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-- Chapter Two --

Harry blinked his eyes open, yawning deeply. After he became accustomed to the light, he surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings.

Where was he? Oh...

As memories flooded back Harry flushed in embarresment. He'd cried himself to sleep in Sirius's arms... That was mortifying.

And also...

Sirius's friend ran a school in Japan. That much had been explained. Cross Academy.

But what Sirius didn't know Harry knew, and probably didn't know himself, was just who inhabited one of the two dormintries there.

The Night Class.

He also knew who - or what - they were.

He knew about the academy, having come across it whilst doing independant research.

Kaien Cross was a former vampire hunter, who had come to sympathise with the species. It was, after all, logical that he would try and join humans and vampires together, letting them interact occasionally.

And, more importantly (to Harry, anyway), was the friendship he had fostered eith the Kurans before Rido went beserk...

And oddly enough, the Night Class had been formed just after that.

Kaname Kuran was at Cross Academy. And, oddly enough, so was Kuran's younger sibling.

Harry had realised the existence of the other child after finding a photo of Juuri after her death. She had performed a ritual meant to seal away the vampire inside of a being.

Kaname was still a vampire, and his parents were both dead, so it was reasonably obvious that he had a sibling.

And as it had been over 10 years since that night, the seal would probably have been broken, meaning that were two pureblood vampires at Cross Academy.

By all normal circumstances, none of that should have affected Harry.

But Harry Potter was far from a normal human.

Especially since he was no longer human.

His parents had been the missing Kuran twins, Rido, Juuri and Haruka's younger siblings. They had been presumed dead after their dissapearance, as no one could sense their vampiric presence.

They had been sealed and seperated from each other, with their memories removed. They had been raised as humans by humans, who thought that they were their own.

Harry Potter was a pureblood vampire. And, thanks to Vodemort's possesion at the end of the last term, he was fully aware of his heritage.

At that first awakening in the hospital wing his mind had been flooded. Obviously, his vampiric half had soon realised that the human half of him could not cope with the added strain, and withdrew.

Since then, his dreams had been rich with information regarding his family's past. He had also discovered his true name.


Hīro Kuran.

And now he was all set to attend Cross Academy - probably, anyway. What a mess!

And apparently his vampire side allowed him to understand and speak other languages.

It had only been odd things like that, and (as of yet), he had not developed fangs - or a lust for blood.

He healed exceptionally quickly, and had a strong affinity to purebloods 'wandless magic' as the wizarding nation called it.

His dreams had explained the pecularities of his situation - and his unique ability to completely hide his vampire side; return to being human.

It was because both of his parents had been sealed. Apparently, that was a reason behind a lot of his knowledge, such as the random fact of Kaname being his own Great - Grandfather, and similar.

He had learned of the Kirryu twin's surprises and he had felt a twinge in life and death when Zero took possesion of Ichirru.

And as for his own secrecy...?

He might be noticed, but he doubted it. He kept most of his vampire firmly hidden away, which would not be sensed.

But his appearance might be enough... Or his control might slip...

Lost in his brooding thoughts, he jolted in surprise when Sirius came through the door, a cheery grin illuminating his face.

"Harry! You're up!" He shouted in an overly jubilant tone. "You slept ages! A whole day!"

"What!" Harry exclaimed. Idiot, why hadn't he noticed! He should have-

"I got you and Hermione places in my friend's school as well! It's really presdigious, even if it is muggle!"

Harry could literally see Sirius bouncing off the walls. Well, at least now the situation was certain.

"I entered you as Hīro Potter and Hermione as Máya Granger, though this is Japan so you'll be Potter Hīro and she'll be Granger Máya."

Harry - or Hīro - eyed his godfather suspiciously. The name was probably a coincidence, but...



"Have you ever tried coffee?"

"I had some earlier, why?"

Harry stiffled a laugh.

"No reason."

"Ok then! We're meeting in half an hour, so be ready!"

He gave Harry a cheery caffeinated grin and bounded out of the room. Harry groaned.

Whoever introduced Sirius to coffee was virtually dead already.

He slowly dragged himself out of bed and got ready for what was sure to be a long day.

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