Chapter 1: The subject: Is Mulder good in bed?

Notes: English it's not my first language.


Mulder and Scully were keeping their relationship secret at work. Their relationship outside of the Bureau is something that belongs only to them and nobody else. Sometimes I wondered if it was easy for them to see each other every day and not be able to kiss, caress or even hug. But when it comes to Mulder and Scully the word discretion is what can describe the couple well. Once Scully told me that sometimes they flee from work at lunchtime and went to his house or hers to have a moment alone, and when the cases not consumed their minds completely, they used to spend the night together.

"How is your relationship with Mulder going?" I asked after hearing the conversation of Scully on the phone. It was Saturday night and I was visiting her.

When I started working for the X-Files, two years ago, Mulder and Scully received me very well. In the beginning it wasn't easy to win the trust of these two agents, but as time goes by and with my total dedication to the cases where my assistance was requested we finally become good friends.

"Good." Scully said without further details in the response while she folded the clothes that she had just brought to the bedroom.

That's my friend Dana, always very reserved when it comes to her personal life. A proof of this fact is that Scully kept secret and not told me anything when she began to get involved romantically with Mulder — almost a year ago. However, as a good observer that I am, I was noticing some changes in her behavior and not failed to notice that something new was happening in Scully's life. So I felt the right not to leave her alone until she told me what was going on.

"I like Mulder. And I like to see how he is making you happy." I said sitting on the edge of the bed looking Scully put some clothes in the drawer.

I really feel happy for them. Mulder is making Scully very happy, in a way that she wasn't in a long time. I always say that Mulder is a lucky guy to have the love of a woman like Scully. From what I observed since the first day I met this couple of agents; their enviable partnership, trust and care for each other, I dare to say that they probably fell in love since they first met.

"Yeah…" I heard she sighs thoughtfully. "He's an amazing guy." she turned to me and couldn't hide that kind of smile that always shows up on face of who is madly in love.

Being a little indiscreet, I took advantage of the sight of the silly smile and took the conversation to a more intimate setting.

"Is he good in bed?" I asked. I could not hold my curiosity. "He seems to be the type who gets wild in bed." I teased her already expecting to see the usual disapproval look on her face.

I had to hold the laughter when I saw Scully rolling her eyes. She didn't say anything, just placed the empty basket of clothes on the floor and walked out of the bedroom clearly running away as she let out a little smile on her lips.

"Hey!" I yelled getting up the bed walking to the redhead. "You can't run from my question."

Scully continued walking towards the kitchen.

"I am not running away from anything."

"Come on, Dana. There's nothing wrong with talking about sex. You need to change your puritan side, you know?"

Scully chuckled softly to herself. She was having fun seeing my need to know the details of her sexual life. She paused for a moment on the doorway of the kitchen and turned slightly to me.

"Who said that I have a puritan side?"

Sometimes I used this word to describe the behavior of Scully when she didn't want to talk about her college boyfriends, or some guy who was trying to win her. The truth is that Scully has nothing puritan about her personality; she's just a reserved person and has never been the type that talks about her intimate life with anyone. I knew that, of course, but I loved teasing her.

As she entered the kitchen Scully opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine.

"Then answer my question, Dana. Is he good in bed or not?" I insisted even more curious than before as I watched Scully pick up a glass in the cupboard and then pour the drink inside it.

"He is wonderful!" Scully finally says, unable to continue holding the words. "Are you happy now?" she glanced at me as she drank a bit of wine and made the way towards the couch.

"I knew it!" I said following her down the hall. I was starting to feel like a pet running after his owner. "I'm never mistaken about these things." Scully couldn't hold the giggles seeing my excitement, and then I found myself sitting next to her on the couch asking again. "Have you two had sex at the office? Sometimes you leave too late."

"Oh boy, here we go again..." she sighs. The subject makes Scully get a little shy. She took more of the wine almost emptying the glass this time. "You're not going to leave me alone, are you?" she stared at me with false anger.

"We're friends, Dana. And friends talk about these things, I always tell you everything."

It is true. I always share everything about my life with Scully and never feel shy about it. To Scully it is the opposite, talking about these kinds of things always makes her embarrassed. It's funny to see the faint blush to her cheeks; I was amusing myself with the situation, in fact.

"No, Monica. Friends do not always talk about all these things." she said, and then took the remote and turned the TV on. "Now let's forget about this, okay?" her tone this time was incisive making it clear that the conversation needed to end there.

"Okay, party pooper." I made a slight frown and then smiled. And so the matter was closed.