3 Years Later

I can't take my eyes off of him as he takes in the scenery around him. This is the first time he's been to the arena. I wanted to take him when he was younger, but I was always afraid that the loud noises would be too much for him. That, and the danger that could possibly present itself. He's been so curious and I couldn't deny him any longer. I want him to see this in person. I want him to swell with pride like I do when I watch Edward.

"When he be out?"

I peer down at Luke and smile, feeling how anxious he is to see his daddy. His second birthday just came and went and he looks more and more like Edward every day. Everyone who meets Luke, falls instantly in love with him. My parents, who weren't taken with Edward first, warmed up to him as soon as Luke was born. Even before he could speak, he managed to charm everyone. I can't describe how proud I am of him. No matter what he chooses to do in life, I'll always be behind him.

"Daddy's turn is coming soon. Are you excited to see him?" I ask, pulling him to sit on my lap.

He turns and smiles up at me before relaxing against my stomach.

"I excite to see him. He win, right?"

"I bet he'll do fantastic. He always does, doesn't he?"

"Yep," Luke responds as he places his hand in mine. "I see on TV."

Whenever his dad was on television, Luke would sit a foot away on the floor and watch with wide eyes and an impressionable expression. Every time his daddy came out on top he would jump up from his spot and dance around the room. Of course, I wouldn't allow him to watch the footage live. After watching a few frightening moments with Edward on my own, I couldn't bear to put Luke through that trauma. So, when he did watch the footage, Edward was always there with him. He would sit on the couch and watch his son with a smile on his face and, although he would never admit it, a tear in his eye. He would watch Luke as he danced around and cheered for him and then, eventually, they would end up snuggled up on the couch together, watching old footage.

Every now and then, Luke will say he wants to be a rodeo star like his daddy. My heart always drops when he says this. I fear for Edward constantly, so, I can't imagine how I would feel watching Luke follow in his daddy's footsteps. I would never hold him back, however. I just pray he chooses to go down a road that's… safer. For his mother's sake.

"He gonna beat everyone," Luke comments as he continues to stare at the empty arena, waiting for his hero to come dashing out of the chute.

"What are you going to do when you see daddy after his big win?" I ask, reaching down to tickle Luke's belly.

"I give him hug and dance," he says, looking at me very seriously.

"That's perfect, buddy. I know daddy is going to love that."

The audience quiets down as Edward appears in the chute, preparing to ride. Like always, my heart is in my chest. Luke must feel my nerves.

Squeezing my hand, he says, "Kay, Mommy. It 'kay!"

I bend down and press a kiss to the top of his head. How did I live without him for so long? Now that he's in my life, I don't know how I functioned before.

"You're right. Mommy's just being silly."

"Being silly," he repeats, agreeing with a laugh.

The announcers begin speaking and I feel Luke bouncing in my lap as he waits for the chute to open. I'm vibrating with excitement, too. Even after all these years, watching Edward ride never gets old. Nothing about him gets old, in fact. Every day, I find something new about him; every day, I'm given a new reason to love him. Watching him with Luke inspires feelings I never knew existed. I find myself falling in love with him again and again. I pray it never stops. Love like this can never cease, can it? I don't think the fire between us could ever burn out. Because of Edward, I've found my home; because of Edward, I've started on the path of following my dreams; because of Edward, I have the courage to improve all of the relationships in my life; because of Edward, I know what it means to be living.

My heart accelerates as the chute opens and he flies out into the ring, owning the bull with his movements and balance. I wonder if he can hear us as we cry out to him, cheering him on. I wonder if he can feel the energy we're throwing out into the universe. As he rides, he captivates the audience similarly to the way he captivated me when we first met. As I watch his muscular frame, I'm taken back in time, remembering his first words to me.

"What are you doing dressed like that on the side of the road?"

"Well, I just thought it would be a lovely day to take a walk in the scalding heat. And this old thing? I just forgot to do my laundry today. I'm trying to hitch a ride, what does it look like I'm doing?"

"Is that any way to talk to a man that you want a ride from?"

I remember how it felt to hear his rich voice for the first time. When I got into his truck, I never imagined it would take me here. But life is funny like that, isn't it? One moment, you're walking down a road going nowhere and the next, you're on the path to your future.

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