There was a reason why Traci stayed a time zone away from the rest of her family. I don't own Y&R or its' character.

Traci smiled before sipping her wine. This was her third date with Henry Nichols, a new author her firm just signed.

"So you grew up in Wisconsin? Were there dairy farms as far as the eye can see?"

"Actually no. Genoa City is the cosmetics capital of the Midwest-" Traci's phone rang. "I'm sorry. I need to answer this. My family is going through a rough time right. Hello, Jackie. Wait, Ashley did what? She stole Graham's room key and now Dina's upset? Well, that's...okay, I don't know what you want me to do from here. Listen, can I call you later? Yes, love you too." Traci hit end on her phone. "Where were we?"

"Make-up for cows," Henry said, with a grin.

"Ah. Well, Dad was based in Chicago for a while but he wanted to go back home to raised us. So he started Jabot."


"John was my father's first name and having two t's was obvious. So Jabot. My brother grew up saying it was his company, since his name was on it."

"Jack is actually John," Henry said.

"We're up to the fourth, my nephew Johnny. So Dad moved us to-" There was a buzzing noise. Traci sighed, looking at the caller id, hit ignore. "Dad came home and raised us."

"It's ok if you need to get that."

"Yeah, I really don't. It's fine," Traci had no need to talk to her big sister at the moment.

"What about your mother? Was she also from Genoa City? " Henry asked.

"No, she's-" Traci's phone rang again. "She's calling me right now. Anyway, Dina was from Chicago and actually she just resurfaced this year."

"Traci, do you want to reschedule, so you can deal with this?"

"No, I really, really don't. But they won't stop calling. I'll call you tomorrow. I'm sorry. Please, let me pick up the check. It's the least I can do," Traci said, getting up from the table.

"No, you've got enough on your plate. Don't worry about this," Henry said.

"Right. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

An hour later.

"Do you know why Traci's calling us for a conference call? It's unusual for her," Ashley said, biting her lip.

"I don't know. Oh, she had a date with that new author tonight. I wonder how that went," Jack said.

"Yeah, she was kinda short with me on the phone. Oh, I probably interrupted her dinner. I hope I didn't wreck the night for her."

"Well, she was a bit snippy with me when I called tonight," Jack said, as both his and Ashley's phones lit up. "We should answer right?"

"I don't want to," Ashley said, shaking her head, adamantly.

"Yeah, we're going to get yell at. We can ignore it, right?"Jack asked.

"I think we should just get it over with. Hey, Traci! How are you?" Ashley asked, brightly.

Later Jack and Ashley remarked that it had been decades since they heard their sweet, mild-mannered baby sister used that kind of language. At least, Traci mentioned she still loved them before ending the call.

"And they wondered why I don't leave New York for Wisconsin more often?" Traci muttered to herself after hanging up.