"He...ay?" A muffled voice said from down the hall. I slowly sat up, my hair standing on end. My heart was beating so furiously it hurt.

A slow creaking told me my door was being opened. Oh god. I thought, quickly turning off the TV. The living room was thrown into darkness, which jolted my boyfriend awake.

"Wha-" he started, but I clamped my hand over his mouth, signaling for him to be quiet. Feet slowly shuffled towards us. His eyes widened.

Taking a deep breath, I whispered for him to stay where he was. He objected but I told him to stay. Making my decision, I silently stood and let my focus sharpen. Down the hall, to the right, coming our way.

I strode towards them, waiting for them to get close enough so they could see me. Ten feet, five feet, three, two, now. I stepped around the corner and squared my feet. The intruders stopped and gasped.

"Stay quiet and we won't hurt you." One of them said, stepping forward. I glared at both and took a deep breath.

The first guy got closer, but my boyfriend rounded the corner and ran smack into him. "Cade! No!" I shouted.

He stood up and punched the first guy. I went after the second, punching him so hard he immediately fell unconscious. "Cade! Please, stop! Let me handle this!" I said, grunting as I pulled him off the assailant.

"Jesse, stop. Go call the cops." He said, turning to face me. His face paled as thunder boomed in my ears. Slumping forward, he revealed the intruder, with a gun in his hands.

I set him against the wall and charged at the guy. Roaring angrily, I punched him until he fell. Rushing back to Cade, I cradled him in my arms. His heart rate was slowing, his breaths shallow and ragged.

"No, no, no, please." I whispered, gripping his hand. Dark lines passed under my skin, his pain. I gasped, loosening my grip. His breaths evened out as he whispered to me.

"I-I'm so-sorry." He coughed wetly.

Fumbling for my phone, I called the cops. And ambulance was on the way. "Cade, Cade, baby, please hold on. The medics will be here." I sobbed.

He angled his head so he could see me. "I," he coughed. "I love you, don't-don't you for-forget that." He smiled weakly as the life drained from his eyes. They glassed over, shielding the beautiful, chocolate brown orbs from me forever.

"No!" I screamed, sobbing hysterically. I threw my head back and roared so long and loud it hurt. The sound was filled with pain, sorrow and vengeance. I gripped him and didn't let go, even as the medics arrived.

They had to literally wrench his dead body from my grip, cursing while doing so. The shooter was wheeled past, handcuffed to the gurney with cops flanking him.

Two deputies approached me, trying to ask questions. I couldn't answer. My throat hurt, my everything hurt. The love of my life was viciously wrenched from me. I stared shaking, from anger.

The other attacked stirred, muttering something about a beacon. And something called a 'benefactor' and how he wouldn't be happy.