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Genres: Horror, romance, friendship, adventure, supernatural, hurt/comfort, drama, angst and family.

Warnings: Iemitsu!Bashing, blood, mentions of torture (more than one type), Alucard (because he's Dracula and deserves to be a warning) and gore.


Timelines: (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Guardians and Tsuna are in high school (Hellsing) A few years before the plot begins

Show or manga information?: Hellsing is completely manga while KHR will be in between (Considering that the anime didn't add in Enma)

Ages in this story (It's listed by their birthdays):

Gokudera - 18

Fem!Tsuna - 18

Chrome - 16

Yamamoto - 17

Kyoya - 19

Lambo - 8

Mukuro - 18

Ryohei – 18

The cold air pierced Tsuna's exposed bloody skin with no mercy. The recently turned 18 years old young woman got chained up against the wall with her arms up. The handcuffs cold metal were covered with both old and fresh blood, as they dug into her skin. It was to the point that the chains reached her veins. All feelings in her arms were long gone. The only provided light came through a window, which was too high for her to reach even if she did manage to break out. The hole tilted itself to face the only human body, to shade its light upon her figure. Her high school uniform got ripped in many areas, to the point that there was no way to fix it. Her once upon smooth creamy skin was now covered with cuts that seemed to take their sweet time to close. It mattered not, because blood leaked out of them either way.

So... thirsty...

Her head spun out of control. Her mouth was so dry that whenever she gulped down salvia it hurt her sand-like throat. Her kidnappers gave her little water. The only times that they had was whenever she was close to death. Yet, it felt like they had held the water back more than usual. It was then that her stomach growled. It wasn't much of a surprise. She was not given any food apart from a tiny piece of bread so that she didn't die from starvation. That was what they enjoyed the most. To push her to death's door but then provide her something that would help her survive for a bit longer.

How long... has it been?

Tsuna tilted her bruised face towards the sun. She winced when the light pierced her dried eyes. Some fresh blood made its way through her oily brown hair, only for it to make its way into her right eye. Once more she winced, but this time at the sting that came as her eyesight became half red.

Where... is everyone?

Her guardians should have been here by now... right? How long has it been exactly? It seemed that the sun and moon loved to mock her like her torturers but with time instead of physical abuse. Was it a few days? A few weeks? Months?

A harsh dry cough escaped her lips. Blood came out of the dried cut lips and landed onto the ground in front of her.

It's so cold...

The metal door in front of her squeaked then slammed shut hard.


"You still living Vongola scum?" A rough male voice asked. Tsuna slowly looked up at him with emotionless eyes, which seemed to make the man smirk. "Tch, I'm impressed. Nobody ever lasted this long, much less a little girl like you. Usually the people we torture would beg for their lives by the end of the first week."

Once more, he got no responds from her except for a stare.

Must... drink...

The man twirled a pistol in his left hand.

"Hell, I'm so impressed that I'll give you a chance to say some final words before I'll kill you. Any last words whore?"


Tsuna whispered and coughed once again. Her throat hurt so much from the amount of time she hasn't used it. The huge 40 years old raised an eyebrow then frowned.

"What did you say?"

"S... sty..."

This time he kneeled in front of her so that he could hear her better. Tsuna's brown lifeless eyes stared at his throat. She watched as the blue veins pump blood through the body. She had to survive... even though she was about to do something forbidden in so many minds around the world. She had to! Even when so many people stared at her with disgust, she had no other choice.

"This is your last chance you stupid whore. What-did-you-say?"

The man growled as he grew impatient. The young lady tilted her head in a familiar motion that said come here. Just as she thought, the man was stupid enough that he leaned forward just enough that she could reach him. With the last of her strength, she spoke as loudly and clearly as possible considering her state. She stared at him with cold, desperate, and wild eyes.

"So thirsty"

Next thing the victim knew, her teeth dug into his neck with enough force that broke the surface of the skin. Blood poured out of the fresh wound like waves onto his suit and into her mouth. He yelled in pain and tried to get away, but her teeth held a good grip on his skin to the point that it was ready to rip apart. He punched her head many times then cursed when he realized that she wasn't going to let go anytime soon. He shouted for the other men that guarded the room, but froze in realization. Nobody outside heard his cries, because this room was soundproof.

I have... to abandon... all my beliefs and morals... to survive.

The thought crossed Tsuna's mind while she drank the blood that she took. The man's struggles became less and less, to the point that he stopped altogether. His body leaned against her until it became motionless. She felt the heat of his body began to leave, until it left behind a cold, dead body.

Once Tsuna let go of his throat, his body tumbled and fell with a soft thud right beside her. Her entire front got covered in his blood. Unconsciously, she licked her now rosy lips to savor the taste. Never in her life had she tasted something like this before. If she had been given the chance before she got kidnapped she would have been completely against this. Despite that, this was a life or death situation.

As Reborn knocked into her mind, kill or be killed.

She tilted her head to the sky and stared at the sun that began to disappear. It acted as if the sight of her kill was a sin, which it was in many religions and cultures around the world.

Now that the thirst was for once satisfied, Tsuna's lips straighten in a line. She was never religious. She went to festivals to celebrate Kami's existence. She celebrated some Christian holidays, since she was one due to her father. Yet, she still kept to her ancestors' routes. She prayed (though rarely) and believed in the afterlife. She believed in their existence. She knew what some of their laws were, but not all. She knew just enough that she knew what to do around certain religious people.

This moment... she knew that once she died, she'd go to the worst place in the afterlife.

"Huh... it sounds... better than this... place..."

She muttered with a small smile to no one, or maybe to the dead body beside her, she had no idea anymore. She wouldn't be surprised if she was going to go insane from this point on. Or had she been insane this entire time?

Will Kami or God... forgive me...?

It was then that she heard disturbances outside her only window. She listened through the dead silence in her prison. It was then that she heard many gunshots, shouts and cries of pain.

They... came... I'm so... glad...

Tsuna hummed. This was the first time in a long while since she felt a familiar feeling.


They hadn't abandoned her. They came to rescue her. She once again tried to break the chains, but her weak body could only managed to rattle the chains. Her arms felt boneless, they hurt, when she tried to get free. Fresh blood trickled down from her new wounds around her wrists and went wherever they felt like it.

So... sleepy...

Maybe... just maybe she could close her eyes for just a moment. It was funny that her instincts shrieked at her that she shouldn't do i. That something was wrong with her body. Tsuna felt her heart began to slow down. Her tiresome mind gave it no second thought and instead gave a half shrug. She was about to go to sleep, she explained to her mind, so it she expected for her heart to slow down a bit.

No! No! Don't sleep. Something is wrong with you. Your heart's speed isn't slowing down because of normal sleep. Wake up-WAKE UP-WAKE UP!

Her mind screamed, but she paid no attention once more.

"Just... a bit..."

She murmured to herself and darkness surrounded her.



The iron heavy door slammed open and two people ran in.


One of the men, an 18 years old guy with silver like hair and greenish eyes, yelled in horror when he saw his boss's state.


The other man whispered in shock. He was a 17 years old guy with black hair and brown eyes that that moment stared in horror at the sight. He immediately made his way to his friend to get the handcuffs off of her, but failed as they were locked.

"Gokudera, help me here!"

The guy, Yamamoto, yelled to snap the storm guardian out of his shock mode. Gokudera did not need to be told twice. He ran over to kneel down next to his rival.

"Don't leave us Tenth, please you can't."

The rain guardian listened to the desperate tone that his fellow friend choked out. He never heard him say the word 'please' before, but did not comment on it. This was neither the time nor place for their usual rivalry and games. Their hands dug inside the handcuffs, both ignored the blood and torn skin that was in the way. They used all their strengths to break it open, but the iron stayed in place. Gokudera was the one to let go when he saw the dead body. He ran over to the cold, dead body in search for some sort of key, anything that gave them aid. While he dug into the bloody ugly brown jacket, he took a horrified note that his neck was all but torn off. There was bite marks in his bloody skin, which indicated that somebody forced or drank the blood out of him. He looked to his boss's body. His eyes widened in shock as he made the connection.

No, I can't let my mind wonder. I can't let my feelings get in the way. Tenth needs me right now.

Gokudera thought with stubbornness as he returned to his previous job. He found the key in the front left pocket of the bloody ugly brown formal pants. He ran over back to his partner and boss then began to unlock the handcuffs. They snapped open. Her wrists that got tortured by the metal have been damaged with deep cuts that almost went down to the bone. Her hands were pale from the lack of blood that reached them. It was disturbing, and disgusting, at what the kidnappers had done to her. If those men weren't dead, the guardians would have marched right back in search for them.

Being the stronger of the duo physically, Yamamoto was about to pick Tsuna up but got stopped by his partner. Gokudera leaned his ear close to her mouth. He listened for any sign of breath. A few moments later, he sighed in relief when he heard and felt her breath up against his ear. He nodded at the taller guy then they began to exit the prison.

The outdoors was a massacre battlefield. Many bodies laid there on the ground, emotionless, lifeless. Most of those dead men were the enemies rather than their allies. The ones that were allies and had died had gathered up. The allies that got injured were being treated to. Once the two guardians came out of the mansion, everyone stared in shock at the state their future boss was in. Gokudera scowled at them when he realized that they made no motion to aid them.

"What are you fucking morons standing there for? Get moving so that we can get her some help."

That snapped everybody out of their mode. One of the emergency crew helpers ran over to check her pulse. After a few seconds he muttered:

"This isn't good. Her pulse is slowing down."

He began to bark orders to the other crew members to get a stretcher. The available members did as they are told. They rolled the stretcher over to the two guardians. Yamamoto laid his friend on the stretcher. He watched as the medical crew strapped her in and got her into one of the few helicopters. The helicopter then flew to the Vongola Hospital. Just as they flew away, the other guardians ran over. The only one absent was Lambo, who they kept behind on purpose. They had no idea how dangerous it would be or him as he was still young and training. Gokudera and Yamamoto turned their attention to the other guardians.

"Was that Sawada?"

Ryohei demanded with his usually loud voice.

Yamamoto nodded as answered in an unusual serious manner:

"Hai, but we'll talk about this later. Right now she needs us."


Back at the Vongola Hospital, Tsuna had just arrived. The doctors and nurses ran over to get her to the operating room. That was the scene that Reborn came upon when he arrived. This wasn't something that he wanted to see, but he expected it nonetheless. The search itself took weeks. The chances of her being unharmed in any way were low.

The physical 8 year old hitman ignored the red light that was on and walked into the operating room. He'd be damned if he left his student alone after all this time. If anybody got in his way, he'd shoot them. Reborn dodged the doctors and nurses run around the operational room. Once everything was about to be ready, Shamal finally noticed Reborn. If he was any other doctor, he would have ordered the hitman to get out of there since they were doing an operation. But he liked to stay alive, thank-you-very-much. He turned away from him and started to focus on the injured female.

Reborn jumped onto a high stool that was provided him. He watched as the doctors either cut or peeled off the clothes so that they could get to the wounds. After she was cleaned up the shorter nurse of the two pulled a white blanket up until it covered Tsuna up to her hips. The wounds were minor compare to the ones on the upper part of the body.

Reborn stared at the now much more accented cuts. Most of them already became scars. The smaller cuts on her body were left alone. Though, the doctors had put cream on them to kill any infection that started to take place.

"I want a DNA examination to take place to tell us if this blood belongs to her or not."

Shamal ordered one of the nurses as he took a sample of the blood around her mouth, put it in a container and handed it over. The tall nurse nodded and ran off. The man had a bad feeling that this blood didn't belonged to Tsuna.

"She was starved, that I am certain. But from the dryness of her skin, I can't say if she refused to drink or she wasn't provided something to drink." The other doctor commented to start things off finally after he took a good look at her body's state. The short nurse wrote the points down right below the much longer list of wounds. She then went to grab a few bags of type A, so that they could replace whatever blood that Tsuna has lost. Once she left, the new doctor looked into her mouth. What he found disturbed frightened him. He blinked a few times in fright and once more shot light into the mouth with his small flashlight. "Blood!" He cried in horror. "She couldn't have- but she- I-I-I-"

"If all you're going to do is scream get out of here. I don't have a use for you."

Shamal snarled at the shocked doctor. He was also disturbed, but there was a better time and place to freak out over this. He knew from experience how humans were if not given anything to eat or drink for a few weeks at least. He could only imagine how desperate she must have been if what he saw and guessed was right.

When he heard this, Reborn grabbed the flashlight out of the doctor's hand to point it into her mouth. More specifically, her teeth. He noticed something. It was then that he had made a decision. He pulled out his spare gun and shot a few bullets at the feet of the shocked doctor. A shriek responded with a following thud. The hitman ordered:

"Get out if you value your life"

Like any sane person, the doctor ran out with such a speed that would put the fastest runners in the world to shame.


"Lock the door before the nurses come back."

Reborn ordered once more. Shamal should have been annoyed, but when he saw the seriousness that the hitman showed he did as he was told. With a quick click of the lock, he asked:

"Reborn, what's going on?"

"Watch her skin"

Reborn responded with no further explanation. Shamal scoffed but looked anyways. His expert eyes stared at the scarred skin. He paused when he saw something that made his dark eyes narrow. The scars and every other wound began to close. What the- this didn't make any sense! As far as he knew, their princess didn't have the ability to heal this fast. No, as far as he knew, nobody healed that fast. It was inhuman. He looked up at Reborn whom motioned with his hand towards the mouth. Shamal leaned over to check and gaped.

"Her teeth-"

"Whatever happened to her, she's turning into a vampire."

The doctor shook his head.

"There's no such thing-"

"There is and your proof is right here. There's a reason to why you don't encounter them. There's a secret organization that kills them and keeps their existence under wrap."

Maybe he was right, Shamal wasn't sure. Yet, since when did Reborn lie about something like this or make a joke out of a serious situation? So if what the hitman said was true, then what would they do about Tsuna? It appeared that Reborn used his mind reading skills, because he answered:

"I will need to do one more thing before I verify that she did turn into a vampire. If she is, I'll have to go somewhere to get special help. Your job is to make sure that nobody gets near her. If you have to, put the whole place under lock down. Don't let her near anybody. Don't forget to give her blood. The blood that this hospital provides should be enough until I return with help." Pause. "I also want a report written out and handed to me right away."

The black headed physical child cocked his pistol to point at the doctor's forehead. The said doctor stared wearily at the gun. He replied:


"Good, I'll be at the usual conference room for now. Now go get a room ready so that we can transfer her without any problem and make it quick."

That last point had a double meaning, to which Shamal caught and understood. Knowing her guardians, the idea that they barged into the hospital then ran to her wasn't a far out stretch. He muttered about the need to smoke as he walked out of the operational room. A soft click was heard, which indicated that he relocked the door from the outside.

The room turned dead silent. Black large eyes stared at the sleeping female body with a calculated look. There were other looks in his eyes, which held rare silent anger and remorse. He remembered back to the day that she got kidnapped. He felt like his heart stopped while he watched as the guardians lost their minds. The hitman ripped off the surgery mask that was provided to him at some point and scowled. He never showed emotions this easy, but this was his student. Unlike with his past students, he had grown attached to this young woman. He had helped her grow from her weak, useless self into an ideal boss that people followed.

It was his fault that she got kidnapped. Reborn left for only a day when he knew that somebody followed her around. He believed that she had enough experiences to watch after herself. If not, her guardians were there with her. So he left with only a few instructions left behind. In the end, nothing stopped the kidnappers. Reborn believed that if he never left, all this could have been prevented. How was he to break this news to her guardians, to her family and to Nono? She already gave her oath. Plans were already made for her to take her place as the boss of Vongola the moment she graduated from school. The chances of her not given the job were slim to none. There were no rules that spoke against supernatural beings.

For the first time, Reborn felt his real age start to catch up to him. He was an adult man trapped in a child's body. It wasn't until a few years ago that the curse has been lifted and now he begun to grow. He took off the clothes that the nurse gave him for the operation. Meanwhile, he calculated the time that it'd take to get from where Nono and Imetsu were to this hospital. It should take no longer than half an hour. This meant that they could hold the meeting soon. Reborn then thought about her guardians. When they'd appear they'd be needed in the meeting as well. That meant that he got all the people that he needed to break the news to in one room.

Reborn was snapped out of his mind when he felt something move out from his suit jacket and rest on his shoulder. He looked at his shoulder and saw his partner, Leon. The chameleon stared right back for a few moments. He then flicked his tongue to touch the human cheek. Reborn rubbed the small head in responds to the quiet comfort that the animal gave him. Reborn turned his attention back to his student. He stared at her skin. He watched as the last scars closed at last. At that moment, her skin became completely flawless. It returned to its creamy look that she had before she was even trained by him. Yes, even those old scars from the past few years had healed completely.

The big question at the moment was:

What kind of a vampire was she?

As far as he knew, there wasn't a vampire that worked with the kidnappers. Nor had they kept one imprisoned since they were still alive. To add to that thought, nobody got turned into a ghoul. So unless a vampire got in and bit her, he was left with one other conclusion. That conclusion was something that he feared and hoped to God wasn't true.

Reborn needed the full report from the guardians as well as everybody else that went there. There had to be further clues that helped him figure out what kind of a vampire she became.

Out of nowhere, the door clicked once more. Reborn looked towards the doorway and saw Shamal. He gave only a nod, which said enough. The hitman watched as the assassin walked over to Tsuna's body. The first thing he did was cleaned her face of blood, so that it wouldn't stain anything. Once that was done, he grabbed the rest of the white sheet and covered the rest of Tsuna's body. To this Reborn agreed. After all, they planned to transfer her to her room. It would do no good if anybody recognized her before either of them could get there.

With that, they left with the knocked out body to the arranged room. It was at the top floor that was only open for VIPs. Her room happened to be the furthest down the hall, where nobody could get to her. Once they were there, Reborn went off to make sure that the door was closed. Meanwhile, Shamal took off the blanket, picked the girl's body up only to lay it back down onto a bed. If this wasn't such a serious situation, Shamal would have been as perverted as ever. She was a girl and cute at that, in his mind. But right now he knew that it was best to get her covered up rather than act like the pervert that he was. Even though it wasn't ideal for a male doctor to dress a female patient, at the moment they had no choice. Unless they wanted a dead female nurse on their hands. It took no longer than a few minutes to put her into a patient gown.

After he bid farewell, Reborn walked out of the room. He knew that the doctor wasn't as much of an idiot as most would believe. The physical adult man wouldn't do anything stupid while he was away. The black headed hitman made his way to the main floor to where the receptionist was. When he got there, he saw all the guardians tried to get Tsuna's room number from the poor woman at the front desk. Of course, they did it in their own ways.

Yamamoto asked in politeness, but with a dangerous tone to his smile. Gokudera all but cursed at the woman to get them the number or he'd start to throw dynamites at her. Ryohei continued to shout on top of his lungs that he extremely needed the number. Chrome was quieter than the rest, but she did her best to be heard. Reborn could only imagine that she held Mukuro back. So that the criminal didn't take over her and killed everybody there at the front entrance just to get a number. Hibari... well... he not only glared at everyone but beat up whatever guards that came over. By that point, the hitman counted about 5 knocked out guards. The little brat, Lambo, whined that he wanted his big sister and demanded for the room number.


The whole place grew silent. Everyone's eyes looked towards Reborn's direction that had his gun out with a bit of smoke came out of the hole. He ordered the guardians:

"You 6 will come with me. If I hear one more word from any of you, you won't be allowed to see Dame-Tsuna ever again." They would have protested, but they knew how their boss's tutor worked. The last thing they wanted was to be kept away from their friend. The hitman turned to the receptionist. "Once Nono and the CEDEF Boss arrive, tell them to go to room M32."

She gave a shaky nod in responds, her eyes still wide as she stared at the distressed guardians. With a signal from Reborn, they followed him to the largest meeting room.

Room M32 was a large room. The space was large enough to let 50 people settle in comfortably. The table was shaped in a square format with chairs populated every side. The walls were bare of everything except for a huge projector screen. On the ceiling there was a projector put into the ceiling, with its lens point straight at the screen.

The guardians grabbed their seats while Hibari stood at the corner.

"You will give your reports in just a moment. Except for a certain someone that wasn't there." At that comment Lambo stuck his tongue out at Reborn, but was ignored per usual. "Once Nono and Iemitsu arrive, you can ask questions."

Reborn read all the guardians' faces and saw nothing but displeasure. Well, neither was he. He needed those reports to figure out what happened to Tsuna. Yet, he knew that if he waited, his patience would be rewarded soon enough.

None of them had to wait for too long, though it sure felt like it. It felt like hours had gone by when in reality it had been only 30 minutes. The two men finally appeared, but they brought along Nono's storm guardian, Coyote Nougat. Like the Ninth, the man was old. He had a somewhat long mustache, long hair that passed his shoulders and several long bangs. His steel arm that replaced his left arm was mostly hidden underneath his suit. The only way one knew about it being steel was when they saw his hand.

"We came as fast as we could. Where's my little girl?"

Iemitsu demanded. His eyes became wild with concern for his daughter.

"Shut up and sit down. She's safe right now, so stop worrying you idiot."

Oh yeah, Reborn still had a bone to pick with the CEDEF head for many things. Let's just say, Reborn didn't agree with how he kept the mafia away from his personal family. Why? Well, let's just say this. It was not easy to calm an angry teenage girl whenever her father was around. It didn't help that the said man was good for nothing outside of the mafia. That bastard gave the hitman so much trouble throughout these last 4 years that he wanted payback. There was only one good thing that came out of these 4 years. At some point, Reborn had managed to fix the anger outburst whenever her father got mentioned. Still, they needed to make sure that there was some distance between the two of them. If not, she would have strangled her father long ago.

Iemitsu glared at Reborn. He glanced at his boss and was silenced at the look. He looked away and just sat down at Nono's left side. Both the boss and his storm guardian sat as well. The former sat down at the head while the latter sat down on the right side. Ninth's aura had lost all the grandfatherly, friendly feeling. It got replaced by a heavy command. He said calmly with an authority tone:

"I'm glad to hear that she's safe, but why did you call this meeting, Reborn, when we could have went to check up on her?"

Reborn jumped onto the table, so that he could look at most of the people in the eyes.

"I'm afraid that there are a lot of things we must talk about. But first, I believe that the guardians have their own reports to make."

That answer made the three older adult men look towards the next generation's guardians. Yamamoto and Gokudera looked at each other. Both spoke non-verbally with each other until finally the rain guardian nodded. It was the 10th generation's storm guardian that got up. He spoke with a bitter tone:

"When baseball freak and I found Tenth, she was handcuffed to the wall. She was injured and covered in blood that belongs to her and, who I believe is, the boss of the kidnappers. We found a dead body right next to her and, from what the medical team said, he had been drained of blood."

That caught the attention of all the adults.

"What do you mean drained?"

Coyote demanded roughly. His eyes narrowed dangerously at a certain thought that came through his mind. The reaction caused all the guardians to stare in confusion. What did Gokudera said that set them off so violently?

"What's EXTREMELY the problem?"

Ryohei shouted. He got an irritated look at the volume of his voice. The Ninth's guardian barked:

"Just answer the damn question!"

Tension began to raise between the two storm guardians. Both glared at each other with harsh expressions that just promised pain. Though, unlike Gokudera, the older guardian still kept the aura of professional around him. It was Yamamoto that got up next and answered the question:

"It's strange, but that's what the medical team said. There was a bit of blood left behind, but most of it was gone. Haha, it's like she became a vampire or something."

He laughed in the end, as he hoped that the ridiculous statement broke the ice. That was not the case. Instead, the ice only thickened. That atmosphere got a reaction out of the tenth generation guardians. In the other corner, a figure of Mukuro began to appear. His tall figure didn't startle anyone. Though, it did get the usual hateful reaction from Hibari. They got used to his random appearances. And a few years ago, Tsuna has managed to stop Hibari from attacking the male mist guardian. That was the end to most of the destruction, though they did have moments when they fought. A look of interest came from the blue headed adult. He chuckled at the thought of vampires.

"Kufufufu, you make it sound like vampires are real."

"They are real. These vampires are simply taken care of before they could reach the news." Reborn was the one that answered. He received many wide eyes from the young people. "Shamal is making a full report at the moment and will be here soon for further-"


"No! My beautiful little girl is not a blood sucker!" Iemitsu cut the hitman off with a roar while he got up and slammed the table with his palms. He had been quiet ever since Gokudera spoke, and it appeared that what he said had finally sunk in. "I refuse to believe it-"

"I-Is boss r-really a vampire?"

Chrome spoke while the father of their boss began to go on an angry rant. Everybody at this point ignored the man only to turn their attention to the shy female mist guardian. She had gained quite a bit of confidence over the last few years with the help of her friends. Yet, she was still shy and timid. Let's just say that Mukuro wasn't the only one that looked out for her. Nor was Tsuna the only girl in the group protected from admirers and bullies.

"B-Big sister"

Lambo whimpered at the thought of his role model being a vampire.

"She is becoming one." Reborn answered with a deep frown, "I was with Shamal in the operational room. She's showing the signs. The question as of now is, what kind of vampire she is becoming?"

"Hn, aren't all vampires the same?"

Hibari finally spoke up from his corner since the meeting began.

"Yes they are!"

Iemitsu shouted. Nono has had enough of his advisor's immature attitude. He said calmly but with a hint of annoyance:

"Iemitsu, if you don't calm down you will be escorted out of this room."

"And we'll put you into the mental institution right after I finish with you."

Coyote added to his boss's threat. He always had a problem with the advisor, since he was always so childish in his opinion. Right at that moment, this wasn't just childishness. It was a harsh bias against something that happened to his only daughter. He should be worried for her, in how she was to survive against this world in such a state. Not go against her.

Iemitsu glared but kept his mouth shut. Silently steaming in his seat. Nono sighed at his advisor's actions. Sometimes he wondered where the maturity that came with adulthood was. Reborn answered the question:

"No, there are two categories. It depends on how they got turned and by whom. The first group is the more not-so-pure vampires. These were humans that were a virgin and got turned by a vampire of the opposite sex. If one of these isn't met, then they're turned into a ghoul."


Chrome whispered with slight fear, a picture of zombies appeared in her mind. She felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She looked up to stare into a mismatched calm, but yet comforting, eyes. She began to relax once she saw that there was nothing to fear.

"That's EXTREME!" Ryohei shouted in awe at the news. "I wonder how good of an EXTREME fight I can get out of them!"

"Gyahahahaha! The amazing Lambo will protect you from these ghouls!"

Lambo stated with a superior persona. Though the way he worded the end of the sentence, it was clear that he had no idea what ghouls were.

"You idiots! You don't fight ghouls with boxing and you don't fight them in a reckless fashion."

Gokudera scowled at his fellow guardians, though he didn't appear much different from them. In fact, his notebook was out and about as he wrote furiously everything that he heard.

"Hahaha, don't be so harsh on them Gokudera. I'm sure we can play with the ghouls' just fine."

Yamamoto laughed cheerfully. A wonder look crossed his face as he imagined how good his sword techniques would be if he fought again a ghoul. That statement got him a glare from the young storm guardian.


Hibari let out, though his eyes also held a tint of wonder. His grips on the handles of his tonfas tightened.

Nono chuckled wholeheartedly when he saw the sight of the energetic generation. He sighed thoughtfully then stared at the distance with amusements.

"This is quite a generation, isn't it my old friend?"

He asked. Coyote tched while he crossed his arms over his chest. The light from above hit his iron hand, which made it shine a bit at the sudden movement.

"I guess"

The two elders waited patiently until finally the young guardians settled down. Iemitsu still glared and sulk in his seat. Once all eyes turned to Reborn's direction, the hitman continued where he left off.

"Those vampires have the stereotypical strength and weaknesses of a traditional vampire. The ones that are much rarer are born when a human willingly gave up on humanity. Those types of vampires can't be killed. But they do share the same weaknesses as a traditional vampire. Their strengths may be similar as well, but they're more dangerous. The good news is that there's only one such vampire that exists at the moment. He's under close watch and has a human master that controls him so that he doesn't go on a rampage."

"Woh! Who is he?"

Yamamoto asked with an excited tone. His brown eyes were hard with a calculating look. Reborn was proud when he saw that. The guardians finally began to actually act like real ones and not like the children that they were 4 years ago. Minus Lambo, though he was a different story.

"I know that most of you have heard of him. He goes by the name of Alucard at the moment, but when you spell his name backwards…"

The guardians stared at the hitman in shock. It was Gokudera that broke the silence with his stutters of shock:


"Woh! He's actually real? How cool is that?"

Yamamoto whistled at the thought.

"EXTREME! I want to fight him to the EXTREME!"

"Who's Dracula?"

Lambo asked with great confusion. Why did his fellow guardians act like this?


"Kufufufu, isn't that interesting~"

"D-Dracula? A-Are w-we going t-to be k-killed by him?"

"Oh don't worry my dear Chrome. I won't let him near you."

Mukuro cooed at his little servant. Though, if anybody asked him later about the fact that he cooed, he'd use nasty illusions on them. After that, he'd then send them to all the levels of hell.


The young guardians stared at the direction that the gunshot came from with a gulp or widen eyes. The hitman cocked the gun at them. He threatened them:

"One more interruption from any of you and I'll train you for the next 6 months."

A shiver went down everybody's spine. Yes, even Mukuro and Hibari, though they were the only ones that hid their thoughts on the subject well. Most believed that Mukuro had nothing to be worried about. After all, he was still in prison but with Reborn being Reborn, he could figure out a way to get him out of there to do training. Reborn turned back to his boss. Nono held a conversation with Coyote nonverbally. Finally, the old guardian nodded grudgingly. The boss turned to face one of his hitman. He opened his mouth to speak, but there was a knock on the door that interrupted them. He announced to the individual behind the door:

"Come in"

The door opened to reveal Shamal with a clipboard that held on many papers. The doctor gave the powerful boss a nod of respect before he spoke to Reborn:

"I've got the report you wanted."

"What is the report?"

Iemitsu finally spoke, though bitterly due to the turn the previous conversation took.

"This is just a list of both Tsuna-chan's injuries before they healed and what her body is like right now. But I'm afraid that it is still changing."

"Wait a second! You left a blood sucker all alone-"


Nono barked. His eyes narrowed in warning. The CEDEF boss crossed his arms over his chest, leaned back against the chair and stayed quiet. His eyes were hard as they stared at everyone in the room, especially towards the doctor. Shamal frowned. He didn't liked what he heard.

"I-Is boss o-okay?"

Chrome spoke up in a soft and worried tone. The Italian stared at her then at Mukuro. It was too bad that the male mist guardian was there and the situation was too serious. The doctor would have been flirting with her. Man, why is it that all the cute girls have to be protected? He wondered with a mental sob. He brought the clipboard to chest level then flipped through the pages.

"As far as I can tell, she'll be fine as long as she drinks the voluntary blood that I left her and rest. But I doubt that she'll need the rest." He muttered in the end. "Before her injuries disappeared, we've managed to list her injuries. She has been cut and stabbed in different areas. She also had many second degree burns and there were signs of her about to gain third degree burns as well. We found many bullets left inside of her. They barely missed internal organs. If she hasn't healed then the cuts on her wrists would have made her hands completely useless. The cuts have damaged important muscles. I suspect that she has had a lot of broken and fractured bones, but she healed too quickly. I didn't get the chance to get an X-ray done."

"Hn. By the way you continue using the past tense, you're suggesting that everything healed."

Hibari spoke up from his corner. The rest of the guardians looked at him in shock that he spoke a full on sentence that wasn't 5-7 words long.

"Gyahahaha bird guy can talk!"

Lambo made fun of him. The newly appointed Foundation Leader gave the child a slight glare. Still, he didn't attack the child because of the herbivore leader of his. Last time anybody laid their hands on Lambo, his leader turned into an omnivore.

Shamal grinned at the looks of concerns from the guardians at the point that Hibari made. He told them while he flipped to the last pages:

"You are correct. Her... uhm, turning into a vampire has healed everything. The only downside is that she has no heartbeat, she doesn't breathe and is extremely pale. Yet she seems much alive and healthy."

"What about the blood that was found on her?"

Reborn asked. He remembered that the perverted doctor sent a nurse to get a DNA examination. Shamal's grin disappeared and was replaced with a grim look. He answered:

"It is confirmed that she has indeed drank most of the leader's blood."

"My beautiful Tsu-chan... is a blood sucker... this has to be a nightmare."

Iemitsu spoke quietly in remorse. His head bowed and his shoulders hunched forward a bit while he buried his face in his hands. If Nono hadn't felt so bad for his advisor's situation, he would have sent him out of the meeting.

"Wait a second you damn pervert!" Gokudera cried out. He stood up from his seat as he stared down the man that used to be his mentor. "If what you say is true, then that means that Tenth has thrown her life away. I refuse to believe that! She would never ever throw her life away."

"Octopus head is EXTREMELY right!"

A tick mark appeared on the young storm guardian's head.

"I'm not an octopus head, lawn head!"

"You are!"

"Why you-"

Gokudera growled. He took out four dynamites out of nowhere, with the same amount in each hand. Ryohei got into his usual boxing fighting stands. The silver headed man was about to get his cigar out to light his weapons up, they were stopped. The guardians froze in fear as a bullet flew right between them. They looked at the direction that the bullet came from. It was of no surprise when they saw that it was Reborn. The hitman told them in a calm voice:

"It seems that I need to remind you that Dame-Tsuna is in this hospital recovering. What do you think she'll say when she finds out that you two are the reason on why the hospital was destroyed?"

That question stopped any further violence. The men grew silent, both with a guilty look. Last thing they wanted was a disappointed Tsuna on their hands. The two gathered themselves and sat down in silence.

"B... Big sister..." Lambo tears began to appear in the corner of his eyes when he heard of this tragic news. "I want to see big sister!"

He demanded. They had to be lying. If he saw his big sister then everything would be clear to him. He didn't believe that she just threw away her life away like that. He refused to.


Chromse whispered in great sadness for her dear friend and boss. The hand on her shoulder squeezed a bit, which showed that her male counterpart thought the same. It was ironic, on Mukuro's side. He still said to this day that he waited for the opportunity to take over Tsuna. But nowadays, that statement always got him a smile from the said girl. Her smile said that she didn't believe him, but went along with his announcement anyways. Of course, it wasn't like that in the beginning when they were enemies. But as the four years passed by, it was just there for the drama and nothing more.

"Why would she throw away her life?"

Yamamoto spoke in a soft tone with much sadness and disbelief as he sank into his chair. Shamal may appear like he didn't care for anybody but himself and his perverted ways. Yet, at the moment, he felt pretty bad for the group of guardians. He tried to explain to them:

"She has been starved and wasn't allowed anything to drink for most of the time. Not only that, but she lost most of her blood. She had to make a drastic decision, even one that is against her morals."

"I... I see..."

The rain guardian murmured. His stressed eyes looked at the wooden table that was in front of him.

Nono exhaled through his nose. He leaned back against the armchair and looked over at his storm guardian. They had to decide what to do next now that it was confirmed. After a few minutes, Coyote huffed, but nodded in agreement with whatever the two spoke about. Nono cleared his throat which drew the attention of everybody in the room:

"Now that everything has been worked out, we're having a change of plans. Unfortunately, due to her being a vampire, her position as the next boss will be put on hold." The guardians were about to protest, but the current boss held his hand up. "Keep in mind that we can't have an uncontrollable vampire of either kind as the next boss. Until she learns to control her powers and thirst, the final steps for her to take over will have to wait."

That last part appeared stopped the guardian's protests and they nodded in agreement. The only one that didn't appear cooperative was Iemitsu. Yet, by then everybody ignored him.

"Nono, if I may speak, I think I have a solution." Reborn spoke up. The old man looked at the hitman then signalled for him to continue. He did. "Due to what Dame-Tsuna is, I am planning to go to Hellsing and request of the head for some help. My training methods will be useless from now on. I know the head personally, and I know that she won't have Dame-Tsuna killed."

"Oh?" Nono asked with interest. "How do you know her personally?"

"We're related"


Red eyes snapped open. The first thing that the pair saw was the white ceiling. The first thing that the nose smelled was the strong smell of clean air, along with something... delicious. The first thing that the ears heard were loud voices. It was almost painful when the super sensitive ears picked them up. The first thing that the person felt was warmth all around her. Wait... this wasn't right.


An uncomfortable tone escaped her lips once she felt how stiff her body felt for no clear reason. A ruffle of cloth being moved echoed throughout the room. A creamy small hand rose upwards towards the ceiling. It was as if they tried to touch the roof, but instead grabbed the thin atmosphere. The hand twisted in a slow motion to show the lined non-scared, blood-free palm.

What... happened...?

She thought with wonder.

Am I... dead?

That made no sense. It was then that the person finally realized where she was.

Wait... I'm in a hospital?

The hand descended downwards until it rested against the snow white blanket. The person pushed herself upwards slowly until she sat up completely. Her other hand grabbed the side of her head. She tried to comprehend what happened and whose hospital she was in. She looked around her and realized that she was surrounded by all kinds of presents. There were flowers of all kinds. Balloons floated upwards, written in English, Italian and Japanese. There were even a few stuffed toy animals that held a note in their hands that said get well. It was then that she heard the door to her room opened. Her red eyes looked towards the direction and saw Nono.

"I see you're awake, Tsuna-chan."

Tsuna blinked.


The old man made his way to the chair that rested right beside her bed. He made a bit of an uncomfortable noise when he sat down, which made sense because of his age. He then turned his warm brown eyes landed on her. He spoke to her kindly:

"It's good to see you're awake. Here."

Timoteo turned a bit so that he faced the nightstands. Tsuna watched his actions with confusion. He grabbed the big sized, see-through glass and poured something red into it. The young lady then caught the scent of something delicious once again. She realized that the scent came from the odd coloured liquid. The kind smile on the old man's face stayed in place. He handed over to his granddaughter-figure the glass with the weird red liquid. Tsuna took the glass gently out of his grip. She blinked once more when she got a closer look. All of a sudden, she felt an itchy feeling that came from deep in her throat. The feeling only grew worse the longer she stared at the glass. Without a second thought, she drank the whole thing in one gulp.

Tsuna never tasted something so delicious before. Not even her mother's cooking had ever left her with a satisfied, delicious longing like this. This is weird medicine, she thought with amusements. Once the glass emptied, she put it onto the table and licked her lips to savor the taste.

"I take it you enjoyed it."

It wasn't a question, but more of a statement. Her unbeknown red eyes looked towards the old man. She saw the amusements that danced around in his eyes, as if something she did was funny.

"Yes... Grandpa, where am I?"

"You're at Vongola Hospital on a private island just outside Southern Italy."

Tsuna blinked a few times before she nodded slowly.

"How long... have I been out?"

Even though her thirst was satisfied, her throat still hurt from the amount of time she hasn't used it.

"For a day, but I must say that your gifts came faster than we first thought." He spoke with amusements at the sight of all the objects in her room. "Your guardians and friends outdid themselves." Tsuna was about to laugh, but then coughed at the roughness of her throat. The old boss waited with patience until her coughs died down before he spoke once again. "It's also long enough for the progress to take place."


The kindness that were in Timoteo's eyes got replaced with sadness. He grabbed her hand into both of his old pair. He silently took notice how cold her hand felt against his skin. Tsuna had similar thoughts, frightful ones at that, when she felt how hot, boiling hot, his hand felt. Does he have a fever? She wondered with a tilt of a head. The old gentleman spoke gently:

"I'm sorry to be the one that tells you this, Tsuna-chan, and I need for you to keep an open mind for me and stay calm. Can you do that?"

"... Alright..."

"Good, child, now listen. When your rain and storm guardians got to you, they've reported that there was a body lying beside you. It was drained of blood."

A horrified look crossed the young face. Tsuna cried out:

"I-I-I'm so sorry-" She coughed. "I... I had n-no choice! I couldn't control myse-" At this point she begun to cough in a loud, rough tone. Nono rubbed her back, to comfort her. After a few minutes, the coughs died down. Once they disappeared, tears of blood ran down her cheeks. She whipped them away. When she looked down at her hands, a shriek of fright escaped her throat. Her ears rang at the loudness while her throat screamed at her for the sudden harsh usage, though she didn't stop. "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! B-BLOOD!"

"Tsuna-chan, calm down."

Timoteo tried to get her to relax as best as he could. He was also shocked, because he never knew that vampires could cry blood. But at the moment he had to appear strong so she could calm down.

"G-Grandpa, w-what's going on?"

Tsuna asked. She tried her best to ignore the pain in her throat.

"Shhh, it's alright Tsuna-chan. Everything is going to work out. There's an explanation for this."

Tsuna wanted answers so badly, but she was so frightened. She couldn't fathom how she cried tears of blood. Was she hit in the head more times than she thought? She felt a warm hand began to stroke her head, something that she found soothing. It reminded her of her younger days when her mom stroked her head whenever she cried and got scared. Slowly, the fear disappeared and was replaced with calmness.

"G... Grandpa..."

She whispered with lightness, as if she was afraid that if she spoke louder the peace would be destroyed.

"I'm here Tsuna-chan, there's nothing to worry about."

"What's... what's happening... to me?"

The old man didn't utter a word for what felt like a long time. His brown calm but sad eyes met her red pair.

"When you drank his blood, you must have thrown away your beliefs, haven't you?"

Tsuna looked down at her slightly bloody blanket, ashamed at what she had done.

"He... was going... to kill me... that day..."

"I see" Timoteo replied with a light nod. His hand from the hair pulled away only to rest on her closest hand to him. "By doing so, your body began to change. I'm sorry that you have to find out this way, but you're no longer human."

Her body froze completely when she heard that. One of the warm hands left her hand, but her mind wasn't on that. No, instead, it was on the small, square like mirror that was handed to her. She shakingly grabbed it and stared at her reflection. There was nothing but clear glass that stared back at her. She knew of only one folk creature that had no reflection, a vampire. The mirror dropped from her hand. It landed with a soft thud on her lap. She was in such a shock that her characteristic shriek was caught in her throat. She choked out:

"I-I'm a vampire!" Her red eyes snapped towards the old man. She quickly moved away from him and landed on the ground harshly. "Stay back!"


Timoteo quickly got out of his seat. He ignored the pain in his lower back and legs. He watched with horrified eyes how she pushed herself into the corner. Her terrified red eyes stared at him. He took a step closer, but it only made the 18 years old young woman panic.

"No, stay back!" She swung her arm open and had an open palm face him. "I-I'll end up killing you."

Timoteo's heart broke at the sight.


"Leave!" The old man opened his mouth, but she spoke faster than him. "Leave!"

A deep sigh escaped the old lips. It appeared that he had no choice. The old boss made his way to the door. Before he left, he told her softly with much love that a grandfather would to his granddaughter:

"Don't worry Tsuna-chan, Reborn left to get you some help. Everything will be alright. Trust us."

He repeated one last time and closed the door behind him.

A soft sob was heard from the darkened corner. Tsuna's body curled up tightly into a small ball.

What have I done?