Paris, Louvre Museum
Unknown POV

I just got my driving license and I got a job in the Louvre museum, they opened a new aisle in the viking era and I'm the one in charge, I don't believe it. But my first day was amazing. At first, it was pretty calm, everyone here looked to each things and asked some question but at a moment were I watched carefully a letter, I heard, behind me

"Goryfic ? is that you ?"

I turned around and saw a girl

"should I know you ?"

"it's me...Parisa !"

"PARISA ! glad to see you here !"

" worked here !"

"yes, I know everything on this room, the viking era by the way !"

"yeah, I saw that, what it that ?"

"dunno, it's new !"

We looked closely to this letter, Parisa was focused on the signature at the end and I looked at the explanation "letter from chief Hiccup to one of his lieutenant working in an outpost" no way ! chief Hiccup ? not the Chief Hiccup, then, Parisa showed me the signature, three H with the number three in roman

"that's impossible !"

We let our place to two weird tourist and chat about that until the museum's closing. Parisa stayed with me and she accepted to stay with me, this week end, I'll do a visit to Paris with her, her favorite town. But the two strange tourist were still in front of the letter

"we're closing ! I said in english."

I know what you're thinking, why precising I talked in english to them because the all text is in english, I'm french okay, normally, I speak french...anyway, back to the story, those two didn't move a muscle, these two got short blond hair, wore black T shirt and jean

"are you deaf ?"

"no we're not !"

they turned around and walked to me, one of them looked at my badge and told to the other

"calm down, it's Amaury, our pal !"

"oh...hey man !"

At this moment, I was totally lost

"who are you ?"

The two were astonished when I asked that

"do you lost your mind my dear fellow ?"

"how can you forget about all the adventure we lived together !"

I turn my torch on and looked carefully to these two, they looked familiar but a strange an impossible familliar

"Ruff ? Tuff ? I said hesitating for a bit."

"there you go !"

Parisa and I were speechless, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, that's impossible. After a moment, my curiosity taking the upper hand, I offered them to come to my house and explained everything.

After the museum's closure, Parisa mount on my car and the twins followed me. After some time, we arrived and everyone enter, they sat down on my couch and I offered some things to eat and drink

"so...what's your story ?"

"yeah, it's kind of weird may don't believe us !"

Tuffnut coughed and began his story.

Viking era
Tuffnut's POV

When I opened my eyes, I saw my sister beside me in a cave, then a black dragon came to see us

"I got a good news and a...strange one but first off all, let me introduce myself, I'm Moonshine, Guardian of Darkness and Death keeper, from a few second, you were dead but I decided to ressurect you but I don't know how I do that but you and your dragon are now immortal, that's the good news, the strange one is this...the JLA explode and Berk lost Hiccup, the last battle cost a huge life...Amaury is dead !"

"what ?"

"yes, I own his soul, I'm sorry for your loss !"

"can we..."

"for them, you're both dead !"

"but we can't let them alone !"

"you have to, you have a new mission, help the human kind to avoid his self destruction, you have to help them create their JLA during history !"

"how ?"

"it's you the boss, blend in and help the side you choose but remember those things, don't be mad if you loose or not be too overjoyed if you win and please, don't kill anyone important in history, I gave you a guide who can help you."

"so...we can't die !

"yes !"


With his help, we built several JLA around this world, helping or not his building to this.

Amaury's House
Amaury's POV

He was right, I don't believe any word of it but Ruffnut took out a book from her bag and gave it to me, I opened it and don't believe what I saw, from viking era tou ours, they are proof they did that, they meet every historical character from all country, Vercingetorix, a rebel against the Roman empire, Carlus Magnus, even Black Beard or George Washington, they even participate in World War one and two

"it's amazing, you're part to our history ! I said."

"yes...but during our personnal research, we found the book of dragon with a note from our good friend about a dark, we translate it from viking runes to...english, is that right ?"

"yes Ruff, can I see it ?"

She gave me the old piece of paper and I read it on my mind

"for the one who found this, I'm dead but you need to know two things, the dragon may came back one day, stronger than ever but someone could use them for bat terms the second point is this, Spitfire, my dragoness decide to protect my friends from time just to save them when they will returned, behind this, you will found a map the cross is the place where they are...of course, the only one who can woke them up is someone who got a pure heart and is a descendant of mine..." the rest was barely lisible.

"the guy who wrote that was called Amaury, just like you man !"

"what ? it can't be ?"

Parisa was agreed with me, this guy was a creation for a fanfic, even the JLA thingy was a creation by me, not of those things can be real. But Tuffnut gave us the best answer we never could have

"we read the book from Cressida Cowell and saw the three movies and the series, they don't have information about the Terror of the Sky so they can't add him !"

"I told a true story...I can't believe you guys !"

"follow us, we will bring you two to Berk and you will see the truth !"

"what ? how ? asked Parisa."

"with Barf and Belch !"

I sighed, Parisa was excited just to the idea of going on dragon's back to Berk, my curiosity already won the fight, I accepted too and tommorow, we will go to Berk's location.