Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear SVT


(Senki Zesshō Shinfogia SVT)

(SVT:- Shan Vile Termination)

OVA 02:- A Chance

Theme song: Hallelujah! - JAM PROJECT

Ending Song:- ケロパック - Ayaka Hirahara

-Kinji was walking down the hallway in the Colony as he was carrying a large black metallic suitcase and was holding a few pieces of paper in his hand as he was heading towards his office. As he opened the door to his office and entered, he saw Chris lying down on the couch with a white blanket over her as she was looking at her phone with a smile on her face as she was reading her messages as she would then look up and noticed Kinji-

Chris: H-Hey..

Kinji: Hi, Chris-chan. What brings you here? -He asked as he quickly turned his attention from Chris to his desk as he started doing his work-

Chris: I-I just came to check on you! I mean, you haven't talked to any one of us from the past few days after we got rid of Shan..

Kinji: Ah, I'm sorry Chris-chan, but I've been preoccupied with work lately.

Chris: What's it about?

Kinji: Just important stuff. -The sound of a tongue clicking was then heard as Kinji shifted his eyes to the couch and saw Chris standing up with her hands clenched up as she would look at Kinji with an angry look as she was tearing up, Kinji's eyes widened slightly as he was shocked to see her tear up- C-Chris-chan?

Chris: You goddamn idiot!

Kinji: E-Eh?

Chris: D-Don't tell me that you're so bloody dense like Jin and Soran!

Kinji: W-What are you-

Chris: Did you know how worried I was when I heard that you left the base to fight Shan on your own?! Did you know how painful it was for me to hear that you died?!

Kinji: I-I know! C-Calm down, Chris-chan!

Chris: Don't tell me to calm down you perverted blonde! After hearing that you were still alive, I was so happy and relieved by it but as soon as you came back, you didn't even come to talk to anyone! Not even me! It's like you couldn't careless! Tell me Kinji! What am I to you?! Who am I to you?! It's like as if you don't l-love me anymore! We used to talk a lot more and hang out a lot more before we got together but ever since we started dating, it's like as if you got bored of me and threw me aside!

Kinji: C-Chris-chan I..-

Chris: Shut up! Shut the hell up! I don't want to hear any excuses from you but I don't want to be thrown aside like some prostitute on the street! I do not want- -Before she could finish her sentence, she was then hugged tightly by Kinji as her eyes widened slightly as she was a little surprised from the sudden hug as she would then try to forcefully push him away as she was still angry- L-Let me go you..Prick! Let go of me! I don't need your damn hugs...! -As she was slowly struggling to get out of his grip, she was slowly slowing down and was loosing her strength to push him back as Kinji would rub her back softly and continued to hug her even more so as he would then place a hand on Chris' cheek and have her look up towards him as she was crying-

Kinji: Chris-chan. I would never forgive myself if I were to just throw you aside like nothing, because everything that I said about you before is all true! You are actually my first love. I know you don't wanna hear any excuses but I'm still gonna say it anyway..

Chris: No don't-

Kinji: I like to work!

Chris: Ah...? W-What?

Kinji: I like to work, I really do. It keeps me active and I never get tired of it. I also like what I'm doing right now. Working isn't a hobby for me but it's more of a sport, but spending time with you is the absolute greatest thing in my entire life! To see you smile, to see your fragile little body walking and to see your pale skin just calms me down. To also hear you speak, eat, drink, yawn, it makes me happy! To find out that you were concerned about me really made me more happier than any man on Earth! Because that means that you really love me!

Chris: Wha-?! -She would then get embarrassed as she blushed madly and got angry at him as she would then step on his foot strongly-

Kinji: O-Ow! That hurt!

Chris: Hmph! Idiot!

Kinji: T-That's just mean, Chris-chan...-? -Before he knew, Chris was standing on her tip toes as she was kissing him on the lips as the two were blushing madly. After the kiss, Chris would look down with an embarrassed look as her head was on his chest as she was holding onto his hands-

Chris: C-Come over tonight for dinner, okay?

Kinji: Sure. Anything you say~

Chris: Idiot..

-Back in Jin and Shirabe's apartment. It was 10 A.M. in the morning as Shirabe had already taken her breakfast and had already changed into her casual wear as she was in the living room as she was playing the game "NieR: Automata" on the console on the Television. The door to Jin's room was then opened as Jin walked out of his room as he seemed to be extremely tired-

Shirabe: Good morning, Nii-san.

Jin: M-Morning, Shirabe.

Shirabe: What's wrong?

Jin: Hangover..

Shirabe: H-Hang on. I'll get you some water. -Before Shirabe could go to the kitchen, Jin would hold onto her hand as he smiled at her and shake his head slowly- N-Nii-san..?

Jin: It's all right. I just need to lie down a little more.

Shirabe: But..

Jin: You're such a good girl but it's all right, I can handle a little hangover. This is not the first time after all.

Shirabe: I-If you say so, just get some rest, okay?

Jin: Yeah. I will. -He said as he forced a smile and turned back to his room as he let go of Shirabe's hand, he would then look back at her with a tired look as he would then smile at her- I love you, Shirabe..~ -He said as he would then close the door to his room and went to bed once more-

Shirabe: ! -Her eyes widened after hearing what he said as she blushed madly and skipped multiple heartbeats as she would then quickly head back to the couch, sat down and hugged the cushion tightly with her arms as she was still blushing madly and was looking at the screen with 2B and 9S together, she would then whisper to herself softly- Y-You're so unfair Nii-san..

-An hour later as Shirabe had stopped playing her game as she was hanging up the laundry at the balcony, it was then the sound of the door bell ringing was then heard as she would then turn her attention to the door and head back inside after she had just finished hanging up the laundry as she would then head to the door and answer it, as she opened the door, she looked up to see Maria and noticed that Maria was wearing her casual clothes as well-

Maria: Morning, Shirabe!

Shirabe: M-Maria. G-Good morning. What's with the sudden visit?

Maria: Is Jin in?

Shirabe: Nii-san is resting right now.

Maria: Eh?! It's almost noon! He should be awake!

Shirabe: Y-Yeah but..He needs to get some- -Before she could finish her sentence, Maria would let herself into the apartment as she took off her shoes and went in to find Jin- M-Maria!

Maria: Jin! -She called out to him loudly as she opened the door to his room and saw that he was sleeping- Why are you still sleeping? It's almost noon!

Jin: -He would open his eyes a little as he turned over to see Maria as he smiled at her slightly and said nothing as he would then go back to sleep-

Maria: Jin!

Shirabe: M-Maria. Let him rest, besides, it's not like he has to work today.

Maria: That's not the issue! If he grows to be lazy like Kirika or either Hibiki, he'll surely regret it! Now wake up, Jin!

Shirabe: ...

Jin: R-Right..I-I'll get up.. -He said softly as he slowly got up from bed but would fall right back onto his pillow as Maria got irritated as she would then went over to his bed and pull the blanket away from him- I-It's cold..

Maria: Take a hot shower and you won't be cold!

Shirabe: M-Maria..

Jin: O-Okay.. -He slowly got up from the bed once more as he yawned loudly and slowly walked out of the room to the bathroom-

Maria: Jeez.. You're a man, you should be better than this.

Jin: Sorry.. -He was slightly depressed from having Maria yell at him as he sighed softly from his nose and went to the bathroom. After he did, Maria would sigh-

Maria: How did he become so lazy?


Maria: Shirabe? -She turned back to see the girl as she got a little worried as she saw that Shirabe was looking up at Maria with an angry look on her face- W-What's wrong? D-Did I say something that I shouldn't have?

Shirabe: Yes, yes you did.

Maria: W-What? What is it that I said then? I'm really sorry if I offended you..

Shirabe: Everything about Nii-san.

Maria: Eh?

Shirabe: I know I have no right to speak about you two as you both are a couple, even though I may also not be his actual little sister, I am still his step-sister on paper so I will say this now: LET MY BROTHER SLEEP! -She screamed out to Maria furiously as Maria was shocked to hear Shirabe shout like that as it was the first time that Maria had heard Shirabe scream at her-

Maria: L-Let him sleep..?

Shirabe: Yes! Let him sleep! Relax! We're all currently on a holiday right now so he deserves to get some rest!

Maria: B-But if he doesn't wake up early and prepare himself like Kinji or even Tsubasa, he'll get lazy and will slow everyone down!

Shirabe: That shows how little you trust him.

Maria: What are you implying?

Shirabe: Not everyone in the team is the same, Maria. You can't expect them to be like you or Tsubasa-san or even Kinji-san. You three are hard workers along with Miku-san and Ayumu-san! But Nii-san works just as hard as everyone else and deserves to get some peace and quiet! Even though you are his girlfriend, at least show some support and trust!

Maria: I-I do trust him! I trust him with my life and I am supporting him! I'm making sure he does things properly!

Shirabe: He has his own way on doing it! You don't have to force him to follow your ways! He's not you, Maria!

Maria: Shirabe..

Shirabe: Every single time I hear that you yell at him, I would get frustrated because you would never listen to him properly and watch over him! Right after he came back from being transported to another world, you've been treating him differently too! You won't give him any personal space! You always watch him from the shadows and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid!

Maria: What are you trying to say..?

Shirabe: You're not acting like his girlfriend, you're acting like a stalker or an obsessed fan.

Maria: O-Obsessed fan?! Stalker?! Shirabe! You're taking it too far! I'm doing this for his own good- -Before she could finish her sentence, she got slapped on the face by Shirabe as Maria was shocked about the slap as she would place her hand on her cheek and look back at Shirabe and saw that Shirabe was really angry as she had noticed that Shirabe's eyes were getting teary as well- Eh..?

Shirabe: You're not doing it for his sake! Y-You're obviously doing it for yourself! My brother is no "Knight-in-Shining-armour" but he my hero and my beloved brother! No matter what, I'll make sure Nii-san is happy! No matter the cost! Even if that means breaking him up with his current girlfriend- You! -She said as she pointed at Maria- If you truly love him, you would have let him have some personal time and spoil him but instead you're acting like you're his mother which you are obviously not!

Maria: I don't want to lose him anymore!

Shirabe: Huh?

Maria: I had already lost Serena before and I had already lost Jin as well! I don't want to lose him again! That's why I'm watching over him closely! I want to protect him!

Shirabe: You're not the only one who has the same idea.

Maria: What are you saying?

Shirabe: I also want to protect him and I don't want to lose him too but if I ever see you break his heart ever again by yelling at him, I'll properly make sure that the both of you are separated.

Maria: S-Separated?! W-What do you mean by that?

Shirabe: By all means, I'll make sure you two break up if you ever make my brother sad again.

Maria: I...

-It was then JIn walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his neck as he was wearing his home shorts and a tank-top as he still seemed tired, he would then look at the two and felt a pressuring atmosphere-

Jin: S-Something wrong?

Maria: N-No! It's nothing, I think I'm gonna go for now.

Jin: Eh? But you just got here. Why don't you join us for tea? Or..Brunch, if that's what you call it.

Maria: N-No thank you, I'll pass for now. I have plans after all.

Jin: A-All right then, but if you ever need anything, you can always send me a text, okay?

Maria: Y-Yeah! Thanks, I'll see you both later then..

Jin: Bye bye.

Maria: Bye.. -She said as she walked out of the apartment, after she walked out of the apartment and closed the door, she would put both of her hands on her face as she started crying and walked forward as she went back to her car-

Jin: Did something happen between the two of you?

Shirabe: Girl talk.

Jin: Ah okay, I guess I shouldn't pry into it then. Anyway, is there anything that you want to do?

Shirabe: Nothing really. Are you hungry? I can go and make something for you if you want.

Jin: -He would smile and chuckle softly as he would pet Shirabe on the head and poke her cheek as he seemed more cheerful- You're so kind but it's okay, I'm not hungry anyway.

Shirabe: A-Are you sure?

Jin: Yeah, I'm just gonna go out for a jog in awhile, is that okay with you?

Shirabe: Yeah, sure, go ahead, Nii-san, go and enjoy yourself.

Jin: Oh! Unless you wanna come too?

Shirabe: I-I'll pass, Nii-san but thanks.

Jin: Aww all righty then.

-Moments later after Jin had left to jog, Shirabe would clench her hands into fists after he left as she was infuriated with Maria-

Shirabe: One more time, Maria..One more time and I'll break you both up, even by force..













Did you know that out of everyone else's relationship(s), the most stable one is Kirika and Haruka along with Tsubasa and Aozora as those two couples rarely get into arguments and do not face any issues amongst each other as a couple.