Encounter on Remnant

I'd like to thank everyone for reading my fic and like to thank my two dear friends Doom for spell/grammar checking and Storm for helping with ideas. There will be some changes from both canon in Star Wars and canon in RWBY, the main thing being the empire never formed and order 66 never activating. Thank you again!

Deep within the reaches of space, trapped in a hyper jump to an unknown location after a malfunction while attempting to move to a new location; the Republic Venator class Star Destroyer's 'Vespira' and 'Experience', as well as her small support fleet are currently at the mercy of whatever has caused the system error. As the crews scramble to figure out a solution, while hoping that wherever they end up doesn't leave them stranded in hostile territory. Aboard the Vespiras' bridge, Jedi General Orosaa Rilul, a Togruta female of orangey red skin color, and slightly above average height of 5' 7; and Admiral Maxkev Bruher, a tall brown haired human male of about 6' 2, watched as the ship went about its altered course the General discussing possible causes with the bridge crew and maintenance team. Giving a hum, the Jedi turned to glance back at the several clones working endlessly in a seemingly vain attempt to cease their jump. Many rushing back and forth,while others shouted orders. To say it was chaos would be a severe under statement, she could only imagine how the other ships were doing... turning her attention back to the view screen she would speak.

" So, Admiral any ideas on what could have caused this disruption?" She'd ask, hands clasped behind her back; frowning slightly as the man shook his head.

"Unfortunately not...our sensors were unable to detect any anomalies, and the engines weren't tampered with meaning we weren't sabotaged. As of now, there is no evidence on what could have caused this," he finished, looking down to meet the jedis green eyes. "I just hope wherever we end up, we can get a signal out," he said getting a nod in agreement from several people who had been listening to the conversation.

After what felt and seemed like hours, the ships finally started the exit from hyperspace. The fleet pulled to a stop just outside the orbit of a quite strange planet, in which the most peculiar feature being the partially shattered moon. Taking in a breath, Orosaa would approach the Admiral.

"It seems we are quite far from home...wouldn't you agree? Can anything from the scanners give us a base of how far we are exactly...?" She questioned.

"No. It's all a completely unregistered planet and system; from what we can see, there's zero traces of any of the Republican planets or territory." The male responded, his fists balling slightly with anger and frustration. Why had this happened? His train of thought was cut off by the female moving to speak again; though the duo quickly looking to the clone who spoke next.

" Sir, we're picking up several transmissions, which seem to be originating from the surface of the planet!." the clone pressed a few buttons, screams and yells quickly filling the bridge.

"Calling all Hunters and Huntresses! We require back-up immediately, we are under attack! Grimm and the White Fang are overruning the city! Hunters and Huntresses report as soon as possible to the landing areas and assist any and all bystanders to escape before helping the Vale military forces fight! This is not a drill!" Shouted the unknown voice, before loud bangs and screeches were heard, following static and silence.

The Jedi Quickly exited the bridge, sprinting towards the hangar bay as the Claxon began to fill the halls with noise. Troopers rushed left and right to get to their stations, soon the Jedi met up with two clones she had befriended- Clone Commander Enderby, a very calm and collected man in which she often regarded him with a higher opinion than other troopers, with his golden, bright hazel eyes and a military mohawk kept prim and proper; as well as Storm who was a heavy gunner who possessed the passion of eliminating whatever and whoever got in the way of his objective. Enderby was first to speak, his booming bass-tone voice easily audible over the Screeching sirens " General! What's going on, why are we being instructed to deploy!"

She'd give the male a smirk as she fell into step with the duo.

"Time to go save another planet. Load up, boys..it's go time!" She didn't miss the grin from Storm, nor the slight smirk from Enderby as the trio entered the hangar.

Forces were already in motion, V-wings and Y-wing ships were roaring out into the black inkiness known as space, with ARCs and already loaded LAATs rocketing out. Other LAATs were being quickly loaded, while AT-TE walkers were also loading up to be deployed into place for transport down to the surface. Orosaa quickly headed for a still loading LAAT with the two men close at her heels, with helmets on and weapons at the ready. Enderby held a DC-17M, and Storm wielding a Z6 Rotary Blaster Canon; the LAAT doors shutting as soon as the pair were in.

Orosaa activated the com system aboard the transport as it maneuvered through the void towards the unknown planet. Her voice held the perfect balance of power and compassion, very aware of the fact that not all the troops would return breathing. "Alright boys, we need to be ready for anything down there; we've no idea what is down there, or if the inhabitants are hostiles...or human for that matter. All we know is that they need our help and, as the Republic it is our sworn duty to help those in need. Let's get down there and show them what we can do!"

The General smiled as the soldiers on her own transport, as well as others, cheered at the speech. She hung the communicator speaker on its hook and commenced stretching for...whatever it was they would encounter down there. All anybody knew was that it would be one hell of a go-around.