i snuggle closely to my pillow waiting to smell the rose smell like I have everyday but this is different its smells like soap and sunlight not that a sunlight has a smell really but if it did and then i heard a faint banging sound under me like a heartbeat and my pillow moving up and down,suddenly i became aware of the strong hand on my waist that suddenly drew me closer i opened my eyes slowly and find a bare chest with a golden skin oh god please not him not him

I raise my head slowly and shit its him the boy with the golden hair stupid jace and before I do anything I scream out of extinct

he open his eyes quickly and move his free hand as if looking for something when he don't he flip us and put his hands in my throat

he look me dead in the eye for a moment and I stare in his golden eyes I can see faint blue behind it

he took off his hands of my throat and grins at me"well we meet again"

"its not like I had a choice you kidnapped me right you and your crazy gang"

"wow wow slow down little girl" he say as his eyes widen"I did not kidnap you and I don't have a gang why will I do that"

"isn't it pretty obvious I witnessed your crime last night and I have a name "

he put his elbow next to me and lean on"how many times do I need to repeat till you get it was a demon"

my anger rose more how could he say so I saw him kill that blue head man"I don't care whatever you say just get off me I'm leaving" I give him a big push and get up of his bed taking my way to the door

"wait!"I turn around impatiently but I see worry in his eyes"this is not my room and I never saw it before"wait what?

"are you seriously talking?"

"I am do you know the room?"

I look around black bed yellow walls ,a bathroom?"nope"

he looked alarmed and jump of bed"shit I guess we are kidnapped"

"you guess really I'm going out" but as I step closer to the door I find a letter hanging on it I took it and look at jace worridely and start to read

dear Clary fray and Jace Wayland

I'm so sorry for what happened we didn't intend to let the two of you in such an uncomfortable sitution its not our fault we just putted you to bed and the two of you wrapped in each others arm but sorry again there is a reason for both of you to be in the same room there is others here don't worry we didn't want this to happen but know you both that we are trying to save a lot of lifes here so try to go with what I say both of you has a bag here you can change and go down the big living room there is another letter with Luke garroway will explain everything now don't do anything stupid you will regret

I finish reading and look blankly at the paper what the hell does that mean

"so I suppose your name is Clary"


he point to the paper"your name written there"

"are you seriously talking is this some joke to you? we are kidnapped!and you are asking about my damn name!"i snapped at him but he kept a calm face

"Clary darling calm down you go change and then we will go down to find out everything"

"I don't take orders from you"

he take a deep breath and catch my shoulders"do you wanna get out of here alive then you have to listen to me I'm trained for such cases now tell me do you know this Luke?"

I nod my head slowly"my mother's friend"

"good now go change"

I look at him one last time before I jog to the bathroom what did I get myself into

when I'm out I find Jace liying on the bed looking at the ceiling he look so peaceful I step slowly and call for him"Jace?"

he open his eyes and raise his head to look at me"finally I thought you died there"and here goes the peaceful face

he get up and I notice for the first time his musculed chest he must train a lot and he have a lot of tattoos hmmmm"clary?"shit what did he said now stop it Clary stop staring

I force my eyes up and find him grinning at me"like what you see?"

I sighed and walk my way to the door"Clary wait I think you should wait for me"

"and why is that?"

"well there is a lot of reasons I'm sure you want to see me after I shower and look at my chest touch my ribs and tell me how hot am I" and just as he finished I throw a pillow at him that he catches easily

"how more arrogant can you be more than this?" and as he open his mouth I stop him"don't you dare I don't wanna know now go!"

his mouth switches to a wide smile and he enters the bathroom the sound of his laugh is heard from the room

I sit down at the bed thinking what the hell is going on with me I don't know Jace yet he is attractive I don't know something drew me to him and what it is scarrier is that all what he said is true"stop it Clary stop it you have to concentrate on finding a way out of here Jace is no one"but is he?

I can hear loud noises from down the stairs Jace grab my hand which I'm thank full for and when we get down the stairs there is too much caoas there was three different groupe of people one wearing black and talking quitely the second are fighting and the third I can see in the rest of Jace's gang and mum and Luke

i ran at my mother as fast as I can and she hug me hard"mum what's going on? where are we?why are we here?"

"I'm not sure clary yet just wait bit"

"jace!!"the girl Isabelle as I recall hugged Jace so do Alec

" were you both in the same room?"

isabelle shake her head as a no"somebody stupid put me with that dorky mundane in the same bed"

i look past her to where she pointed and I shout"Simon!"and I hug him

"Clary?what are you doing here?"

"i don't know"

"hola you!" I look at Isabelle and she give me a fake smile"Hodge still want to see you"

"hodge?what are you talking about?" my mum come from behind me with a worried look on her face

"hodge is our teacher" Alec spoke for the first time hmm and I thought he was too shocked but maybe he don't talk much

"mum its nothing these stupid are in a gang and they saw me yesterday that's it I won't be surprised if we're here because of them"

"a gang?" Isabelle look at me shocked

"oh by the angel" Jace put his hand in his hair and laughs"I told you a thousand time its not a gang"

"wait when did you spoke together?Clary did you get a room alone"Simon raised an eyebrow at me

" emmm... well...I"how will I tell them that I woke up in a bed with Jace mum would kill me

"actually she was with me" Jace stopped me and I close my ears when a chaoas of "what?" yelled

"oh guys stop it its not like I want to, people put us"

Alec turned his head as if not wanting to look but his eyes swam to someone"who's that?"

"that's magnus" Alec said

"magnus bane" my mother murmured

"you know him?" I ask her and color drift away of her face

"no..n.nooo ...he is a famous person in Brooklyn"

"he is a warlock" Alec added

"well as I can't understand anything who else is here do we know?"

"Maia" Luke said while going to a girl with brown hair and dark skin by the corner and he bring her and come back to us"guys this is Maia she help me at the book store"Maia smiled at us but there is something weird about her

"hmmm maybe we need to talk later the others will start fights soon"Isabelle pointed to the other two groups

I look past her to a tall girl with black hair yelling at well all the groupe

Luke look at mum and said"I guess its time for the letter"

he climb the table and shout"stop it!!!"

everyone look at him curiously "my name is Luke garroway"

"aren't you suppose to have a letter"a tall muscular boy ask

" yes so hear me all" he open the envelope and a kee fall he catch it and open the letter