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'There is no shame in fear, my Father told me, what matters is how we face it'

- Jon Snow to Samwell Tarly


He went to leave his room, but he found himself pausing as he reached the door. He went to run a hand over his faithful direwolf's fur but of course his hand touched only air. Ghost was smaller now, and it would take him a while to reach the size he had been. Jon knew he would grow even larger than he had been in the past as the years went on and Jon would ensure that Ghost was by his side always, he had made the mistake of having him locked up too often at Castle Black, no matter where he went he would not do so again.

He turned around then, as he had paused for a reason. He adjusted his furs, for they were lighter and a little roomier than his old Castle Black furs and took some getting used to, and opened this new mysterious, yet helpful book. He flipped to the quests section and selected the top two: visiting his mother's statue 'your mother' and confronting his father … well uncle 'an uncle's wsidom'. He knew that finding out the truth from his uncle was more important and yet he couldn't help but head for the crypts. The pull to go there, to see his mother's final resting place … it was too strong to resist.

He couldn't stop himself, and so he moved quickly to get there. He had just found out about his heritage, it felt right to go to the crypts and pay his respects before anything else. And not just that, but he wanted to meet his mother, even if it were only her grave. How could he possibly ignore that?

And so, he walked to the crypts. His room was a little more tucked away, thanks to Lady Stark of course. Because he was further away from his siblings rooms he had often sneaked into them when younger for sleepovers but his uncle's wife had soon put a stop to that, at least she thought she had, in reality Robb had just grown sneakier.

He felt a surge of anger than as he thought of Lady Catelyn. All his life she had treated him with disgust, contempt, anger, and it was unjustified! He was not the symbol of her husbands' disgrace if anything he were a symbol of her husband's honour. Eddard Stark had taken him in, sacrificed his own personal honour to protect him. Jon understood now, why his uncle had done what he had done, it had been to save him. He was a Targaryen after all (gods that was weird), and that was a dangerous thing to be, especially in a world ran by the Baratheon's and Lannister's.

Jon thought then, what date was it? And his eyes widened as he realised. Judging by Ghost's size, and as he passed the kitchens, he saw a calendar on the walls, it was only a few weeks until the King would come to Winterfell! Another realisation smacked him as soon as the first one had, the King, his uncle's best friend … the king had killed his biological father, murdered him at the trident.

This was a lot to take in, a lot to understand and Jon felt a bit unsettled. It had been easier being a bastard! But no, his entire life he had wanted to not be a bastard, and now he had gotten his wish. He also would never deny his heritage, from his mother … and father.

Still, the anger was there, and Jon knew he had to be careful. He may look like a boy, but he had the mind of the man he had become. He had to be careful to keep his temper in check and not give anything away. With a nod he made his way to the crypts, hand on his sword. He knew he had to be careful now, more so than ever to not reveal what had happened to him, but it was hard. It was difficult not to go ranting into his uncle's room. Yes, Lord Stark had been protecting him, he understood that, but it didn't make the past treatment of him go away.

He had been treated as a second-class citizen, and he resented that. But then he considered, would he be who he was if he hadn't lived the life he had? Ugh, that made his brain hurt and he shook his head as he reached the crypts. He had much to think on, much indeed, but for now he had something more important to do.

The crypts stood in front of him, dark, the direwolf statues guarding it. He took a deep breath, and stepped inside, down the stairs and further down, the air growing stale, the light soon gone, and torches lit the way. He was here.

It didn't take him long to find her statue, and as he stepped in front of it, he felt tears prick at his eyes. She had clearly been beautiful. His uncle barely spoke of Lyanna, but he had spoke of her beauty and he could see that reflected in the carving. The candles around her flickered, and on her palm sat a winter rose, dead now, but he didn't move it. He would come down soon and replace it with a fresh one, that he promised himself. A tear trickled down his cheek then.

Here was the woman he had been searching for his entire life, his mother. He had dreamed of her, wondered about her, thought constantly about what she might be like, and here she was. She was here, but she was nothing but bones in the ground now, she, her soul was long gone. He felt a wetness at his cheeks, more tears, and once they started, they became difficult to stop.

And so, in the loneliness of the crypts Jon Snow sobbed.

He sobbed not just for his mother, whom he'd never known and never would, but he sobbed for all he had lost in his past life. Not just his siblings, but for Ygritte, his brothers at the Wall. He sobbed for the life he had lived and the life that had been taken from, that he likely wouldn't live again. He knew that in coming back his life would be different, any decisions he made would change thing. Just knowing his heritage and soon confronting his uncle about it would likely lead him down a different path.

Would he ever get to meet Ygritte? Or laugh with Sam? Spar with Gren? Teach Pyp how to hold a shield? And Ed how to smile? Tears trickled down his cheeks as he thought of the life he had lost.

For over an hour Jon didn't move, he kneeled at the base of his mother's statue, by her bones and he sobbed, Ghost at his side, ever faithful, and his wolf howled with him as he felt the tears consume him.

After some time, Jon managed to rise to his feet, hands shaking. He wiped at his eyes, and as he did, he felt a warmth at his chest, and he realised the book was heating gently. He opened it and a silver glow shined again, and words painted in the air in front of him.

Quest Completed!

Your Mother

Visit your mother's statue in the crypts.

Reward: 100XP.

Current XP: 100/1000

He slipped the book back into the inner pocket of his furs. He wiped again at his eyes and the last of his tears were gone. He rested a hand gently on the stone that represented his mother's face, cupped her cheek and resisted the urge to cry again, "I'll visit soon, I promise" He said gently, his voice seeming so loud in the silence of the crypts. He nodded again, almost to her before he turned away, Ghost following behind him without a sound as he made his way to the surface.

He appeared in the courtyard again and realised just how long he had lingered in the crypts. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the morning light and he saw he had missed breakfast, for the courtyard was busy and the great hall emptying. It was okay, he wasn't too hungry, he had too much going on his head to want food.

Still, he was late and as he looked around, he knew his siblings … or rather cousins would be in their lessons, as he should be. That was good though, not the missing lessons part for he knew Maester Luwin would make the next lessons twice as hard to make up for it, but it was good that the time of day meant his uncle would be in his solar. As much as he wished to see his family alive and well, he knew he had to sort out the current situation first.

And so, to his uncle's solar he went.

He strode through the courtyard, head down but with determination. He only came to a pause outside as a thought dawned on him. How was he supposed to explain his newfound information regarding his heritage? He had perhaps been too rash in coming over. He had one hand ready to knock when he realised, he couldn't go barging in without an explanation to what he now knew. For a moment he wracked his brains, coming up empty, but was distracted instantly as he heard voices behind the wood.

"Has anyone seen him?" It was his uncles voice, sounding strained, worried even, and as he heard Lady Stark scoff in response it wasn't hard to guess what they were discussing.

"No, and good riddance" Of course it was about him and Jon felt that same anger bubble up in his stomach. He clenched his hand around his sword (it felt good to have castle forged steel at his hip but god he missed Longclaw).

He felt a warmth against his chest then, the book! That distracted him from Lady's Starks cruel words for a moment and he quickly retrieved it from his pocket. The words appeared in front of him again before settling on the page.

Quest Alert!

New Quest: Obtain a Valyrian Steel sword.

The possible sword's you may obtain are as follows;

Longclaw – Quest: The Nights Watch.

Dark Sister – Quest: Egg.

Blackfyre – Quest: The Merchant.

Reward: A Valyrian Steel sword, and +10 to Valyrian Steel skill, +10 reputation with all people (excluding pacifists), +1000 XP.

Failure: -20 to Valyrian Steel skill, -1 AGI, -1 LUC.

This is an active quest; active quests are ongoing and do not have to be selected, thus they are hard to fail. Failure will only be determined if the quest becomes impossible to achieve.

His eyebrows shot up as he read over the chunk of writing. A failure on this seemed awful and yet the success bonuses were great. He knew it would feel odd fighting without Longclaw again, for he had gotten so used to Valyrian steel. It was just different, lighter, easier to manoeuvre and much more deadly. He remembered then, hadn't something in the book earlier said something about him finding Valyrian steel easier than other?

He quickly flipped back and found the passage under his Targaryen heritage, 'Valyrian Steel Perk (you can spot Valyrian steel with ease/you have a slightly higher chance of finding it, +10 to this skill)'. Hmm, that meant he had a higher chance of finding the type of weapon he favoured so. He had also unlocked the map of the North, and the attribute 'Home is the Heart' allowed him to see Valyrian steel spots. He hadn't looked at the map yet, but he realised Valyrian steel may be easier to find.

He heard voices on the other side of the door again and forced himself to put the book away. He could look into this stuff later, yes it was an important quest, but he had no urgency in doing it now, for now there were more pressing matters.

"Cat, I know you don't like having him…" His uncle began to speak again, but he was cut off swiftly by the angry voice of his wife.

"You are damn right I don't like having him here" He could hear the rage in her voice, Jon knew she truly despised him, "He is the product of your deceit, your collusion with some southern women!" She hissed and at that Jon felt it was enough. Before another word was said he couldn't stop himself from storming inside. He shoved open the door and walked in, seething with anger, a sullen glare on his face, and his hand still gripped the hilt of his sword.

In the past he never would have been this bold, but now? Now Jon had it in him.

Lady Stark turned, her glare worsening as she trained it on him. His uncle however looked relieved, before worry took over his expression. Jon continued to look sullen, to glare, but then his expression softened into confusion a little.

He felt the book at his chest heat again and then he saw writing appear in a beam of light over both his uncle's and Lady Stark's heads. His eyes widened as he quickly read what the writing said. The light was the same silver as in the book, with the same script, though easier to read.


Eddard Stark.

Your Uncle.


Relationship: 70/100.


Catelyn Stark (nee Tully)

Your Aunt.


Relationship: -60/100

He took the information in quickly. The first thing he wondered was as to why he couldn't see their levels, and just as quickly as that thought popped into his head did, he feel the book warm at his chest again. He couldn't open it now and resolved to check later, but instead the silver light came in front of him again, and the words appeared in front of him. Evidently the book didn't need to be opened to display stuff, well that was useful.

Quest Alert!

New Quest: Understanding the Rise.

Reach Level 5 to unlock player's levels.

Reward: You can see any players level (unless they are hidden for a specific reason), +50 XP.

Failure: Players levels will remain hidden to you.

Well that quest seemed hard to fail, and the reward was useful. All he had to do was level up, which was something he would think about later. After about 20 seconds the words and light flickered and then disappeared altogether. His gaze moved to the words above his uncle and Lady Stark then.

Once again, he looked at the information above their heads. He was pleased with his relationship with his uncle, and he was unsurprised at his relationship level with Lady Stark. She was open in how much she despised him, he resented her for it, though even more now when he knew of the truth. It did make him realise then; he should probably confront his uncle about the truth in front of his wife. He never expected a close relationship with her, nor did he want one, but if she knew the truth then perhaps, she would stop trying to get rid of him and treating him with such blatant hostility.

The lights and writing flickered then and disappeared, clearly, they would only be viewable for a short amount of time which was useful, for they were very distracting.

"Jon, where have you been?" His uncle spoke first, worry threaded in his tone, and he watched as Lady Stark crossed her arms, "And why are you carrying weapons? You're missing your lessons, were you hunting?" He was jerked from his thoughts by his Uncle's words.

"Jon where have you been?" His uncle spoke first, Lady Stark only glared with crossed arms, "And why are you carrying weapons? Were you out hunting?"

"Let him hunt" Lady Stark said with a nasty sneer, "What does he need of lessons? He will never be a Lord"

Jon ignored her then and turned to the man he had believed to be his father. He looked that serious face, that was threaded with kindness. He loved Eddard Stark and always would, but he felt hurt, hurt that his uncle had kept the truth from him for so long.

'When I return, we'll talk about your mother'

He remembered those words, on the Kingsroad as they had parted. Would he have told him if he'd ever come back from the Capitol? Jon didn't know, but he was not waiting that long this time.

"No I wasn't hunting" He said with a shake of his head, he needed to approach the situation calmly, and he strived to, but it was difficult, "U…father, I need to talk to you about something important" He said, he watched as his uncle glanced at his wife, and yet she only glared, she would not leave unless she was told. Good, Jon wanted her to know.

"What is it Jon?" His uncle was quiet, and Jon could see the worry on his face.

"Who is my mother?" He said, taking a step forward. He didn't spare Lady Catelyn a glance, his eyes fixed and focused on the man who had raised him. He saw doubt and worry flicker in his gaze.

"Jon, now is hardly the time..."

"Now is the time" He cut him off, used to hearing such a phrase. Jon had often asked about his mother when he was a boy and his uncle would always use that same phrase. "I need you to tell me, I need to know" He said. He was unsure how to carry on, but he took a deep breath and he knew then, he knew that if he wanted the truth he could not back down, he had to push through what his uncle would try to hide, and there was only one way to do that.

"I know you're not my father" He said, and he ignored Lady Stark's gasp of shock. He saw his uncle's eyes widen, and he knew immediately that the book told the truth, and Jon had to consider if it were telling the truth about this then likely everything else in it was the truth too. He could see the guilt and worry and fear in Eddard Stark's eyes, the book had spoken true.

"Cat, you need to leave" Eddard spoke through gritted teeth, and he strode around the desk, stood behind it and rested his palms on the wood, every line in his body tense. "Now" He saw Lady Stark glare harder then, shake her head, she did not move.

"No, what is the boy talking about?" She said, anger evident in her tone and expression, "Tell me, I will not be deceived!"

"The boy is stood right here" Jon said, his tone harsh for he could not resist, "Uncle" He paused then and he saw Eddard Stark almost crumple, he leaned back from the table then and his head fell to his hands, "Let her stay, perhaps if she knows the truth she won't treat a motherless child like dirt on her shoe" He spoke boldly and harshly, and he watched as she looked shocked at his harsh words, but he didn't care, his focus was for his uncle.

"Fine" His uncle said, sensing this was a fight he would lose if he tried. Instead he indicated to two chairs in front of him, "Sit both of you, but not a word of what I say leaves this room, do you understand?" He did not raise his voice, he didn't' need to, his tone and words indicated he would not be challenged, and both Jon and Lady Stark nodded before taking a seat.

Jon moved his seat away from his uncle's wife before he sat down, and he ignored the surprise on her face. Evidently, she was shocked he was standing up for himself, as before he had taken her harshness with a bowed head and not a word, but not this time, not again.

"Ned" She spoke softly then, "Just tell us, please" His uncle gave her a glance before he nodded, and then he turned his full attention to his nephew.

"First, how did you find out?" He asked, and Jon knew he needed an explanation. For a moment he considered showing him the book, but no, it was too much. He did not want to be called a mad man, sent to the Citadel for his own safety. He knew the book would be too difficult to explain and misconstrued as his own insane ramblings. No, it was his secret, and he resolved then it would stay that way. Part of him knew, somehow that the book was meant for him, and him alone.

He wracked his brain for a moment or two, and then the answer came to him in an instant. It was a risk, but a calculated one with good odds. And so, he stood up from his chair, and made his way over to the fire.

Sure, he hadn't tested this theory, but the book had said it hadn't it? It had said he was fire resistant due to his Targaryen and Valyrian heritage, it should work. The book had been right about everything else so far…surely it would be right about this too? Not that he really had a choice now, he needed an explanation. And so, with a deep breath he crouched down near the fire, removed his glove, and placed his bare right hand in the flames. He turned to ensure his uncle and Lady Stark could both see, his naked hand in the flames.

"What are you doing?" Lady Stark cried out, and he heard her hand up abruptly from her chair, the wood scraping on the floor. His uncle too had jumped to his feet, but he held up his other hand to stop them approaching and plunged his hand completely into the fire.

With a sigh of relief there was nothing. It felt warm, a little ticklish even, but there were no burns. He flexed his fingers and nothing. No skin peeled off; his skin wasn't scalded. His skin resisted the burn. He was amazed as he watched the flames dance over his skin. He thought then, back to his previous life … he remembered burning his hand on a lantern he had thrown at a wight, he remembered burning his fingers on a hot pie at Castle Black. He remembered a specific instance in which he and Robb had snuck into the kitchens for a midnight snack and found Sansa and Arya making lemon cakes. The oven gloves were missing, and they were all hungry, so being young and stupid he and Robb had agreed to pull them out together. They had, and they had both singed fingers as they all laughed and ate lemon cakes.

So, what had changed? Why had it burned then, and it didn't now? Perhaps it was due to the book? He wasn't sure, and he was distracted as he heard his uncle growl behind him.

"God damn Targaryens" He grumbled before he sat back down. Lady Stark was looking at Jon in amazement as he stood, pulled his glove back on and made his way to the chair. As he sat down, he saw holes appear in his glove and he quickly tugged it off. He realised his hand was boiling and contact with the leather of his glove had burned it. Hmm, that was interesting to know. He placed his glove on his lap and held his hand up a little, his uninjured scalding hand, so not to burn anything else.

"This is how you found out then?" His uncle asked and Jon nodded. He watched as his uncle reached under his desk and pulled out a dusty bottle that was only a third full. He grabbed three glasses and poured out three large drinks, though he made one slightly smaller. He handed the smaller one to Lady Stark before he handed the other to Jon. Jon lifted it with a raised eyebrow in his uninjured hand. It was whisky, a hardy northern drink and Jon took a grateful sip. The alcohol warmed his insides. He noticed his uncle down his in one gulp, evidently giving himself some courage before he spoke.

"This stays in this room, no one else" He said with a serious expression as he looked at them both, "Jon you cannot tell anyone, not Robb, not Arya, no one, same goes for you Cat, not your father or brother, no one" Lady Stark nodded and Jon did again, took a deep breath, he already he knew the answer of course but he felt oddly nervous as Lord Stark spoke.

"Jon you're right" He said, pouring himself another measure of drink, and leaning over to top up Jon's and Lady Stark's as he continued, "You are not my son" Lady Stark gasped at that, and Jon ignored her, focused on his uncle, "You are my nephew, you are the son of my dear sister, Lyanna" Jon let out a sigh of relief then, the book had been true, this was the truth, and he dropped his gaze, an overwhelming amount of relief flooding him, he knew the truth.

"But that doesn't…" Lady Stark began before she paused and gasped again, standing to her feet, chair scraping again, "Rhaegar Targaryen" She whispered, and he saw his uncle nod.

He watched as his uncle walked around his desk, and Jon felt a hand placed on his shoulder in comfort, "Yes, Lyanna was your mother Jon, and Rhaegar Targaryen your father" Jon nodded, he knew this already but it was still a relief to get it confirmed, to finally know the truth.

"But is was not as the stories say" Jon looked up then, eyes widening, what? "He loved her, and she loved him" He heard Lady Stark let out a sob and he heard the door go as she fled the room. His uncle ignored her though, focus completely on him, as Jon felt true surprise, his hands starting to shake, he felt a little sick, what?

He remembered then 'a product of love', he had presumed the book to be false or it to mean something else, but no, as his uncle pressed on …

"They loved one another?" Jon asked, his voice quiet then, but he was met with an assured nod from his uncle that made him sit a little straighter.

"They did" He said and Jon saw tears appear in his uncle's eyes then, "And my god your mother loved you, she loved you so, so much" Jon felt tears bite at his own eyes then, "I promised to take care of you, to hide you, to keep you safe. I know, I know I robbed you of so much Jon, your name, heritage, birth right, but know, I did it all to protect you, and would again to keep you safe"

Jon was trembling a little now, but he paused, what? "My birth right?" He asked. It didn't matter if he were a product of love or who his parents were, well obviously they mattered to him, but they would have no effect on his status of a bastard. He remembered the book again though, and yet his head felt scrambled and he couldn't fully remember what it had said, something about a special status? In truth he hadn't believed all of it and so now it was like he was seeing it, hearing it for the first time and he was in shock. "I have none, I'm a bastard"

"No Jon, no you are not" His uncle spoke gravely, and Jon felt a bit dizzy. He leaned forward, to place his elbows on his knees for support as his uncle moved around the desk and poured them both another drink. Jon took his and drank a gulp straight away, as did his uncle.

As he drank, he felt a warmth in his chest again, and though he didn't have time for the book right now he knew he needed to heed whatever it said. It had been right so far! Revealing so much, showing him the truth, he would be a fool not to follow it now, and so as he watched the words appear in front of him, he looked, and part of him wished he hadn't.

Quest Completed!

An Uncle's Wisdom.

Talk to your Uncle Eddard about your parentage.

Reward: 500XP and your SPECIAL STATUS! is now unlocked.



As the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, you will receive bonuses equal to the level of 'notoriety' i.e. you will get more bonuses for the more people who know your status.

Because currently your status is hidden, you receive smaller bonuses.

Bonuses: +1 CHA, +1 LUC, +20 respect with those who know your status. Higher respect from all nobles and commoners. Much lower relationship with other claimants to the Iron Throne.

This unlocks the Quest: Claim what is yours.

Quest Alert!

New Quest: Claiming your right.

Claim your ancestors throne, the Iron Throne for yourself.

Reward: +5000XP, +5 CHA, +5 INT, +5 LUC, Special Status fully unlocked, the crown of Aegon Targaryen will be yours.

Failure: -10 LUC, You will be branded a bastard forever and your claim on the Throne will be lost.

This is an active quest; active quests are ongoing and do not have to be selected, thus they are hard to fail. Failure will only be determined if the quest becomes impossible to achieve.

It was too much to take in, what? As the words disappeared, he felt sick and dizzier than before. He felt like he might fall over, and the alcohol had worsened that. His uncle stood up then and he heard the echo of his name if anything that made it worse. "Jon?" Again, his name, and his uncle moving to him made it worse again, Jon could see two of everything now, and his eyes widened as darkness took over and he hit the floor with a smack.

He awoke not much later, though he knew some time had passed. He was in his room now, on top of his bedsheets, and he could feel a fire roaring in the corner. He was stripped down to breeches and a simple tunic now, and he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He opened his eyes to see his uncle, Lady Stark and Maester Luwin stood at his bed. He adjusted to the light then and groaned. At that, all three adults turned to him.

He sat up, shielding his eyes as they adjusted to the light coming through the window. Once he adjuisted he moved his hand to press at the back of his head. He felt a largish lump there, clearly, he'd hit the floor harder than he had thought.

He looked up at the people in his room then and once again that silver light appeared, and words in the light. He strained his eyes to see as he felt a bit fuzzy. He noted they only appeared over the Maester and Lady Stark, not his uncle, and so he quickly read what it said.


Maester Luwin

The Maester of Winterfell.


Relationship: 40/100

Well it was nice to know he was in the positive with Maester Luwin. He wondered then why Lady Stark's was showing again, his eyes widened as he realised why as he read over the words above her head again.


Catelyn Stark (nee Tully)

Your Aunt.


Relationship: -10/100

Well that was a significant difference. He looked at her then, and noticed she avoided his gaze. He couldn't tell why but he was sure he saw shame in her expression. His mind wandered then, and he remembered the part in the book about his bastard status, evidently his Uncle had explained the truth to his wife, hence the significant change in relationship with her.

However, in Jon's eyes it didn't and wouldn't change too much, he still felt hostile towards her; how could he not? She had treated him like rubbish his entire life! He sensed he'd be getting an apology from her soon, and though he'd accept it, he couldn't imagine them ever having any kind of positive relationship though in truth he'd appreciate a civil one, for the sake of the family.

"Jon are you alright?" His Father said, his voice gentle as he moved around the side of the bed to look down at him.

"Yes u…father" He said, shooting a glance toward Maester Luwin then, did he know?

"Don't worry Jon, I told the good Maester, now four people in the world know, well five if you include Howland Reed" Eddard said, his expression still strained, as he glanced at his wife, again her expression was one of shame and embarrassment.

"He did tell me, and it explain your state" Maester Luwin said, moving forward to place a hand on Jon's forehead, he nodded as he let go, apparently satisfied and not too worried. "Fainted from shock, as I'm sure anyone would in your position" He said with a nod, "Still that lump is nasty, you'll need a day's bed rest or so before you're back to yourself"

It was then he saw the silver light again, and yet he didn't feel the warmth. With panic, he glanced around and saw the book on the bedside table. Thankfully, it was safe. He didn't need to pick it up as words appeared in front of him again.

Quest Alert!

The Old Gods.

Use the Weirwood tree to heal for the first time.

Success: 100XP, full health restored.

Failure: One day's bed rest.

Well that sorted that at least, and yet there was still so much left unsorted in the grand scheme of things.

"Uncle" He said, straining as he fully sat himself up, "What did you mean? When you said I wasn't a bastard?"

It was then his uncle sat down on the bed next to him, his face was weathered, grey peppered his hair, and yet he was still in his prime. He didn't look it now though, he looked tired, drained and Jon again felt a pang of guilt for putting him in that position. Still, it had been necessary, Jon had needed to know, and evidently the book had decided to withhold the full truth. It was helpful yes but didn't give the whole picture. And so, he needed to know it, his uncle looked reluctant to tell the tale, but as Jon looked at him, he pressed on.

"Your mother and father were wed in a secret ceremony, in Dorne" He said, and Jon was sure he would faint again, married?! He managed to focus and gripped the sheets tightly and nodded, he didn't say a word, not wanting his uncle to stop. He needed to know. "Rhaegar set his wife Elia aside for Lyanna, and they married, and then she had you"

"How did…" Jon began but his uncle saved him asking, clearly knowing where it was going.

"She died giving birth to you" He spoke, and Jon saw the tears in his uncle's eyes, he knew they reflected his own. "On her deathbed I promised I would protect you, conceal you from Robert and the Lannister's, and raise you myself" He paused for a second, "That is why I kept all of this from you, to keep the promise, the promise I made my sister, your mother, Lyanna"

"I'm not a bastard then?" Jon asked, his voice so quiet he wasn't sure he'd be heard, it was also thick with tears, tears that ran down his cheeks now, but he wasn't ashamed. He didn't break down as he had in the crypts but he cried, he cried for his mother, and he cried for the truth.

"No" His uncle said again, reaching out to take Jon's hand in his own, in comfort, "Your mother named you Jaehaery's Targaryen, after the longest ruling Targaryen monarch" Eddard said, "Jon was my way of honouring both Jon Arryn and that name a little, with the same first letter, for I couldn't let you have a Targaryen name, it was too dangerous"

Jon nodded at that … Jaehery's, it sounded so strange to him, he would always think of himself as Jon.

"Technically Jon you are the rightful heir to the Iron Throne" His uncle said then, he had clearly never wanted this truth to come to light, especially that last part, with the implications and dangers it held.

Jon couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. First, he had found out about his parentage which had been enough to knock anyone to the floor, but now he was finding out he wasn't a bastard… he was royalty. Sure, the book had told him as much, but to hear it confirmed by his uncle…it was unbelievable. He had thought himself a lowly bastard of the North, and yet he wasn't, technically he should be sat on the Iron Throne. The thought terrified him and gave him a little flare of excitement all at once. The heir to the Iron Throne … raised as a bastard of Winterfell.

"So now you know" His uncle said, his tone filled with grief, "Your mother was my sister, Lyanna, and your father was Rhaegar Targaryen, he..."

"No" Jon said, and he lifted his gaze to his uncle then. He may be a little mad that his heritage had been kept from him for so long, but this man, Lord Stark, Ned, his uncle, had may not be his father in blood, and he would now call him uncle in his mind, but he was the only father Jon had ever had and he had been damn good at it. Eddard Stark had raised him, given him a place in his household, defied conventions by raising a supposed bastard alongside his trueborn children. He had held his hand when he needed a stitch, had stroked his hair as he fought a fever when he had been sick, had yelled at him for being foolish and reckless and had hugged him when he had cried. He had ruffled his hair and hugged him and loved him. Rhaegar Targaryen was his father in blood, but Eddard Stark was his father in name.

"I may call you uncle now, but I will always consider you my father" He said, his tone stronger now, more confident.

He wasn't expecting a hug, and yet as his uncle gruffly pulled him into one Jon gladly accepted it. He didn't want to shed more tears and yet the sob left his lips before he could stop it. He heard Lady Stark and the Maester leave the room then, leaving the two of them, uncle and nephew, surrogate father, and son, holding onto one another.

"I'm glad to know" He said as he pulled back and his uncle nodded the same.

"I'm glad you do Jon" His uncle paused then, to gather his thoughts it seemed before continuing, "But you cannot tell anyone, no one at all, do you understand?" He said, looking directly at him then, his tone serious now, his gaze direct and piercing, "I've spoken to Cat and she understands, she'll treat you better now and she won't ask for your removal from Winterfell" He said with a nod, that reassured Jon some, "We can sort something out for you when you're older, a position here perhaps or your own keep" He was deadly serious it seemed, gripping Jon's shoulders now, insistent, "Make no mistake, if the wrong person finds out about you" He paused then and shook his head, "You'll be in grave danger. You are a threat to the throne, a threat to Robert and a threat to the Lannister's"

"You must not tell anyone Jon, not even your cousins, not your future wife or children, no one" He said, "You must call me father in public, you must not slip up, the danger is too high. I know this robs you of your birth right, but it is too dangerous Jon. I promised my sister, your mother that I would keep you safe, I intend to keep that promise"

"I understand" Jon said, because he did. He knew the danger he was in now, and he knew things had to remain the same. He could hardly make a claim for the throne now! He had to be more careful now, more careful than before, now he knew the truth.


He glanced over at the cabinet then, at the book lying innocently on it. He thought of all it had revealed and the quest it had given him, 'claiming your right'. Clearly the book did not want things to remain the same, for him to follow the path he had before. Did that mean going to the Wall was lost to him now? No, it was still an option … but was it the right option? With a pang he thought of Ygritte … what if he never met her? So much to consider. He was yanked from his thoughts however as his uncle shook his shoulders.

"I'm serious Jon" He said, his gaze threaded with fear now, "Promise me, promise me now"

"I promise" He said, and he saw the reassurance wash over his uncle's expression. Jon nodded, for now he would keep his promise, he would not endanger his family, that was a promise he made to himself.

And yet, he couldn't keep that promise forever. He thought about the quest again, of that tendril of excitement at the prospect. He had been in power once, as Lord Commander, and it had been good, it had felt good, he wondered then what the throne might feel like … no, he was getting ahead of himself. He could never claim the throne, and yet he had a fire in him he hadn't had before. And so, though he had promised his uncle, he rephrased it in his head.

'I promise to never allow my heritage to bring you harm'

That would have to be good enough.

Current Quests:
Remember you will always have three quests that can be completed, active quests DO NOT count.

Martial Prowess.

Defeat Robb in a fight.

Success: 100XP, 5 Gold Dragons.

Failure: -5 Gold Dragons.


The Old Gods.

Use the Weirwood tree to heal for the first time.

Success: 100XP, full health restored.

Failure: One day's bed rest.


Bond with Ghost.

Train Ghost in 5 simple commands.

Success: +10 relationship with Ghost, +5 Animal Knowledge, 100XP.

Failure: -5 relationship with Ghost.


Understanding the Rise.

Reach Level 5 to unlock player's levels.

Reward: You can see any players level (unless they are hidden for a specific reason), +50 XP.

Failure: Players levels will remain hidden to you.


Obtain a Valyrian Steel sword (ACTIVE)

The possible sword's you may obtain are as follows;

Longclaw – Quest: The Nights Watch!

Dark Sister – Quest: Egg.

Blackfyre – Quest: The Essos Merchant.

Reward: A Valyrian Steel sword, and +10 to Valyrian Steel skill, +10 reputation with all people (excluding pacifists), +1000 XP.

Failure: -20 to Valyrian Steel skill, -1 AGI, -1 LUC.


Claiming your right (ACTIVE)

Claim your ancestors throne, the Iron Throne for yourself.

Reward: +5000XP, +5 CHA, +5 INT, +5 LUC, Special Status fully unlocked, the crown of Aegon Targaryen will be yours.

Failure: -10 LUC, You will be branded a bastard forever and your claim on the Throne will be lost.

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