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8. To Catch a Thief

Holly wore her smile all the way back to the Pokémon Center. Now that she had the badge, she could truly leave Pewter and see the rest of the region.

There was so much to see! Perhaps she would find her real parents somewhere.

Within no time, her Pokémon were healed, and she was ready to continue.

Just as she was ready to leave the Center, a distant sound pierced her ears.

Holly's eyes went wide as she registered that it was the sound of glass breaking.

Without even stopping to ask what happened, she dashed outside.

She stopped in her tracks, immediately alerted to the glass lying in the middle of the street.

One glance forward told her it was from the nearby museum.

But who would break in?

Suddenly, a flicker of movement caught her eye. Holly strained her eyes, and could make out a figure clad in black leaving the museum. Light reflected off of a shiny object in the figure's hand, although she couldn't make out what it was.

Nevertheless, Holly growled.

That must be the one responsible! He was stealing something from the museum!

She would never tolerate thieves! They were just like bullies!

Holly broke into a run and gave chase.

She was glad she enjoyed the outdoors so much. It had helped her stay in shape.

Her feet were pounding at a full sprint on stony roads, and Holly didn't even feel the least bit tired.

Rather, adrenaline coursed through her body.

First, an epic battle to win a gym Badge, and now, the ability to finally get back at a bully!

And her journey had barely started!

Holly rapidly tailed the thief, although she still wasn't close enough to see anything other than black clothing.

The thief didn't even seem to be aware that she was on his heels.

Or at least, he wouldn't have been, if she hadn't been caught off guard.

Even after being in Pewter City, Holly still couldn't get used the place's winding roads.

A road curved, and Holly did not curve with it.

She stumbled on the rocks, trying to catch herself.

But she was unsuccessful.

As she went crashing to the ground, she heard the footsteps of the thief as he made his escape.

Holly quickly got to her feet.

She wouldn't let a bully escape! They all had to be brought to justice!

But that thief would have surely noticed her by now.

Which meant he would be hiding.

But what place in Pewter would be a good place to hide?

Only one way to find out.

Holly would have to explore the city.

But it was unwise to do it alone.

Holly tossed a Poké Ball in the air.

"Go, Pikachu!"

The yellow mouse appeared, and at first it went into a battle stance.

However, when it realized it was no battle around, it just looked at Holly curiously.

"Pikachu, someone stole treasure from the museum, and we have to get it back! I don't know what the thief looks like other than he's a man in all-black clothing. Can you help tracking down for me?"

Pikachu nodded, letting out a mighty cry.

Holly grinned as she took off running.

Pikachu might not have the strongest nose, but it was the fastest on her team. With it in the lead, they would find the thief in no time.

Or so Holly thought.

She ran to every place in the city, Pikachu with her all the way. The adrenaline still flowed, and she seemed to cover the entire city as though she was flying.

Yet, every time she searched, there was no sign.

Holly even tried going into buildings, to see if the thief had hidden out there.

Well, she couldn't get into some of the houses, but most people let her in when she explained why she was there.

But everywhere she looked, there was nothing.

Holly knew she would need to save her strength.

So, she finally sat down in a nearby garden.

Pikachu slunk down beside her, disappointment written on his face. She petted it as it ears drooped, but that did little to console it. She figured it was still stinging from its recent defeat in the Gym, and left it alone.

Instead, Holly turned to her own thoughts.

The thief couldn't have gotten away; the city was police protected.

Not to mention that Trainers surrounded the areas to the east and south. If the thief tried to run from the police, those Trainers would catch him.

But there was no word from any nearby trainer or police-person.

So Holly continued to sit in the flowers.

Athletic or no, she needed to catch her breath.

The flowers…

Just like the ones that her mother loved…

Her mother…

No, her adoptive mother.

What was she doing now?

Probably taking on challengers, doing things around the Gym, and worrying.

What would she say when she found out her daughter had so many Pokémon?

What would she say when she found that Holly had gotten her first Badge (and in so close a match)?

What would she say now that she was trying to track down a thief in a city she barely knew?

Holly sighed.

She knew she'd have to battle her adoptive mother in order to complete the League challenge. Part of her wondered if her adoptive mother might just hand the Badge and be done with it, but she doubted that would happen.

Her adoptive mother did have a responsibility as a Gym Leader after all.

And she had to uphold them. Adoptive daughter or no.

Holly turned around to focus on the flowers. Pikachu still hadn't moved.

The flowers… They were trembling…

Holly cocked her head.

This was odd.

Why were the flowers trembling? She didn't remember it being windy…

Unless there was someone here.

Someone here…

Holly suddenly bolted upright.

Of course there was someone here! That someone was the thief! From what she'd heard, no one went to the flower gardens in Pewter, so it would be the perfect place to hide!

And that meant she needed to catch him!

Holly instantly snapped into alertness.

She would not let this bully get away!

Pikachu also perked up, eyes bright and ears swiveling.

It let out a cry before charging into the flowers.

Holly wasted no time following.

Her hunch was proven correct, and she soon glimpsed the thief's black clothing contrasting against the bright flowers.

Instantly, all three of them burst from the plants, Pikachu tailing the thief as Holly trailed behind it.

Holly wondered how many plants she'd killed as she nonchalantly trampled over them, and thought her adoptive mother might scold her.

But it didn't matter now. She had a thief to catch!

Once again, Holly was dashing through the entire city in dogged pursuit of her target. Adrenaline rushed through her body, fueling her for the chase. Pikachu seemed even more pumped up on adrenaline, running at a speed Holly didn't even think was possible. Somehow, she kept up. This time, the curved roads posed no problem. Holly easily navigated them without falling.

Yet still the thief ran faster.

Holly didn't know how he ran so fast, but somehow he outpaced them.

Still, Holly and her Pokémon kept right on his heels. And this time, the thief actually seemed to notice.

He glanced back, somehow still keeping his robust pace. Holly noticed he was wearing a mask, so she couldn't see his face.

She couldn't quite understand why he looked back, but she guessed it was a mixture of surprise and fear.

Surprised that she kept up with him, and fearful that she would catch him.

Holly couldn't resist the urge to grin.

She most certainly would catch him, and that fear would be justified!

After all, she had chased him all over the city, and she hadn't even begun to feel the slightest bit of fatigue.

In contrast, he must've been feeling tired by now. He didn't look particularly athletic, and he wasn't using any Pokémon to help.

Behind her, Holly heard the distant echo of many more footsteps. She guessed they had to be the police, catching onto the chase.

They sounded so far away… Had she outrun them?

No, that was absurd. She might've been good, but she could not outrun the entire police force.

It was more likely they didn't know the location before, and were now just catching on.

Nevertheless, Holly and the thief continued to sprint.

After a while, Holly noticed something that made her break out in a grin. There was a large fence, and nowhere to go but back.

Surely, the thief couldn't escape now. This would bring on the surprise!

The thief nearly crashed into the fence as he skidded to a halt. Holly had to take care to not do the same.

The thief whirled around, facing her head on. Pikachu stood between them, tensed and ready to fight.

But the thief didn't release any Pokémon.

Instead, he just eyed Holly warily, clutching the treasure in his left hand. Looking at it more closely, Holly could see that it was a large amount of jewels and fossils.

She didn't know what a thief would want with jewels and fossils, but it wasn't important.

She was about to catch a bully! And she had to get the treasure back!

So she fixed the thief with a stern glare and stated. "It's a dead end. Give it up."

To Holly's surprise, the thief responded without any fear. Instead, his voice carried a mocking tone.

""Give it up." Is that all you can say? You're just a kid! And the beginning Trainer at that. There's not much you can do either."

Pikachu roared, but Holly ignored the insult. She would not buy into the thief's insults. He was just trying to distract her.

She needed to catch him! She couldn't let herself get distracted!

Besides, as someone who was constantly around battle, she heard it a lot. She didn't have many Pokémon as a child, so no one ever got to see her true potential.

But now they would.

And no one would insult her like that anymore.

So Holly asked a burning question. "Why did you steal from the museum?"

The thief snapped back. "It's none of your business!"

Holly responded. "As a Trainer in the city, it is my business, as much as everyone else's!"

Holly clenched her fist. The nerve of this thief! To not only be a bully and steal, but also to insult her on top of it! He deserved the harshest punishments!

And she knew exactly which punishment to give him.

Pikachu roared again, and Holly threw another Poké Ball.

Mawile appeared, fixing the thief with a defiant glare.

Holly knew it had gained confidence and experience from the last battle, and now was the perfect time to use it.

Holly pointed to the thief. "Eat him. I'm sure he'll be tasty."

Mawile nodded, and opened its mouth wide. Holly knew most Pokémon didn't attack and kill humans, but she suspected Mawile would follow the order to some capacity.

After all, it enjoyed biting things.

The thief also seemed to realize this, because he started shaking. Immediately, he dropped all the stolen treasure.

Holly smiled again. She had him on the ropes!

But the thief's fear did not slow him down.

Rather, it empowered him.

In a burst of speed that was almost superhuman, the thief latched onto the fence and began to climb.

Holly clenched her fist. Of course he would drop the treasure if he was going to climb. The weight would only slow him down.

But she still had a chance to bring him to justice! She wasn't about to waste it.

"Don't let him get away!" She screamed, and her Pokémon obliged.

Mawile opened its jaws to snap, but it was far too slow. By the time it had its attack ready, the thief was well out of range.

Pikachu hopped up, hoping to be more successful than its teammate.

It aimed an electric shock at the thief, but that only seemed to make him climb faster. Somehow, he dodged every shock Pikachu threw.

Holly cursed. She had no Pokémon that could fly or float, so there was no way she could get him.

All she could do was watch as the thief climbed to the top of the fence, and without a word, leapt over.

Holly could tell from the silence that followed that there were no police on the other side. The fence led to the route in the east, and the police probably left it open so Trainers could pass through. Plus, it wasn't worth surrounding the city to catch a petty thief. The thief may not have used any Pokémon against her, but he must've been at least a decent Trainer. He had headed straight for a place full of them, and didn't seem to be bothered.

Holly, however, was.

She scooped up the treasure, but her mind was elsewhere.

She had let that thief get away! She had one chance to catch an adult bully, and she let him escape! Who knew how many more crimes he would commit?

Who knew how many more people he would bully?

People like her. Helplessness innocents.

The failure consumed her so deeply that Holly did not see her Pokémon return to her side. At least until Pikachu tugged on her clothing and pointed.

Holly looked up and heaved a sigh.

There may not be any police on the other side of the fence, but she would have to explain things to the ones that were running towards her.

So she explained all of the encounter, from running after the thief to finding him again the garden. Holly told the police what her brave Pikachu and Mawile had done, the two remaining by her side.

Holly left out who she was, other than her name and that she had recently challenged the Gym.

The last thing she wanted to do was worry her adoptive mother. Of course, she might be proud that Holly got the treasure back, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

She handed back the treasures, and one of the police carefully took the precious items back to the museum.

Some of the others called her brave, while still others called her foolish. However, they all agreed that it was a good thing she'd gotten the treasure back.

One suggested she head back near the museum, as the aides there were offering a reward. Holly thought she might as well.

It had gotten late, so she doubted she would be leaving the city today.

The museum had been closed off while people cleaned up the wreckage, but there was an aide standing near the place.

Putting Pikachu and Mawile back into their Poké Balls, she greeted the museum aide.

He responded. "Hello, are you the one who got our treasures back?"

Holly nodded. "Yes, that's me."

"All of us at the museum are very grateful to you for getting back our valuable treasures. We thought we might reward you with a treasure of your own."

With that, the aide produced a bunch of evolution items. Holly's eyes went wide. She'd never seen so many! There was every kind there, except for the stones.

How did the museum get all these items? Did they just have them for trainers to receive?

Then again, they were a museum. Maybe they kept them around for research purposes.

The aide continued. "You can have any one you want, but you can't have more than one, so choose wisely!"

Holly scanned the group of items. There were so many. It almost seemed impossible to pick…

Her eyes fell on one particular item.

It was a white box with a yellow circle and a simple disc.

But to Holly, it meant so much more.

She knew this item like she knew her own name.

It was called an Up-Grade. And the Up-Grade was used to evolve one Pokémon.


Holly remembered seeing the Porygon, their Poké Balls behind the glass cases of the Game Corner. She had always wanted one, but her mother had said no. Holly remembered pouting after that, but now, it made a little sense.

After all, Holly remembered she did have a bit of a problem with gambling. If left to her own devices, she could play the games well into the night. And with Game Corners being available to anyone as long as they were affiliated with Trainers, it was easy to fulfill that desire.

But to have there be a Pokémon available almost exclusively by gambling… And to be so close to it while she was growing up…

To own it now would be a dream…

And Holly didn't have to follow her mother now. She was her own Trainer after all.

But she could also own it without upsetting her mother.

Because now that she was a Trainer, she didn't have to gamble.

She had heard stories of Trainers who, instead of gambling, fought many battles to get Porygon. And then, after they'd won enough, the Pokémon was theirs.

Perhaps that's what she would do.

But she was a long way from being that strong.

So, for now, she eyed the Up-grade.

"Could I please have the Up-grade?"

The scientist nodded, a huge smile on his face as he handed it over.

"Of course, and thank you again!"

Holly nodded again and headed toward the Pokémon Center.

Once there, she found a bed and collapsed into it.

What a day! A new catch, the Gym battle, and running after a thief!

Holly had gone on the trip for adventure, and she admitted she did enjoy it.

But as she drifted off to sleep, she hoped that all her adventures wouldn't be this intense.

Author's notes:

So this chapter is based off of the first optional event. In this event, someone breaks and the museum, and steal some treasure. Players have the option to choose after the thief. If they chase after this leave and successfully recover the treasure, they will be rewarded with whenever evolution they like other than the stones.

The thief doesn't get caught by the police no matter what the player does, and refuses to tell the player why they stole from the museum. There's also not much information known, other than the fact they wear a mask. They are hiding out somewhere in Pewter after the break in, and the player has to find them if they want to catch the thief. I figured that the idea of chasing after thieves fits Holly's character, so that's why I did this optional event.

-Porygon being a Pokémon only available by gambling is based on older versions of the games. Originally, Porygon was only available in the Game Corner, and could only be gotten by playing at them. In the newer games, that was no longer true as the Game Corner was phased out.

-The idea of anyone being able to gamble if they are affiliated with Trainers has to do with something I noticed in the games. In the games, the player is well below the legal gambling age, yet is able to play the Game Corner all they want. Normally, this would be a problem, yet no one bats an eye. There's no explanation in game for it either. So I came up with this interpretation.

-Trainers fighting to get Porygon also comes from the older games. Another option for people who didn't want to gamble at the slots would be to fight battles over and over. With every battle, the play would win money. After enough, they would have enough money to buy points and get Porygon. This is what I most commonly did in my playthroughs, because I was not good at the Game Corner.

-Finally, the hidden flower gardens in Pewter comes from the area in the games. The player can go up and talk to someone whose is spraying Pokémon Repel in their garden. There's also clearly flowers there. However, the garden is a bit out of the way, hence the reference to no one visiting it. While there is no person minding the garden here, the idea of using it is.