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This is about two best friends falling in love.

It's in middle school, or course. Middle school drama always rocks.

Disclaimer: This is based on the song "It's Not Like I Like You" and Dork Dairies.

But the characters'll have different looks and different personalities, cuz why not?

"Hello, my name is Brandon Roberts. I'm from England and I'm british. Nice to meet you guys!" Brandon said with a charming smile.

Many girls swooned.

Brandon had dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Then he plopped down next to Nikki. "Hi," She said and smiled. "My name Is Nikki Maxwell." Then she continued reading her book .

Nikki, in fact, was very different. She had natural wine purple hair and bright green eyes. She was also half-goth, which meant that she prefer black and purple over pink and white, but she won't always wear dark colors. Sometimes she's seen wearing pink skirts, also very rarely.

"Okay class," Mr. Conner said. "Back to work." Then he started to talk about math.

Brandon tried to listen, but he cannot get one certain girl out of her mind.

Nikki is cute, he thought. And then the thought hit him. I like her, John thought.

Nikki P.O.V

"Come on over here!" Mackenzie called as she waved. I obediently walked over to her and plopped my tray on the lunch table.

Mackenzie Hollister was the complete opposite of me. I love drawing, she loves shopping. I have great fashion sense, but shopping isn't what I'd do in my spare time. She has bright blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

"So," She said as she sipped her apple juice. "What's up?"

I took out my grape juice and opened it. "A new transfer student came. His name was Brandon. Came from England. Apparently Britsh. And...yeah."

Mackenzie widened her eyes. "Is that him?"

I turned around and saw Brandon. She turned back to Mackenzie. "Yeah, so?"

Mackenzie whispered, "He's coming toward us, at least it seems like it." Then she squealed and muttered how cute he was. I rolled my eyes.

"Hi, can I sit with you?" asked a familiar voice.

"Sure." I answered with a mouthful of ham sandwich. Brandon wiped the extra ham on my lips with his napkin and smiled.

My heart pumped a little faster and I smiled.

He's cute. I thought.

But I'm a tsundere, being nice is not my priorities.

Brandon P.O.W

Did I really just do that? I thought. But she didn't turn me away. I thought cheerfully.

Abby swallowed her mouthful and scooted over a little. I slip in and opened my can of orange juice.

"So," I began, attempting to start an conversation. "What's your favorite hobby?" Mackenzie squealed and answered, "Shopping!" Nikki didn't answer.

"Um, I'm asking you." I playfully poked Nikki in her ribs and she immediately bursted into laughter.

"P-please d-d-don't po-o-oke me-e-e." She said in between giggles.

"My ribs are very sensitive."

I chuckled. Nikki glared at me with a I will murder you after I stop laughing expression. Mackenzie glared at Nikki and got up.

"I'm leaving." She said and stomped away.

"What's her problem?" I wondered.

Nikki shrugged. "I don't know."

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