Vive La France!

Another TW oneshot: This time an adventure with 3 regiments of Fusiliers of Line marching through the area just west of Italy. They march to reinforce the battered 1st Armée d'Italie, who are surrounded by Austrian troops. (Obviously set in a campaign scenario.) Enjoy!

Officier Jacque Marsielles watched the small force of three-hundred and sixty Fusiliers of Line as they set up behind a small stone wall. They seemed a miniscule obstacle against the largeAustrian army lining up before them. The four Austrian regiments of infantry, accompanied by a unit of light dragoons and one unit of horse-drawn six-pounder artillery seemed to dwarf the group of stubborn Frenchmen.

"Orders complete sir! Let them come! We shall destroy them!" This cry echoed through the ranks.

"Load your muskets men! We shall wait out the enemy!" Jacque said. The men cheered and loaded their muskets. The Austrian artillery fired. Men screamed as the shells tore through their ranks. "Stand your ground! You are Frenchmen, these thugs have no place challenging us!"

The men reformed as the Austrian cavalry made a move to the left flank of the line and the Austrian infantry advanced to fife and drum. The French men shouldered their rifles and awaited the order to fire. After half an hour, Jacque could see the Austrian army without a spy glass. They continued closer, and stopped just in range, and shouldered their muskets as well.

"Fire!" Jacque yelled, and the French opened the battle with a thunderous volley of hot metal and fire, ripping a gash in the flesh of the Austrian army. The Austrians soon fired back, and Jacque was glad to be behind the wall with his men. Four more cannon balls impacted in the French formation, knocking several Fusiliers over and killing several others, yet still the Frenchmen held.

Volley after volley wore down the Austrians, the wall serving it's purpose of blocking musket balls. The Austrians finally pulled back, and soon another cannon volley flew into the French and the Austrian light dragoons made their move. A volley of carbine fire assaulted the left flank shortly before the dragoons charged into the soldiers. The men began to panic.

Rally to the flag! Rally to the flag!" Jacque yelled, drawing his sword as the flagbearer waved the French flag and the drum and fife played La Marseillaise as the battle raged on. The men fought with such bravery, standing their ground even under overwhelming fire. The dragoons were quickly repulsed and soon the infantry were too. The artillery pulled back with their scattered comrades.

"We are victorious!"

"Vive la France!" The men continued cheering, celebrating their victory. Jacque sighed. It was a hard earned victory. Most of the French men now lie dead on the field, and they were hardly worthy reinforcements for their surrounded allies North of here. Worries for another time. He thought. For now, we shall celebrate our victory.

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