#Hearties.- Here is a brief "look in" into Hope Valley starring the wonderful Rosemary Coulter. I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from Crown Media and Hallmark's "When Calls the Heart" series.

What was that horrible, gut wrenching smell? Inside of Abigail's cafe, Rosemary crinkled her nose and searched for freedom from the offense. Burnt cornbread, Abigail had said, but Rosemary bet her bottom dollar it was something much more horrible. Something like…burnt raccoon! Seriously, it was atrocious. As much as she tried to compose herself, Rosemary decided her stomach was absolutely not obeying, but instead uncontrollably rolling and she quickly exited Abigail's restaurant just as quickly as she had entered it. Barely reaching the nearby horse trough off to the side of the cafe, Rosemary stumbled and desperately clutched onto the side of the rough trough as her stomach emptied itself of its contents. With a sheen of perspiration on her forehead, and a blonde curl now pasted to the side of her face, Rosemary was horrified. Why, she had never- what's the word? Tossed one's cookies? That was to put it gently! It was a lot more violent of an experience than just "tossing" ones cookies. With a darting look to the left and to the right of the Main Street, Rosemary struggled to compose herself and bring herself to her feet. Gingerly opening her satchel, she located an embroidered handkerchief and dabbed at the sides of her mouth. What an outrageous, horrifying experience. Her only comfort was in the fact that no one had observed her first toss of the cookies.

Five hours later, recovered and feeling full of life, Rosemary joyfully swung a hand basket over her arm and flashed a beaming smile at Mr. Yost as the bell rang signaling her entrance into the mercantile. After that strange experience by the horse trough this morning, Rosemary rushed home and reached for her home remedies book and had come up with the simple and hopefully easy solution of sucking a piece of ginger or making a tea of ginger to calm one's stomach and to ward off any horrible future experience. The only thing the home remedies book did not expound on was how one caught this horrible disease and what to ultimately do to get rid of it. Locating the baking aisle, Rosemary's manicured fingers tapped the spices in order. Allspice, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Dill, Fennel, Horseradish… why there were no spices in the G category. There must be some mistake. Carefully retracing her finger tips across the labels, again, she found that Ginger was missing. "Oh Mr. Yost…" Rosemary's sing song voice filled the mercantile. Mr. Yost pushed the last of the debris from his sweeping into a dustpan and then turned toward the spice aisle.

"May I help you locate something?"

"Mr. Yost, do you or do you not believe in running an organized, conventional store?"

"Well of course I do, Rosemary. You know that. Is there something not to your liking?"

"Mr. Yost, how does one run a mercantile without the very essential spice of GINGER?"

At the mention of the herb, the other occupants of the store, Florence and Molly swiveled their heads suspiciously in Rosemary's direction. Quick whispers escalated between the two of them as their eyes swept up and down Rosemary's stature.

"Oh I'm sure I have a few in stock. I tend to keep it a little further back." Shuffling over to the shelf, Mr. Yost reached toward the back and smiled triumphantly. "Here you go, Rosemary. One of my last bottles." Rosemary took it from him and placed it in his basket. Then, considering it was one of his last, took another bottle and dropped it next to the first. Just in case this ailment didn't lighten up soon she would be stocked and not awaiting the next shipment. But hopefully whatever this disease was it was curable and she would be ready for the town dance a week from Saturday. Oh how she couldn't wait to show off her and Lee's new matching outfits: His bow tie made of the same pink of her newest fitted dress. With a chipper smile, Rosemary moved to the register.

"I can't thank you enough, Mr. Yost. I will be sure to tell Lee of your great involvement in my quick and speedy recovery." Mr. Yost nodded distractedly as he rang up the two bottles of ginger. Moving closer to the counter, Florence and Molly raised their eyebrows at each other. Laying her coins on the counter, Rosemary gathered her herbs and walked out the door, followed closely by her two curious friends.

"Rosemary, you mentioned a recovery? Are you unwell, or perhaps feeling under the weather?" Florence said.

"Goodness, yes. In fact, today was a horrible experience. I wouldn't admit it to anyone but you two, but I… tossed my cookies earlier this morning." Both the ladies eyebrows shot up even further onto their foreheads and Florence clicked their tongue. "It was just completely awful, something I never wish to repeat. Well, you know me, I was quick to open a book and find a solution. Ginger! Don't you two worry your pretty little heads, I will soon be free of this ailment."

"Your…ailment?" Florence questioned.

"Why, yes. It sure came on sudden like. I just simply have to get rid of it quickly, Next week is the dance and oh you should see the vision I make in pink chiffon and Lee with his bowtie!" Rosemary's eyes glimmered as she cupped a hand under her chin in pure delight.

"This is an ailment you can be rid of?" Molly dared speak.

"Why yes! Isn't every ailment just a passing by? Or, oh dear, do you suggest it is something more serious?" Rosemary's eyes rounded like saucers considering the possibility this could be more serious than she hoped.

"Rosemary, have you ever considered…" Molly stopped and looked to Florence for help.

"What we are trying to say is…" Both ladies locked eyes and proceeded together, "are you in the family way?"

The shock traveled down Rosemary's face and landed on her pursed lips. In slow motion, the basket slipped from her arm, spilling the two precious bottles of ginger on the wooden porch. Blinking her eyes rapidly, Rosemary began to sway. Molly and Florence each quickly grabbed an arm and steadied her. "Oh, Oh…" Rosemary's eyes fluttered as she slowly teetered on the edge of unconsciousness. "Why it couldn't be! Could it?" And she fainted dead away.