The Crystal Keeper Chapter 1: And So It Begins

A year after Sephiroth and meteor was destroyed, AVALANCHE decided to have a world tour, go everywhere that they went on their journey. It was to be like old times only this time reeve was there in person, after deciding that it would be best to take a few fighting tactics, like using a gun. It was early evening when they were in the forest next to the new Mideel, Which had been built next to the old one.

"I'm hungry...I'm tired...My feet hurt, Can we..." Yuffie was interrupted by a rather pissed off Cloud "YUFFIE, SHUT UP!!!!!!!! YOU CAN STOP IF YOU WAN'T TO GET LOST AND KILLED BECAUSE WE WILL GO ON WITHOUT YOU!" everyone went silent. They had heard him yell before but not at them and only if he was so pissed off that he went in to oh-your-going-to-die-and-it-will-be-me-who-kills-you phase.

He lowered his voice "Sorry, it's just someone I once..." He stopped when something dropped from the sky. A ring. As Cloud picked it up he said, more to himself than anyone else "It cant be, can it?...It is. It's hers!"

Everyone was getting annoyed but Cid was first to speak "Alright 3 things, Cloud: 1. What were you saying before? 2. What has that ring got to do with anything? And 3.Who the HELL is 'her'"

"Well I was saying I used to know someone who came from Mideel but I thought she died years ago. This ring belonged to her and her name was Celta Amethyst." Another voice was heard. "Oh, How did I die then? 'Cause I haven't heard that one." At that they turned, and one spun, round to see a blacked cloaked figure but it was defiantly female "Is that you?" "How could you guess?" She asked as she pulled down her hood to reveal her face. She had very pale skin that looked like the moon on a dark night, long hair that looked like a sun set, the light oranges, the dark reds, the pale yellows all streaked through each other. Her eyes were her strangest feature for they had not only seen some deeply disturbing things but their colour was blood red.

"You dropped something!" "Did I or..." she held out her arm and whistled. At the sound of her whistle a beautiful Eleonora's Falcon landed on her arm. It had a red chest with brown speckles and a dark brown back. "Did Bismuth?" "Mmmm, must have been Bismuth." Cloud answered as he looked at the falcon.

"Alright, what the hell is going on here? Who are you? Who or what is Bismuth? And how do you two know each other?" Barret yelled which was followed closely by a "Calm down Barret." from Tifa.

"Ah, well the first two questions are easy: I am Celta Amethyst, and Bismuth is my Eleonora's Falcon as for the last question." her head jerked to the left and she focused on something. "I think it might be a good idea to finish this conversation at my house. It isn't far. Follow me and stay on your guard. Of the two years I have stayed here I have found out, and I'm sure you have too, that night-time is not the best time for travellers." A noise could be heard in the distance. "Come on, we must leave." "There's the old Celta I've missed. Taking charge. Come on, stop being paranoid, there is nothing we cant easily kill. There is nine trained fighters here. It's not as if Sephiroth has come back to life." Cloud said laughing "This is no time for jokes, Cloud. If you wanted to tell jokes you should have become a comedian not a swords-man." She turned, took a few steps and turned back to face him again. "Oh, and Cloud, Sephiroth's standing right behind you." Cloud quickly drew his sword and spun round. Finding nothing he turned back with a Confused yet annoyed look. "Ha, now look who's being paranoid. Come on lets go." She spun around and walked off with the others following.

Celta's house

They arrived at a house in the middle of the forest. After going in side they found it was just big enough to take them all. Sitting in the lounge they continued their conversation. "So Cloud would you like to explain how we met or am I going to have to jog your memory?" she had got rid of her black cloak and underneath was yet again black. She was wearing black baggy trousers, and a black baggy hooded top. "Oh well, here goes. I used to be the most popular guy in the..." "Cloud, if I remember correctly, you were the least popular person!" "Alright, ok, fine. I suppose I should start with..."


Boys were slowly entering a giant room for advanced sword training. A sixteen-year-old Cloud stood in the corner, alone. He was smaller than the others were.

Awhile later the instructor entered and told them that to get in they had to fight him. If he thought they were good enough he would let them in. When It got to Clouds turn, He could here the others comment on how small he was or how week he looked. Cloud was starting to get nervous when a small Sixteen-year-old Celta ran in. "I demand to be able to try out." She yelled. "Ha, Girls can't fight let alone join." The Instructor answered. "At least give me a chance." "Fine. But don't go crying if you break a nail." At that moment everyone was laughing but Cloud could see that the instructor had made a BIG mistake by the look in Celta's Eyes.

"Believe me I wont. Come on then, Fight." With that she drew her sword and everyone froze, thinking she would have to borrow a sword and it would be a laugh but they were wrong. Inwardly, Cloud smiled. He thought that if people didn't believe in you, what was the point in trying. But here was this girl, who, even though everyone in the room was laughing at her, was still standing up for what she believed in.

"Alright." The Fight had begun. The instructor attacked Celta like she was his worst enemy. But it was useless. She easily blocked them. She then attacked him knocking to the ground. Holding her sword to his neck. "You were saying?" "Oh, nothing, nothing at all." "Yes, you were saying 'Girls cant fight' wasn't it?" She bent down pulled out a knife and cut him across the cheek as a reminder. "There's some thing to remind you that given half a chance girls can fight just as well, if not better, than you guys can!"

He had to leave the room to work out what to do about her and to clean his wound. Meanwhile Some people were saying to Cloud that he was lucky that he got away from his embarrassment, for now. They were saying things like "Hey, Strife, You were lucky that girl showed up. Now you have more time here because after your fight you're leaving here, forever." He felt like curling up into a ball and dying. So he did the next best thing and sat in the corner, staring at the floor.

People started to make jokes about him but it soon died and there was a new topic: Celta. Everyone was wondering who 'the girl' was, where she came from, how she learnt to fight, some even were fighting over who was going to ask her out. Cloud over heard them and laughed to himself. 'They have no idea that she is standing right behind them with a very amused look on her face. I wonder what will happen. A different voice cane into his head.' 'Watch and find out.' 'Was that her voice? No, it couldn't have been.' 'It was my voice, Cloud. Now watch.'

"Excuse me boys." Celta started speaking as politely as possible. "I couldn't help but hear you 'conversation', shall we say, and I have one thing to say to you: IF YOU THINK I'M GOING TO GO OUT WITH ONE OF YOU FUCKING SELF-ABSORBED BASTARDS THEN GUESS AGAIN!! I WOULD RATHER DIE A VERY PAINFUL DEATH THAN BE ANOTHER GIRL THAT CLINGS ONTO YOUR ARM, LIKE IT'S A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, AND GIGGLES AT EVERYTHING YOU SAY!!!!!!!" She took a breath. Happy with her response of everyone in the room with a look of fear in their eyes she said "Thank you."

'Told you.' She walked over to Cloud and sat down. By this time everyone was now talking again. "Hi, I'm Celta Amethyst!" "I'm Cloud Strife. You're a good fighter. You're the first one to beat the instructor yet." "Thanks. I'd love to say the same thing to you but I haven't seen you fight yet." They over heard a group of people talking and laughing at Cloud, again. 'Poor Cloud. Little do they know what will happen in the future.' "Hey, don't listen to them." She told him when she realised his head had gone down again. The conversation went on and they had made each other laugh but Celta could still see Cloud was nervous about the fight.

But before she could say anything the instructor came in and said. "Very well, you can join." "Good, you won't regret it." "Right, next fight Strife, Cloud." Cloud bit his bottom lip as he stood up. 'This is it now or never.' People were laughing at him. He was about to walk into the fight when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Go on Cloud you can do it!" 'Hey, someone finally believes in me. I will do this, I can do this.' He told himself but new he couldn't. He drew his sword. His fight had begun. The first fight that will change the fate of the planet.

'I won, I actually won I don't believe it.' Everyone was shocked but none more than Cloud. Celta could hear people say things like "hey, Strife can fight!" or "O.K, did I just imagine that or did Strife just win." She smiled this time. "Well done Cloud. I told you, you could do it." She said as she walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Now I can say what I wanted to say earlier: You're a good fighter too. You might just be able to beat me." "hey, you mean I've got a chance." "Don't get your hopes up just yet. I said 'might just', not will. But it would be a challenge."

********************End Flashback*********************

"So that's how it happened. A terrible start to a terrible friendship." "Oi!" Celta yelled as she hit Cloud on the head 'friendly'. "That hurt." "AAAWW" WHACK!!! She hit him again. "AAHH" "Ha, you'll never learn, will you? You always have to stay focused. The first thing I taught you. Straight after I told you." she stopped and looked down. Cloud put his hand on her shoulder and said "It's ok you don't have to say it." She nodded and looked up. "Right, well, it's getting late. You can stay here if you want. I've got a spare room with two beds. The rest of you, I'm sorry but you'll have to sleep on a chair or the floor." She turned to leave and then turned back "Oh, and get a good night sleep. You'll need it, after all you might not get one for a while." With that she left the room before anyone could ask her what she meant.

"Teef, Yuff, you can have the beds." Cloud spoke after a couple of minutes of silence while they thought of what Celta had said. "Are you sure?" Came the reply from Tifa. But before he could say anything Yuffie said in her listen-to-me-I-know-what-I'm-talking-about-voice "Tifa, Tifa, Tifa. Being nice to people all the time gets you nowhere. If some one offers you something, like money, free stuff..." There was a cough from Cid that sounded like 'materia' which Yuffie ignored and continued "...A free bed, you take it!!" and dragged Tifa out the door.

Celta's Room

Celta stood next to the window, stroking Bismuth, which was again sitting on her arm. "They don't know what's happening as we speak. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but, I suppose, it was only a matter of time. I just hope that I, no we, are ready when the time comes."

Barret, Cid, Reeve, Vincent, Yuffie, Red and Tifa were all standing around a sleeping Cloud, 'trying' to get him up. "This isn't funny Cloud get up!" Yuffie said getting 'a bit' annoyed. "What if he never wakes up!" Barret said. "What if he's dead!" Cid added. "He's normally the first one to get up" Tifa stated.

Celta walked past the room, and talking a few steps back, walked in, trying not to laugh. "Need any help?" Everyone nodded. She stood in front of him and, in a calm voice said "Cloud, you have until the count of 3 to get up. If you don't I'll tell everyone what you did on my 18th birthday. If you do get up however I wont utter a word" (Everyone but the sleeping Cloud saw her fingers crossed behind her back) "1..." "Ok, ok. I'm up, I'm up!!!!" Satisfied and laughing Celta left the room.

Yuffie couldn't stand it anymore. "Cloud, What did you do on Celta's 18th birthday?" It was getting to Cid too "Yeah, Spike, what?" "Eh, well, ehmm, you see... It's nothing." He said quickly and went through to the kitchen. "Oooooooookay"

"Hey, Cloud what ya want?" "A fight" "WHAT?!" "You said so yourself: 'Someday you might just be able to beat me' and today is 'someday'" 'he's right. I wonder if he could beat me' "Go on then, you're on...Ah, but not in here"
Outside (in a very large garden)

"Alright, Prepare to get your ass kicked!!!" "Oh no, my spiky-haired friend, for I feel Your ass will be the ass that will be kicked." But before they could start "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" "Oh, Just a little 'fight' we promised each other" "Yeah, Yeah Celta, Shut up and choose your weapon." "Well seeing as somebody only took sword training, Looks like I have no choice" "Fine, but no magic allowed." "Fine, but I wouldn't cheat like some people." They watched as Cloud took his materia out of its slots in his sword and armour but Celta did something different. She walked up to a large slab of stone that looked weather beaten and had strange markings on it. She placed her right hand in the middle and said "Fatshe leso lea halalela" (AN: Zulu for 'Our land is holy') Her hand started to glow white but it soon went into the stone. "Ready?" "When you are?"

They burst into action. Metal on metal. Each blocking each other's attacks. After a good ten minutes of fighting, they were both breathing heavily and had quite a few nasty cuts and scrapes. Not to mention things were looking bad for Celta but she had a trick up her sleeve.

When Cloud backed her up against a tree, thin sword against thick, he was smiling knowing that he would win for sure. Much to his surprise she smiled back. 'What's she smiling for?' 'Your not that smart, are you, Cloud?' With that she pressed her back against the tree, lifted her feet and kicked him in the stomach, sending him to the ground.

Celta walked up to him, held out her hand, and helped him up. "Good fight, most challenging yet. Buuuut... ya haven't managed to beat me yet. Ready?" "I'll beat ya next time." "Yeah in you're dreams! Come on!" With that they both walked over to the same stone Celta went to before. This time they both put their hands on the stone. "Fatshe leso lea halalela" Celta's hand glowed white again then it moved over her body but soon faded. She then said "Moshanyana weso bo' itumele" (AN: Zulu for 'My brother, be happy.') this time Cloud's hand glowed a faint green and it washed over his body and he was cured. Cloud was the next to speak "Moshanyana weso bo' ithabise" (AN: Zulu for 'My sister, be happy.') the same thing happened to Celta.


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