Two days after the most eventful day in her life and Emily, son of Adam, was already back at school. But this time, there was a difference. A major difference. One she had never expected. When she came back, she was more than ready for a "you're a super-hero! That's so cool! Just like your Dad, the most famous person in the universe!"-type reception.


Instead, what young Emily got were stares and looks and whispers. No one dared go near her. No one even spoke to her. When she first started to go to the City of Wisdom and everyone asked her about He-Man and She-Ra and Teela and the Sorceress, Emily figured that would be the worst. But no. This was far worse than any of that. She was being ignored and talked about behind her own back.

Emily hated it. She hated this more than anything else in the world. Not that she enjoyed being questioned about things that happened before her own birth, but at least people were talking to her. Sitting in class that afternoon, she felt more alone than she ever had in her entire life.

Finally, she just let go and allowed her mind to wander. Her eyes strayed over to the window and she watched as puffy white clouds rolled across the blue sky. She sighed and wondered if Talon ever had to go through anything like this. Maybe it was one of the reasons he was arrogant and abrasive all the time.

He seemed to have such as short fuse. And when it was lit, his eyes would get so wide and his brow would furl. He just looked so damn sexy . . .

Emily suddenly broke from her daydream to realize that everyone in the class was staring at her. She was about to question this, when she heard a beeping coming from her book-bag. It was her communicator, only to be used in cases of emergencies.

"Um, can I be excused?"

Her teacher, a tall, old woman, seemed to snarl and looked down at the curly-haired girl. "Fine, fine. Go save the world."

"Uh, thanks."

Emily rushed out of the room and made it out into the hallway before her face turned too beet red. "I hate this life," she muttered to herself. She dug into her book-bag and pulled out the communicator. "Uh, Emily here."

"Emily, this is your father."

"Dad, I was in the middle of class."

"I'm sorry, sweetie," Adam dismissed swiftly, not nearly realizing what she had just gone through. "We need you at Grayskull Tower. Peacekeeper is on her way. Teelana needs to see the both of you."

Emily struggled internally. "But . . . er, okay Dad. I'll be there soon."

"Thanks honey. There'll be a Talon Fighter there in about thirty minutes. Adam out."

Lowering her head, Emily considered walking back in there and telling her teacher, but figured that it wasn't worth it. She made for her dorm to desposit her book-bag, then waited for Peacekeeper to arrive.


Master Chaos stepped off of his transport and found himself upon the highest peak of Darksmoke. Dark dragons soared above him as Trolls prepared to take some of their prisoners to the village of the Bear-people. A new dungeon had been created there and it was decided that it would be the best place for their forces leaders of the mountain.

"Master Chaos," hissed Razor Tongue suddenly, appearing form behind.

"Razor Tongue. How go things here at Darksmoke?"

"Well. The support you have given us has aided in our takeover of both here and the Bear-country," Razor Tongue continued. "Our forces are re-mustering there. How is your quest?"


"What about what you have promised me?"

"It is difficult, but it will occur soon."

Razor Tongue grumbled a bit, then looked up. Things were going well. It was all coming together.


Within the inner sanctum of Grayskull Tower, the former Sorceress of Grayskull feels her old connection spark to life. Though much of Grayskull was changed twenty-five years ago and she was released from its guardianship, part of her will always remain with Grayskull.

Peacekeeper mentally noted the shift in Teelana's demeanor, but didn't say anything about it. Her gaze moved towards Emily. She was putting off upset emotions, but didn't say anything as Teelana called her over. Teelana must have been sensing this too, because she questioned Emily about it.

"It's nothing, Grandma. Nothing."

Teelana shook her head. "Oh, I think I know a little better than that, Emily," she replied with a grin. "You feel uncomfortable with your new position, don't you?"

"Yeah, well, I've been dealing with that for a while," confessed young Emily.

Teelana laid a hand on her arm. "I understand," she said honestly. "But there are great things ahead of you, Emily, daughter of Adam. Great, wonderful things."

Emily saw something in her grandmother's eyes. It was a look she only saw every once and a while. A special, deep look that told her that there was something far more than that what she was saying. Emily found herself smiling at the old woman, and nodded.


Teelana moved her hand to Emily's cheek. "Very wonderful things."

Emily flushed and all the embarrassment passed from her. "Thank you," she replied.

Her grandmother smiled and turned to Peacekeeper, who sat in front of Teelana. "Are you ready, Peacekeeper?"

"Then let us begin."

Teelana placed her fingers onto Peacekeeper's temples and she did the same to Teelana. Together, their minds touched and were immediately stronger than they were when separated. The mental signature of Count Marzo appeared in the minds, and it reached out, trying to find him.

The telepathic search waved and pulsated across Eternia, searching for one person . . . for one being . . .

"Nothing," said Teelana suddenly then.

"Really?" questioned Emily, eyes bouncing from Teelana to Peacekeeper.

"Absolutely nothing. His mind can't be sought after this way. Damn it," complained Peacekeeper, pulling her hair out of its ponytail.

"There is another way," pointed out Teelana. "Tri-Klops."

Peacekeeper blinked. "What about him?"

"His latest ability to see the past, the present, and the future. You were wrong when you believed it to be hallucinations. It is the truth."

Emily nodded and stood up. "Alright, then let's go get him."


A few hours later, the trio reconvened at Eternos, where Tri-Klops and Trap-Jaw were staying. Peacekeeper approached Tri-Klops slowly, still surprised that he wasn't hallucinating - though not completely convinced he wasn't.

"I knew you would come," Tri-Klops said, looking straight at her. His eye spun. "I saw you coming!" His eye spun again. "I see you leaving!"

"Tri-Klops . . ." Peacekeeper soothed, sitting down in front of him. "I need your help. We must find Count Marzo and we believe that your sight is the key to this. Since one of your eyes can see the present, we believe we can augment that to locate him. But I'll need to enter your mind. Is that alright?"

Tri-Klops smiled. "Fine with me," he told her, eyes spinning. "But you'll have to figure out which eye is which because I certainly can't!"

She nodded slowly, then placed her hands on his face. Her mind pressed against his and was accepted slowly. She felt the pulsating power of his mind and was suddenly sucked in. Peacekeeper mentally reached for the eyes, and the power they had. They were the key here . . .

. . . and then everything changed. Flashes danced around her, whispers and sounds twittering as one . . .

"The past . . ."

My eyes! What have you done to my eyes!?

"The present . . ."

We need to find Count Marzo.

"The future . . ."

Launch the attack! To the Sands of Time!

"The present . . ."

I'm inside your mind!

"The past . . ."

I will serve you, Skeletor.

"The present . . ."

I'm here! Keep your eye focused here! I can't!

"The past . . ."

I must attack He-Man.

"The future . . ."

I have all of the Stones! Victory is mine!

"The present . . ."

Remain here, focus here! We have to find Marzo! Come on, you have to -

"The past . . ."

Launch the attack on Grayskull.

"The present . . ."

Stay here! Help me look beyond space!

"The future . . ."

We're too late!

"The pas - the present!"

Yes! That's it! Stay focused here! Set your eye on the present, not the future and not the past! Here! Remain here!

"The future . . . no . . . not the past . . . the present! My eye is on the present and I see it!"

That's it! THAT'S IT! Now look beyond space, see beyond our telepathic limitations! Do you see it? Yes! You see it! I see it too! YES!

There was sudden flash and Peacekeeper was physically blasted back into her body, which feel backwards. Tri-Klops yelled loudly as his eyes spun wildly. Finally, they both began to calm down. Peacekeeper stood up and took a breath.

"It works now," Tri-Klops said. "I can see all three, but not at the same time. Only when I want to. Thank you."

"Thank you."

Peacekeeper then turned to the door, and faced Man-At-Arms, King Adam, Emily, and Trap-Jaw. "I've found him."

Adam nodded and looked to Man-At-Arms. "Assemble a team."