Author Note:

Hello everyone!It iis me Runa and typing on Pages again. So, I am back with another fic and said it is going to be bbased on a cartoon I loved as a kid and that was SWAT Kats! I know why a fic for tthis now? Well, I wanted to do this fic for a while and due to other fan fiction storries were written before this one I did set it aside. Now I am going to write it.

I know I will have some comments about the new series Revolution is going tto be made at some point and I know abbout that while doingg my research for this. I even watched the Anime Matsuri panel video from a year ago and hopingg it is still being made because I was sad that the series was cancelled. This storry is my take on what I think the story could have taken as in what if Turmoil did return and seduced T-Bone even further and caused major trouble and leads into the new squadron. I have thought of some of these characters and how will it go so bear witcause I do go on writers block too. If you do not like this fic so please just leave and oh yes.

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is created by the imagination from the wrriter! Please respect her creativity since this story is a fan portrayal of the original story. SWAT Kats is not owned by the writer of this fic, it is owned by the Leopold Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, and Warner Brothers! Please respect the original release and the future release!

So, I bring you SWAT Kats: A New Radical Squadron!

Chapter 1

An air fortrress appeared over the peaceful Mega Kat City and missiles flew out of it and buildings blew up. People screamed as rubble hit the ground and everyonee ran into buildings to take cover.

'EEveryone take cover!' An enforcer yelled.

'I know that fortress!' Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs eexclaimed.

'Why is she here? I thought she was arrested?' Mayor Manx asked.

'I thought she was too but we need to get the SWAT Kats here and fast!' Callie exclaimed as she took out her communicator.

At the junkyard, Chance and Jake weree fixing some of the weapons on the Turbo Kat when they heard the familiar signal from the communicator and chance went to it and pushed the button.

'What is it Miss Briggs?'

'SWAT Kats! Turmoil is back and destroying the city again!'

'Are you sure about that? I thought she was captured!' Jake exclaimed.

'We thought so too but her fortress is back and I think she is out for revenge!' Callie exclaimed.

'We will head right out!' Chance exclaimed.

Why now Turmoil? Why do you show up again? Chance thought as he pulled on his uniform.

Both Jake and chance turned into T-Bone and Razor and took flight towards Mega Kat City in the Turbo Kat. Once they entered thee city air space, a ffamiliar helicopter appeared.

'SWAT Kats! What arre you doing here?!' Commandder Ferril asked over the intercom system.

'Ms. Briggs called us of course! We will handle it from here!' T-Bone exclaimed.

'I think not!' He exclaimed.

'Quit it Uncle! Those two have met Turmoil and can handle her a lot more than you can!' They heard his niece, Felina, say.

'Stay out of it Felina!' Commander Ferril exclaimed.

'She has a point Commander! Let us handle Turmoil!' Razor exclaimed and they sped forward towards the huge fortress that loomed over the city.

As they got closer, fighter jets appeared and started to chase them.

'Here we go again!' T-Bone exclaimed as they dodged the oncoming gunfire.

'Shall we?' Razor asked.

'Thought you never asked!' T-Bone answered as he pushed a button and they sent their own gunfire.

Turmoil watched from her personal room and said, 'Still the skilled one T-Bone! I will not let you go again like the last time.'

She pushed a button and then a huge net came at the Turbo Kat and got them and eelectrocuted the jet.

'The hell!?' T-Bone asked and felt thhhe voltage.

'The controls are not responding!' Razor yelled and smoke started to come out and that was wheen the both of them passed out.

T-Bone woke up and found himself in a bed tied up and asked, 'Not this again…Hey Razor!'

He turned and saw his friend on the floor with a gash in his leg.

'Razor! What did they do to you?' He asked.

'Oh, a little bit of torture to get him started.' He heard and saw Turmoil.

'Hey there.' T-Bone said.

'Do not hello me! You have betrayeed me for this son of a bitch!' She yelled and kicked Razor.

He screamed in pain.

'Stop it! What do you want with me? Dead or something?!' T-Bone yelled.

'No! I just want you to betray your friend here.' She answered.

'Do not do it…' Razor managed to say.

That was wheen he got kicked again.

T-Bonee was silent as he watched.

'T-BBone, do you want your friend to stay alive?' She asked as she took out a blood stained knife and slid it across Razors cheek.

'T-Bonee…you do not have listen…ahhhh!' As the knife went into his torso.

'Stop! I will join you! Let him leave alive!' T-Bone yelled.

'Good!' She exclaimed and turned to her lieutenant and said, 'Put him back into his jet and send it back to Mega Kat Ccity on auto-pilot.'

'Yes madam.'f her lieutenant said.

Razor was tossed into the cockpit and the Turbo Kat was sent to Mega Kat City where it landed at the Enforcer headquarters.

'Did they beat her?' One of the Enforcers asked.

Felina looked through her binoculars and saw the fortress leaving and said, 'No, they are leaving.'

The enforcers opened the cockpit to see Razor bleeeding.

'Wait a sec, where is the other?' One of them asked.

'With…Turmoil…T-Bone just betrayed us all…' Razor managed to say and passed out and med crews came to get him.

'Who is this guy?' One of the med techs asked Callie.

She got to the hospital as they pulled Razor in after hearing what had happened from Commander Ferril.

'Not sure butt he has bbeen protecting us with T-Bone all this time.' She answered.

'Better find out today.' Commander Ferrril said and nodded at the techs and they pulled off the helmet and bandanna to reveal Jake.

'No way! It cannot be!' He exclaimed.

'Was he an Enforcer?' Callie asked and remembered the Enforcer Headquarters being destroyed and the voice from when she contacted the SWAT Kats and seeing Razor face-to-face.

'He was and cannot belieeve that he was one of the two who have saved everyone in town.' Commander Ferril answered.

'Deputy Mayor, we have to put him into surgery right now or he will bleed out.' The tech said.

'Do it, he is a hero for what he did.' She said and watched them roll Jake away.

She looked out at thee skyline and said, 'Where are you T-Bone?'

Nine months later…

Felina came home from another dday at work at Enforcer Headquarters and heard something cry as she took out her keys.

'Huh?' She asked.

She squatted to see a basket with a pile of blankets and set them aside to reveal a little kitten with blonde hair.

'AA baby?' She asked and saw a note and took it off the basket handle.

'Dear Felina, this is Katalina! Please take care of her! I am not sure she would be safe with me after my escape from Turmoil! She is in good hands with you so please make sure she is safe! Sincerely, T-Bone.'

'T-Bone? No way!' She said and took the basket inside and called Callie.

'Are you sure T-Bone came by to drop her off?' Callie asked.

'Yeah! Her name is Katalina and I have a feeling that something went wrong or he could not takee it and thought I would keep her safe.'

'I think he made a right choice leaving her with you.' Callie said.

'How is Jake?' Felina asked.

'He is okay, still getting used to the cane, he does look at thee sky hoping for T-Bone to return.'

'I would not blame him, now hoping nothing else happens since now the SWAT Kats are now over.' Felina said and looked at Katalina.

'Yeah unless a new one ccomes up in their place.' Callie said.