Hanayo looked at the remaining girls with a devious grin. Something had come over her. She wanted to be the last idol standing. Out of thin air, she pulled out a knife and started walking toward the rest of them.

"W-what are you doing with that!?" exclaimed Nozomi.

She swung at Nozomi, who punched her in the face. The knife fell to the ground and Hanayo's body flew back and hit a billboard and then fell into the street. The girl got up, covered in blood and limped over to Nozomi who just shoved her back into the ground. Nozomi started walking away and then, the billboard that Hanayo hit fell over and crushed both of them.

The rest of the girls screamed, afraid of what would happen next.

"I think something's trying to kill us all." commented Eli.

"You really think so?" responded Rin.

"Shit." was all Maki had to say.