Doom's Carnage

Chapter I


The flames are hot. The rocks are tough. And the entire realm is full of darkness. Only these flames light this place up. The skies are drawn in blood; and voices of tortured souls haunt this dimension. You could find one by mistake or even more. The damned ones spin themselves; they spin themselves in an eternity of agony. Others know this phenomenon as a soul vortex. It could drive a human to instanity.

In this dimension, chaos rules supreme.

It is haunted by demons.

But what is this place?


In this very reality, a lone Space Marine battles the forces of hell negating their chance to conquer Earth again. The sound of his chainsaw and shotgun is familiar. Each time there was a scream, a demon was killed. His chainsaw was directed straight through the demons' guts; they were fatally torn apart by it.

The Space Marine, B.J. Blazkowicz, grandson of William Joseph Blazkowicz, was decimating the evil forces. B.J swung forward his chainsaw at Cacodemons, Imps, skeletons, Revenants, and Vulgars. Their blood covered his helmet's visor and he had to clean it each time demonic blood shed on it.

The shotgun was one of B.J's favorite guns. He just loved to blow their brains off. Another weapon that really suits this Space Marine is the BFG 9K-a technological advanced weapon that fires green balls of energy. They get bigger and bigger and boom! They obliterate any trace of demons. Nothing remains behind.

At first he was scared by these nightmare monsters, but, as time passed, he began liking it. He took pleasure in slaying them: each time he found a gun or a combat relic, he'd just grin.

Even if he is only a man; his hatred for demons refreshes him and gives him additional strength and endurance. He could easily rip a Cacodemon's eye or a Baron's horn out. His hatred is a literal supernatural berserker. Due to his berserk attitude B.J can run very fast. Some of his late Earth friends thought he was related to the biblical figure Samson.

B.J didn't just like killing demons. In his eyes it is an art. He tears and rips them apart with a burning passion. He loves, especially, to tear apart Imps and Revenants.

B.J's green UAC combat armor is dirty with demonic blood; but he likes it. Their blood expresses their suffering. Their doom!

Although there is no human here anymore, B.J usually finds ammo and guns. These items belonged to those who explored this forbidden dimension. All caused by one: Dr. Malcolm Betruger. But now he is gone; brought down by another Space Marine. After Betruger's departure, others rose to power; but they were slain by B.J.

With the Mother of Hell destroyed by this bold Space Marine, various high-ranking demons wanted to become the new leader of Hell. It is always this way. Always has been. And it will always be…

No matter if a Hell King falls, another takes their place.

First Betruger, then the Harbinger of Doom, then the Mastermind Spider, then the Mother of Hell…

While Hell was a hostile place, it was not without its 'safe spots'. There were parts of Hell where there were no demons, only tormented souls. That's how he survives. He hits them to their core and leaves them in disarray. B.J is strong, he is powerful; but he knows he is no god. He is hidden under a huge rock that covers a hole fit for him to get out.

He closes his eyes, though, he knows you can't let your guard down in a place like this. He dreams. He dreams about battling demons, dead bodies hanging on the ceiling, growls of Imps and Revenants. He has dreams about grenades, explosions, about huge guts splattered all over the walls. He loves grabbing the Revenants' jaws to rip them apart or taking the Imps' hearts out. He hears their screams of agony and pain.

In another corner of this wretch, a vortex-like portal opens, tearing the very fabric of the space apart. It's not one created by the UAC or used by demons. It's different. It's all black. Black like a black hole.

Out of it something comes in.

It is tall as a human, skinny, with no apparent solid constitution, red like blood, with two white eye patches and a scary mouth with black sharp teeth, It was smiling with malice as if it couldn't wait to cause some serious damage around here.

This mysterious creature was roaming in Hell to find a host to survive. It hungers for one. This thing was a parasite, but could mimick a symbiote by enhancing the host's physical features and altering them, also giving them super powers. These 'symbiotes' are lesser shapeshifters when they are bonded with the host. They can take the fabric of host's clothes and change them if the host wishes to.

And here is the symbiote, constantly looking for a suitable host. It is ready to cause some-