Ok you lot hated the original version of this tale but let me start from the beginning and told you what really happened.

as berry and rey stroll through the beautiful field berry tells funny story's about the past and said " sometimes who we wish we could of been the tragic events always has to happen to our family * punches tree through to the other side of the tree * every night I used to come out with Ben and his friends and my friends come out here to beat the crap out of these trees " as berry brings back her hand through the tree trunk rey said " how did he become to hate you so much " then berry said " I...uh...might've...murdered...his...girlfriend" rey said " oh dear god you mus-RUN " then berry ignited her purple lightsabre and rey ignited her blue lightsabre and berry said " no rey I'm a solo and solo's don't flee from danger " then once berry saw who it was she said " well well look who we have here snoke and his - brother " then snoke said " AWW, that's my line and Lord Ren bring that girl to me and make sure she gives birth to the next generation of sith and do the same to your sister if you feel like it " berry said standing in front of rey " OVER MY DEAD BODY " Kylo knocks her out and cracks his knuckles and hours later they were rescued by Luke,Poe,Finn, chewbacca and jaina berry's twin and berry woke up dizzy and saw rey staring at her and said " I'm sorry I tried but how can he flick me on the head and knock me out " then rey said " he done you to after me luckily I bite his ear like you told me " then berry said " within days we might find out we're carrying his children but if anyone asks about my say it's Poe's because we slept together last night " then rey said " smart move and you two have been dating for how long and it's getting serious wait is that an ring on your engagement finger " berry said " he asked me last night even though he was on top of me " then rey grabbed a bucket and puked and said " just so you know you're brother done it to me three times and one of those times I was in the integration chair and I'm three days pregnant 3PO scanned me last night and told me how far I was " then berry said " *sighs* I guess you and my brother are ment to be in a unusual way * walks to balcony * you see it used to be so simple it was a galaxy I understood I didn't know what I didn't know and life seemed pretty good but then * starts singing * he turned against my family and friends including himself he doesn't know how I feel so badly that I'm the one being punished for the betrayal I done i regret calling him names and being so mean towards him if my whole family can hear I want to say IM SO SORRY " then she turned around and rey hugged her and said " will you help me get through this " then berry said " why don't you try and stop me so how was he with you " then rey looked out towards the window and said scared for her life " he's still here isn't he * berry nods * he isn't leaving he must of heard you " th Poe stormed in and said " berry, Rey you might want to see this please follow me " then as they ran outside berry held Rey's hand and said " stay by my side at all costs and it'll be fine " then they saw a dead body and berry said while crying " JAINA JAINA * falls to knees * NOOO WHO DID THIS " then Liea ran and fell through her knees right next to berry and Rey knelt down and everyone did the same then berry said " who ever did this should of done it to me and mother lets say the words " then everyone said kneeling on their knees " she was a good friend and daughter and now she is with her loved ones above and not a day shall pass that we don't miss her smile and as Yoda said when gone am I the last of the Jedi you will be but Jaina Solo you will be gone but never forgotten because you are one with the force and the force is with you in the underworld good bye my loyal friend " then berry looked up and looked at Poe and at the funeral party Poe said " hey berry come here we just want to talk to you " then berry walked towards Poe, Finn,Rey and Luke and said " what is it " then Poe said " I have heard from rey that your might be pregnant " then berry said " look I don't know myself if I am but I might be " then Luke said " well 3PO scan her to see if she is pregnant " after the scan C3-PO said " the results are positive congratulations lady Solo your are 2 days pregnant " then Poe was about to faint when Finn catched him and said " woah easy there buddy " then Liea said " wait I'm having a grandchild berry that is wonderful news " then everyone else jumped then rey said " make that grandchildren Liea " then Liea said " oh god I'm literally going to hug Ben when I see him if he let's me oh Han would of loved to be here to hear the news "