Truth be told, I don't work very well with one or two-words prompts lmao but I did as best as I could in the two weeks from the moment I found out about the event up until today. I'm going to post the prompts as they are now, and maybe in the future I'll tweak them a bit. The title of this collection came from the song Sunshine by Young Empires.

That aside, I mentioned last week on my tumblr that I took the liberty to start an askshikasaku blog, which I'm already, but slowly, working on. You're free to already send asks if you please!

Shikasaku Week

Day i: Duty

Keeping watch over the perimeters would not be so boring if he actually had something to occupy his time, but it was a task that required all of his attention and his senses to make sure they were safe. If only they could have gotten a fire going, the flames would have been something he could watch, the warmth would keep the chill at bay and the cracking of the wood would have been nice, but they could not afford taking the risk of being found. The cool air of the night was bearable, thankfully.

Sitting on a log, Shikamaru stared up at the canopy, wishing he could be looking at the stars at least. Behind him, two members of his team slept away on bedrolls, Naruto's loud snores reaching his ears easily above whatever cricket could be nearby. Kiba was a much quieter presence compared to the blonde.

A small tent had been set up for the only woman and medic in the group. He thought back to how she had used most of her chakra to heal her comrades as well as herself after the mission had proven to be more complicated than they had anticipated. She was dead on her feet as they finished their job and traveled away from the site where the confrontation had taken place to find a place secure enough to rest. Kiba and Akamaru searched every crook and nook to make sure the spot was safe so she could crash without worries. She managed to stay upright and awake for as long as it took them to get the tent up, and then passed out like a flame in a second.

That being said, he was mildly surprised to hear the familiar light footfalls approaching him from behind. He knew she was awake from the moment she started tossing and turning, and she knew that she did not need to announce her arrival, but she did anyway in a murmur once the distance between them had decreased greatly.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Couldn't or wouldn't?" He contemplated just as quietly. She hummed in amusement and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her nose on the top of his head. "I can't get distracted now, you know."

"I'm not trying to distract you. Just trying to spend some time with you."

"Your mere presence is distracting." He waved her over, figuring that the position she was currently could not be comfortable. Sakura stepped over the log and lowered herself to his bent legs, tucking herself into his chest with a quiet sigh. Out of habit, he placed his chin on her head and closed his eyes with a sigh of his own.

He knew the risks of getting distracted even for a single second. Enemies could find them, the team could end up hurt or worse, one or all of them could never return home. Still, despite his better judgement, Shikamaru allowed himself to relish in her presence, her body against him and her warmth, if only for a moment. They were so strictly professional in missions when paired together, limiting their affectionate touches to simple, brief brushes of fingers against skin that most of the time were accidental. He saw no problem in holding her close for a second, especially after the chaotic events from earlier.

After about five seconds, he pulled away and nudged her gently. Weariness was oozing out of her; it was almost palpable. "You should head back to the tent."

She made a noise of protest. "Don't wanna."

"Sakura." He chided with a sigh, and she giggled. "Troublesome woman. I have a job to do now."

"You have a job to do as my boyfriend as well." The kunoichi spoke into his chest.

Another sigh from him, Shikamaru held back the urge to roll his eyes and kissed the top of her head nonetheless, speaking softly. "You have a job to do as well, remember? You're the only medic of the team. Go to bed."

She replied with a long, suffering groan and peeled herself away from him, pouting as she rose to a full standing position and frowned down at the young man. He shook his head with a small smile gracing his face and reached out for her hand to give it a gentle squeeze. "I promise I'll join you later after Kiba wakes up."

Sakura held her pout in place for a while longer before it ultimately turned into a smile as well. With a kiss to his forehead, she went back to the tent without a word. Shikamaru heard when she slipped into the bedroll, shifted around for a while trying to find a comfortable position, and then stopped as unconsciousness reclaimed its hold on her. He stifled a yawn of his own and went back to focusing on the sounds of the night. Sometimes being entrusted with the duty of being the captain could really be a drag, especially when he had to set an example and be the one to take the first watch. Now that he had been reminded what it was like to hold her, Shikamaru could not wait for his shift to end so he could sleep by her side as he had promised.