Dragons and Thrones: Final War – The Dragon Queen Rises

Prologue of my new crossover story, as always, the prologue POV character dies, so, brace yourself, also interesting in this is who kills him. Anyway, get ready for we are about to being the first of the two part finale to my Dragon Age and Game of Thrones crossover, so, let's get started.

Disclaimer: Game of Thrones belongs to George R.R. Martin, Dragon Age belongs to Bioware.

Prologue: Anders

The thirty-seven year old man sighed as he looked around the city of Yunkai. Anders still couldn't believe he was here, actually working for something this big.

'After everything I did, back in Kirkwall, the destruction and death...For me to not only be spared, but to end up as part of something so much bigger than myself.' He mused. 'I joined Queen Daenerys, as part of a deal...she spares my life, and I work for her. Now we've conquered the slaver cities and spread word of the truth threat, Corypheus.'

Anders glared at that, remembering his own past history with the evil corrupted Magister, just like Hawke and his other companions. Now, thanks to the hard efforts of himself, Hawke, Fenris and several others, they had helped Queen Daenerys as she prepared to stand against Corypheus, who was planning to utilize his full armies to conquer Thedas, Essos and Westeros together.

Shaking his head and moving from his vantage point overlooking the city, Anders continued to muse. 'Still, it's not easy, we've somehow managed to unite the various peoples of Essos for this battle...But Westeros and Thedas...Well, Westeros mostly.'

That was why Daenerys had gone with an army of her own to Westeros, already aware she had allies there who would join her, ready to try and unite the lands. Plans were already in place to unite Thedas too. They could only hope they'd be ready on time to face Corypheus.

'No matter what it takes; I will earn my redemption.' Anders swore to himself.

Unfortunately, that would never come to pass; for at that moment, he became aware of a sharp pain, before he stumbled and fell, only for someone to grab him.

"Who…?" He choked out.

The man replied calmly. "No one."

With that Anders cried out as he felt more pain and realized right away he was dying, the last thing he saw was the man who killed him, removing his own face, another underneath it, and then, hearing the shouts before darkness overtook him and life left him, cutting his quest for redemption cruelly short.

End of chapter, so, already things are looking problematic, what does this bode for the future, we can only wait and see, read and review please.