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By Azure

Commission for What-If


Motherly Advice

Chapter One- Healing Grief through Taboo

It felt so surreal reading that message, even hearing her over the scroll didn't help convince him that this was just a bad dream. No, the reality was absolute and her mother's sobbing voice cemented.

Jonathan Arc, father of Jaune and all his sisters, husband to Juliette Arc...perished in the line of duty.

The news hit him with a hard slap to the face when he dropped his scroll onto the floor and crumbled to his knees grabbing his head in tears. Jaune was thankful he was alone when he did, he'd hate to have his teammates see him in this pitiful state, but part of him still wanted someone to give him a hug right now as he cried his eyes out.

"And that, Headmaster, is why I'd like two weeks off from school;...so I can attend the funeral service." Jaune stated with a melancholic tone dripping the end of his sentence. Glynda would've normally stifled herself from sniffing in tears, but she figured to hell with it and made her way to Jaune to wrap him in a hug.

He seemed despondent at first but then he wrapped his arms back appreciating the comfort of a motherly figure at the moment.

"I understand completely, Mister Arc. Glynda and I will fill out the paperwork and put your team on a temporary inactive duty. Take all the time you need to properly grieve your father." Ozpin addressed in a calm yet subtly saddened manner. Glynda slowly removed herself from Jaune's form and walked back to stand aside the desk of Ozpin as Jaune wiped his face and recollected himself.

"Thanks, professor. It'll only be two weeks I promise, I'm gonna go pack up and tell my team before going." Jaune added quietly receiving nods from the two of them before turning on his heels to walk out.

"A bullhead will be ready to take you to your home's residential airport. My condolences, Mister Arc." Ozpin added receiving a grateful thumbs up from Jaune as he walked out.

Once the doors closed Glynda spoke up again. "That poor boy….no matter an aspiring huntsman can be, losing a family member is never easy. Last I heard from his partner he and his father weren't on the best of terms regarding his entry into Beacon. Let's just say his family had a lack of faith in the boy's ability to take on such a career. I fear for him more than ever, he may try following in his late father's footsteps with even more motivation and recklessness seeking to prove himself."

Ozpin nodded. "I have faith that mister Arc can keep a clear head when he returns to active duty, but I do however worry for his mother and sisters. I understand he was quite the loving father figure and husband, it'll be up to Jaune to fill in his shoes and strengthen himself following this loss."

Jaune hadn't told his team nor Ruby's of his father's passing, he wanted to be there and support his mother and siblings before that, also he didn't want his tragedy to bring down their spirits during school and missions. So he kept it clandestine and told them it was an important family related business that couldn't wait, and that it was highly personal. He was glad for them understanding and would be sure to tell them all when he comes back.

"Come back to us soon, Jaune. Two weeks is far too long without you." Pyrrha had said with a certain tone that made it seem she wanted to say more.

"Take care of your business and hurry back, Jauney! Things will get too boring without you here, besides I'm sure Ren will hate being the only guy around us gals. He might turn gay from the excess of estrogen." Nora had declared energetically whispering the last part with a snicker.

"I sense this is more than it appears, but we understand the importance of familial support, Jaune. You do what you have to do….also please hurry back. I don't want Nora to perform stealth makeovers on me again, and I'm fairly sure Pyrrha will help her if you're not around to distract her." Ren offered making Jaune snicker contagiously at the visual of Ren having pigtails.

After pulling each of them in for a great big hug, with the command to Nora not to crush them all, he made his way down to the Bullhead port.

-After clearing his passage with the pilot and lugging his travel bag aboard Jaune got in and took off.

Leaning his head on his hand he stared out the window with a melancholic expression.

Memories of all the good times with his father surfaced and Jaune felt tears come to his eyes, from dodging his mother's wrath on a forgotten Valentine's day to performing a manhunt on a sister's ex boyfriend. He had plenty of good times with his father. Being the only males in a household of eight women had them get along famously, all in all they were complete and a happy family. Jaune never held any malice against him, even if he didn't feel too much confidence in Jaune's abilities when aspiring to be a huntsman.

Shaking his head his thoughts went back to his mother Juliette and how she was faring. He recalled his mother to be the most energetic and cheerful woman ever, she had stayed married to her husband fall their lives and could always support her children with all their life goals…not to mention that she isn't' just a simple housewife. She's a retired huntress and can easily wreck anyone or anything with the force of a meteor. The kids learned only on after seeing Mama Arc wreck an entire horde of Beowolves that you do not piss her off.

'I can't imagine what she must be going through. The sooner I get home to Omble the better.' He mused and whipped out his scroll to play some games and keep distracted for the duration of the trip.

-Nearly over two and a half hours later…

Jaune got off the bullhead and stepped into the familiar lands of his homey city ;Omble. It was a relatively small town balanced in commerce and security and bordered just on the outskirts of the Mistral Kingdom. Taking in a deep breath he moved forward and kept going in order to reach his homestead further down the road.

"Ah..home sweet home…" He said to himself when finally arriving at the front yard of his house; a moderately lavish humble two story home near a wide open lake. Taking in a deep breath he kept moving, walked past the fence gate and adrrived on his doorstep.

'It's been just about a year since I last saw all of them in person. I wonder just how much they changed since then. The last time I contacted them was when I last spoke to dad telling him I got into Beacon…' He thought clenching his fists then relaxing with a sigh before knocking on the door.

Knock knock knock.

He waited and heard some shuffling down the steps, then muffled whispering on the other side just before the door flew wide open. Jaune was greeted with the sight of his eldest sister Sophia wearing a tight white knit sweater and skin tight black jeans looking tearful and joyous at seeing her baby brother in the flesh again.

"Jaune!" She cried out with an ecstatic smile and lunged at him wrapping the boy in a crushing hug.

Jaune chuckled and hugged back feeling Sophih sniffle into his shoulder.

"It's good to see you again too, sis. Sorry I haven't exactly kept in touch up till now." He uttered back and looked into the doorway way to see Julia, Trish, and Cassandra all standing there with similar faces.

'This...is going to hurt.' He thought wryly when he heard the rest of them shout.


"Big brother!"

"Golden noodle!"

They all lunged at him next with Sophia was still holding onto his body.


(Crash noises!)

"Ooomph! Uuh….ouch."

This resulted in a dogpile of several gorgeous blonde women laying atop the lad in a crumpled heap. 'Yep, it's good to be home.'

After dusting themselves off and going in a roundabout of hugs and greeting kisses Jaune was lead inside to once again enter his old home. Arriving into the dining room he saw his elder sister Margery sitting at the kitchen table typing rapidly on her laptop. The instant she saw her brother appear she rushed off from her task to wrap him in another warm hug nuzzling her head into his shoulder mumbling how much she missed him.

"You better have gotten good grades since you entered a prestigious academy." She whispered bearing an all too pleasant smile on her face that made Jaune nervous.

"Funny story about that I…"

"Jauney!" Another voice chirped out interrupting their moment.

Jaune was then met by his youngest sister, Rikka Arc, who bouncily hopped into the dining room and leaped into his arms! He stumbled and quickly adjusted to carry her making it seem like she was being held bridal style, much to her giggling.

"Ooooh wowwie you've gotten stronger and more filled out muscle wise! Have you been working out with your teammates or training because Grimm are scarier up close than you originally thought?" Rikka asked with a cheeky smile and half-closed eyes.

Jaune blushed a blit and averted her gaze. "Yeah well you know, I have a partner and all and she makes me work for it."

"She?" Sophia, Margery, Trish, Julia, and Rikka, all gasped in unison followed by the resounding gushes of excitement that came with the news.

"Our little golden noodle finally found a girl! We must put her through the test to see if she is compatible enough date Jaune already." Trish excitedly proposed grabbing him by the head and smothering it against her chest making Jaune's face cushion the pillows that were her breasts. He'd sputter in embarrassment if his face wasn't red thankfully another sister arrived to hopefully defuse this awkwardness.

"Did someone say 'girl' and Jaune in the same sentence?" Lucy Arc asked poking her head out of the archway to see her brother right there in the flesh getting smothered by one of the sisters. Her eyes went wide and her started shaking with energy.

'Here it comes again…!' Jaune predicted when Lucy rushed at him!

"Jauney!" She lunged at him in a leap causing him to scream out in panic yet again and get attacked by her large chest before falling down with Trish and Rikka!

Another crash followed leaving Jaune down on his back with Lucy sprawled diagonally over his body along with Trish and Rikka. All of them were equally disorientated and rattled.

"Alright alright I think Jaune's had enough family affection for one day. Get up off of him, you three." Sophia ushered pulling her sisters up off of him one by one.

"Thanks, sis. Oooh…! Now all I need is Cassandra to tackle me next and the family 'hellos' will be complete, but more importantly...where's mom?" Jaune fearfully asked receiving somber looks all around from his sisters.

Sophia and Margery took his hands. "We'll take you to her. Along the way we can catch up a little since we haven't seen you for over a year." Sophia suggested with a kindly face as they began tugging him along their path heading to the backyard. She couldn't help but notice when feeling his arms and chest that he certainly wasn't the same scrawny lad from before. 'You've definitely filled out in muscle since the last time we saw 're impressed, Jaune."

Jaune's cheeks went red and his face went flat when noticing all his sisters were pinching and grabbing all over his upper body feeling up his muscles. "Okay you can all stop that. I'm flattered but I'd like to see mom right now."

"Of course let's mosey." Rikka chirped keeping her hands pressed below his back.

We'd love to hear some of your exploits in to indulge us?" Margery asked sweetly behind a stern calm manner.

Jaund nodded as started telling his tale while they their recap on his mishaps at Beacon Jaune asked about the details regarding his father's fall in the line of duty. Given that he was an elite huntsman that long served the kingdom, namely this town, he pondered what could've gotten the best of him.

"So the moment he got finished killing an Alpha Beowolf a Beringel came out of the forest and attacked him before he could recover?" Jaune recapped receiving several grim nods from the girls as they had just stepped foot outside into the garden.

"The Beringel was struck down of course, by father's support team of warriors, but by the time they could get him to recover the damage was too extensive...and he was lost." Sophia summarized with a quiver in her voice.

"Never underestimate an aged Grimm, especially a savage demonic gorilla like that Beringel. He must've waited for the right moment using the Alpha Beowolf as a distraction. It's monsters like those that give us reason and drive to fight after all." Rikka added.

"It only just happened several days ago, we rushed in to comfort mother after leaving our respective 's taking it harder than all of us combined, another reason we're so glad to see you again, Jaune. Mom sees a lot of our father in you, perhaps you can bring her out of her funk, even just a little." Margery clarified moving onward.

"Yeah, I got some time off from my school to ...attend to the service and check on mom too." Jaune answered.

"Well that's good, means you'll have more time to comfort mom when we..have to go back. We weren't given a lot of leeway even with this situation." Julia chimed in earning a look of alarm from Jaune. "It's just because situations are everywhere these days and they'd rather all of us back on duty, price to pay for prestige I guess."

"Don't worry, Jaune. We'll be fine, besides you and mom need to bond more anyway, you could use this time alone to do just really missed you, you know. You're her precious baby boy after all." Lucy reiterated with a cheeky tease at the baby boy part. Jaune puffed his cheeks in a pout of embarrassment.

"But you're still our precious golden noodle,albeit a strong noodle now if your arms are anything to go by, but she does worry over you the most since…" Trish spoke trailing off until someone else answered for her.

"Since you laked the initial aptitude for the huntsmen duty. I believe she'll now fret over you more than ever since father's passing." Margery concluded with a matter-of-factly tone.

They finally reached the garden out to the backyard, they had deliberately walked slow so as to get caught up. Jaune in that time told them of some of his adventures at Beacon,from having his wonderful partner Pyrrha train and encourage him to his buddy Ruby and her team involving them in crazier shenanigans.

All his sisters gushed at the fact someone was taking interest in him. When Cassandra finally came into the picture she confessed to their being much trouble with Grimm lately, not just around the kingdom but everywhere else.

They now reached the outer rims of the garden and Jaune looked upon the sitting form of Juliette Arc gazing somberly at the waters ahead of her.

Where his mother had once been an indomitable spirit of life and optimism she now sat on that bank looking like the soul was ripped right out of her. She had a long beautiful white gown showing off her shoulders and cleavage, had her long beautiful hair down in a side ponytail dripping down her chest. Her usually vibrant eyes appeared glossy and this terrified Jaune. So much so that he sprinted towards aher and called out to her.


Juliette perked up ever so slightly and slowly turned her head seeing her baby boy right there in the flesh. For a few seconds she didn't change until her yes started tearing up. Bolting from her position she ran to Jaune tackled him onto the ground fiercely hugging the life out of him!

"Jaune! You're here!"

From all around the sisters peerd in on at the sobbing mother clinging to her son. Jaune chuckled and patted her back hugging her too.

"Yep, I've missed you too, mom. What is it with Arc women and tackling people?" He asked receiving only shrugs from his sisters before they started laughing mirthfully along with him.

After getting up from their patch and cleaning themselves up,Jaune used the bathroom to shower while their mother started setting up dinner. Now all the entire family settled in around the table together again.

Juliette happily served them their dinner for the evening and started going over the plans for the funeral service, much to her reluctance. "It's to be held tomorrow morning at the graveyard just south of Omble. It's good you came when you did otherwise you might've missed it." Juliette announced with a soft expression.

Jaune nodded and dug into his food along with the others. Each blonde at the table are delicately and with precise speed so as not to mess themselves or their clothing.

"I just hate that they we're getting drawn back into active duty so soon. Aren't family emergencies supposed to be important and make for longer days off?" Trish commented, the others nodded in agreement.

"Well it's no surprise, with the recent upsurge of Grimm attacks happening lately. Whether or not they happen in each distant continent is irrelevant, our bosses are in a panic and want all hands on deck just in case." Margery provided.

"I still hate it though, but I sorta get it...either way we can't be moping around too much lest Grimm come knocking at our door." Cassandra added.

"She's right, this kind of thing is what we've been trained to handle. We certainly don't want to attract monsters to our home. Still i think it's great if we properly say our goodbyes to dad tomorrow and make sure we thank him for all that he taught us. One of his most key lessons is to keep moving forward no matter what." Lucy stated receiving nods of agreement.

"Yeah, dad was the big teacher alright, but he didn't raise no fools, except for maybe Jaune." Rikka smirked getting a stink eye from him. 'I think it's important we remember him always while we do our best as huntresses."

"Amen." Juliette declared concluding their grace and begun to eat her dinner.

"You know, mom, you certainly seem a lot livelier now that Jaune is here." Julia noted. "Playing favorites? Shame on you." She mocked teasingly.
"Ha, very funny, missy. I love all my kids the same, but Jaune is momma's precious little boy and still growing. You seven have already blossomed in ready girls able to take on the world, besides he's just so cute and harmless." Juliette gushed pulling his cheeks and hearing him grumble while the girls laughed.

"You know, since Jauney has two weeks off maybe he could look after mom and catch up?" Cassandra proposed raising eyebrows of intrigue and interest.

Juliette most of all. "That might not be such a bad idea. During the year you've been at Beacon Jaune, I've hardly ever hear from you. At least the girls still occasionally visit from time to two weeks are perfect for us to do some motherly bonding, I'll give you some well thought out advice on dealing with the ladies." Juliette declared eagerly with a ready attitude. "You're my baby boy, so I know you've definitely caught the affections of someone close to you with just your goofy charm alone, a mother knows."

Jaune shrunk with a more noticeable pout. 'Why is it always 'goofy' when they describe me? Why not just charming or debonair?'

"We know what you're thinking and 'yes', you're a dork by default, Honey." Trish announced making him shrink even further resulting in a round of merry laughs from all around.

Rikka and Lucy picked up their big brother from his slump and ate with him in peace.

'Yeah, it'll be good to stay here and help console mom. That's what a good son does.' Jaune thought hearing his sisters reveal to their mother how many female associates he befriended.

The next day came and here they all stood, dressed in black formalwear for the occasion.

Juliette had on a veil covering her face, she knelt down and gave a prayer to the headstone that read;

'Jonathan Miles Arc.'

Loving father and devoted husband,

Slayer of Grimm and local hero to the people of Omble.

Age -45.

Keep moving forward and cut down any darkness that dare overshadow your path.'

The pastor read the farewell anthem as each family member bade their goodbyes to their father. The Coffin slowly descended into the ground and Juliette kenlt into the grass tearing up. Jaune knelt beside her wrapping his arms over her shoulders never letting go.

He looked at the coffin one final time with an expression of full resolve. 'Don't worry about me, dad. I'm more confident in myself than when I started, and I swear I'll live my life to the fullest, save lives, and deliver good hard payback to every Grim that took heroes like you from their families. That I promise, or my name isn't Jaune Luna Arc.'

Over the next couple of days Jaune and his sisters went about taking care of house chores and going over each their own sorts of adventures. From Jaune revealing that his partner trains and instills confidence in him, to the chaos of wrestling with a sugar frenzied Nora causing damage to the school cafeteria.

The Arc women hung on every word with blushes and laughs, Juliette most of all upon hearing of his partner. Even she could tell that 'Pyrrha' had it out for him and that Jaune had not yet to noticed. She remembered when it came to spelling it out for Jonathan as well during their time in school, what really came around was him being awestruck in love with her after Juliette smashed him into a crater during a sparring match. She had been a little irritated and impatient around that time.

'He needs more help than I thought. Jonathan, for all your greatness and charm...you're terrible at giving our son practical advice on girls.' Juliette considered and reminisced some of the better times involving her husband and Jaune. 'This responsibility is left to me now.I'll make our son a charmer yet, Jonathan.'

Before everyone knew it time passed and the girls had to return to their respective places in life, from either their academies academies or their career posts, they didn't have a lot of time to hang about, much to their reluctance.

There they stood in the doorway ready to depart by taking a cab to the Bullhead airport.

Sophia, Trish, Margery, Julia, Lucy, Cassandra, and Rikka all stood there with reluctant expressions and sad smiles.

"Now you behave without us, Jaune. I don't want to have to hear from Mom that you've been lazing about in your old room." Sophia giggled and leaned forward to place a kiss on on his forehead making him blush in embarrassment.

"What she said, our precious noodle. C'mere!" Trish pulled him onto her chest, again smothering his face into her breasts. It was something he'd hate to get painfully aroused by, but there it was.

'Hmm, feels nice and firm down there, and all from hugging his big sis huh.' Trish mused mischievously letting him go to gasp for air. Julia and Margery came up and hugged him together next, the girls were feeling up and around his backside suggestively making it even harder for his erection to go down.

'Dammit cut that out! Jaune junior down there is poking out and I don't want anyone to see him!' Jaune thought in panic when they let go and allowed Lucy to come up next imitating Trish by pulling him another breast smothering hug.

'Heh? What is poking..against my- oh my gosh! That's his...erection, and it's really firm too…' Lucy thought with a blazing face quickly ending her hug so Rikka could jump onto his body forcing him to carry her up. She cupped his cheeks and placed a chaste kiss directly on his forehead .

"Muah! Remember to call us this time, big brother. We're never too busy to listen in on your life and tease you about embarrassing moments in them.' She declared and got off.

Cassandra thankfully pulled him into the most normal hug compared to the rest. "Take care of mom ,okay? And don't be afraid to call us if you're ever in need, Jaune. We may not have always had the much faith in your combat abilities, but now it looks like you're determined to see it through. So.." Cassandra pulled back engaging Jaune in a direct eye contact. "See it through to the end, for dad and yourself."

Jaune nodded firmly with a look of sheer resolve after hearing sister's words.

And so too the seven sisters of the Arc family set off and crammed into taxi minivan leaving the place.

Juliette sighed pleasantly when seeing her girls go, she then wrapped an arm around Jaune's shoulders snapping him out of his trance. 'Well then, looks like it's just you and me for now. Let's catch over some tea." Juliette giggled earning a soft smile from him. They turned around and headed back into the house.

Now relaxing in the living room at a table Juliette sat across her son with a chipper smile on her face ready to do some much needed bonding since his departure.

"So..meet any lovely ladies at Beacon?" She spoke up again with a soft yet very interested tone.

Jaune laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his of neck avoiding her gaze.

"You could say that, I'm practically the only other guy they know and I'm besties with a young girl who leads her own team. Her name is Ruby and her teammates are kinda the top huntresses in our year, other than Pyrrha of course. They do awesome killer combination attacks and look good doing it, but we also hang out together from time to time. My own partner is a sweetheart who's always looking out for me, trains me, and supports me the most out of everyone else. I wouldn't have gotten stronger and learned not to be useless without her. My other teammates are a quiet guy who's good at being a ninja, he's always calm and sharing wisdom whenever it suits the situation, but mostly he keeps to himself and reigns in his wilder partner though is a wild one, she's full of life and hyperactive round the clock with an inhumane amount of strength and can hardly keep up with her, but she''s as bubbly and fun loving as they come. Now that I think about it she kinda reminds me of you in terms of personality, both her and Ruby. They have a lot of your fiery personality,which honestly makes it really exhausting getting roped into their craziness."

Juliette laughed mirthfully after hearing all of that. "My my you certainly been busy, but was I was asking is..have you had any admirers or crushes from being surrounded by all those remarkable huntress girls?"

Jaune slumped at this, propping an eye of curiosity form her.

"Well I had a crush at one point. She was this pretty regal and honestly haughty girl in Ruby's team named Weiss. I crushed on her hard and tried every play in the book that dad taught me; from guitar serenades to being confident, and even asking her out multiple times. She shot me down every single time. I get I wasn't really her type, you can imagine that helped my self esteem, at least it did when she only ever acted abrasive and condescending in her rejections. I get that she was pretty high strung and difficult, what really made me give up was when some smarmy blue haired guy caught her eye instead. I won't get more into it, but let's just say i've learned a few lessons during that whole thing."

"Quite a story, one out of romance novels no less, but you certainly learned that your father's advice wasn't entirely absolute. Girls love a man with confidence and a little less pushiness, Jaune."

"Yeah well I think I botched the first impression with her anyway following dad's advice and maybe made a fool out of myself plenty of times in front of all of them. My teammates and friends still like me, but all my flubs did nothing to help my confidence in the charming department. I don't think dad's lessons helped as much as I thought they would."

Juliette laughed again. "That comes as no surprise, honey. You father wasn't exactly a casanova on picking up women either, he'd embarrass himself plenty of times trying to look confident. So it's no surprise he passed on that mentality to you, you even inherited the guitar gimmick to boot." She revealed earning a soft chuckle form Jaune.

"Really? That's why I sucked so badly with impressing girls? Oy..." Jaune said deadpanning.

'On cheer up,dear. Since you've had plenty of experience interacting with them on a platonic and friendly basis you know them more intimately. How about we fix their perception of your being the clown, and instead turn you a paramour they would be lucky to talk to." She offered earning as skeptic look from Jaune.

'This is sounding too good to be true, no offense, mom, but how would this advice be any different from Dad's stuff?"

Juliette smiled sweetly with a blush.

"Simple, our lessons aren't gonna be just words of advice, sweetie. We're practicing how you can interact more flirtatiously with women and I am willing be your training dummy."

Jaune' eyes blinked wide in surprise causing him to sputter. "B-but mom isn't that a little...weird? I mean I don't know~!" He was cut off when Juliette placed a finger to his lips shutting him up.

"Now now now, stop overthinking things, Jaune. Mommy knows best after all. I'm helping you and that's final, once this was over you'll be oozing confidence and charisma and making these girls regret not asking you out sooner. Mkay?" Juliette concluded standing up with her hands on her hips in a leading pose.

Jaune slowly nodded reluctantly accepting it.

"Okay...where do we begin then?"

"Well, we'll do some roleplay starting with the girls you really know and how well you know them. From there we'll fix how you charm them, honey. All I need are some wigs and outfits to represent them, thank goodness we still have all the costumes and props from every halloween you kids took part in.."

"What the what?" Jaune asked with an eyebrow propped.

Later on after some shopping and rummaging for the right items to better resemble the girls Juliette now stood in her master bedroom behind the dressing panel with a nervous Jaune sitting on the bed.

He looked over to a picture of the entire family featuring his dad and sighed sadly before frowning.

"Ookaay! I'm totally ready as...Ruby Rose!" Juliette declared excitedly when popping out from behind the curtain panel wearing a surprisingly risque costume of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. It featured the infamous red hood pulled back showing her wearing a red tinged brunette wig imitating Ruby's hair. Ankle high boots and frilly combat skirt with silken stockings wrapped around her perfect legs. A puffy corset revealing her cleavage, Jaune didn't remember deciding on that design choice, and lastly a choker around her neck completing the ensemble.

"How do I look?" Juliette asked looking sly like a fox.

Jaune gulped and nodded without a word, she looked too sexy to be considered Ruby, but went along with it anyway.

Juliette giggled and sat down on a stool facing him. "Now let's' practice. Tell me what you love most about Ruby Rose, remember how you feel when dealing with her."

"Um okay, hey there, Ruby. I'll be honest, there's a lot I like about you ever since we met. We have a lot in common and you're fun, quirky, and adorable to boot. Best of all is you're just a fun adventurous buddy I can share so much with. That is why I want to date you Ruby, because I feel you slayed my heart like you do a Beowolve. Even though you're still very young and your sister would likely castrate me if I even so much touched you, I'd still want to eat cookies with you on a picnic.' Jaune concluded feeling embarrassed about his sendoff.

'Hmm, your delivery wasn't bad, but did you really need to hammer in her big sister issue? She would be put off by that or just reassure you this 'Yang' wouldn't harm you. She wouldn't would she?"

Jaune immediately noddded. "Oh yeah she would, Yang is Ruby's sister and a very protective short tempered one. She would likely punch me through a wall if I tried anything with young innocent sister. Plus Ruby is also fifteen and I don't think she's interested in boys or dating yet anyway. Not unless I was some kind of high powered weapon, she's a total weapons nut." Jaune chuckled.

"Well then when she grows up she could be looking like this.' Juliette strutted in a provocative pose involving her hands behind her head and her chest sticking out. This made Jaune feel his pants tighten to an uncomfortable degree, he could only conclude it can't get worse. "Now time for the ending kiss."


'Dammit! First my sisters now my mother too?! I blame you hormones!' Jaune's mind raged in frustration. Jaune reluctantly nodded and held his mother close after standing up to hug her.

He clumsily leaned in until Juliette grasped his shoulders gently until she crossed her lips against his for a short sweet kiss. A few second passed and they separated leaving Jaune more than flustered and Juliette feeling tingly and admiring the erection formed in his pants.

"So intimate knowledge isn't the issue, that's for sure, just you lack of confidence and worries about possible challenges like the big bad sister. Lets focus on her next shall we?" Juliette chirped excited to change again.

Jaune nodded trying not to let the heat rising in his loins get to him.

To deflate his erection he tried thinking of a Beowolf wearing a bikini and posing. 'Okay, there we go. That did the trick.'

Next Juliette came out wearing Yang's outfit or least the closest resembling ensemble that described her theme which happened to be a rather revealing cowgirl set up. From having brown leather chaps around her legs, cutoff jean shorts highlighting her legs, a tight black bustier with a small leather vest around her chest. Jaune was having trouble keeping his erection from rising back up with a vengeance.

'Are these on purpose?! The torture..!' He thought and tried calming himself before beginning his practice.

From there came the same treatment as with Ruby; describing her quirks and charm, saying what he liked most and explaining how they would work. As custom at the end there came the kiss with his mother, Juliette let this one linger a bit longer than last time. Her inward mewling gave the impression she enjoyed this part the most.

Once they broke apart she retreated to behind the curtain to change into Blake while Jaune struggled with himself on why they had to kiss, but he'll admit he was getting more confident.

From behind the panel Juliette herself was breathing quickly and touching the surface of her lips with an elated sigh.

Throughout the day she cycled through the rest of team RWBY, his kiss during her Blake outfit lasting a few seconds longer during their kiss and Jaune could swear he felt her hands nudging around his hips. Now here she was ending the Team RWBY cycle at Weiss, which seemed poetic to him somehow.

Juliette wore a beautiful flowing gown of transparent white highlighting her body underneath with tight silken corset at the top making it look like a wedding dress. Her hair was donned in a wig of long beautiful silver hair and with her already vibrant blue eyes gazing back at him Jaune felt at loss of words. It was like he was really seeing a literal snow angel. Struggling to keep himself together he started the introductory flirtation of 'Weiss Schnee' and delivered with more grace, courtesy, and suave after learning from his prior faux confidence failings.

Once he ended they wrapped their arms around each other for the expected kiss, Juliette leaned in cradling Jaune's head in her hands and locked her lips onto his and letting it stay there. Jaune too closed his eyes and felt himself getting lost in the embrace, no matter how utterly wrong he felt it was, he was getting pulled into the warmth of Juliette Arc's mouth. They continued at it for what felt like a minute not considering the taboo sinfulness of it all until Jaune had his rude awakening in the form of Juliette's tongue snaking into his mouth past his lips.

His eyes shot wide open in alarm as she held him there firmly getting more and more into it! Even to the point she wrapped her left leg up over his buttocks keeping him close while tonguing out his mouth and mewling her elation of it.

Juliette was clearly getting lost in it and Jaune was struggling to keep himself from doing the same, his movements wriggled and shuffled trying to free himself until he tripped himself landing square on the bed and snapping Juliette out of her stupor.

"Hoooaa…! My...I can't believe that happened." She whispered in shock after coming to her senses. She averted his gaze and placed her hand at her lips in anxious panic after committing that raunchy act with her son.

"Yeah...it was getting pretty wild there...huh." He answered back feeling the same as she, but both knew of the innate primal need for each other that only got reinforced from that act.

The two sat there on the bed in awkward silence after that last kiss. Jaune did learn a thing or two from his mother's lips pulling along his like a long deprived lover, after they both separated there was now a strange compulsion to go even further. Something his body had been urging him to do no matter how utterly wrong it was in his mind.

'No… no no! This isn't right, she's my mother for crying out loud! Sure she's beautiful and all, but I-I…!' his thoughts were abruptly cut off when Juliette suddenly pulled him in for another deep kiss and closed his eyes as soon as that relaxing wave of euphoria hit him.

Juliette closed her eyes and held his head in her hands softly curling her lips upon his in a steamy exchange. In that moment neither of them were thinking they were mother and son, just allowing their bodies to channel their primal urges for man and woman.

In Jaune's case it was his first real act of intimacy and Juliette it was once again indulging in long deprived carnal passion.

She mewled in his mouth stretching her tongue out inside and worming it around pulling Jaune more and more into the taboo passion. He started kissing back as she taught him and found himself embracing her in his arms. They made out for minutes and during it Juliette removed her Weiss wig allowing her beautiful natural golden hair to fall free.

Jaune separated from her enamored lip-lock to behold the beauty of Juliette as she normally is, his erection throbbed painfully in his pants as they locked eyes with one another. The boy followed his instincts and prowled over to her and undid the hem of her skirt attached to her waist. She allowed him and propped herself up off her hands atop the bed.

Jaune removed the piece of clothing allowing him to gaze upon his mother's panty clad lower body; her perfect creamy legs were flawless and pristine in condition. Her bare feet were also flawless and her panties as Jaune noticed, were getting dampened. Almost hypnotically he reached his hands over to start pulling them off, Juliette allowed that too and felt her heart beat faster as the cloth got pulled off of her legs.

Into the air it went and Jaune gazed upon the glistening perfection of his mother's pussy. No longer thinking of the forbidden fruit of this intimacy he leaned his head closer to start tracing his lips along her vulva resulting in a hike of breath from Juliette. She leaned back a bit more and bit down softly on her lower lip anxious for him to continue.

Jaune's lips grazed the soft moist flesh of her vulva and started kissing eloquently along it. His lips pursed and nibbled gently all over taking in bits of her flesh into his mouth tasting her, Juliette felt her breathing increase in pace. His hands came to grip the underside of her thighs pulling himself further onto her mound now tonguing out the inside of her cunt resulting in an elated cry of pleasure from the mother above.

"K-Keep going…! Please…!" She begged which motivated Jaune into wriggling his tongue in and around inside her quirm till his lips clasped against her vulva slurping out her pussy.

Juliette shifted a little with her back arching upward and her head tossing back with her right hand clutching his head between her legs. He continued on with sucking, kissing, and recently fingering her tight pussy hole. This laste for minutes with a panting Juliette suddenly locking her ankles over his shoulder blades and cumming all over his face with a shriek!

Her body shivered and shuddered in blissful climax that coated her son's face in her juices, once she had finished peered over her busty chest to see his messy face grinning back at her. Juliette felt it reflected confidence.

"Well now, let me…" She then undid the back of her corset allowing her to shrug it off revealing her plump and perfect DD-cup breasts in all their glory.

Jaune felt his mouth water as he stared at them causing Juliette to giggle playfully. They quickly rearranged their positions so that he sat on the edge of the bed with her kneeling in front of his lap at the foot of it. With a hasty tug of his zipper Juliette pulled his pants down along with his boxers revealing his erect foot long length that set her insides on fire. She beheld it with awe and a quivering urge to fuck herself on it like a horny animal, but she restrained herself so that she may focus on pleasing him the way he did her first.

'My oh my such an impressive length, Jonathan was decently big too but it seems Jaune has surpassed him by at least a couple of inches.' She thought taking in a whiff of his aroma feeling her body shiver with perverse excitement.

Juliette leaned in close barely touching the head of his cock with her lips before parting them in order to lick all over it. Jaune felt his breath hike in excitement as he watched his mother go down on him. Juliette savored the taste and pressed the spongy surface of her tongue all over and around his head, she kept at this for several seconds until she pearted her lips further to begin swallowing up his length making Jaune clutch the sheets beneath his hands.

He grit his teeth and felt pleasantly disoriented as a response to his mother sheathing his entire length into her throat. The sensation was immeasurably good and Juliette made sure to coil her tongue expertly all over his shaft as she took him deep, she stopped at halfway when deciding to bob her head frantically on him making him squirm and moan in appreciation. After about several minutes of this she resumed deepthroating Jaune and stationed her hands against his inner thighs keeping him spread apart. Juliette now started slamming her head up and down bobbing furiously on his cock and taking him deep each and every time.

"Hhhaaa….! Mom! Ooohhh!" He howled tilting his head back in euphoria. This response just goaded Juliette into putting in more energy, as such she contihued rampantly sucking in her son's large cock deep. She added extra hard suction around her lips making sure she left no trace of skin unlubricated when she poked his groin with her nose. Jaune's hands clasped around her blonde head keeping her deep as she took extra long sucks before retracting it just a bit.

Juliette continued frenziedly bobbing herself back and forth on him for the next ten minutes before switching to smothering her large doughy breasts around his shaft and licking the head during. Jaune was panting raggedly and struggling to maintain himself before blowing his load, she was just that amazing.

The blonde mother of eight started stroking her soft pillowy breasts in tandem rotations making it harder for Jaune to keep himself in check, she knew this and intended a grand finish. Juliette smothered and squished her breasts all over her son's meat ensuring he felt all her bouncy assets had to offer, her mouth hovered over his tip lightly licking it in circles until she pursed her lips on it sucking along with her titjob. Jaune grit his teeth and felt his endurance waning, the mix of the taboo carnality he was engaging in combined with her sheer talents guaranteed he was gonna pop soon. Juliette then started feverishly stroking her breasts on his shaft earning a chain of pained moans from Jaune. This continued for several more minutes when Jaune blew his top and let out a shrill howl of orgasm!

Juliette retracted her lips feeling his cock spout long thick ropes of sperm onto her face and chest! He came again and again allowing for much of his cum to pool into her cleavage until he finished. She blinked her eyes in wonder when seeing that his erection was still well...erect despite cumming.

"My boy…!" She gushed in pride and perverse fascination and started lapping up all of Jaune's cum from her face to her breasts. She tasted and ingested it all like consuming a delicacy, after Juliette slid her tongue across her cum splattered breasts to scoop up the rest she decided it was time.

Getting up from the floor Juliette undid the rest of her clothing and appeared completely naked, to Jaune she may as well have the body of a supermodel once he got a good look at her. Feeling in awe of her beauty and loveliness made him wonder why he went after Weiss in the first place.

"Ready, Jaune?" She quietly asked with unhidden lust in her voice as she prowled over to him straddling his hips.

"...yes." He simply answered and pulled her into another deep loving kiss that sent waves of bliss up her body. They made out for a good minute and a half before breaking off. Juliette quickly pulled on his hoodie and shirt removing them to where she could feel up his broad moderately toned chest.

'Mmmm, that Nikos girl is doing a splendid job of training him alright.' She mused while Jaune kicked off his pants now appearing completely naked as well. Juliette then stood up propped up on her feet to hover over his erection aiming to mount him cowgirl style.

"This is the pussy you came out of." Juliette gestured to her spread open pussy lips with a sweet smile.

Part of Jaune was still nervous and reluctant considering the sinfulness of what comes next, but the majority of his inner self wanting this blocked that part out.

The spongy tight crevice of her pussy made landfall and Juliette slumped herself all the way down taking him in full!

"Hhaaauaaahh! Welcome home, Jaune!" Juliette let out in a sharp cry of ecstasy once she felt Jaune fill her up entirely. Her hair came loose from the side ponytail flowing freely making her look even more beautiful and angelic, her hands came behind her neck posing sexily while adjusting her pose snugly on his long cock.

Jaune grit his teeth still reeling from the otherworldly sensation of his mother's tight snatch swallowing in his length entirely and keeping it snug tight and mounted. His hands reflexively came to her hips holding onto them as Juliette started her slow swaying movement on his body with his length deep inside. She smiled slyly with unabated lust while gazing down at him from above,she noted with a smile that his length breached past her cervix poking into the surface of her womb. Such a naughty taboo act titillated her immensely, but not as much as the young guardian angel writhing comfortably beneath her.

Juliette began swaying her hips back and forth in finely paced groove earning a collection of pleasured groans from Jaune. She relished the feel of him wedged deep inside her and each time her hips reached an angle where his length prodded her insides she just melted. Her hands placed themselves on his chest allowing herself to steady her form as she accelerated her pace making him moan and squirm more.

She breathed and panted with exuberance as she fucked herself on her son's length, Jaune himself continued allowing her to dominate for he was put on another world of pleasure. The sheer tightness of her twat was uncanny, he couldn't believe she had eight kids with it. Juliette's feverish motions kept him on edge and felt ever so good!

When his hands attempted to reach her buttocks Juliette grabbed his wrists and redirected them to grab her large swaying breasts. Jaune felt his excitement increased and kept them there firmly squeezing his mother's breasts earning sharp stifled squeals from her. Her body continued bouncing heatedly on his pole for the next indeterminate amount of time until she switched it up to simply grinding her hips around in rotations making him gasp more. The extreme tightness and intensified suction her pussy was giving him had him closer to the edge, something Juliette picked up on and thought about.

'Hmmm, do I want this magnificent boy to let loose inside here?' She thought indicating her womb where a number of troubling thoughts attempted to surface, but instead she blocked them out. For as titillating as it would be to receive his seed she had decided on another course for a certain number of reasons why; Arcs had enhanced virility and potency in their bodies. From their auras to their fertility rates and sperm capacities he was sure to get her pregnant if he came inside, thus she decided to have him finish off in her other orifice. And she wasn't talking about her mouth.

"Jaaaauune…!" She cooed whimsically catching his attention before slowly rising up off his cock leaving a somewhat disgruntled yet confused look on her face until she placed herself on her hands and knees wriggling her ass at him from the foot of the bed. "Finish it up in here, please." She cooed flirtily making him stand up right away and waddle over to her on his knees.

Jaune gripped her buttocks in his hands, those plump perfectly ample buttocks, and guided the head of his erection to her clean puckered anal hole. Juliette gently bit her lower lip in excitement and anticipation, that expression intensified when she felt the head of his cock plop on inside her anus making her clutch the sheets underneath her. Jaune grunted and hilted the rest of his length into her ass causing her to shriek out loud in bliss.

"Eeeeaaagghh! Yes! That's it, baby!" She let out with an ecstatic look on her face that involved her tongue lolled out.

Jaune himself strained his face a bit when adjusting the warm welcome tightness of his mother's ass, but adapted quickly enough to start humping his hips forward smacking the skin of his groin into her buttocks!

With resounding claps of bodies the boy started pounding hard into his mother from behind, each and every thrust jutted into her with heated intensity that turned Juliette into a complete nympho. She reached her left arm back pulling him close against her back while he continued slamming into her. Turning up her head to the side she engaged Jaune in another intimate kiss that devolved into overly erotic tongue play as though between longtime lovers.

Smacking with small claps of sound Juliette's ass recieved her son's drilling member in unabated frenzy, Jaune himself was getting so lost in the lust he wouldn't have cared if he let loose inside her pussy….like he wanted to earlier, but he changed his tune when some rational part of his mind concluded that was a bad idea. He also found himself enamored with fucking his mother's ass and did so with gusto while she mewled inside his mouth.

Tongues grazed over each other, lips curled and suckled on one another in intimate taboo lust, and mother repeatedly crooned and melted to her son's repeated pounding of her buttocks.

They continued their frenzied fucking for a while and neither let up until the point where Juliette felt herself about to cum. Since Jaune picked up on this he decided to play dirty and furiously diddle her pussy from underneath while still hammering her ass.

Soon the combination of sensations became too much for Juliette and with a thunderous howl she came hard in climax! Jaune at the same time felt her body shudder wildly underneath him with her anal orifice constricting on his length causing him to succumb to orgasmic meltdown as well! He held her hips close and her body tightly against his own when his throbbing cock pulsed rapidly inside his mother's anus pumping heavy globs of cum deep inside!

Juliette shuddered and writhed in ecstasy continuing her climax while her ass filled up with her son's spunk, it felt he could go on forever and it felt like so until they both finally ceased before collapsing on top of each other.

Panting heavily with ragged breaths and satisfied faces Jaune flipped onto his back with his mother curling up to cuddle alongside him lovingly.

"Huff huff...well I'd say you aced..huff..the lovemaking part of this training with..huff...flying colors." Juliette breathed with a serene smile while gazing at him.

Jaune turned his head back to her reflecting a warm grin back at her. After all that he suddenly wasn't so lovesick anymore, and dare he say it discovered a true prime recipient of his affections. Ignoring the fact that they were family, a bridge they'll cross later, he felt a little happier knowing he had more than a week left until he had to go back to Beacon.

"So uh…" He began until she cut him off again with a finger pressing his lips.

"We'll discuss that later, for right now let's just enjoy the afterglow of this special moment." She said softly.

Jaune removed her finger and held her hand close. "Actually I was just going to say it's a good thing I still have over a week left here. It should give us plenty of time to...bond more, huh?"

Juliette beamed at this and nodded before pulling herself closer, suddenly all her woes seemed distant now and her spirits healing little by little. She will always remember and cherish her late husband, but now it seems life threw her another chance at happiness and she would gladly take it. It mattered not to her that it took the form of a consoling son, it just mattered that he was here and a beauty in of himself. Not to mention absolutely a maestro with his touch.

"Fantastic." She uttered before grabbing his head and pulling him in close for another steamy make out session on the bed.

End Chapter

To be continued…?

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A brief visual on the Arc Mother and Sisters-(Note: These character designs/personalities will also be used in 'Seven Sisterly Heavens' for Maidens.)

Juliette Arc(Mother, age 42)- physical appearance mirrors Helena Douglas from Doa. Stunningly beautiful with long flowing blonde hair tied into a frontal side pony tail. Energetic, upbeat, and contagiously optimistic. Can and will wreck anyone that dares cross her family or herself, and leave a smoldering mess afterwards. Extremely youthful appearance despite her age, only has two barely noticeable wrinkles under each eye signifying her maturity, but healthy and lively everywhere else.

Sophia Arc(Eldest Sister, age26)- A career huntress in Alchemical studies aboard Mistral Kingdom. Resembles Sophitia Alexandra from the Soulcalibur series. Beautiful, young, big chested, and most maternal of the siblings.

Trish Arc(Second Eldest, age25)- A voluptuous leather wearing woman with red lipstick, long silky blonde hair dripping down her back with two frontal bangs. Resembles Trish from Devil may cry series. A wild girl at heart that loves to travel as much as work building motorcycles and other Dust fueled engine blocks at her side job from being a huntress.

Margery Arc (Third Eldest, age 24)- A gorgeous glasses wearing no-nonsense sister, the most intellectual and reserved of the bunch. Resembles Margery Shaw from Shakugan no Shana. Has a teacher/student relationship with Jaune in that she often harps on him to get better grades, educates and whips him into shape until he's out of her reach. Currently a scientist and part time huntress in Atlas military.

Julia Arc(Fourth Eldest, age 23)- A bubbly valley girl babe that loves cheerleading. Resembles Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. Always upbeat and cheerful, often trying to goad Jaune into finding a girl just like her so they can connect better. A girly girl at heart, but peppy and dauntless in her endeavours. A dancing coach and substitute huntress in the hometown of Omble.

Lucy Arc (Jaune's slightly older sister, age 21)- A busty and somewhat ditzy sweetheart that often plays the straight man in her family's eccentricities. Resembles Lucy from Fairy Tail. Enjoys books, playing the cards of her sex appeal, which surprisingly seldom works. The one to convince Jaune that dancing is a surefire way to impress girls, and forced him into it in the first place. Currently a huntress student in her final year at Haven.

Cassandra Arc( Jaune's other slightly younger sister, age 17)- A bouncy adventurous girl that is fascinated by weapons, specifically more ancient ones for mystical allure. Resembles Cassandra Alexandra from Soul Calibur series. Connects more with Jaune in their romance of heroism and is currently a swordmaster student at Haven Academy.)

Rikka Arc (Jaune's final and youngest sibling, age 16)- A bubbly mischievous girl that enjoys setting traps and hunting out in the wild, currently in combat school seeking to enroll in Shade Academy. Resembles Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. Loves, adventure and exploring, can also kick a fair amount of ass with her twin blades while wearing a cheeky smile.

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