Dragons and Thrones: Final War – The Dragon Queen Rises

Chapter 18 of my crossover story, enjoy.


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Leaving the ballroom Alistair was pretty sure no one had seen him sneak out.

'Hmmm, where to begin…?' He wondered. 'I need to find Morrigan and hope she can tell me something we don't already know...Also need to get my own information, maybe...Hmm, need somewhere that would be a good place to start.'

He knew he had to act fast, especially since his disappearance wouldn't go unnoticed forever and the Orlesians would not take kindly to that, especially given he was Ferelden's King, they'd be suspicious.

He sighed. 'Nevertheless, I need to do this, before that assassin stalking Empress Celene strikes.'

While he knew his search for information would take a bit of time, he hoped he could find Morrigan and that she could fill in enough gaps to make the search easier. As he walked towards the trophy room however, he heard a woman talking quietly to someone.

He turned to see a woman, close to his own age, talking to another masked man. He approached and got close enough to hear.

"That is all the information I have." The man was saying. "And all I am willing to share."

It was then Alistair realized the man was a member of the Council of Elders. But the woman, something about her seemed familiar.

"Thank you. It's more than enough." She replied casually and the man left.

The woman sighed and pulled something out, a sheaf of parchment which she began reading.

Approaching her, Alistair's eyes widened as he did recognize her, for one thing, she wasn't wearing a mask, so he could see her face. For another, he'd recognize that red hair anywhere.

"Leliana?" He queried, removing his mask.

She turned, startled. "Who...Alistair?"

He grinned and stepped closer. "Well, fancy meeting you here?"

"Indeed, I wonder though, why you are here?" She replied with a smile.

Alistair quickly explained his purpose here, as well as Anora's presence and their plans.

Nodding Leliana replied. "I thought I saw Her Majesty earlier, and I have heard about the two of you...your recent blessing. Congratulations."

Alistair smiled at that. Finally however Leliana sighed.

"It seems we have the same purpose Alistair...So, what do you think, ready to work together?"

"But of course." He replied. "I've not started yet, but knowing you, you already know something."

Leliana nodded. "Yes, I happened to overhear some talking between the Elven Servants, turns out they are actually agents of Briala."

"The Elven Ambassador?"

"Yes." She confirmed. "Following the clues they inadvertently left me, I've found that important information is hidden in the Grand Library."

Alistair smiled. "Well, to the library then."

Leliana nodded and they put their masks on and made their way through the wing of the palace that would lead them to their destination. Entering the gardens of the Palace, they were met by three women, all clad in the same style of dress and mask, Alistair was even willing to wager, under the mask, the women were identical too.

"Your Majesty." One greeted Alistair as they approached him.

They curtseyed elegantly and the second added. "Her Radiance sends her greetings and hopes you'll join her and your wife later."

Alistair smiled lightly. "Gladly, thank you for passing on the message."

"It is our pleasure." The third replied.

All three curtseyed again and left.

Taking a moment to recover, Alistair looked around, Leliana wasn't there, but she suddenly reappeared and spoke.

"Empress Celene's Ladies in Waiting." She explained. "You better be careful, I'm sure that all major parties here will be seeking your support, they are desperate enough to even rely on you to end this in their favour."

Alistair nodded. "I'm not surprised, Gaspard already made such an attempt, or a test of an attempt..."

Leliana nodded carefully and together they continued, once sure no one was looking they quickly climbed the lattice against one of the walls and reached the upper balcony. Once there Leliana turned to him.

"We have to hurry, not only are we in an out of bounds area of the Palace, our disappearance will surely be noticed."

He agreed and so they quickly approached the Grand Library, Leliana got to work unlocking the door skilfully and soon they were inside the library. They wasted no time searching and soon enough, they found certain documents that took Alistair by surprise.

"Maker's breath, you can't be serious...this is what I'm up against?" He muttered.

Leliana shook his head. "It is the Game, no one can be trusted, but this certainly makes things look problematic when it comes to even considering risking allying with Celene or Gaspard..."

Alistair sighed. "Or Briala even...and all three of them are the main players here tonight, the ones you told me about."

Leliana bowed her head sadly; they both knew that was true.

At that moment however they heard a bell ringing and Leliana reacted at once.

"Everyone is being summoned back to the ballroom, quickly...you don't want to be more than...fashionably late."

Alistair nodded and quickly followed her, hurriedly making their way back to the ballroom. Their information already secured and ready for when they needed it. They quickly reached the doors to the ballroom, but before they could enter, a familiar voice spoke up.

"Well, well, what have we here...I only expected you Alistair?"

They turned and there as Morrigan, Leliana raised an eyebrow and Alistair almost smirked, remembering a conversation they had once had during their journey together with the Hero of Ferelden.

Stopping before them, Morrigan rolled her eyes. "I know that look Leliana...don't you say a word. We have more important matters to discuss."

"We've already started dealing with that, we're uncovering...a number of disturbing clues...sadly nothing definitive yet." Leliana replied.

"Well, we have to hurry, we're running out of time." Morrigan replied. "Here, I found, of all people, a Tevinter Agent within the Palace, he is dead, but he had this key on them...I must stay close to Celene; but maybe you two could look into it?"

Alistair accepted the key. "Thank you, maybe we will, but first, we need to return to the ballroom, quickly."

Sure enough, at that moment, came the bell again, they were fashionably late now. So, nodding they all entered the ballroom together.

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