed eyes.

But Malva did not give ground.

"You especially know why I'm here."

Holly gritted her teeth.

What could make Kris so frightened, especially since she had worked with the League? Maybe Malva really was a villain…

Kris shakily nodded, and Malva turned back to Holly and Anabel.

"As for the rest, I'm going to speak to Kris in private."

Anabel's eyes widened in surprise.

"But Kris is…"

Malva cut her off. "I know. News travels fast. But she has that monitor on, right? There shouldn't be any problems. And if there are, I'll be more than enough to take care of them."

Anabel nodded, and Malva gestured to Kris.

"There should be plenty of privacy in the grove to the north. Let's head there."

Kris nodded again, and the two walked off.

Holly clenched her fist.

She couldn't let Kris go anywhere with that villain, especially not alone!

But Anabel would never let her go if she told the truth…

Well, what harm was a little white lie?

Holly purposely made her eyes go wide and forced her voice to become high-pitched.

"Oh, shoot! I forgot something in the town! It was one of my items! My King's Rock! I have to go back! It was so important!"

Holly hoped Anabel would take the bait, and knew the lie had a bit of truth to it. After all, she didn't have her King's Rock anymore, and as far as she knew, Anabel had no idea where it went.

Luckily, Anabel seemed fooled.

She let out a long sigh.

"Holly, why didn't you go get your item before we crossed the long routes? Fine, head back and get it, but please be quick."

Holly nodded and dashed off.

Her feet pounded against the bridge, but Holly didn't listen.

Instead, she looked for the grove Malva had mentioned.

Holly could see a bunch of large thick trees leading into uninviting darkness. She swallowed hard and sprinted inside.

The trees were so thick, Holly swore she was going to get lost. More than once she heard the cries of wild Pokémon, and hoped Malva and Kris wouldn't be attacked. The foliage was so dense she hoped she wouldn't get stuck.

How embarrassing it would be need rescuing when she was trying to rescue someone else!

Luckily, that was not the case, and Holly could now see a bunch of bushes. There was just enough space to peer through them, and Holly glimpsed Kris and Malva standing in the middle of a field. Both had serious expressions on their faces, although Kris looked almost resigned.

Malva began. "You know my offer. Have you considered it?"

Holy cocked her head.

What sort of offer did Malva mean? Nothing good, she supposed.

Indeed, Kris's eyes flashed with anger.

She responded icily.

"Why would I? You already know my answer."

Malva shook her head. "As stubborn as ever, I see."

Kris's voice rose with fury. "Of course. How do you think I survived this long?"

Malva ignored the veiled insult as Kris continued.

"And why ask me now, after everything that's happened?"

Malva's voice seemed a bit crestfallen as she spoke.

"Because the resistance is having trouble."

Kris snorted.

"Trouble against Team Rocket and a bunch of Silver's rebels? I'm surprised at you."

Holly held her breath to keep from laughing out loud.

Team Rocket was just a bunch of stupid thieves! Their leaders suffered crushing defeats long ago by a bunch of kids near her age, or so she'd heard. Oh, Holly had also heard they had resurfaced, and her mother always said to be wary of them, but she was sure the whole thing was just to scare people! If Trainers had already taken down Team Rocket once, it wouldn't be hard to take them down again!

And the rebels were apparently led by a young man named Silver. There were rumors that he had connections to Team Rocket, but Holly wasn't sure how true those rumors were. The rebels fought against both the evil teams and the League for reasons unknown. They recruited whatever Trainer seemed even remotely interested in their goals, but often targeted ones around Holly's age. Holly was grateful the group had not come to her, but considering what the world was like now, she couldn't blame them for being angry.

Of course, Holly didn't entirely know what the rebels were rebelling against, but considering that both the Pokémon League and the evil teams were still standing, they must've not have gotten very far.

People whispered that Silver and his group were some of the most successful criminals ever, and that they operated covertly under the guise of normal people.

But as far as Holly was concerned, they were just a bunch of losers.

If Malva's resistance movement couldn't take either those groups out, then they were even more pathetic than Holly thought!

Holly turned towards the Elite Four member.

Malva shook her head as she spoke to Kris again.

"It's not Team Rocket or Silver's rebels. It's an entirely different enemy that even we cannot identify. Something that could easily pose a threat to all regions."

Malva lowered her glasses, red eyes staring straight at Kris.

"In order to defeat this enemy, we need someone strong. Someone like you."

Her next words made Holly shudder. "Join us, Kris."

Malva held out her hand and Kris closed her eyes.

Holly gritted her teeth.

Kris couldn't join someone with a past like Malva's! She just couldn't!

But if she did, Holly would stop her!

Within minutes, the disabled Trainer opened her eyes, giving a firm answer.

"I won't."

Malva didn't even waver.

"Why not? It could be a chance to redeem yourself."

Kris's eyes blazed with fury, and she spat her words back at Malva.

"Redeem myself? By working with a bunch of people from those destructive teams?"

Malva shook her head.

"You know N and I were on those teams once, but no longer. Well, depending on how you look at it, N was never on a team to begin with. And that other woman, Lorelei… She has no connection to the teams at all."

Kris still burned with rage as she spoke. "Lorelei has close connections to the rebels."

Malva narrowed her eyes as she replied.

"Only because her daughter joined and her son's their leader. And I have to say, allying with us to stop her own children was rather brave of her."

Kris shook her head. "No, she's a coward. Fleeing to Sevii rather than deal with reality here. You should be ashamed that she joined you."

There was no mistaking the venomous tone in Kris's voice, and Holly stifled a gasp.

She knew of N and Lorelei, but she didn't know they had a connection to Malva. They were both powerful trainers, ones that instantly commanded respect. Holly had heard N once had ties to a villainous group called Plasma, but he had severed them to become the Champion somewhere. He was so powerful that even legendary Pokémon obeyed his orders, and few dared to challenge him.

As for Lorelei, Holly knew she was an expert with Water and Ice Types. There were rumors that she had some connection to the legendary Pokémon Articuno, but she neither confirmed nor denied them. She was one of the few that got the esteemed title of Pokémon Master, but Holly didn't know how she got it. Lorelei hadn't been one to flaunt that title.

Instead, she enjoyed teaching students, and Holly remembered her mother had taken her to some of her lessons once. She had thought that Holly might be interested in the same types of Pokémon as Lorelei, but Holly only found the lessons boring. Apparently, Lorelei was one of the Elite Four once, but she gave up the title to return to the islands where she was born.

Holly gritted her teeth. To think that such esteemed Trainers would join with a rouge like Malva! Well, they all had ties to evil teams, so Holly supposed rouges stuck with each other.

Still, she couldn't respect any of those Trainers anymore!

Now, Malva had begun to speak again.

"I expected better from you, Kris. What would your companions say, seeing you on the verge of a temper tantrum?"

Kris could not conceal her rage.

"My companions are gone, Malva!"

Malva's voice was stern but even as she replied.

"Only one of your companions is gone. The other two are still living. There is that boy from Pallet who is also the son of Volkner... Ash, I believe. And the other… The dragon girl, the one named Zinnia… She disgraced herself by refusing to accept her defeat against Hoenn's Champion, and then on top of that, turned traitor."

Malva's voice became dangerously low as she spoke.

"You should know better than anyone else would happened to Lorelei. You knew her children, Silver and Leaf before they fell. Such a shame…"

Holly blinked. She didn't understand what was going on!

She was unaware Kris even had any former traveling companions, let alone who any of the people were. And how did Kris know Silver and Leaf? She never spoke of them!

Holly might not have known what the two were talking about, but she did understand what was happening when Kris angrily slapped Malva's hand away.

"Enough! This discussion is over!"

Kris turned to leave, but Malva grabbed her and pulled her back.

"No, I don't think it is. Why are you so angry about your friends? Are you still trying to protect them? It's been many years since you've traveled together."

Kris still scowled at Malva.

"As if I'd tell you!"

Malva shook her head disapprovingly.

"I think I know. This is about that petty grudge you have… It's been many years, Kris. You need to move on."

Holly's eyes widened at the word grudge. If Malva knew Kris, then she would know it was useless to tell her to let go of one!

Apparently, she didn't, or she just wanted to get hurt.

Holly guessed it was the former.

It had to be, considering what happened next.

Instead of responding, Kris's hand balled into a fist. The disabled Trainer swung at Malva's face, but the Elite Four member easily avoided the blow.

Malva put her hands on her hips as Kris snarled.

"Get on my nerves one more time, and you'll have hell to pay!"

Malva didn't seem fazed, and her voice took on a warning tone.

"And you're threatening me now? Don't you dare try anything. You know what I am, and what I can do. Back off."

Yet, Kris simply stated. "That doesn't matter."

Despite Malva's warning, she walked forward.

Holly nodded.

Kris would take care of Malva easily!

Yet the disabled Trainer never laid a finger on her.

Malva's eyes suddenly turned bright blue, and her gaze was one of cold concentration. A mixture of red-hot flames and radiating psychic power surrounded her. Somehow, Malva didn't burn anything.

Kris flinched and stepped back, but Malva advanced.

There was an echo in her voice as it rang through the air.

"Such a childish demeanor is hardly befitting of one who is as powerful as the Champions. I thought you knew better, but I guess I was wrong."

Holly's eyes went wide. What sort of spell was this? Was Malva like a Pokémon, and if not, what was she?

Holly couldn't resist gasping and shifting as Malva continued stepping forward.

She couldn't let the Elite Four member hurt Kris! But with power like that, did Holly even stand chance?

Holly never got that answer, as Malva looked straight towards her hiding place.

She spoke in the same cold voice.

"I know you're here, brat. Come on out."

Yet Holly refused, a glare in her eyes.

Power or not, Malva was still a rouge! And she would not obey the commands of a rouge! Besides, there was no way Malva was that strong.

Malva's stern voice never wavered.

"If you don't come out now, I'm going to drag you."

Holly shook her head, and hoped Malva would see the gesture.

She must've, for her face hardened.

"Suit yourself."

With that, she walked over to where Holly was hiding. Kris didn't even move, perhaps not wanting to anger Malva further. Holly tried to move back, but Malva was too quick. She seized Holly's wrists, and heaved without a hint of strain. Holly screeched as spines on the bush pricked her, and leaves were everywhere. Yet, Malva didn't have a hint of sympathy as she moved backwards. As soon as Holly was out of the bushes, Malva effortlessly dropped her onto the ground.

The Elite Four member's chilling voice pierced her ears.

"Get up. Now."

Holly shook her head. No matter how strong Malva was, she wouldn't obey!

Yet the Elite Four member left no room for negotiation.

Instead, her hands grabbed Holly and stood her to her feet without a touch of gentleness. Holly wasn't sure where that strength came from, but Malva was certainly tougher than she looked.

But now, the Elite Four member was glaring at both them.

"Shame on you, brat, for eavesdropping! You call me a hypocrite, but you're the real one! Everyone has heard of your shindig about defeating bullies! But if you ask me, you're just a big one yourself!"

Holly narrowed her eyes. Malva didn't even know her! How dare she talk like that!

But before she could say anything, Malva had turned her angry gaze on Kris.

"And you! You claim to be an honest Trainer, but you're really not! You manipulate and deceive without remorse, then wonder what happens when others are angry! You only care about yourself, and using others to further your own goals!"

Holly clenched her fist. Malva was being crazy! Kris was an honest Trainer! Lots of people said so! And what was this about manipulating and deceiving? Kris never did either to anyone! Malva was just angry because Kris would not join her stupid resistance!

But before Holly could fire another retort, Malva fixed her gaze on both them. She said something that made Holly's blood run cold.

"I have no choice but to tell your friend Anabel everything that happened here!"

Author's notes:

Pretty intense chapter, so a lot of ground to cover.

But first, the prompt.

This prompt is an interesting one where it is different depending on a player's party. One of the prompt was that there was a Poliwhirl who wanted to join the player's team. However, since I already had a Poliwhirl, I instead got a different prompt. The prompt was that the party would see a wild Dragalge, and the main character (in this case, Holly), would fantasize about catching it. After that, the encounter would be discussed among the party.

Other than that, Route 13 doesn't have much. It is long, and is one of the last places before Fuchsia. Not many people are here, however.

Now for the chapter itself…

-The way Anabel and Kris talk about dragons has to do with how they're treated in the games. In the games, they are considered stronger than any other Pokémon Type, and are outright called sacred in the games (mainly, Clair's Dragon Type gym in Johto). Being hard to catch and raise also comes from the games, with Lance stating this outright. Normal Trainers not hoping to use them comes from a lot of what happens in the games. In the games, it is stated that a run-of-the-mill Trainer cannot hope to win against Clair and her Dragon Type Trainers. In order to even find dragons, the player often has to go to remote areas late in the game, with most of them not giving any hints that dragons appear there. Many dragons are also hidden as encounters with legendary Pokémon, and the player must be incredibly strong in order to challenge them.

-Dragons being tough to catch and raise despite being powerful comes mainly from the games. On top of being difficult to find, most dragons are slow to learn moves and level up. Furthermore, a lot of their base forms are very weak, and those that can evolve to a long time to reach their more powerful forms. However, the payoff is worth it, with some of the best Pokémon in the games being dragons. Furthermore, the Dragon Type was so powerful that the Pokémon creators eventually introduced another Type, Fairy, to counteract it. Unfortunately, dragons were still so strong that this didn't help with many of them, and to this day, it is still considered the strongest Type. To add insult to injury, this Type has two of the most powerful Pokémon ever seen in the series history.

-The grueling test that Kris refers to comes from the Johto games. It's called the dragon user challenge. Clair tells the player to take the test after they have defeated her in battle. Once the test is passed, Clair will give the player the Rising Badge and allow them to enter the Pokémon League. There are two variants of the Dragon user challenge. The original variant is to find the Dragon Fang in the Dragon's Den. The updated and more well-known version is to go to the shrine in the center of the Dragon's Den. Once there, the player must answer a series of questions about Pokémon raising. It is impossible to fail either test, but if the player answers the correct questions during the second variation, they will get a Dratini with Extremespeed. Up until recently, this was the only way to get a Dratini with that move.

-In this story, the test is much more complex, and possible to fail (although one character that isn't the player is still seen failing the test in the games). More details about the test and how exactly Kris failed will be explained in some of the other books. Oddly enough, some Trainers state that in the games, one must pass the test in order to use dragons. However, several Trainers are seen using dragons without passing the test, and the player can also still use them. Therefore, I changed it to simply believing Trainers can't truly train dragons without passing the test.

-And the next thing is Malva. Her existence in the story is based on several things. Her history is actually based on a misinterpretation of her history in the games. Malva is an interesting case because she is the first Elite Four member in the games to be related to an evil team (although there were cases in other media before she came along). To further put this in perspective, the only other example of anyone in a position of authority (Gym Leaders, Trial Captains, Island Kahunas, Champions, or Elite Four) while also being part of an evil team in any of main games is Giovanni. Giovanni first appeared in the Kanto games, while Malva didn't appear until five generations of games later. This is all part of the reason why I decided to make her a major part of this series' plot.

-The misinterpretation came from how connected she is to Team Flare. I figured that she was a former member, defected, and became part of the Elite Four. I thought this was the case because I didn't think it was possible that she could be a part of a group as famous as the Elite Four without people finding out that she was a part of Team Flare. This idea was further supported by the fact that in all the appearances that she makes before she fights the player, she's shown making an honest living as a reporter (although she never reveals her name). However, when she's finally fought in the Pokémon League, it's revealed that she is still a member of Team Flare. In the missions after the main game is cleared, it's also revealed she hates the player for taking them down. It's unknown if the Elite Four doesn't know she is part of Team Flare, or they do know and just don't care as long as she remains loyal.

-The different Pokémon media offer various interpretations of Malva's situation. The anime is the closest to the interpretation used in this story. In the anime, Malva actually does defect. She is unaware of Lysandre's true plans. He tries to put those plans into action, but she finds out and is disgusted. As a result, she quickly sides with the heroes. Since Malva is otherwise an honest Trainer and helps stop the Team Flare remnants, it's implied that she will suffer no consequences for originally being a part of them.

-The Pokémon Special gives her a completely villainous interpretation. In that story, Malva is always loyal to Team Flare and remains so even after everyone else finds out. She wreaks havoc on the group, particularly targeting Diantha. Eventually, Diantha is able to defeat Malva, and she is badly wounded in the final battle. It is unknown if she survives or dies for her injuries, and if it is the former, what consequences she will face.

-Malva being the leader of a resistance group comes from the fact that she would know villains due to formerly a part of them. The whole idea of her teaming up with other people that do this actually comes from a Pokémon hack. The hack a set of two games called Pokémon Zeta and Omicron, and appears to be set in an alternate universe of the canon Pokémon world. In this universe, N and Cyrus have either reformed or never joined their teams (the games never specify what happened). The two team up and try to work together to take down the story's main villain. At the same time, they also support the player and their allies. Unfortunately, their efforts ultimately fail. However, the last thing they do is ensure that the player is strong enough to stop the main villain by challenging him or her to a double battle. I thought the whole concept of former villains working together to stop other ones was interesting, so I decided to include something like that here.

-Malva helping to save a top officer comes from a mission that can be accessed in Pokémon

X and Y after the main game is completed. In this mission, a top member of the International Police, Looker, befriends a young girl named Emma. However, Emma is tricked into working for the remnants of Team Flare against her will. So, Looker and the player set out to rescue her. Looker gets into danger because he does not own a Pokémon, but the player manages to help him and finish the job. Per Looker's request, Malva opens the doors to the area where Emma is being kept. However, she does not join the mission to rescue her. In this story, the player character in X and Y does not appear in the mission to save Emma. So, Malva comes instead, rescuing Looker herself.

-More information on Silver's rebels and Team Rocket's resurgence will be seen in later chapters and other books. I can't say much for spoiler reasons (unless someone wants those privately), but I will say that this is one interpretation of how Silver's character arc could have gone. Furthermore, Team Rocket's resurgence actually has to do with a character that has been met already, but I won't say who unless someone wants spoilers. However, I will say that this will be revealed in a later chapter, and most certainly in other books.

-Lorelei's character comes in both a fan interpretation and what is known about her in canon media. In all media, she uses Water and Ice Types. She is often associated with Articuno, because that was the only Ice Type legendary Pokémon available. It was also revealed that she used to train in Seafoam Islands, but that was before Sevii Islands existed (where it was revealed she trained that there instead). In the anime, she is known as a Pokémon Master, but it is never stated what she did to earn the title.

-Lorelei teaching students comes from the anime, where she is shown doing just that to large groups. She also sells recordings of her lectures, but they are expensive to get. She allows Ash and his friends to attend her classes. Team Rocket also wants some of the recordings, and get angry when they cannot pay Lorelei's price. A lesser example of Lorelei teaching is in the games. In Pokémon Puzzle League, Lorelei is seen in a library, and gladly teaches the player some of the mechanics of the game. She also gives them challenges to pass. It is worth noting that this game is based on the anime, and since it is a spinoff, it is unknown if it is part of the Pokémon canon or not.

-Lorelei choosing to give up her Elite Four position in order to head to Sevii is part of the setting in the RP. However, it's implied that this also happens in the games. In Ursuping, this setting is a bit different, but I won't say how unless someone wants spoilers.

-Lorelei being the mother of Silver is based on a fan theory. This fan theory will be revealed later on, so I won't say it now due it spoilers. However, Leaf also being her child and the sister of Silver is my own personal interpretation, and a spin on that theory.

-For the curious, Ash and Zinnia are in fact the same characters as their canon counterparts. Zinnia being Kris's former traveling companion is because of me enjoying her character and wanting her to do more. On the other hand, Ash and Kris that she did travel together in her original incarnation. They had first disliked each other, but after Kris saved Pikachu and revealed her useful ability to talk to all Pokémon, invited her along because her skills could help them. Kris accepted the offer, not really having anywhere else to go, or even in mind. In this story, the relationship is similar, but it's much more gradual, and ends on a happier note (think something similar to the way Ash and Misty interact in canon, but without any romantic implications and a much larger age gap). It's also worth noting in the original, Kris also meant Ash's other traveling companions, Misty and Brock. She still meets them here, but they are no longer traveling with Ash. Volkner being Ash's father is my own interpretation, because there's no hints on who Ash's father is in canon.

-More details about Malva's condition will be revealed that chapter. However, for those who would like a little more information now, look up the supplementary material on the Deviantart account "wordwheels". The documents are labeled "Vessels and Pokémon" and "Immortality in the Traveler Series".