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Learning Curve



News of a disease spreading from village to village reaches Imladris. Estel, his brothers and Legolas decide to help. But can a human with Númenorian blood survive when all other humans are fading?

Mae govannen!

This is the fifth instalment in The Lennath Series. According to the site I found on the internet 'Lennath' is apparently journey's in Sindarin. I apologise if it isn't, my elvish skills are not the best in the world.

So in English it is basically 'The Journey's Series'. I decided to call it The Journey's Series, because that is basically what all the stories are about: Legolas' and Aragorn's journey's though life, and the paths it takes them on.

This is the first chapter of Sickness, and I hope you all enjoy it.

First I am going to make it clear that this is a NON-SLASH, so you won't be finding any relationship between Legolas and Aragorn that is any closer than brothers. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but I'm not going to make it any different.

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I loved the way in The Two Towers that Legolas' eyes were changing colour with his moods. It was really cool and gave me an excuse to stare long and hard into his eyes when my friends couldn't see it and I pointed it out to them. :-D

I have not read the Silmarillion, or any of the other history/information books published regarding the Lord of the Rings. So I apologise if there are any mistakes in these stories. Feel free to let me know if there are. I am learning new things each day, and I owe quite a few people major thanks for some of that information.

This story isn't actually beta'd (in fact none of them have been so far) so there are probably quite a few mistakes in them.

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Two figures walked a bumpy road, and the sweet smelling wind blowing from the west caught and tugged at the travelling cloaks they were wearing.

Slender hands tugged at the mud-stained cloak atop his head, and pulled the hood back to rest around his shoulders. His companion gave him a warning look, but he just smiled.

Strands of blond hair drifted into his eyes, and a hand tucked them behind a pointed ear. The elf didn't really see the point in hiding his identity now that he had been discovered, and didn't feel any threat from the men.

The men that attacked them in the Prancing Pony gave them a wide berth as the pair walked back into Bree, and the elf felt a smirk tugging at his lips. It had been the men's own fault really, and from the looks in their faces, although they were angry they were not going to try anything similar in a hurry.

It didn't take long for them to walk back past the Prancing Pony, and both were slightly amused as Barliman suddenly grew incredibly nervous and darted back into the inn as soon as they came into sight.

Legolas rolled his eyes as Aragorn shook his head, and they started walking faster.

On the way back towards Bree they had to walk past Bill Ferny's house. Thankfully it appeared as though the oily man wasn't in, and Aragorn had quickly ushered Legolas up the road. Much to Legolas' amusement.

The pair were pleased to note however, that much work had been completed on the rest of the village while they had been away, and if you looked at it now, you would not have known that such an attack ever took place.

Legolas shook his head as they passed a huddled family outside of the Prancing Pony. At least the people seemed to be dealing with it well, and were returning to their lives.

A slight tugging of his sleeve brought the elf's attention away from the humans, and he looked left to see Aragorn smiling at him. Legolas tilted an eyebrow in question, and Aragorn pointed in front of them.

Legolas felt a great rush of relief before he pushed it away. The gates of Bree were just ahead of them, and Legolas was glad. He had had enough of Bree and the men that lived here. More than enough.

To Legolas, the sun suddenly seems a lot warmer once they left the village of men, and he inwardly berated himself. He was an elf, and they were only humans. He should not be afraid of them. The only human he would ever even consider being afraid of was Aragorn, and he didn't bother to feel threatened by him as Aragorn was his friend.

As they walked out of the village, Legolas allowed himself this time to take a good look at their surroundings.

The last time they had travelled this way to get to Bree, both had been in such a hurry that they had not taken the time to look around them. And Legolas had to admit, despite the lack of trees and the barrenness of the land, it was actually quite a beautiful place.

His blue eyes glanced around them and stopped on something that looked like it was moving on the horizon. His eyes could see further than most peoples, and he could see the faint outline of what looked like a swamp.

"Strider, what is that?"

Aragorn was brought out of his reverie by Legolas' voice and he looked where the elf's gaze was locked. Aragorn shook his head and looked at Legolas. "Those are the Midgewater Marshes. They are called that because of the vast numbers of midges that inhabit the marsh. It is not easy to travel through there for the midges love nothing more than to bite any bit of skin that might be exposed to them."

"Do you speak from personal experience Strider?" Legolas cast side-long glance at the human and a grin quirked at the corner of his lips as the human grimaced.

"Thankfully no, I have never had to walk through the marshes. I have been put off by Elladan and Elrohir's stories of the vast amount of people that have been lost in there." Aragorn shook his head. "I know better to believe everything that they tell me, but a small part of me can't help but wonder if it is true." The pair fell into silence, and Legolas turned to look back at the marshes. They didn't look that bad from here. "Ah well," Legolas tilted his head to see Aragorn re-adjusting the pack on his shoulders. "I have no real desire to find out for myself, so what do you say my friend, shall we get going again?"

Legolas nodded, and tore his gaze away from the marshes. From Aragorn's description, it was not a place he would have wanted to go either.

A sudden gust of wind knocked the human back slightly, and he felt Legolas' hands on his back, steadying him. Aragorn nodded his thanks, and nearly stumbled again as the wind picked up again and started getting stronger.

Aragorn turned slightly to face the wind, and raised his face to look at Legolas. The elf was standing directly in front of him, and was gripping onto the sleeves of his tunic tightly.

"We have to find somewhere to escape the winds." Aragorn shouted over the wind. Legolas nodded but gestured around them with a chagrined expression. Aragorn felt his heart sink as he saw what Legolas meant. There was little to no cover out here.

This place was called the Lone-lands for a reason.

Aragorn sighed and was about to suggest that they move on regardless when something cold and wet landed on his face, and then trickled down his neck. The ranger shuddered because of the sudden cold, and looked up at the sky. Aragorn was forced to lower his head when the sky's suddenly opened, quickly soaking the pair.

Aragorn cursed his luck and shouted to Legolas. Knowing the elf could hear him no matter how loud the wind got, he shouted for Legolas to head for Weathertop.

Legolas pushed his dripping hair out of his eyes, and saw what Strider was pointing too. There was a small hill in the distance, and Legolas could see some ruins sitting on the top. Legolas' eyes fell on a forest in the distance, and didn't bother informing Aragorn. They would not make it there in time, and these ruins were closer.

It took longer than the travellers would have liked to reach the ruins, and by the time they reached the bottom of the hill they were soaked to the skin. Aragorn sighed and started making his way up the side of the hill. There was no other way up, and he slipped on the wet ground several times.

Legolas was the first to reach the top of the hill, and he was dismayed to see little cover up here either. As Aragorn reached his side, the elf spotted a small set of stairs descending into the rock floor. Water was trickling down the stone steps, and as the water had not yet gathered in a pool told Legolas that the stairs had to lead somewhere with an exit.

He tugged on the rangers sleeve, and started pulling him towards the stairs. Aragorn looked at him with a bemused expression on his dripping face, but said nothing.

Legolas started down the stairs first, and Aragorn followed more cautiously. As they reached the bottom, both were relieved to no longer feel the rain falling down their necks, and they walked out to see a wonderful view.

Aragorn glanced up as he walked away from the steps, and saw that a lip of sorts had been eroded out of the hill, and it was this that was sheltering them from the rain. Now free from the torrent of rain, the pair took rest here.

Legolas retreated back out into the storm only once to retrieve some firewood. Luckily there was more than one dry place in this hill, and someone before them had stocked a rather large amount of wood. Aragorn was glad when a fire soon sparked from a round circle of stones. The heat pushed away some of the chill of the water, and Aragorn pulled out a blanket from his pack. He wished that Legolas had given him his travelling cloak back now, but there hadn't been any time as they dashed for Weathertop.

The mud-stained tunic had fared the worse, and the rain had soaked through to his skin. Aragorn hoped that they would dry enough by heat of fire alone.

Legolas returned again, carrying more wood in his arms. Laying the pile to one side, the elf sat cross-legged next to the fire. The rain had particularly loved the elven princes' long hair, and it hung in damp, limp strands around his head. The braids were only just keeping it back, but even they had begun to fall apart.

With a sigh the elven prince deftly undid the braids and let his hair fall about his face. Aragorn glanced up at the sigh and was astonished by the change. To Aragorn at that moment, Legolas looked so much younger. His blond hair framed his face, and he did not seem as aloof as he did with his hair pulled back into their elven braids.

Aragorn shook his head and looked out into the sheets of falling rain. He didn't think that Legolas would appreciate it too much if he told him that he seemed like a teenager almost with his hair down.

Aragorn frowned as feeling of sudden cold tingled in his feet and he swiftly undid the ties on his mud-stained boots. His feet felt much colder in the air despite the socks he was wearing, and he sighed as he turned the boot upside down and a small trickle of water fell onto the ground.

Aragorn watched the water falling, and slowing, until he heard a disgusted sigh from behind him.

The human turned to see what had bothered Legolas so much, and had to raise an eyebrow. A trick he learnt from his adoptive father. The elf was trying to get the quiver off his back without disturbing it too much (Aragorn couldn't understand why) and bring it around to his front.

"I think that there is water in this." was all Legolas had to say as he gently brought it up and peered into the quiver. Legolas couldn't apparently see any water in there, although they could both hear it sloshing about when Legolas moved it.

The elf tipped it back further back and brought his eyes closer to the opening.

Aragorn couldn't help himself and started laughing when Legolas suddenly jumped in surprise and dropped the quiver as several minutes worth of torrential rainfall came spilling out of the quiver, right into the elven princes' face, hair and clothes.

Legolas glared at the ranger as he fell to the floor, clutching his sides, and Aragorn almost got his chuckles under control until a bead of water trailed down the princes' forehead and dripped off his nose.

"Oh honestly Estel... you are such a child." Legolas gave up glaring and shook his head. He pulled out Aragorn's spare blanket from the rangers pack and used it to dry his hair and face. Fair's fair after all...

A few chuckles still shook the rangers frame, and he turned away from Legolas, lest he start laughing again. The human was glad he had witnessed this. This was the first time that the ranger had seen Legolas shocked by anything.

The pair sat in silence for a few long minutes, and Aragorn began to wonder if he had somehow offended the elven prince. The ranger shook his head and started to pull his sock back onto his foot.


"Hmmm," Aragorn raised his head back to the elf, and saw the blue eyes staring evenly into his own eyes. Legolas didn't look like he was offended...

"What are these ruins Aragorn? Where have you lead us to?"

Legolas had taken the time to get a good look at the ruins Strider had pointed towards when he searched for some firewood. Debris and plant life littered the ground, and odd statues around the floor showed the passing of time. There was an aura of sadness here, and a cloak of darkness that seemed to tighten around his heart. Something in his heart warned against staying here, but they had nowhere else to go.

As Legolas asked Aragorn about this place, he noted the setting sun. They had been here for a few hours now, and the rain showed no sign of relenting. While he was waiting for an answer he deftly undid Aragorn's travelling cloak and folded it up before placing it near to the fire.

"Men call this place Amon Sûl. It was one of the great watchtowers in this area." Aragorn's voice brought the elf back and he looked at the human over the flickering flames. "It was built by the Númenorians during the time of Elendil. Rumour has it that there was once one of the seven palantíri held here. But I do not know if that is true. I have not yet learnt all I need to know about them."

"What happened to it?" Legolas shuddered slightly and looked around. The approaching darkness did nothing to appease his unease, and Legolas shuffled closer to the fire. The feeling of smothering darkness still tugged at the elf, and he shook it away as he listened to Strider's words.

"It is said that the Witch King of Angmar destroyed the tower, and no-one knows what happened to the palantír for it vanished. Some say that the stone was destroyed in the attack, and others say it was taken from here before it could be destroyed." Aragorn shrugged and put another branch into the licking flames. "Either way it is not here now, and none have made an attempt to discover it since its disappearance, so I am not overly concerned." The ranger sighed and once again turned his gaze out to the storm. "I would that this storm would hurry and leave."

Legolas smiled at the disgruntled look on the human's face, and looked out into the storm as well. The elf put down his feeling of unease to the fact that the Witch King of Angmar had once walked these soils. Legolas had heard many tales about the Witch King, all of them bad. For the Witch King was one of them, a Nazgûl or Ringwraith in the common tongue, and they were truly a horrific spectacle to behold or so the elven prince had heard.

As the moon started its ascent into the blackened sky, Legolas suggested to Aragorn that he should get some rest. The ranger only agreed after Legolas mentioned that it didn't look as though the storm would be lightening any time soon.

And Legolas stayed awake long after the ranger had finally succumbed to sleep. His eyes sought out each star in the sky and for a long time they lingered on the silver light of the moon.