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Learning Curve



News of a disease spreading from village to village reaches Imladris. Estel, his brothers and Legolas decide to help. But can a human with Númenorian blood survive when all other humans are fading?

Mae govannen!

This is the fifth instalment in The Lennath Series. According to the site I found on the internet 'Lennath' is apparently journey's in Sindarin. I apologise if it isn't, my elvish skills are not the best in the world.

So in English it is basically 'The Journey's Series'. I decided to call it The Journey's Series, because that is basically what all the stories are about: Legolas' and Aragorn's journey's though life, and the paths it takes them on.

This is the ninth and final chapter of Sickness, and I hope you all enjoy it.

First I am going to make it clear that this is a NON-SLASH, so you won't be finding any relationship between Legolas and Aragorn that is any closer than brothers. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but I'm not going to make it any different.

I've decided to take a leaf out of Cassia and Siobhan's book and put all the answers to the reviews before the story rather than after it as I have done in previous chapters. If anyone does not want to read them simply bypass all the bold print. And unless you want to read them, they are quite long. The story will start though when you skip past all the bold print :sweatdrops:

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I have not read the Silmarillion, or any of the other history/information books published regarding the Lord of the Rings. So I apologise if there are any mistakes in these stories. Feel free to let me know if there are. I am learning new things each day, and I owe quite a few people major thanks for some of that information.

This story isn't actually beta'd (in fact none of them have been so far) so there are probably quite a few mistakes in them.

The preview to the next story, The Hardest Day, is at the end of this chapter.

Namárië nin mellyn



Legolas felt Aragorn's head loll back onto his shoulders as they walked over The Last Bridge. Long had the group been travelling, and Legolas called out to the twins.

"Elladan, Elrohir. Your brother has fallen asleep."

"Ah, so he has." said Elladan as he turned his steed around. The eldest twin glanced up at the sky before glancing back at his youngest brother. "Although normally I would elect to travel through the night, there are many hours left before She sets, and Estel would get more rest lying on the ground than on a horse. Come," Elladan pointed to a spot in the trees as Elrohir rode up next to them, "there is a small clearing where we can stop there for the night. Estel will not be travelling any more this day," finished Elladan with a tender look at his mortal brother.

Legolas nodded with a small smile, and followed Elrohir as he started his horse moving again for the trees.

Legolas and Elladan were the last to enter the clearing, and Elladan dismounted from his horse. He took Aragorn's slumbering form from Legolas' arms to allow the elf to dismount himself, and laid Aragorn onto a blanket that Elrohir had already laid onto the forest floor. Legolas moved the blanket that he had placed around Aragorn's shoulders over the rangers prone form, and then started to help Elrohir build a small fire.

Elladan tucked the corners of the blanket around Estel, and smiled fondly. When Aragorn was sleeping he looked so innocent, like the child Elladan remembered coming into Imladris for the first time.

Elrohir sat down across from the fire, and let his back rest against the tree. Both of their gazes were now on Estel as they heard Legolas quietly inform them that he was going to take the first watch.

Legolas sat himself down in the branches of the sturdy tree, and let his head rest against the bark. The elf was still feeling the immense relief at still having his friend in this world. Although Aragorn was stronger than he looked, deep in his heart, Legolas feared that Aragorn would do something stupid and get himself killed.

Fear filled his blue eyes briefly, and Legolas turned his gaze down to the human on the ground. The elf pushed all thoughts out of his head, and a small smile tugged at his lips as he saw Elladan and Elrohir slumped against each other, their eyes distant as they slept.

The elven prince had known the twins for many years, but it had been centuries since he saw them. His duties as prince of Mirkwood kept him from travelling, and his trip with Estel was the first real journey other than hunting trips that the prince had had for ages.

His fingers travelled automatically to his bow where it lay on the branch next to him. The elf didn't expect anything to happen, nor did he sense anything wrong in the air, but he was not going to let anything happen to the sleeping forms below him.

Elladan was the first to wake, and as awareness returned, he felt Elrohir stirring on his shoulder. The elder twin glanced downward to see Elrohir blinking slightly as focus returned to his eyes.

Estel was sitting a little ways away with Legolas, next to the small fire. Legolas laughed slightly at whatever Aragorn said, and let his hand rest on the human's shoulder. Legolas lifted his eyes as he started talking to Estel, and saw that the twins were awake. The elf stopped talking and nudged Aragorn's shoulder as he dropped his hand.

Aragorn turned to see the twins awake, and smiled widely at them. Although slight weariness slumped the rangers shoulders, Aragorn's eyes couldn't have been brighter, and the sight warmed the hearts of the elves.

Elladan rose from his spot on the floor, and grabbed some dirt from the forest floor to extinguish the fire. Once that was done, Elladan then cleaned up what remained of the fire.

Elrohir moved to Aragorn's side and asked him how he was feeling. Aragorn turned and looked his brother in the eyes, quietly reassuring him that he felt fine.

As before in the village of Ettenmóras, Legolas mounted first and helped pull Aragorn in front of him. With a nod to the twins as he tightened his grip, the elf spurred his horse into moving, and soon they were once again resuming the journey to Imladris.

With the wind blowing behind them, and the prospect of returning to Imladris calling, it didn't take long for the group to reach the elven refuge.

While Elrohir helped Aragorn down from Legolas' steed, Legolas dismounted himself. Elladan had dismounted as soon as he had gotten inside the courtyard, and immediately ran inside. Elrohir knew that he had gone to get ada, if he wasn't already heading out here.

Aragorn looked up from where he stood, and saw that Elrond was walking out of the house with Elladan by his side. No doubt Elladan had told the elven lord all about what had happened. Aragorn shook his head slightly, and moved to embrace his father. Strong arms held him back, and Aragorn knew that his heart would always belong here.

"It is good to have all of you back in one piece." Elrond pulled away from Estel with a small smile as he looked around the group. The smile was replaced with a serious expression as the half-elven lord turned to face his youngest son. "I have been informed of all that transpired in Ettenmóras. Estel, I want you to go to your room and rest. From what I have heard, you caught the same illness that afflicted Ginyc." Estel turned to glare at Elladan and opened his mouth to argue. As soon as Elrond saw that Estel was going to argue with him, he crossed his arms across his chest, and his eyebrows tilted up and nearly met his hairline.

Elladan and Elrohir scowled at him and unconsciously mimicked their ada's pose as they stared Estel down.

Legolas glanced at Estel, at his elven family, and back at Estel again. A grin tugged at his lips as he saw the image that the Rivendell elves presented. Legolas tried to school his expression into a mask of seriousness and let his body copy what they were doing. A little pressure never hurt after all.

Aragorn smiled, and had to fight back his laughter as he relented. He wondered if they knew how truly scary they were when they teamed up. And how somewhat ridiculous they looked when they all mimicked what Aragorn had called 'the scary Ada pose' as a child. With a small nod, Estel started walking into the last homely house, with Elrond just behind him. The half-elven lord turned into the main hall, and gestured for his sons to follow him. Aragorn glanced back and shook his head as the twins followed him in. Elrond was going to have him locked in his room for the rest of his life if the twins told him everything that he had done when they had left Imladris.

Aragorn wearily pushed the door to his chambers open. Although the ranger had slept all through the night, the illness had left his body weak. Although Aragorn would never admit it to anyone else, all he wanted to do right now was curl up and sleep.

Sluggish hands tugged at the ties on his tunic, and the ranger eased himself into his bed. Already the human felt at peace here, and his eyes drifted shut of their own accord. His breath evened out, and his hands slowly stretched out over the clean bed sheets.

Legolas quietly walked down the decorated halls in Imladris. The quiet serenity that this place excluded never ceased to amaze the elf, and thinking back to his home, the two elven kingdoms could not have seemed more different.

His feet led him past many doors, and soft voices drifted out of one of the larger ones. Legolas remembered Elladan referring to this room as the Hall of Fire once, and quietly stepped away from the door. The talk he had heard had been of the trip into Ettenmóras, and Elrond was inquiring about each and every event that took place.

Legolas resumed his walk down the hall as the talk moved onto his own trip into the Ettenmoors to retrieve the Cat's Claw.

The elf stopped at one of the doors, and hesitated. He didn't want to wake Aragorn, but wanted to see for himself if Aragorn was still alright. That in itself was enough to sway Legolas' decision, and he slowly turned the handle on the door.

Legolas stepped in through the door, and slowly eased it shut. The Mirkwood prince smiled, and stepped closer to the bed as he saw that Aragorn was asleep. The elf watched the human's chest rise and fall for a moment before stepping over to the closet and pulling out a woollen blanket. Slender hands gently laid the blanket over the slumbering form, and Legolas stepped away again.

In many ways this place had become a kind of a refuge for the elven prince, a place to come when he felt the need to leave his home, but until now Legolas had not had a reason to take Lord Elrond up on his word that Imladris was always open to him. Legolas glanced back at the sleeping human before grabbing some firewood stocked by the hearth. If there was one thing that Legolas knew about humans, it was that they were very vulnerable to the cold, especially when ill. Legolas warmed his hands slightly on the fire, even though he had no need, and pulled away.

A chair was scraped over the plush carpeting, and Legolas settled down next to where Aragorn lay. Once again, Legolas found himself watching how the Aragorn's face seemed so much more comfortable, so relaxed in sleep. After a few moments, the elven prince leant over and brushed a kiss over Aragorn's forehead. The warmth of the skin below his lips was comforting, and so was the colour returning to Aragorn's cheeks. Sitting back into the chair, the elven prince couldn't help reflecting on thoughts which had been worrying him ever since Aragorn had fallen ill.

The million thoughts that rushed through his mind all revolved around one single thought.

Legolas hated how close he had come to loosing him.

Aragorn was not just a human who he had gotten to know, he was also one of the best friends Legolas could have claimed to have. All his life, Legolas had been told that humans were not to be trusted, that they were out for power and power alone. That they were a race that would not care who got in their way as they strived for domination.

Aragorn though, had managed to change all of the elven princes views in hours of meeting the young human.

Aragorn had such a sincerity in his eyes, a desire to befriend him and all those who he met, that Legolas found himself sharing that desire. And they had been getting closer and closer ever since. The ties of their bond becoming increasingly more intricate, and tough. Soon, nothing would be able to break it.

Legolas gripped Aragorn's hand for a moment, gently so as not to wake him, and sat back into the chair. His head fell to the side, and he looked at the flames. They were so much like humans in a way. Warm, beckoning, easy to like (most of the time) but would burn you if threatened. Legolas wondered briefly what Aragorn would be like to those he felt threatened by.

As Legolas' thoughts drifted, the weaving of flames gradually lulled the elven prince to sleep. Bit by bit, the focus in his eyes disappeared, and soon he was sleeping soundly in the soft chair.

The air was only broken by two sets of soft breathing, and Aragorn unconsciously shifted slightly closer to his elven friend.

And this was the sight that Elrond and his two oldest sons found as Elrond opened the door. A smile spread over the twins' lips as they walked into the room and saw both Aragorn and Legolas sleeping easily. Elrond stepped around Elladan, and gently draped a woollen blanket over Legolas, and watched his son and an elf who he cared for, drifting in the soft web that sleep had woven over their minds.

Elrond turned with a smile, and started to usher his sons out of the room. Once both were standing in the hallway, Elrond turned and gently pulled the door closed.

Leaving Estel and Legolas to sleep in peace.

Preview for the next story: The Hardest Day

Snow swirled around the huddled forms, and Aragorn knelt over his brothers' form.

Unaware, and out-numbered, they had been taken by surprise on the snowy peaks of Caradhras.

Although it was far from winter, autumn lingered on the air, and snow storms appeared more frequently.

The pale colour of his brothers' skin worried the human, and he glanced around him in frustration. His pack had been lost in the first attack, and now all he could to was hope that his brothers elven blood would be enough to pull him through.

The human shivered as a blast of cold wind spiralled around him, removing what little warmth the human had been able to gather. Tears that had nothing to do with the biting wind outside started to sting at his eyes, and Aragorn rubbed fiercely at his face to get rid of them.

The ranger brushed some more of the recent snow out of the mouth of the cave, and returned to his brothers side. Trembling hands brushed raven hair out of closed eyes, and Aragorn checked the jagged cut again. The human had done this several times before, but he needed to do something.

Every cell in his body screamed at him to go out there and find him. Aragorn was torn between staying here with his wounded brother, or going out into the chill to find his best friend.

Curling up next to his brothers prone form, Aragorn started to shake again. Despite the fact that his brother was lying beside him, Aragorn had never felt more alone.

And he couldn't dispel the image of Legolas' broken and bleeding body on the snow.

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