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Stafford, Weyland, Adria, and Aaron made their way cautiously through the dark, underground maze, Stafford leading the way with his MP-5. The pyramid shifted once again, ten minutes later, as they walked which cut off their heading and forced them down another tunnel.

Weyland was beginning to slow as another coughing fit overtook him. Miller slowed his own pace to help Weyland along, gesturing to Adria to stay with the armed man leading the way. After another moment of walking Stafford signaled for them to halt, shining his flashlight into the darkness.

Adria sensed the creature just before Stafford saw it. "There!"

Stafford spotted the creature as it came out of the darkness, immediately firing at it. The creature shot something back before dodging out of the range of the machine gun. A steel net materialized in mid-air before Stafford, knocking him off his feet and enveloping him. The man screamed in pain as the net tightened around him, the steel mesh cutting through his clothes and equipment like paper. Weyland struggled with the net but it lacerated his gloves, cutting his hands. Miller tried cutting it with his knife but the net snapped the blade like it was nothing.

A second cloaked creature appeared behind Adria and Weyland. Adria heard him approaching and turned to react but she was too slow. The creature knocked both her and Weyland out of the way, sending them crashing to the floor. He grabbed Miller by the throat, lifting him high into the air while choking him. With his other hand, the creature raised his spear above Stafford, preparing to finish him off.

Adria reached for her ice axe in her belt, pulling it out but the first creature caught her arm, throwing her backward. She landed hard, the wind getting knocked out of her but she immediately began struggling to get back on her feet. The creature was on her in a heartbeat, delivering a savage kick that sent her back into a pillar and back to the floor.

"Max!" Adria heard Weyland yell. She managed to sit up, glancing over in time to witness Stafford's death, the second creature stabbing through him with the spear, continuing to strangle Doctor Miller.

Above her, the first creature unsheathed his twin wrist blades, raising them high above Adria's head. Even while cloaked, the edges caught in the beam of her flashlight. Adria tensed, preparing for the blow, but it never came. Instead, a wicked sharp barbed tail stabbed through the creature's chest, spattering bright, luminescent red blood all over Adria as she yelped in surprise. The creature's cloak sparked out, revealing him as the tail pulled him up, a black Alien serpent unfolding itself from its hiding place in the ceiling, its tail cleanly sticking through the humanoid hunter's chest.

By now, the second Furling warrior had noticed the serpent Alien. He tossed the human aside as he turned to face the Alien. As if mirroring his actions, the Alien threw the dead Furling aside as well, hissing its challenge.

As Miller and Adria crawled out of the way, the hunter uncloaked as he charged the Alien, the two beasts colliding heavily as the Alien's tail stabbed at the hunter creature. The Furling warrior deflected it with his twin blades, cleanly slicing through the Alien's tail. The serpent howled in pain and the Furling tried to stab it, but his twin blades had been reduced to smoldering stumps by the serpent's acidic blood.

Adria and Doctor Miller dragged Weyland to his feet, practically carrying him between them as they made their escape, leaving the two creatures to grapple behind them.

The twin mouths of the Alien serpent snapped at the Furling's faceplate but the warrior held it off, the Alien's inner mouth inches from his head. The warrior managed to fling the Alien off him, gaining a moment to get back on his feet. The serpent was stronger than he had anticipated.

The serpent charged again.

The Furling warrior fired one of the steel nets he carried; it arced through the air, catching the serpent and bringing it crashing into the floor. The net pulled tight, cutting through the Alien's hide. The Furling roared in triumph, but as the net cut the Alien, the Alien began to bleed. As it bled, the net began to smoke, the acidity of the serpent blood eating at the steel mesh.

The serpent broke free, its entire body still smoking from where the net had cut in, catching the warrior off guard. The serpent was on him in an instant, gripping his faceplate between the serpent's clawed hands. The Alien's inner mouth punched cleanly through the Furling's mask, spraying brain matter and bright red blood everywhere.

~*~*~*~*~*~PYRAMID STAIRCASE~*~*~*~*~*~


Adria and Aaron Miller helped Weyland up the staircase, moving as fast as they could. "What were those things!?"

"You tell me, you're the pyramid expert here," Adria retorted.

"I've got to stop!" Weyland fell to his knees halfway up the stairs, starting to hyperventilate, gasping heavily.

"Take it easy," Aaron told him, but Weyland was not listening, panicking. "Weyland, focus on me. You have to slow your breathing, alright? Slow, steady breaths."

Slowly over the next few minutes, Weyland's breathing returned to being somewhat normal, though he was still wheezing, badly. Aaron helped Weyland to his feet as a looming shadow appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "Another one!" Adria took Weyland's arm. "We have to go!"

"No." Weyland pulled himself from their hands. "You two go. I'll buy you whatever time I can." Weyland knew he was going to die anyway, he may as well go down fighting. He pulled his ice axe as the creature appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "Run!"

Aaron did not need to be told again. He gave Weyland one last look before pulling Adria up the staircase after him. Weyland drew himself up to his full height as the hunter moved nearer. Once the creature was close enough, he swung.

Scar caught the axe easily, yanking it away from the short human and tossing it to the side, grabbing the human by the neck with his other hand. Like an MRI, the Furling vision scanned the human's body, revealing numerous tumors. The human's organ was riddled with disease, and not worthy for him to hunt. Scar dropped the human, turning away and starting back up the staircase, after the ones who carried his plasma gun.

"Don't turn your back on me!" Weyland, seeing the creature continuing after Adria and Aaron, feverishly reached into his coat, procuring his oxygen tank and an emergency flare. He opened the valve on his oxygen and lit the flare. The gas ignited instantly, the resulting jet of flames engulfing the hunter who screeched. Still burning, the hunter turned on Weyland, twin blades sliding out and he impaled the human, killing him, before dropping his body on the stairs.

The Furling roared in triumph.

Adria and Aaron raced into a vast chamber filled with pillars and stone statues. It was inky dark inside but Adria could see perfectly. She expanded her mind out as far as she could without straining herself (which was not far, but better than nothing), hoping to be able to sense any nearby creatures. She could tell the hunter was not far behind them; she could also sense the entrance faintly-they just needed to get there.

Scar watched both the human and the not-human move between the pillars, the plasma gun still tucked away in the not-human's bag. The Furling hunter-warrior chased after them.

The alarm on Doctor Miller's watch went off for the fourth time; the pyramid was shifting once more. In front of them, a heavy stone was rising from the floor, slowly making its way up to the ceiling. "There!" Aaron pointed. "Get in there! Run!" He helped Adria up onto the stone, having to pull himself up at that point. He increased his pace as Adria escaped the stone, scrambling to get across before he himself was crushed.

He barely made it, dropping off the slab and onto the hard floor with inches to spare, just as a sharp edged disc came flying through the gap after him, slamming into the far wall and sending sparks everywhere. The slab shut against the ceiling with a dull thud.

Scar emerged from the shadows, staring at the slab in dismay. His prey had once again eluded him. He heard a light scuffling from his right. He turned to look just as a FaceHugger leapt for him. Scar hurled a second throwing disc, cutting the creature cleanly in half. Behind him, an Alien serpent silently unfolded from its hole in the wall, stealthily approaching the warrior. Right as the serpent reached the Furling, Scar caught his returning disc, spun around, and neatly cut off the Alien's head, sensing for any other threats nearby.

~*~*~*~*~*~HIEROGLYPHICS CHAMBER~*~*~*~*~*~

Adria helped Doctor Miller sit up. "Are you alright?" She asked him, concerned. The back of his head was bleeding a bit from where he had hit it.

"I won't lie, I have one hell of a headache," he groaned, carefully feeling the back of his head. His hair was damp with a red liquid. Great. "Where are we?" He moved his flashlight around the room, taking it in and getting his answer. They seemed to be sealed into a room filled with hieroglyphs-an ancient library of sorts.

Adria spotted narrow peepholes in the far wall. She got up and carefully helped Doctor Miller to his feet, making their way over to the wall and warily peering into the chamber they had just escaped.

In it, the hunter had kneeled beside the dead FaceHugger. He carefully removed his mask, revealing a surprisingly similar face to that of a human, though it had wolfish features: wild amber eyes, sharp teeth, etc. He cut off one of the FaceHuggers' digits, using it first to trace an insignia on to the forehead of his mask. The acid from the blood etched the insignia into the metal. The warrior then did the same to his own forehead, grunting slightly at the pain.

Adria recognized the action. He was 'blooding' himself. A rite of passage.

"Well," Aaron said quietly as he considered this new information. "This whole thing makes a little more sense." He moved away from the wall, looking over the hieroglyphs.

"A ritual?"

He nodded. "I think it's a manhood ritual of some kind, it's not very clear. That's why they didn't carry the guns to begin with. They had to earn them."

Adria paled. She had forgotten about the gun. "I have one in my bag. Stafford put it in there before…" she swallowed, really feeling her fear for the first time that night.

"Maybe that's why you've made it this long." Aaron took a breath, focusing on the runes, doing his best to block out his headache. He needed to get the story. "Apparently these hunters arrived about twelve-thousand years ago. They taught humans to build and were worshipped as...gods. The 'gods' returned every one-hundred years and when they did, they expected a sacrifice.

Humans were used to breed the Alien prey, for the hunters to prove themselves worthy. But if the hunters failed, they made sure nothing survived." He paused. "An entire civilization, wiped out in one night." His head was throbbing. "They were-no, are called the...Furlings?"

Adria heard the change in the tone of his voice. "You've heard of them?"

"Yes, I have," he murmured, more to himself than her. "But how is this possible? The Goa'uld arrived ten-thousand years ago, yet there's no mention of them on our planet…not that we've found…" Not until now, anyway.

She was confused. "Doctor Miller?" Adria gained his attention. "What are you talking about? What's a Goa'uld?"

Aaron checked his watch. Three minutes. "Do you have your camera still?" He asked her hurriedly. Adria checked her pocket, pulling it out and handing it over to him without question. There were five pictures left. He began carefully taking pictures of the room, talking as he worked: "The Goa'uld are another alien race. One by the name of Ra came to Earth around ten-thousand years ago."

He handed her the camera back. "I don't have enough time to explain it all to you, even though I wish I could." His watch alarm went off, signalling another pyramid shift as he looked at her. "If we run into the Furling again, give him back his gun. The serpent creatures are dangerous, we can't let them get out. No matter what...happens to us." He stared at her seriously. "Do you understand?"

Adria's eyes were wide, but she nodded as a doorway across the room opened. "Yes," she whispered, heart pounding as Doctor Miller took the first few steps into the quiet corridor. They moved quickly, staying as silent as they could, Adria occasionally gesturing the way down one hall or another. Doctor Miller never questioned her, just followed he direction.

She suddenly stopped as her mind encountered something...prickly. An Alien serpent, not too far ahead. "Not that way."

They ran down a different corridor, the serpent following them and closing the distance. Ahead of them stretched a fifteen foot wide gap, opening into a chasm. "Goddammit," Aaron muttered, already prepared to jump. "Are you ready?" He asked Adria.

"I'm ready," came her answer.

They ran at the edge as fast as they could, attempting the impossible leap. Aaron landed first on the far ledge, weakening it. Adria almost made it. Her impact caused the ledge to give out under her, falling away. She grabbed for the edge, hitting the side of her wall and smashing her ribs. Adria yelped in pain as she struggled to keep her grip on the side of the wall.

"Gotcha!" Doctor Miller grabbed her right arm, keeping her from falling. She reached desperately for the ledge and once she had it, he began to pull her up, allowing her to get a good, firm hold on the edge. She was nearly up when an Alien serpent appeared over his shoulder. Adria froze in horror as it snatched at him.

"No!" She gasped as he was dragged away suddenly, his grip violently broken from her as he was pulled away into the darkness. Adria nearly lost her grip, slipping back, but caught herself at the last second, managing to drag herself up and over the edge, still a bit frozen from the shock. She let out a single, quiet whimper as she pushed herself up, climbing to her feet.

She was alone. Cautiously, quietly, Adria made her way down the corridor, not noticing that her flashlight had died. Her breathing was quick, her heart beating rapidly. Briefly, she scanned herself-she had gotten a few cuts and bumps, but they were healing gradually. She needed to get herself calm again, focus somehow. Panicking would only make things worse. She paused for a second, took a breath, then continued. Adria turned left down another corridor, nearly making it to the end before she realized it was a dead end, a wrong turn. She needed to go back; she took another breath, trying to get her bearings.

Then, she sensed him.

Tears filling her eyes, Adria haltingly turned to face the Furling warrior, who blocked her only escape. He slowly approached her, the short tube he was holding elongating into a fearsome spear. Adria refused to show fear, though she did not fool him. He knew she was terrified. He raised his spear. Adria put up her hands, "Wait!" she slowly sank to her knees, making herself less of a threat. "Please, wait." When the warrior hesitated, Adria carefully pulled off her backpack, never breaking eye contact with him.

Scar watched as the not-human slid the plasma gun toward him. He lowered his combi-staff/spear, picking up the gun without hesitation.

Something moved behind him and Adria found herself warning him, "Look out!" The warrior turned. He had not had enough time to mount his gun, so he brought up his spear up in defense instead. The Alien, however, had the upper hand, slamming into the warrior and knocking him over. The hunter lost his grip on his spear and it slid across the floor, toward Adria.

The Alien serpent pressed his advantage, twin mouths snapping dangerously close to Scar's face. With an angry snarl, Scar rolled backward, using the serpent's own weight against it, sending it flying over his head.

It crashed into the wall near Adria. She grabbed ahold of the staff/spear just as the Alien righted itself, lunging for her next. She got it up just in time-the Alien impaled itself on it, causing her to nearly lose the spear. The serpent refused to die as gravity slowly pulled it toward her, its jaws snapping at her face. Its tail stabbed the wall beside her, slashing her arm deeply as she did. Adria let out a sob of pain, but held onto the spear tightly.

Finally, the serpent fell limp, finally dead, inner mouth barely an inch away. She quickly shoved it away from her as three red dots appeared on her chest; she looked up to see the Furling aiming his gun right at her. Adria held her breath, waiting, refusing to cower as a few more tears silently escaped her eyes.

A tense moment passed before he finally moved his targeting system away from the not-human and on the Aliens that now approached them rapidly, seeming to flow over the walls, the ceiling, the floor. Adria slowly got to her feet as the hunter-warrior aimed, shooting five of the oncoming serpents with complete precision and accuracy. The other Aliens scattered, the gun holding them at bay. For now.

~*~*~*~*~*~ALIEN QUEEN CHAMBER~*~*~*~*~*~

The Alien Queen watched as yet another batch of her eggs disappear, taken from by the automatic conveyor belt. She was going berserk, fighting hopelessly against her chains. She let out a piercing shriek that echoed through the pyramid.

~*~*~*~*~*~DEAD END CORRIDOR~*~*~*~*~*~

The gridded serpent, leader of the Alien pack, turned at her mother's cry for help. The remaining Alien serpents, as one, disappeared down the corridors leading away from the dead end one. As they scampered away, Scar looked over the not-human carefully as she stood before him, wary but defiant. He then made his way to the serpent she had killed, grasping his combi-staff and retracting it as he picked it back up. He started to walk away.

"Hey. Hey!" Adria immediately followed, grabbing his large arm. The creature turned on her sharply. "I'm coming with you, do you understand?"

Scar was surprised when she held out her hand. He examined the not-human with renewed interest: a young warrior ready to fight. Scar noted the deep cut on her arm had nearly completed healing. She was a self-healer. Perhaps she could be useful. The Furling warrior procured one of his own daggers and pressed it into her hand.

He then kneeled beside the dead serpent, wasting no time. He pulled out his Sacrificial Dagger and began to carefully cut at the Alien, prising the armored hide away from its internal organs. He worked with speed and precision.

"What are you doing?" Adria asked him, slightly repulsed but mostly intrigued.

Not answering, the warrior pulled the now-hollow, armored headplate away from the Alien, setting it carefully to one side. Adria could see the long, twisted brain was still pulsing and twitching. Even while dead, the creature was still incredibly menacing. After all, how did one actually know if an Alien serpent was dead? Adria leaned in for a closer look and-

The inner mouth lashed out at her.

Adria jumped back, terrified, but the serpent made no other movement. A reflex, perhaps? She looked over at the warrior. He was holding his dagger over the serpent's brain, his body shaking as a strangled noise came from his mask. He probed a lobe of the serpent's brain and the inner mouth snatched at the air. She realized he was laughing. He had deliberately scared her, some kind of joke. Adria managed a half smile, more spooked than amused. "Great," she mumbled.

Still sniggering to himself, Scar resumed his work.