A/N: Sorry, this is so short, but hey… that's okay! I know that you haven't the faintest clue what's going on, but stick with me… hopefully this won't turn into a disaster! ^.^;

Now, this part sounds incredibly sad, but rest assured… I can't be serious for long. ^.^; It will get silly very quickly.

Also… this has been redone, sorta, because I finally remembered how the good Doc regenerates… -.-; forgive me, Whovians… I have always only watched what my mom has in her small collection of Doc Who tapes… all consist of the Fourth Doc and the Five Doctors.
Doctor Who:
The Hamsters of Doom
Fire. Light.

He felt these surge through him with uncomfortable intensity. He wondered how long they would last before he would finally die.

Now that he knew what he truly was, he felt a new form of reality that the Time-lords could ever know. He was going to die and become something new.

Then, the pain was gone. He was still alive. He glared up at the thing that was trying its best to destroy him. "Just what do you think you're accomplishing?" the Doctor asked breathlessly.

His long, brown, curled hair fell across his sweat covered forehead. His blue eyes burned with an intensity that few had the pleasure to see. He had open wounds seeping blood onto the ground and his Victorian styled clothes were a mess.

The thing before him was a large light that pulsed with energy and anger. "I'll have you know that I do not give up easily, Doctor." Its voice was very calm and collected. It made a shiver run up the Doctor's spine.

"Well," the doctor breathed heavily as he spoke, "—you could say that you are trying to kill me, but I still seem to be alive." Then, the Doctor smiled.

This seemed to anger the creature more. It shot at the Doctor once again. The Doctor dodged the blast this time. The creature wasn't deterred in the slightest. It shot at him again, this time making contact with the Doctor's back.

Pain. The Doctor felt it once again. He felt as though he was being torn apart from the inside out. He hoped that when it was all over, he would be able to regenerate as he usually did. He knew that this body wouldn't be able to survive.

Suddenly, the white hot beam from the light creature broke away from the Doctor. He glanced back to see someone shooting the creature with a laser cutter.

It was a woman doing that. He recognized the woman and felt his hearts ache at the sight. Grace, the woman that had brought out human feelings in him, was trying to save him.

"GRACE! STOP!" The Doctor called out to her, but winced when he watched the creature slap her with something long and fire-like. She flew backward and hit the cliff rocks behind her.

Then, he saw something he knew he would never forget. She burst into flame and she screamed. He felt the tightness in his chest again at the sound. He smelled the acrid smell of burning flesh.

He grabbed the laser bomb next to him and threw it at the creature. It went into the creature.

The explosion caused the Doctor to fly backward. He felt fire burn his skin and rock scratch him.

He landed on the ground, his right arm twisted under him at an odd angle. He lifted his head to glance at the fiery mess that had been trying to kill him. There was a small fire, like a camp fire, that burned where the light creature had been floating.

Suddenly, a blast of light flew out at the Doctor. He couldn't dodge it. He couldn't get away from it. He was consumed by it.

He felt both of his hearts beat faster and faster as though he were running. Light burst out of his chest where his two hearts were located. He felt as though they were being ripped away from him. He felt like his limbs were being ripped from his body as he was suspended in the air like a marionette.

He curled himself into a fetal position to counter the feeling. He wasn't going to let himself be torn apart. He preferred other forms of torture.

The light disappeared from him and he fell to the ground on his back. He turned over and crawled toward the TARDIS. He needed to get inside and leave this place. He was on Earth and he knew what was left of Grace would be found soon. You can't have a small explosion with out having a small crowd assemble to watch the spectacle.

He reached the door to the TARDIS and made himself stand. He opened the TARDIS and staggered inside. He reached the control panel and started typing in coordinates. The door closed behind him.

Then, the TARDIS started. The sounds of the machine working made it sound like it was falling apart.

He felt the TARDIS land somewhere. He staggered over the panel to see. Suddenly, he felt one of his hearts begin to slow. His wounds were too extensive. The other started slowing.

He collapsed onto the floor. He caught himself badly on his broken arm. He could feel the floor moving. He could hear the TARDIS moving.

He only heard his own breathing now. He heard his hearts giving out. The double beats soon became one. Then, blackness took over his senses.