Chapter 8

"What!? You want me to do what!?" Alison, Katalina's best gal pal, asked.

She and Alison knew each other since their senior year of high school. She noticed that Kat was into drawing different outfits in her notebook and Alison brings them to life even her prom dress.

"Come on Ally, things are getting bad around here and I need these made." Katalina said.

Alison took a look at the drawings again and asked, "Aren't those outfits based on what…oh no, it can't be!"

Katalina nodded and then said, "It is and both Jake and I were attacked yesterday working at his dad's office by a new Past Master."

"How? I remembered in the archives that he was killed." Alison said.

"Guess who brought him back? Chad." She answered.

"Wait, is that why he wasn't on campus earlier? He's normally the first." Alison said.

"Hey!" they ehard and saw a really beautiful Kat walking in.

"Hi there Pearl, I guess you came for your latest gown?" Alison asked.

"You got it!" she answered.

"Here you go." Alison said and handed over a dress that had rose patterns sewn into the skirt and bodice.

"Just like what my designer sent you, you're really good for an amateur." Pearl said.

"Well, that is why I'm here doing the Fashion program." Alison told her.

"Whatever, I may have to come back again." Pearl said and left the room.

She even had the door held open by Troy, who was coming in with a few boxes of material in hand.

"I guess she liked the dress?" he asked as he walked in.

"Yeah and still snobby as she said her thanks in her own way." Alison said.

Troy noticed Katalina and asked, "What brings you here Ms. Ferrel?"

"I needed Alison for something special." She answered.

He looked at her notebook and asked, "This can't be, can it? There is no way we can re-create the SWAT Kats uniforms!"

"They're not exactly their old uniforms." Katalina said with a slight blush.

"Then who would wear the skirt, T-Bone or Razor?" Troy asked with a slight laugh.

"Cut it out Troy!" Alison exclaimed.

"Well, if you can't help me then I forget about it." Katalina said as she put her notebook away and slung her backpack on her back.

"Kat, don't leave! I didn't even say if I could do it or not!" Alison called out as she watched her leave.

"Did she cough up a hairball or something?" Troy asked once the door closed.

Alison sighed and said, "You are such an jerk, you know that?"

"Huh?" Troy asked.

What are you thinking Kat, are you trying to start something? I want to know if you want my help especially knowing what had happened to Chad. She thought to herself.

Dark Kat led Chad down a deep, dark tunnel underneath the city and wondered, Where is he taking us?

"His lair of course! Dark Kat has been always in the shadows and nobody knew who he was and where he came from."

I thought he would be a corrupted judge or someone fired by Callie Banks. He thought towards the Past Master.

They arrived at an ornate doorway and a breed of cat-like bat creatures were sparring each other in one corner while others lied around eating some bones and taking naps.

One of them saw Dark Kat and saluted him.

"Looks like everyone has waited for me for a long time." He told it.

A lot of the other creatures noticed him and stood up and sounded off in joy.

"My creatures! We have a new Past Master in our midst!" Dark Kat exclaimed.

They started to cheer.

"Wait, you've worked with the Past Master before?" Chad asked.

"Of course! We have been allies time to tiem but hated each other in others." Past Master answered.

"Since you have taken on the power, it means we have to find others to take over Mega Kat City like years before!" Dark Kat exclaimed.

"Whoa! Wait! I lost the watch though, wouldn't it make me powerless?" Chad asked.

"Fool! That is why you must find suitable candidates in order to get it back! Despite the Enforcers being around, we all know that the SWAT Kats have disbanded many years before which will make it easier for our domination!" Dark Kat exclaimed.

"Except one of them tried to call one of them when we attacked."

"What!? How is that possible?" Dark Kat asked.

"Wait a second, I remembered seeing Kat going for the communicator that was on display, it couldn't be that Chance Furlong is still alive." Chad said.

"Who?" Dark Kat asked.

"The one known as T-Bone, you see he betrayed Razor or shall I say Jake, and now that guy works for the former Deputy Mayor! I bet you haven't been keeping up with the news, eh Dark Kat?" Chad asked.

"Hmmm, Past master, are you sure this boy will be helpful?" Dark Kat asked.

"He did tell us some of the information about the SWAT Kats that we haven't known before so he may be a use."

"Very well, tell us more young boy and then we can get even more things." Dark Kat said.

"I think I can get something even better than that and once that happens I can get the Past Master's watch back along with it." Chad said.

"Oh ho! I guess you're not as pathetic after all!"

"I have to get into the museum in order to get it." Chad said.

"Before that, you should change out of the prim and proper aristocrat robes you bear." Past Master said.

"Hmm?" Chad asked.

Dark Kat smirked and said, "I think I have something."

He cackled a bit.

A moment later, Chad was wearing a black robe with clothes that looked similar to Past Master's and it hid his face very well as he sneaked into the museum. As he looked around the area he heard voices and hid among the shadows. He recognized it was his old professor, Dr. Calico.

"I don't get why Chad Brunswick would have vanished?" he said.

"Well, according to some of the people at City Hall that he did run off from the building before the Enforcers had a chance to catch him." He heard and knew it was the Captain from the Enforcers, Bengal.

Crap, they recognized me! He thought.

"You were a fool for making yourself noticeable."

"No matter, at least we have the Past Master's watch back." Professor Calico said and he saw the gleam from the watch.

Chad waited for a while for the footsteps to leave and then ran up to the display case and grabbed the watch back and then looked around the room to see the many other artifacts from other villains that T-Bone and Razor had taken down.

"Time to find the files." He whispered to himself and noticed a screen ahead of him and ran over to it and saw the plaque.


"Bingo." He whispered and found a USB slot and stuck it in and copied the files.

iSo glad they started using computers here, just having a display where you can just click on their pics makes it easier than it looks.

"Bah! I'd rather have a book!"

Almost done.

"Hey!" they heard.

Someone ran in and he held up the watch and froze the guard in place.

"I think not." He said and took his flashdrive and ran off and managed to escape.

"Thank you watch, I guess having your power is paying off after all!"

"Don't get cocky, get back to Dark Kat with that tiny card so he can see it."

"He will sure enjoy what I've gotten so far." He said with a cackle and headed for the alleyway he came from.

"What!? Are you sure the watch is missing!?" Jake asked over the phone.

Jason was putting away some books in the newer, temporary office at City Hall later on after class.

"We just found one of our guards frozen in place sir, it's like he tried catching someone as the silent alarm went off." The Museum Head answered.

"Is Captain Bengal still there?" he asked.

"He went back to the station, sir." He got.

"Very well, I guess it's time to find this perpetrator." Jake said and hung up.

"What happened?" Jason asked.

"The Past Master's watch is gone, that Chad guy you two recognized may have broken into the museum to get it." Jake answered.

"How? He vanished." Jason said.

"That's what I want to know!" Jake said and dialed Captain Bengal's number. "Hey Captain! The watch went missing! It's time to call the boys and try to find the guy."

Jason left the office and remembered how Katalina was able to get her dad on the communicator and then snuck into the office and found it still in the same place. He took it and placed it into his pocket.

If your daughter can't get you out here then who can? We definitely need the SWAT Kats again.

He remembered how he and Kat grew up on hearing about all the great things that T-Bone, Chance, and Razor, his dad, had done and now things have changed it is time for a new squadron.