The Crystal Keeper Chapter 2: Enter.... The Truth
Later that day Cloud, Barret, Cid and Reeve, being the lazy assess that they are, sat in front of the TV bossing Celta And Tifa around. Yuffie refused to do anything and when they offered to pay her money or Materia, which she knew was a lie, she told them she was sick and relaxing wrapped up in a blanket 'sick'.

"You know we should tell then to get their own alcohol..." Celta started. "...And food." Tifa finished. "We should go on strike!" "I don't think that will work" "Hey, it worked before when Cloud was 'sick'" "Really! When was this?" "Oh, years back. About half way though our training..." "CELTA!" She was interrupted by cloud from the other room "I hate it when they do that! WHAT YA WANTIN'" "COME HERE" "God, what they wantin' now? If they want me to go all the way through there, just to come back again, just to go back through, I'll kill them!" by this time she had got to the room. "What?" "Do know anything about this?" Cloud said pointing to the TV.

It was the news. "...Many people have reported strange happenings around the area of Mt. Nibel. People of Nibelheim and Rocket Town are starting to get worried and moving away. What happened to the legendary AVALANCHE when you need them?..." Of course Cid being Cid couldn't keep quiet anymore "Well if someone Fucking told us about it then we would fucking be there, you bitch." Celta, trying to hear the reporter yelled "CID, CAN YOU SHUT UP FOR TWO FUCKING MINUTES!!!!!"
"... Reports such as strange crashing noises and the creatures who live in Mt. Nibel leaving have started to worry tourists and villagers. Some believe it is some evil force some believe it is the force of the Lifestream building up. But what it really is no one knows."

Celta had, at some point, sat down in a chair, and was staring at the TV but not focusing on it. "Hey! Celta!...You Ok?" She acted as though Yuffie hadn't said anything. Cloud tried. "Hello, Celta? What's up?" Same result. He was about ask again but she beat him to it. "I can't believe it!" "Believe what?" "I knew it would happen but not so soon." "Celta, What are you talking about?" " It's time you learned the truth." "The truth? What truth?" "The truth about me, the truth about my past!"

She paused and closed her eyes as if trying to find a way of saying what she was about to say. After a couple of seconds she opened them. "Cloud, remember what I told you about..." She closed her eyes again. "It's ok you don't have to say it." " No, I do! Remember what I told you about my Mother and sisters died. Well forget it. My mother didn't die of cancer and my sisters didn't die by getting lost on the mountain by Icicle Inn. I told you about my two sisters, Sapphire and Ruby, but I had another, Uppsala. She was a year younger than me. She was 'little miss perfect', 'Daddy's favourite', 'the best of us all' or 'The only one who would actually do something with her life'. Ha, that was an understatement.

We weren't the 'perfect family' we made up in public. We were the opposite. My father, if you can call him that, used to beat us up. All of us except for 'perfect little Uppsala'. If we got a scar, which happened a lot, he blamed it on 'a walk through the forest' or 'children being children'. My childhood was shit.

I was the oldest, as I said before Uppsala was a year younger than I was, Sapphire was 6 years younger than I was and Ruby was 2 years younger than sapphire.

On the 11th of June when I was 13, I was coming home from the shops, my mum had told me to buy Ruby some cough sweets. I opened the door and was grabbed by the hands I hated the most: my father. He grabbed me and took me down to the basement.
I felt him tie me to a chair. It was so dark I couldn't see anything. When he turned the light on, I was... I was... I felt like turning round and hitting him. But there was the small element of me being tied to the chair.

My mother was chained to the wall. She could hardly lift her head, if the chains weren't there, she wouldn't be standing up. I realised she had a deep cut on her left cheek. There was blood on the floor. I can still remember every last word he said.

'You worthless slut. I don't know why I didn't see it before. You couldn't supply me with a son even if I begged you to.' I can still hear the noise of his hand hitting the right side of her face. I can still hear her cry of pain. I can still remember what I said, that I knew she couldn't. I just wanted to get my mother out of there, out of that house and into a hospital. If It meant I was to get hit for her, I would do it.

'It's not her fault. If she has one more child she'll die.' Only after that I realised that I had been crying. He spun round and hit me, yelling at me to shut up. I could feel blood dripping out of my mouth and down my chin.

He started to talk again. 'I have a new plan though' he walked round, so he was behind me, and started to stroke my hair. 'Maybe your daughter here could provide me with that son I need.' I had never felt so sick in my life. He walked up to my mother and lifted her chin with his hand. 'Now that you have no more use...' he pulled a knife from his pocket. 'I might as well kill you.' With that he cut her throat, before I could do anything.

He came over to me and tried to kiss me. The one thing he forgot to do is tie my legs together or to the chair. I kicked him..." Celta smiled although she was crying at the thought of her dead mother. "... Right where it hurts. He didn't realised that I had been going to self-defence, fighting, escaping, and magic lessons. By the time he had recovered, I had escaped.

Just as he was getting up I kicked him in the side. I went to kick him again but he grabbed my foot and twisted it, making me fall over. I realised that the only way to escape the basement was magic." "Oh, what did you do?" An excited Yuffie asked. "Yuffie!!! This isn't some story!! This really happened!!! Think about other's feelings!!!" Yuffie thought about what Tifa had just said. Then said. "Sorry, Celta" "It's ok, Yuffie. Oh, and I sent an Energy ball at him." "An Energy ball?" "Yeah, It's like... it's easier if I show you" she stood up and opened a window. Standing back, she lifted her left hand and held it so it was vertical. A ball formed, It was white in the middle and blue on the outside. When it was about the size of a football, she pulled her hand back and pushed it forward again sending the ball flying out of the window.

Yuffie ran to the window to see what had happened to the energy ball, but all she saw was two trees knocked down and a couple of bushes that had been destroyed. "WOW, What materia did you use to do that?" Celta laughed a bit. " I don't use materia!" "WHAT?!?!" "I don't need it. I am the Crystal Keeper. There is only one per lifetime. When one dies another is born. We don't need materia. We only need to train our magic skills. We are sworn to protect the planet. But you guys stole my job." She turned and stared at Cloud with a smirk. "Hey sorry, but up until yesterday, I thought you were dead. Anyway what happened next." "it managed to knock him out." "That managed to only knock him out! He must be pretty strong!" "No, I had only just learned it, it was pretty weak.

I ran up to my mother only to find her dead. I promised her that I would protect Sapphire and Ruby. And I did. For a year that is.

I was the only one who would stand up to my father. One year after my mother's death I came home to find Sapphire and Ruby being attacked. I came in just as my father brought a metal bar down on Sapphire's left shoulder. She, being the older of the two, thought that she should protect Ruby. I managed to get between Sapphire and the metal bar before she was hit again. It broke my right upper arm and two ribs. In pain, I jumped forward and kicked him in the stomach sending him backwards. I then put a protective barrier around Sapphire and Ruby.

I had to fight him. It was the only way. I managed to knock him to the floor and I was about to shoot another Energy ball at him, yes, Yuffie, they were stronger." She answered the unasked question. "But before I could shoot it Uppsala came into the room with a knife and cut me on the hand." She showed them her left hand. On it there was a strange scar. It started in a small spiral and went, in a straight line from the bottom right to underneath her ring finger. It then wrapped round her finger until it finished in another small spiral underside of her finger at the tip. "She only cut me there." She pointed to the straight line between the bottom of her hand to beneath the ring finger. "I managed to shoot the Energy ball, despite the pain" "Why is it...?" "A spiral? Because, in the ancient prophecy, it says if 'the one who cannot be defeated' cuts the chosen one it will grow into... well this! I went to fight my sister but as I went to hit her she disappeared. When I saw my scar grow I knew that she had magic too.

I ran to my other sisters to find that Sapphire had been knocked out. I took the barrier away and asked Ruby what had happened she told me everything about how it started and that the metal bar had hit me and Sapphire.

I rushed Sapphire to hospital and got my arm and ribs sorted out. A week later we found out that she couldn't be saved. She had to be killed. They said they had tried everything. Ruby... Ruby was... she felt like she was responsible... because, well, Sapphire died trying to save her. I tried everything to get her to stop blaming herself... but inside I felt responsible. I wasn't there to save them before it was to late.

As if that wasn't bad enough 3 months later I heard Ruby's scream. I ran downstairs and into the room to find that once again my father was attacking Ruby. Just as I was about to save her Uppsala came in and sent a Fire ball at me. It hit the side of my face. I put a protective barrier around Ruby and started to fight Uppsala.

I heard a scream and turned to see I had not only put the barrier around Ruby, but my father as well. She couldn't escape. I was about to take the barrier away when Uppsala kicked me in the stomach and sent me flying back. I heard another scream I looked again and saw Ruby's body on the floor and my father looking at his blood covered hands, smiling.

That had done it. Now I was pissed off. And he had killed everyone I had ever cared about and he knew it, he loved it.

I summoned all the strength I had and formed the biggest Energy ball I could. I shoot it at Uppsala. It had blown up the wall or most of it anyway. I saw Uppsala use all the strength she had to disappear. I turned to look at my father, who was still smiling, and started to drain the energy from him. I then realised that it would be more 'fun' to kick him about a bit, let him know what it's like to get beaten up for once. I stopped draining and took the barrier off him. I kicked him in the stomach and lifted him up a bit then backhanded him in the face. I kicked him ion the stomach again. I could have killed him but then I would be stooping to his level and there had been too many deaths. I turned and started to leave when... 'Are you just going to walk out. Beating me about a bit is justice for killing your mother and sisters. Come now Celta, I thought you had more in you.' I turned round and shoot an Energy ball at him flinging him into the nearest wall. Walking up to him I said... 'Nothing is even near justice to what you did except killing you...' 'Then why don't you?' I hit him 'Shut the fuck up! I'm not killing you because I'm not you, I don't kill innocent people, not that you are innocent, but I don't wanna stoop to your level.' I hit him again and knocked him unconscious.

I ran over to Ruby's body. Crouching down I picked her up and hugged her. I had learned to hide my feelings, all of them except for anger, but now it didn't matter. After my mother's death, I had promised Sapphire and Ruby that one day, when I was officially old enough to look after them, we would run off and start again. After Sapphire's death I was more determined to run off and start again. I would often tell Ruby what it would be like. But now it was pointless. I promised her something I couldn't give her.

Law or not, I ran, with Ruby in my arms and some items, I ran to the place I buried my mother and Sapphire. I buried Ruby, apologised to my mother for breaking my promise to look after my sisters, I apologised to ruby and Sapphire for not being able to protect them long enough to take them away from the Hell we grew up in.

Then I ran, I didn't care where, I just ran. After a couple of years I went to sword training. Then once that had finished I disappeared, as far as other people were concerned I had died, but I had been here, only 5 minutes away from my family's graves, no, the ones I could call family." Celta was trying not to cry, but a few tears came out. She looked at her hand. "When It start's the scar will glow, then the time has come for that who lies between midday and midnight to save the planet from the one who cannot be defeated."
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