The One Who You Fear

A Samurai Jack/Harry Potter fanfic by SJO

Note: I don't own Samurai Jack (Cartoon Network does) or Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers does). Also, while I realize that some of this is unrealistic in the Harry Potter universe, like I don't think the Weasley twins would be doing this spell or freaking out about its consequences, I ask you to please just go with it. I can't think of anything else to get this started off. I'm probably just going to start with the first couple of chapters, then read the book coming out this June to get a feel for the rest of the story.

Chapter 1: The Big Mistake

As the battle with the beetle drones was over, Jack saw something glimmering on the cave walls. "Could it be?" he thought aloud. He came closer to inspect the disturbance. He recognized the pulsating, shimmering, tunnel effect. It had to be time portal.

Jack stood in reverence before the vortex, folded his hands, and bowed his head. "Mystic time portal, I humbly ask to use your power to return to my home and my time in--" He stopped when he fell his straw-hat fly off his head. He opened his eyes to see it flying down the portal. "My hat!" Without thinking he jumped in.

The trip through the portal certainly felt as uncomfortable as it did when he first traveled through one. The hat was right in front of him, but at the same time it was just beyond his grasp. He didn't get it until he reached the other side. It was in the hand of a young man with red hair. The young man screamed at the site the site of him. Jack opened his mouth to say he meant no harm, but another young man with red hair (wait, they look exactly the same) pointed a stick at him. "Stupefy!" he yelled. Jack immediately passed out.


"We're dead."

"I told you we would be, George. I knew this was a dumb idea."

"Well, it just sounded like an impressive idea for our O.W.L.s. You know how behind we are."

"Yeah, but Accio-ing an item from an alternate universe that could belong to somebody--"

"I wasn't expecting to find a person attached to it!" George looked down at the unconscious, white-robed man. "And he's probably a Muggle."

"Well, you know, he does kinda look like those friends of Charlie's. Remember when he came home with all those Chinese Fireball keepers?"

"Yeah. You may be right, Fred. But then again, that is a problem. Only one of them spoke English."

"Well, at least that means he might be a wizard."

They talked like this for several minutes of what they should do until finally Fred said, "Well, we might as we face what we did sooner or later."

"Later has my vote," George said.

"I meant now. After all, classes are about to let out." Fred got out his wand again. "Ennervate."

The white-robed man slowly opened his eyes. Fred and George looked at each other nervously. "How are we going to talk to him?" George asked.

"Allow me." Fred turned around and said slowly in a louder voice than usual, "Do not be alarmed. You are safe. We are friends. See us smiling? We are good. We are friends." He tried his hardest to make hand gestures to help the stranger understand, but they didn't seem to work.

All the same though, the stranger smiled deliriously and repeated, "Friends."

"That's right. I'm Fred." Fred pointed to himself.


"And I'm George."


"Very, very good. Now, you are--?" Fred pointed to the stranger.



"Samurai Jack."

"Well, I like it," George said to Fred. "It's short and sweet. It almost sounds English."

"I think it is," Jack answered.

The twins gaped at him for a while, then they laughed. George punched Fred's arm. "See? He does speak English!"

"Yeah, that makes things easier," Fred muttered.

Jack, meanwhile, stood up and looked out the window. "Where am I?"

"Uh, well--" Both the boys began to stutter.

"This is England, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is!" they answer jubilantly.

"Is Richard the Lionhearted still king?"

They exchanged confused glances. "Uh, no," Fred answered.

"Why? You want to join Robin Hood and his merry men?" George laughed.

Jack didn't answer but sighed and hung his head.

"No, no, no, it's ok. We didn't mean to offend you," Fred consoled.

"It is not you. I'm just still far away from--where is the time portal?"

"Time portal?" Fred yelled at George. "You said it went to an alternate universe!"

"Well, I thought it did!"

"Blimey, we're really in trouble now."

"This . . . doesn't answer my question," Jack reminded.

"You answer it, George," Fred sneered. "You got us into this bloody mess." He turned his back on George.

George sighed. "It collapsed, just after you came through. It was meant for a small item, not a human being. We were going to give your hat back."

Jack was silent for a while. His face was full of disappointment. "You are friends?"


"Then why did you knock me out?"

"Fred? That's a question for you."

Fred growled and turned around. "I'm sorry, but we panicked. We didn't expect someone to come through, it was an accident."

Jack scrutinized Fred. "How did you knock me out? I remember a stick, and not a very big one at that."

"Uh, well, the thing about that is . . . "

"Hang on! Someone's coming!" George said. "Jack, hide quick!"


"Just--" But it was too late. A young man with red hair (who looked much like the twins only younger) and a young man with black hair and glasses came in. "Ron! Harry! How's it going?" the twins greeted.

"Fine. Why aren't you in class?" the red-haired boy class asked.

"We're upperclassmen! We don't necessarily have classes around the clock like you do," Fred answered. "How about you?"

"Herbology let out early, and we came to get our Potion stuff," the boy with dark hair answered. "Who's that?"

"Who, this?" George said. "This is just Jack. You know, Jack?"

"Hello," Jack said quietly.

"Hey," the boys answered.

"Can't say that we do," the dark-haired boy answered.

"Come on, are you really admitting that you don't know Jack?" Fred laughed.

The young redhead rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and my grades in Potions prove it. Jack who?"

Jack nearly answered, "Samu--"

"Samson!" George answered quickly. Jack looked at him uncomfortably. "What? It's Jack Samson."

"Harry, can we borrow your cloak?" Fred asked.

"What for?" the dark-haired boy asked.

"We need it."

"OK. But take good care of it. It's my father's, you know." He handed Fred a silvery cloak.

"Thanks. See you later." He gave it to Jack. "Put this on."

Jack did so.

"Put the hood up."

"Why? I'm wearing a hat."

"Just do it."

Jack put on the hood.

"Now, follow us. We'll take you to someone who can help you."

Fred and George carefully led him out the common room.

"Why did you lie about me?" Jack whispered.

George answered, "Because if they knew we brought a Muggle into the school, we would--"

But before he could finish his sentence, Jack pushed him against the wall and took off his hood. "What did you call me?"

"Relax, Jack," Fred said putting his hand on Jack's shoulder. "It's not an insult. That just means you don't have any magic ability."

"Fred!" George yelled.

"Magic? What about magic?" Jack said.

"If we're taking him to Ofessor-pray Umbledore-day, we might as well ell- tay him," Fred whispered with gritted teeth.

"What kind of language is that?" Jack said with uncertainty.

"Never mind," George said. "You can't do magic, can you?"

"I am a mortal man."

"Well, we call your kind Muggles. We don't mean harm by it, just a way to distinguish us. Now will you let me go?"

Jack did, but he was still unsure about this. "Why do you need to distinguish us?"

"Because you're not supposed to know about us."

"I'm aware of magic in the world."

"You're one of a very few. Put your hood up. People are looking at us funny."


"Never mind. Just put your hood up."

Jack did so and continued to follow the twins. The hall was starting to fill up with students. It was hard not to bump into people, and every time Jack did and said, "Excuse me," the kids looked at him in confusion. Finally, they reached a statue of a person Jack didn't recognize. Fred got out his wand and said something Jack didn't understand. Then the statue started to move.

"This is a secret passage that goes to the office of our headmaster. His name is Dumbledore. He's a very powerful wizard, and he will help you get back where you came from," George explained.

"You don't have to say it was us who brought you here," Fred added. "In fact, why don't you just let it conveniently slip your mind, and just say you got here by accident?"

"Very well. Thank you." Jack turned to the opening only to find it blocked by a brick wall.

"The Undertaker strikes again," Fred muttered.

"Oh, that bloody man of death!" George yelled.

"Who is this?" Jack asked.

"Our newest school governor, Mr. Undertaker," Fred answered. "He was elected because he made all these promises that he will protect us from You- Know-Who."

"But all he did is turn this school into a ruddy prison, in my opinion," George complained. "No Hogsmead visits, controlled Quidditch practice, and all our favorite passages sealed shut."

"I'm sorry," Jack said. "I don't know who."


"He needs to be clued in," Fred said. "Don't make us talk about him, pelase. He's the evilest wizard of them all! We're scared to say his name."

Jack understood. "Do you mean the Master of Masters?"

"Sure, he could be called that."

"The Deliverer of Darkness?"


"The Shogun of Sorrow?"

"Um, I guess it is to you."

"Do not be afraid, my friends. I have the key to his destruction."

Fred and George looked at each other funny. "All right, power to you. Well we gotta get to class," Fred said. "Just go looking for Dumbledore. You can't miss him. He's got this long, white beard and half-moon glasses."

"Good luck Jack!" George said, and they darted away.

The hallways started to clear, and Jack walked down the corridors in search of Dumbledore. The clip-clop of his sandals echoed loudly through the empty hallway. He noticed many students and teachers peering through the doors of their classrooms looking for that sound. Jack tried to wave at them, but nobody acknowledged him.

It wasn't until he passed a mirror that he understood why. It had no reflection. Jack took off the hood and saw his head floating in the air. "What sorcery is this?"

He heard noises again, so he put the hood up. The wizard Fred and George had described to Jack was standing at the end of the hall. Jack caught up to him, and the wizard turned a corner. The wizard led him to a statue of a griffin. "Peppermint!" the wizard said, and the griffin started to move. The wizard turned to Jack and beckoned him with his finger. This must be a powerful wizard, if he could see through this cloak. Jack followed the wizard into his office.

"Why don't you take off your cloak and stay a while?" the wizard said.

Jack took the cloak off. "Are you Dumbledore?"

"Yes, Jack, I am."

"How do you know me?"

"I know many things. Have a seat."

Jack sat down. "I came to this place by accident, and I understand that I'm not supposed to be here. I hope I have not disgraced these walls by being a mortal."

Dumbledore laughed. "Not at all. You see, Fred and George only believe this was an accident. I confess I intervened so that you could come here."


"I am aware of your legend, past and future. We are going through dark times in this school. Few understand that magic won't make all these problems go away. We have abilities you do not, but there is something you can do that no one else in this school can."

Jack was about to ask what that could be, but he thought about what Fred and George had told him and understood. "You need me to truly protect you from A--I mean, the One Who You Fear."

"Oh, I'm not as afraid of him as I am of one of our new faculty."


"So, Fred and George told you about him. Everyone's under his spell because of all the promises he made. I may be the only one who doubts him. He says things like, 'I will make sure your fear will be no more than a memory. It will be the least of your worries.' I fear that he doing exactly the opposite, that he is leading the students and the teachers both into the tyrant's hands, or he has something much worse planned that even I can't imagine. I have done all I could to question and stop him, but he is so evasive. I need you to protect my students from him and whatever he has planned. The end of the year is upon us, and I dread what it will bring."

"Dumbledore, the best way to stop him is to see that he never existed. If you are truly a powerful wizard, please send me back home so that I can undo the future he has caused."

"I know. Time is a very delicate magic, though. It was hard enough even for me to get you hear. But I promise I am working on it, and I will do all in my power to see you home. All I need is for you to agree to help us."

"Very well, I shall."

"Excellent. Now, it may help if you observe some of our best classes to understand this situation. So, I'm going to place you in Gryffindor. I don't think I need a Sorting Hat to tell me that is what would be best for you."


"That's the house where Fred and George stay. Here are some robes for you. You can wear them over your gi. I'll work up a tertiary schedule for you. Don't explain to the students why you're here. I'll tell the teachers I select what we are doing."


"Good luck, Jack. Oh, and the password to Gryffindor is 'dragon wings!'"

Jack tucked the Invisibility Cloak and the Gryffindor robes under his arm and walked out. Dumbledore secretly smiled and looked down at the papers sent by Anteus Undertaker. Dumbledore didn't like being deceptive, but he felt like in this situation that it had to be done. He never avoided Voldemort's name, but he knew what was on the young samurai's mind.

It looks as though he fell for it.