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"I remember the Alamo, I don't recall who won

They had swords, they had horses, I hear we had mighty guns

Like the ones from Navarone last night on Channel 21

It's a long way back to El Paso

It was early Monday morning in the Central Standard Zone

You were quiet like the TV, hung up like the telephone

You were sleeping next to me, I might as well have been alone

It's a long way back to El Paso."

-Old 97's-


I feel like I can't get out of this shit town fast enough. I sigh and raise my head to the stifling sun, smiling as my skin absorbs its warm rays. Willow City isn't a shit town. Actually, it's vibrant, blooming and a wonder to see in the spring. With its fields of bluebonnets, green grass as far as the eye can see, and the joys of a small town, it will be hard to leave this place behind. This place was where I was born and raised. I had all of my firsts in this town and I'm frightened by the thought of leaving it all behind to start a new life somewhere else.

After the scene I made this morning, I know I won't be able to stay here a second longer. While I was standing next to my father, waiting to walk down the aisle, I froze and my entire future flashed before my eyes like a bad dream. I just couldn't bring myself to marry Eric Yorkie. My parents have pushed him on me since I was old enough to date. When I first met Eric, I was young and insecure. When I was sixteen, my body didn't look like any other girls. I avoided gym like the plague because I was so insecure about changing in front of the girls in my class. They had flat stomachs, visible ribs, and small, perky tits. I, on the other hand, was curvy to the point it made me uncomfortable. With soft curves, a bubble butt, and full 36 G tits, I didn't exactly look like any of the other girls. I'm just as curvy today, but now I wear my weight with confidence and embrace my curves. The moment I developed some self-esteem was the moment I realized I didn't love Eric.

We split up during our junior year of high school and I dated around. Well, I'm not sure if I can really use the word 'date' because it was truly just hooking up with different boys in my class. Of course, no one found out about my sexcapdaes-because who wants to admit to banging the fat girl?-so my behavior went unnoticed. I don't regret my behavior back then at all, though. After having a few unfortunate attempts with Eric, I was searching for something different. In a way, I used sex to find myself and as a way to grow more and more confident in my own skin. I went from hating my curves and walking around with my shoulders hunched over in an effort to hide my large tits, to loving every single one of my curves.

Due to my mom's encouragement, I got back together with Eric our senior year. To say my mom was thrilled would be an absolute understatement. She would prattle on and on about how Eric and I were 'meant to be', and while I had never been too sure about him, I was young and impressionable and figured my mom must know what she's talking about. So, here I am nine years later and I'm running away from my own wedding. I know I've disappointed my parents, family, and friends, but I couldn't ignore the terrible feeling that shot through my body when I heard the Bridal Chorus begin to play in our small, local chapel.

If I had my druthers, I would have left while I was sitting in the bridal suite getting my hair done. I was antsy then, but I'd been surrounded by my mother and bridesmaids who kept talking me down. The second I got away from their pushy presence and was standing next to my dad at the back of the church, I knew I couldn't go through with it. I ran out of the chapel faster than a hot knife through butter. I didn't bother with goodbyes, or tearful apologies, I just ran to my bridal suite, grabbed the only clothes I had-which just happened to be my suitcase I packed for the honeymoon in Hawaii-and my purse before I hightailed it out of there.

I hadn't thought to change out of my wedding dress or call a cab. I was too focused on getting the hell out of there. Now that I've been walking for a few miles trying to hitch a ride, I realize how faulty my plan was. Hell, I didn't have a plan. I probably look absolutely crazed as I walk up the street in my wedding dress in the hot Texas sun. Of course, with my crappy luck, every car that passes is filled to the brim with children. A family isn't going to stop to help some random runaway bride on the side of the road. I huff and set my suitcase down in defeat. Perhaps I won't be leaving Willow City after all. I rest my chin on my fist and pout at every car that passes, hoping my sad, puppy dog eyes will make someone want to stop.

You might ask why I would get in the car with some random stranger. It's pretty much because I'd rather take my chances with a possible serial killer than have to spend another moment with my friends and family. Speaking of which, a car I recognize speeds toward me filled with the last people I want to see, my mom and dad.

"Bella, stop being ridiculous sweetheart. Get in the car and we'll go back to the church. It'll be like none of this ever happened."

I give her a dubious look and roll my eyes to the sky. Bless her heart if she thinks I'm getting into that car with her.

"Ma, I'm not going. You know I can't marry Eric."

"And why ever not?" she asks incredulously.

"Really, ma? Why ever not? We aren't compatible that's why!" I say, my voice filled with indignation.

"So, what's your plan then, sweetheart?" No one other than my mother can make 'sweetheart' sound so condescending. "Are you just going to sit on the side of the road all day?"

I guess that'll have to be my plan, since I don't have a car under my own name, and I'm pretty sure Eric would report my Honda he gifted me as stolen out of spite. I'll stay here until I hitch a ride, or trudge a few more miles to the nearest bus stop.

"I think I'll just soak up the sun and enjoy getting a tan," I say with a bright smile that makes my mother cringe with disappointment.

"You're not getting much younger, you know? You're lucky to have a man like Eric," mother says with a huff. "He's going to be a surgeon you know?"

Wow, mom! You're right, I didn't know that! I've dated him since before I got my period, and yet that information about his career path totally flew over my head. Bless my little heart. A shrewd look develops on my mother's face as she notices the sarcastic one on mine.

"Come on, Bell. Get in the car," Dad says half-heartedly.

"I'm not going back there," I say, growing more and more frustrated by the minute. "This is my life and these are my choices! I made my bed, now let me lie in it," I say, stealing my mother's favorite line.

"Fine," she spits at me, obviously embarrassed by my actions today. "Just don't think about crying to me, missy, when your friends are getting married and having babies and you're still waiting tables."

My dad looks like he wants to argue with her, but the look my mother gives him immediately shuts him up. He gives me a sheepish smile before driving away. Good grief. I wave at them as their car barrels down the red dirt road. I sigh and let my head fall back, enjoying the sun's rays once more. As I allow my body time to relax, I notice how terrible my feet feel. I slip off my conservative high heels and moan at the sight of blisters in the making. I reach down and finger the spots where a layer of skin has worn away completely. This is just my luck! I kick the shoes off, and try my best to ignore the hot dirt under my feet as I open my suitcase and whip out my favorite pair of red cowboy boots. As soon as I slip them on, I feel a thousand times better. I close my suitcase and leave my high heels behind (because who the hell needs glittery silver high heels unless they're a stripper) as I trudge down the dirt road hoping to see another car.

The piss poor thing about this town is you can walk miles without seeing a car. It feels as though I've walked miles when in reality it's probably way less. Time just seems to go by so slowly in a place where nothing seems to change. Thank God, it's nice out today. It's small blessings like this that keep me smiling.

My blessings are short lived. Another half hour passes and not a single car drives by. My feet are killing me and I feel a major sunburn coming on, despite how many times I've delved into my suitcase to lather myself in the sunscreen that was meant for the beach. Just as I'm about to lay down and weep, I see a beat up red Chevy truck coming my way. The truck looked to be on its last leg, but I'm not about to start getting picky. Making the most of what God gave me, I jut out my tits and pose so my curves are seen from miles away. I hold up my thumb and hope the driver will take a chance on me and stop.

The truck slows down as the driver sees me, and as it gets closer to me I get a glimpse of one of the hottest men I've ever seen. I quickly close my mouth because I know I must look like a fucking trout, and he's definitely not going to pull over if he notices how I'm staring at him. I try to avert my gaze, but his face captivates me. Through his windshield I can see he has wild penny-colored hair, perfectly sculpted facial features and a jawline I just want to lick. Sunglasses hide his eyes, but I'm sure they're perfect too. He's so sexy I wonder how I'll handle being in the car with him. That is, if he lets me into his truck.

The truck rolls to a stop and the handsome driver rolls down his window and with a smooth, rich voice he asks, "What are you doing dressed like that on the side of the road?" The corners of his mouth are lifted into a slight smile as he teases me.

Too bad I am not in the mood to be teased. Before I can reign in my sarcastic tendencies, I respond with, "Well, I just thought it would be a lovely day to take a walk in the scalding heat. And this old thing? I just forgot to do my laundry today." When he doesn't laugh at my sardonic remark, I roll my eyes and continue, "I'm trying to hitch a ride. What does it look like I'm doing?"

This time he does laugh. His deep belly laugh takes me by surprise and I stand awkwardly waiting with my suitcase in hand as I wait for him to invite me into his truck. "Is that anyway to talk to a man that you want a ride from?" he questions with a chuckle.

"Um, no I guess not," I mumble awkwardly, as I consider resorting to begging if he doesn't let me in his truck soon. "Look, I'm really sorry," I quickly apologize, waving my hand around dismissively. "I just really need to get out of here."

He looks at me for a long moment, as if struggling with something that has nothing to do with me, before nodding and pushing his passenger door open. "All right, get in."

I jog around the car and throw myself into the passenger seat. I do it quickly because I'm worried this handsome stranger will change his mind at any moment. He takes one long look at me as soon as I get in the car. This is usually something that would put me off, but when this man does it I just want to strip naked so he can have a better look. Jesus, Bella! You were just about to marry another man a few hours ago and now you're thinking about hooking up with some stranger!? I reprimand myself while another part of me argues, "They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else…" It's like the old cartoons where the devil would sit on one shoulder and an angel would sit on another, both arguing over what the character should do. One part of me wants to be good and responsible, while the other part wants to do very bad things.

"Where to?" the hottie beside me questions as he puts his car into drive.

I think for a moment, wanting to laugh because this is such a loaded question. I've been walking all afternoon and never once did I consider where I wanted to go. I've just been so focused on getting the hell away from here.

"I don't know actually," I finally say with a small, uncomfortable laugh. "I just want to leave Willow City. Where are you heading?"

He chuckles as we pull back onto the dirt road. "I'm going home to El Paso. I was just in town to visit my grandparents," he explains. I try to pay attention to what he's saying, but the movement of his soft, perfect lips has me absolutely distracted.

"El Paso," I finally say as soon as I push the thoughts of his lips on my body out of my mind.

"Is there someplace you want me to drop you off?"

I shrug, feeling a little awkward as I say, "I love El Paso. I'll go there too!"

"Do you know anyone there?" he asks incredulously. I'm sure he's confused by my enthusiasm.

"I have a cousin in the area." This isn't totally a lie. I do have a cousin in the area… I just haven't seen her since I hit puberty. "I'm really just looking for a change of scenery. I'm not too keen on small towns. Everyone knows everything about you," I comment, wishing I was exaggerating.

He throws his head back and laughs, before commenting, "Yeah, that's why I love the city. The lack of people makes everything so much better." He throws me a cocky wink before his attention turns toward the road. "Well, then. El Paso it is."

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Song- "If My Heart Was a Car" by Old 97's.