Chapter 9

Katalina was walking up to her car after a study session after her classes let out. She saw a figure waiting for her and it was the guy that worked with Alison.

"You're that guy that works with Alison aren't you?" she asked him.

something made?" he asked.

"Yes, it's something silly so it's no big deal."

"Can I?"

"Sure." she said and handed him her notebook that had the designs.

He took it from her pretty fast and looked through it and asked, "these are based on the old SWAT Kats uniforms aren't they?"

"Yes, there's something going on and I don't like it."

"And you want to revive them right?"

"How do you know?"

"I have a feeling that with Chad not being on campus today had something to do with it and I will help you on this venture."

That was when her phone rang and it said it was Jason and she picked up and asked, "What's up Jace?"

"Meet me at the junk yard!" he told her.

"Huh, why?" she asked.

"I think it's time to get the SWAT Kats back and running because I have a bad feeling about something that would cause Chad to change!" he told her.

"Okay! I will be there!" she said and looked at the guy. "Come on, we have somewhere we need to be and Jason will be waiting.

He nodded and they got into her car and headed for the exit that led out of town.

Jason saw the cin pull up and noticed the guy with her and asked, "Why is he here?"

"The name is Arthur and I'm here to help since my colleague told me what your friend was trying to do."

"Why should we trust him?" Jason asked as his fur stood on end.

"What are you doing here!?" they all heard and saw Chance standing at the gate with arms crossed.

"No way, Chance Furlong is alive?" Arthur asked.

"Yes and he's my dad." Katalina said.

He looked at her and then him and said, "I can see the resemblance."

"And you brought a friend I take it, this is no pow wow you know." Chance said.

Jason stepped forward and said, "Look, we came to bring the SWAT Kats back because a clasmate was changed into someone with a watch which we were trying to get your help with by contacting you with this in my mom's office."

Chance saw him take out the communicator and went wide-eyed and said, "She kept it all this time?"

"Yes, that is how Katalina reached you." Jason answered.

"Sohry, I can't help you." he said as he startted to walk away.

"Not even when an old foe has risen?" Katalina asked.

ake flying over the city and fightingChance saw the flashbacks of himself and Just

rather. Viper. Past Master, the Metallkats, and Do

"Wait, you said a watch? You're not saying the Past Master are you?" Arthur asked.

"Wait, we killed that bastard in some pyramid many years ago." Chance growled.

"Welb, he's back somehow." Katalina said.

"What you are telling me is that the ispast

"And tried to take Kat here for himself to impress her." Jason said.

"Come on dad, Mega Kat City needs the SWAT Kats back." Katalina said.

Chance thought back to the old times where he and Jake fought a lot of enemies like Dr. Viper, Past Master, and even Dark Kat.

"So, you're telling me that new bad guys may take over? Not on my watch! Come on, it's time to pass the Turbo Kat on and save Mega Kat City again." he said.

The three cheered and went after to him to the hangar where the new duo will rise.

Meanwhile, Chad was at a lab that was damaged by a huge robot and found two familiar robots excepto a food processor.

Looks like the Metallikats are coming back. he thought to himself as he and Dark Kats minions took Mac and Molly back to the hideout where they were worked was a head attached toa