Ok, I've had a few people asking for a sequal, so .........here it is.

A New Beginning to Another Day

Chapter 1

Inuyasha walked out of the hut, letting the warm sun beat down on his chest. It was the day after Kikyou was put to rest, the day after their torment ended, at least as far as she was concerned.

'I think this is just the beginning of a new life for us.' he thought, 'Although we still have to kill Naraku,....atleast we can be together without Kikyou trying to drag me off to hell.'

Inuyasha's thoughts were interrupted by a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Inuyasha, are you alright?" she asked concerned.

"I'm wonderful..." he said turning to face her, sweeping her off of her feet and into his arms, "....now."

She giggled and raised her head to kiss his cheek. "Since you've came to my world, you're not as...grumpy and hateful towards me as you used to..but I'm sure I can understand why you were like that...."

"Back then, I couldn't think about anyone other than Kikyou....but now, you're the only one I can think about." he said, embracing her lips in a deep kiss.

Inuyasha was the one to break the kiss, setting Kagome on the futon to rest. "We only have a few minutes until the twerp dashes in here like mad." he stated.

"Oh...so they're back?"

He nodded as he propped himself against the doorway, trying to block it so the kitsune couldn't pounce on Kagome, making her wounds any worse.

Kagome propped herself up, covering up her skin that Inuyasha's haori did not cover so Miroku could not glare at her, but by that time, Shippo could be heard from the entrance of the village.

"KA-GO-ME!!!!!!!" he screamed, making a mad-dash for the hut, knocking Inuyasha face down into the floor and pouncing on Kagome, causing her to wince.

"Kagome! Kagome! KAGOME!"

'Sheesh...Why does he have to be SOOOOOO annoying!?' Inuyasha thought as he picked himself up off the floor and looked over to see Kagome wince.

"Shippo, *umph* calm down!" she said, holding her waist tightly from her wounds aching.

"I've missed you so much Kagome! I was scared you'd never come back!" he said, pouncing on her shoulder, then on her head, looking down at her. "What did doggy-doo do this time?"

"Shippo, he didn't do anything." she said, plucking him from the top of her head and setting him down on the floor beside her, "...and if he did, it's our business, okay?"

"Hai." he said, pouncing back onto her head nad curling up, finally calming down, but this time, stronger hands removed him.

"Shippo," came Inuyasha's voice sternly, making him think, 'Uh-oh...he's gonna throw me up against the wall again!' "..Kagome was injured, please let her rest and you can pounce on her all you want later." he said, placing him back down on the floor.

"Kagome, are you okay?" he asked after blinking a few times.

"I'll be fine Shippo." she smiled, grasping Inuyasha's hand as he sat beside her.

Shippo looked at them confusedly, then he realized what was going on. He quickly ran out of the hut towards Miroku and Sango singing "Inu and Kagome, sittin' in a tree, m-a-t-i-n-g!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be continued.