Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear SVT


(Senki Zesshō Shinfogia SVT)

(SVT:- Shan Vile Termination)

Chapter 1:- Witch

Theme song: Preserved Roses - Nana Mizuki x T.M. Revolution

Ending Song: My Immortal - Evanescence

Maria: Jin! -She shouted as she had her hand out for him but she was pulled back by Ayumu and Hibiki as Maria was in tears and was crying loudly as she called out to Jin-

Shirabe: Nii-san! Nii-san! Please! Don't!

Kirika: Haru! -She was crying as she yelled out to Haruka from afar as she stared at the bright light in front of her and was about to run towards the light but was quickly pulled back by Tsubasa-

Miku: Soran...Please be safe.. -Miku said as she put her hands together and looked up at the light in front of her and saw Soran's shadow disappearing as she got teary and prayed-

-1 Hour earlier-

Haruka: Enemy tracker detected.

Kinji: Execute with caution.

-Haruka watched a T-Rex roaming through the forest as it had a sort of mechanical armour on top of its head as he uses its light on top of its head to track, Haruka would then teleport on top of the head of the dinosaur and quickly stab the light source with his knife, causing the dinosaur to go berserk as it roared loudly and started to rampage through the forest but Haruka reacted quickly as he continuously attacked the beast by slashing all of its vital points, causing it to tall to the ground and die from blood loss as it would then disintegrate into ash-

Haruka: Tracker eliminated.

Kinji: Good work, now return to base.

-Moments later, Haruka returned to the mountains in the forests that was outside the city and walked into a wall of rocks as he passed through them as it was holographic. As he walked into the base, he was greeted by the bots that were guarding the entrance, Haruka then took the elevator up to the highest level and as it reached to the highest level of the base, he walked out of the elevator as he then looked in front of him and saw Kirika running up to him swiftly-

Kirika: Desu desu! Dessuuu! -She said loudly as she ran up to Haruka and jumped as she would then hug him tightly in her arms- Welcome back desu!

Haruka: I-I'm back..

Kinji: Great work, now we just need Serena-chan and Jin-san to give me a report of the situation in the main capital of Tokyo.

Haruka: Where is Maria?

Kinji: She's giving Kanade-san and the Witches a tour around the base.

Haruka: Tsukuyomi?

Kinji: Waiting for her beloved brother to return home, the usual.

Haruka: I see.

Kinji: Yo! Knockout!

Knockout: Yes? -The giant red mechanical robot walked up to Kinji from behind and looked down at Kinji as he waited for an answer-

Kinji: Ayumu and Elfnein-chan are now trying to enhance your Energon crystals into solid energy purpose weapons, so you can use them to charge up all of your weapons to its max potential, why don't you go and help them out?

Knockout: Will do~ -He smirked and smiled as he calmly walked out of the large entrance door that was beside the elevator as Kirika watched the giant mech walk out-

Kirika: Desu..I still can't believe that the movies we watch are real desu! Who would have thought that Decepticons would exist!

Haruka: Indeed.

Kinji: I'm more surprised to see that they're not all evil as the story says they are.

Starscream: Oh please! Those white Humans from across the planet do not know what they are talking about! They think that us Decepticons are all evil but I swear to the All Spark! It's not like we have to be bad all the time. -The tall bot spoke out to Kinji as he was going through the large monitor screen in front of him-

Kirika: Pfft! White Humans desu! Haha!

Kinji: Then is it true that you want to overtake Megatron's position to be the leader of the Decepticons and that you have tried to kill him multiple times but failed because he keeps coming back to life?

Starscream: T-That is um...T-That is none of your concern!

Kinji: Soundwave? What say you? -He looked up at the tall faceless bot that was next to him as Soundwave looked down at Kinji- Is it true? -The quiet one then nodded- Ha! Soundwave doesn't lie so it is true! You tried to kill your own leader to take over the whole Decepticon army!

Starscream: T-That is something that cannot be helped!

Kirika: Why not desu?

Starscream: When you are driven for power, you'd just...Do things to make sure you'd be the leader! Or number 1! Wouldn't it be great to be in charge of a whole army?

Kirika: N-No, not really desu. I mean it'll be cool but it'll just be a pain desu.

Haruka: I agree.

Kirika: Sure, you'll have an army that will listen to all of your orders desu but you gotta keep them safe too desu! Make sure they are all happy and stuff desu! Before they cause a rebellion to kill you desu!

Starscream: What?!

Kinji: Even my little sister who hates studying knows the logic of taking control of an entire army.

Starscream: Ugh.. Fleshlings..

Kinji: I heard that! Besides, if you ever piss any one of us, you'll regret it, Screammy!

Starscream: And why would I regret it, Human?

Kinji: Because your all mighty leader of the Decepticons known as Lord Megatron has given all of us permission to do whatever we want with you bots, so if you piss us off bad enough till we have the intention to kill, you'll definitely cry your Spark out~ -Kinji said as he turned to look at Starscream while the bot glared at Kinji but then felt something on his legs and hands as he looked down to see his hands and legs and saw the large number of golden bots on his hands and saw a giant Golden mechanical Scorpion walking out of the entrance as the scorpion was the size of Starscream's body-

Starscream: Ah! M-My greatest apologies, C-Commander Kinji..

Kinji: You are forgiven, my dear Starscream~

Kirika: O-Onii-chan is such a bully..

Haruka: Desu..

-Back in the city as Serena and Jin were walking down the street in their normal outfits, the two were looking out for enemy activity together-

Serena: Jin?

Jin: Hmm?

Serena: So you're dating Shirabe-chan?

Jin: I-I'm not! She's my sister..I can't date her..

Serena: But the both of you have different last names.

Jin: Step-sister..Or..Not..

Serena: She's your sister but she isn't?

Jin: I don't know.. After Maihime showed me the truth of the past when she possessed me, I kinda got confused.

Serena: So what do you believe in now? Shirabe-chan being your step-sister or your replacement?

Jin: She's not a replacement! She is dear to me! Without her I wouldn't be here right now.

Serena: So she's not the sister whom you adopted in the past then?

Jin: No..She's not, apparently the original Tsukuyomi Shirabe was killed from an overdose of Linker when she was young and F.I.S found the current Shirabe when the original had died so they gave her the name.

Serena: So what are you going to do now? Since you know that Shirabe-chan's not your actual step-sister?

Jin: I'll do what I always do.

Serena: Make out with her? -She bluntly said as she smug at Jin as the man would then blush madly and looked away- You love her don't you~?

Jin: L-Let's just get back to work..

Serena: Then what about Maria? My little sister, aren't you dating her too?

Jin: What do you mean by: "Too"?!

Serena: Who do you love the most?

Jin: Maria!

Serena: What about Shirabe-chan?

Jin: I love her a lot! I love her like I love my entire life!

Serena: Then what is Maria to you?

Jin: She is my life!

Serena: So you love the both of them..Equally..?

Jin: Y-Yes..!

Serena: Y-You know you're supposed to marry two girls right? It's illegal..

Jin: I'm not gonna marry both of them!

Serena: Shirabe-chan then?

Jin: Yes! Wait! Wha-?! S-Serena!

Serena: Hehe~ -She chuckled softly as she stuck her tongue out at Jin cutely and walked ahead of him as the male would pout and follow her from behind-

-On the other side of where Serena and Jin were, there were two people who were sitting on top of a car as there was a male who was using a laptop while a little blonde short haired girl sat beside the man and watched him do his work.-

?: Are you done yet?

?: It takes time to decode their firewall and to hack into their system, if wanted to do this quick so that I can go back to doing whatever I want and so that Shan wouldn't bug me about his world domination crap.

?: But aren't you being hunted by the fleet girls, Shon?

Shon: Yes, yes I am. I Souryu Shon am being hunted by the Fleet Girls because I betrayed and used them for my own experiments and killed their former Admiral, a little boy. Anymore questions, Katyusha?

Katyusha: Sheesh, I was just asking you some question, you don't have to get so angry.

Shon: -The dark haired male with bright red eyes would then sigh- This is why I can't handle kids. I still wonder why Shan brought you to the Spirit army.

Katyusha: Why not? I am Katyusha Pravda of the Soviet Pravda army! A powerful tank army of mass destruction! Nyahaha! I can tear down anything in my path! Even without Nonna's help, I can take over an entire country in less than a day!

Shon: Yet you never succeed and you never won a single 1-on-1 match against Nishizumi Maho of the Black Forest Peak militia.


Shon: Shh! I heard something..

-The sound of a transformation was then heard as Shon quickly looked up into the sky as he squint his eyes, closed his laptop quickly and held onto it-

"Seilien coffin Airgetlám tron"

-Shon and Katyusha quickly jumped off of the car as they saw two Symphogear users crashed down onto the car as the two were glaring at the Spirits and heard that the male Symphogear was singing the song "Break Up"-

"La la la... La la la...

You heard the voice of a heart, didn't you

Shouting "I don't want to lose"

There's nothing else to do, but bluff it and stand and fight

It's no one's turn but your own

You can't run away

You've got to put that precious tomorrow on the line

Staring at the open palm

If you grasp it tightly

Strength will flow into your heart

Get beak up! To break up!

A new fighter, this is the true beginning

You'll surpass yourself

From this place

It's time to go!

When you think there's no way you can keep on

And your legs are trembling

You feel the eyes of one who believes in you

You have friends

Who surrendered their courage to you

In the midst of the wind, they're calling your name

A different story

Begins with you

The door is beginning to open

Get break up! To break up!

Seething power, you've already realized

You can't leave a dream for another

You've got to make them come true

It's time to go!

Get break up! To break up! A new fighter, this is the true beginning

You'll surpass yourself

From this place

Get break up! To break up!

Seething power, you've already realized

You can't leave a dream for another

You've got to make them come true

It's time to go!"

Shon: Tch! Symphogear users!

Katyusha: The ones that has been bugging our work, huh?

Shon: Think you can handle them? I still need to hack into their systems.

Katyusha: I don't take orders but fine! -Both of her arms started to glow as they started to change and transform into giant gorilla-like arms, she would them pump up her fists as she grinned and jumped towards the two and attacked them as she punched the car while the two dodged as the car would then explode-

Serena: That one is doing something odd.

Jin: I'll leave him to you, I'll handle the short one.

Katyusha: I'm not short! -She would then jump out of the explosion and attack Jin as she tried to punch him but he would just simply dodge her punches and attack her by swinging his sword at her, slowly making her die from blood loss- Ah! You little!

Jin: -He would then put a finger on the communicator on his ear- Kinji, I need back up here. I suspect that I found Souryu Shon.

Kinji: Don't worry, I've sent backup.

Serena: I don't remember seeing you when I was a Spirit.

Shon: I worked behind the shadows while you do the dirty work. That's why we never met. -He put the laptop in a bag that he had carried and set it down as his hands then became steel-claws- I am not someone who you should underestimate.

Serena: You're not just fighting me, you know~?

Shon: What?! -He jumped back quickly and grabbed the bag as a few other Symphogear users appeared as Shon's eyes widened- Damn..

Soran: Souryu Shon, huh? The legendary traitorous admiral!

Haruka: I wanted to go home and sleep.

Kirika: Desu desu!

Tsubasa: To think we would have to move out so quickly!

Shirabe: Nii-san! -She turned back to look at him-

Jin: Don't worry about me! She's easier to handle than you think!

Katysuha: Take that back!

Maria: We will now stop you Spirits! No matter the cost!

Hibiki: To save the world and all!

Miku: Soran? W-What are those things? -She pointed behind Shon as a large number of four-legged monsters appeared and walked to Shon from behind as they all stood beside him, they were all skinless and were completely filled with only flesh as they had no eyes and had their brains exposed but their body structure was odd as they had long fingers and toes-

Soran: Lickers! It's from the drug that he created from the Umbrella corp.

Hibiki: So that's what Prinz-chan told us about!

Maria: Be careful! I heard he can spawn a lot of them!

Shon: Not just a lot. I can spawn as many as you think I can. -More Lickers appeared from the buildings as they surrounded the Symphogear users as they would then jump down and attacked them as Haruka and Soran would then charge after Shon while Hibiki pushed Katyusha back and fought her instead-

Hibiki: You're mine, little girl!

Katyusha: Shut up! I'm not little, ugly!

Hibiki: Wha-?! That's rude!

-Shon had both of his hands on Jin's sword as Soran would then jump up onto Shon's back and started punching his head with his gauntlets but Shon had activated a sort of power as his whole head became steel-

Soran: Tch! This bastard's cheating!

Haruka: Not cheating. Stalling. -He said as he slashed Shon but Shon used his foot to get Haruka away as he would then knock Jin away and grabbed Soran and tossed him at Jin as Soran would then hit Jin-

Soran: Whoa!

Jin: God..He's strong..

Shon: -He twisted his neck slowly and cracked his fingers as he stared at the three who were in front of him- If Shan were to cease of existence, I would have taken over the Spirit army. -He said as he quickly grabbed the laptop out from his bag and opened it as the screen shined brightly as it created a bright light as it began to create a suction as it started to absorb everything in front of it as the others were fighting at the back, they were unfazed by the suction but noticed that Jin, Soran and Haruka were slowly being dragged into the computer screen- If it is that hard for my Lord to even kill you then I'll just make you disappear! One...By...One!

Katyusha: Wow..Go Shon! Beat their butts and make them disappear! Haha!

Soran: The hell is that thing?! A blackhole?!

Jin: Too white to be a blackhole!

Haruka: Unintentional jokes..

Kinji: Jin-san! Soran! Haruka! Don't get absorb into that portal! It is a time travelling portal! It's force you to change course of time and move you to a place where there is a chance that we might not be able to get you back! Avoid it at all cost! -He spoke out to them through the communicator-

Soran: Easy for you to say! That thing is like a super vacuum! -He said as he grabbed onto the light pole that was beside him and held on tight as Jin had his swords pierced onto the ground as he held onto them while Haruka had his bonds tied around a fire hydrant-

Jin: Is there a way to stop that thing?!

Kinji: Soundwave says that the suction will cease once it has absorb something powerful! It's like a peace offering thing! It's an ancient Spirit weapon that was used in the past to create more Spirits apparently.

Haruka: Absorb by something powerful.. -He would then look at the other two as the three would look at each other and then nod as they looked at the bright light that was strongly pulling them in-

Jin: I will not go down without a proper fight!

Soran: I'll do whatever it takes to protect their smiles and make them happy!

Haruka: Fate...Is cruel..

Kirika: W-What are you guys saying desu?!

Shirabe: Nii-san! Fight back!

Maria: Jin!

Miku: Soran! Please be careful! -The guys would then look at the girls as they let go of what they held on and jumped straight into the portal as they were then absorbed-

Maria: Jin! -She shouted as she had her hand out for him but she was pulled back by Ayumu and Hibiki as Maria was in tears and was crying loudly as she called out to Jin-

Shirabe: Nii-san! Nii-san! Please! Don't!

Kirika: Haru! -She was crying as she yelled out to Haruka from afar as she stared at the bright light in front of her and was about to run towards the light but was quickly pulled back by Tsubasa-

Miku: Soran...Please be safe.. -Miku said as she put her hands together and looked up at the light in front of her and saw Soran's shadow disappearing as she got teary and prayed-

-The light would then disappear after it absorbed the three male users as Shon would then quickly close the laptop and jump away with Katyusha as the Lickers ran away as well while the girls were all shocked and depressed after what they had seen-

Maria: He's gone...He's gone now...-She would then smash her hand onto the ground strongly as she cried- If only I was strong enough to save him!

Shirabe: Nii-san..Why would you do that..Nii-san..-She got teary as tears started to flow down her cheeks as she fell to her knees and cried as she placed her hands on her face and cried-

Kirika: Haru..! Haru! Haru! Come back please! Please desu! Where are you?! Haru! -She shouted out loud as she called out Haruka's name and was crying. Tsubasa would then run up to Kirika and put her hand on her shoulder to calm her down-

Tsubasa: Akatsuki, calm down..I'm sure he's all right.

Kirika: -She quickly slapped Tsubasa's hand away as she looked up at her angrily- What do you know desu?! I don't see your boyfriend getting sucked in by a portal desu! I don't see you losing anyone you care about desu! You got back your best friend and your boyfriend is still with you desu! Don't tell me that he'll be all right desu! I don't even know where did he go or if he's even alive desu!

Tsubasa: I..I'm sorry..

Hibiki: Miku? -She got down to Miku and put her hand over Miku and then hugged her- Are you all right?

Miku: Y-Yeah..I'm sure he's fine right now..He has always been strong and independent after all..-She said to Hibiki as she forced a smile although it was obvious that she had cried a little as her eyes were slightly red from crying-

Hibiki: D-Don't worry! That shorty is no pushover when it comes to fights, he's even stronger than the Master so he should be able to do many things!

Miku: Yeah..! T-That's Soran all right! By the way? Where's Serena-chan?

Hibiki: Eh? Serena-chan isn't here?!

Maria: W-What..? Nee-san! Nee-san! -She quickly got up and called out her sister's name and got no response, she would then clench her hands into fists as she pressed the button on her communicator to speak to Kinji- Kinji! Where is my sister?!

Kinji: Gone.

Maria: What..?!

Kinji: I can't track her, she's like..Gone, she just disappeared like how Jin-san and the others did..

Maria: T-Then do you mean that..

Kinji: She may have been absorbed by the portal just awhile ago without anyone noticing but she can't be dead since I would have been able to track her Symphogear.

Maria: F-First Jin and now my sister..-She would then cringe as looked up into the sky and scream out loud as she cried loudly- Ahhhhh!

-The sound of whispers was then heard as the sight of a person clearing his vision as he blinked a few times to only see the sun's bright light as the person was Jin as he was waking up from being unconscious for a moment, he blinked a few more times to clear his vision as he looked around to see where he was as he then saw a large number of girls surrounding him as they were wearing school uniforms and were all looking at him as they were all curious and afraid, he then looked behind and saw a large statue of a woman who was wearing a Witch's hat, Jin's eyes widened slightly at the sight as he then heard the sound of someone moaning softly as he looked down to his lap and saw Serena on his lap, the girl would then open her eyes slightly as she sat up and and looked at Jin with a drowsy look on her face-

Jin: Serena?! Why are you here?!

Serena: Is the mission over?

Jin: No! I-I think? I don't know..

Serena: -She looked around to see the girls were all looking at them as she would then turn her attention back to Jin- Your fans?

Jin: No!

?: What is going on here? -A beautiful young girl who had worn the same uniform as the other girls would then walk up to the two Symphogear users as she had Platinum blonde with tea-green highlights on her hair- Who are you people?

Serena: I don't remember Maria dying her hair and I don't remember her being that short along with having breasts that aren't that big.. -She pointed out to Jin as she looked at him while the girl blushed and covered her chest and pointed her body at a different direction as she looked at Serena-

Jin: W-Why would you always ruin the moment for me..?

Girl: How dare you insult Diana Cavendish! The greatest Witch in the campus! You two should show some respect!

Serena & Jin: Witch..? -The two said in sync as they looked up at the platinum blonde haired girl-















Did you know this part of the story is a crossover to the series known as "Little Witch Academia"?

This was referred to an older "DID YOU KNOW?" when we said that this line of Symphogear series was connected to many other series such as "Strike Witches, Girls Und Panzer, Transformers, Little Witch Academia" and many more!