Wiliam's HQ
Wiliam's POV

At last, my home I got from Calder's inheritance, his lost gold got me this mansion, the dragons forgot Switzerland, I don't know why, I'm in peace and live normally here, leading my men into this battle, my first plan was leading Trump to his fall with all his goverment, this idiot trust me, I hate him so much...he trusted me when I gave him his map by mail, a dragon squad waited him and destroyed the Beast in no time, the USA felt down, now, I have to finish my plan, kill this bitch who dare to kill Calder, my ancestor, I kept and fixed his weapon just for her, the best tortured tools to killed her slowly, I got enought books about this pathetic dragon lovers group and Katla, the one who killed Calder.

At sea
Amaury's POV

I took out the ship, ready to return to my country when I heard

"what happen ?"

"Spit ?"

"I sleep there when you're eating, I'm fine !"

"not tonight, we go in France for a rescue mission."

"really, rescue who ?"

"Heather and Windshear !"

"at last, you decided to fight for her love !"

"what ? "

"yes, you fight for her...I think against this unit !"

"nope, dragons, they took out Europe, Heather is in my hometown and in danger !"

"you will attack wild dragons ? are you mad ?"

"love made a man mad as hell, I will do everything for her, including this !"

"you're like my lost rider, I'll follow you, even in hell !"

"glad to hear that !"

I went for the only beach I know, Les Sables d'Olonnes, the only way in to my hometown

"are we there yet ?"

"calm down ! it's a long way...I'm sorry to take you there !"

"it's nothing, during this journey, took some time to choose a dragon !"

"what ? you too ? I got you !"

"I know but...I'm a baby, I can't do anything, you need an adult dragon to help you !"


I stopped the boat and Spit jumped on my shoulders

"we will be best friend forever you and I but I can't help you right now !"

"I refused to let you down, no one could be better than you !"

"that's nice...but you can't work with me, I will be with you, trust me !"

She smiled at me, at least I think it was a smile and we pursued our way to France.

The Beach

When we arrived, Les Sables were destroyed, nothing left from the town and the beach was covered in bones and burning cars, only one thing caught Spitfire

"oh oh !"

"what is it ?"

"you saw this flag ?"

"yes, the red paw with four claws and surrounde by skulls, so what ?"

"it's the sigil ofmy clan, the Blood Claw, they were vanished since my father died !"

"ok, what's your advice ?"

"find a car and we get out of here as quickly as possible."

I hope we can found something to get the fuck out, no cars were here, only desolation, like in Mad Max, but we got some luck, we found a SUV from the Dracaris unit, the soldiers came on ground and walked to the camp

"that's our chance !"

We ran stealthy to it...I know, it's impossible but it's not like a wild beast as big as a bus can kill us. I turn the engine on just when a fire's breath killed all Dracaris warrior in front of us

"it's the good time to GET THE FUCK OUT ! yelled Spitfire."

But I was frozen, I can't think straight, this dragon was huge but in a second, I came back from my fear and turned the SUV, but I was stuck

"can we go fast with this damn thing ?"


But suddenly, the dragon let the car free, I lost the control and we crashed in one of the flag, Spit and I were unconscious, I tried to take my gun but I fainted just before I can reached it.

Unknown Place
Unknown's POV

I was patrolling into my base, waiting for my second in command and my daughter, I was near the cell when he came

"at last, you lazy twat !"

"I'm...I'm sorry sit but..."

"don't tell me you lost my girl...again ?"

"she's fast and clever..."

"why did I hired the most stupid Monstrous Nightmare for this task, take all the dragon you need, if something happen to her, you will pay for that !"

"understood sir !"


This dumb beast left and I growled, I'm surrounded by idiots, if I was not a male Razorwhip, I'll never caught this girl and the dragon she got, my futur mate, fierce, and hot tempered, she already gave me some scars, I love her but the fate of her human friend is already sealed, she will be executed by myself tonight, like furious said, all human must be dead before celebrating our victory and before I lived forever with my mate. But I don't understand how this girl can turned over dragon's spirit, even my elite soldier can't stay too close to her without beeing "transformed" into puppies

"you will lost this, my friends will help me !"

With the Blood Claw on the beach, no one can pass throught their camp and live to tell how they did, I ignored her and pursued my patrol, my only worry were to my daughter, she could be felt alone here.

Blood Claw camp
Amaury's POV

When I woke up, I got a huge headache and Spitfire was with me when we heard

"it can't be, my mother is dead since a long time, this can't be real !"

Spit looked at this dragoness and was not moving, even her tail was not moving

"Dawn ? is that you ? she asked."


"DON'T TALK TO YOUR MOTHER LIKE THAT...I told to Warpath to never told you my final plan !"

Dawn...I think it's her name...came close to us, I stayed back until I was stuck on a wall, Dawn were crying

"dad told me you were dead !"

"I asked him to not told you that, just that I got a huge mission and I can't be..."

"why are you a baby ?"

"I told you it's impolite to cut someone else when he or she talked...I don't know...maybe my spell did that !"

"if you're Spitfire, who is this guy, it can't be your rider !"

"not the one you knew in viking era !"

"is he called Amaury too ?"


I shivered and never looked in her eyes, I was affraid to be burnt alive but I heard

"mommy ?"

Spit stood up and came to her daughter

"mommy is here sweety !"

Dawn smelt her tiny mother and hugged her softly

"I will talked to the old ones to know if we can fixed this !"

"thanks sweety !"

Dawn left what it looks like her room and Spit joined me

"my daughter could maybe bring me a cure !"

"it's cool, I think she hates me !"

"what ? no !"

"how can you know that ?"

"because I know my daughter !"

She jumped on my knees and purred, I'll caught her on my arm and she licked my cheek

"you're a good guy, Dawn likes the good guy !"

"really ?"

"yes !"

Spit yawned and put her head against mine. I feared the worst, we lost precious time here, after a long time, Dawn came back

"I've got a good and a bad news !"

"what's the bad news ? asked Spitfire."

"we can't help you found your size back, only one thing can cancel the spell's effect, a huge trauma !"

"what ! we both replied."

"yes only something bad for you, where you badly want to avoid it can make you like before !"

"ok and the good news ?"

"we all agreed to let you pass, you're the best member of our clan but on one condition."

"what condition ? I asked."

"mom stayed here and...and I go with your rider !"

" that case...yes, I agreed !"

"you what ? I can't be with Dawn !"

"it will be fine !"

oh on the back of a wild dragoness who is also a ruthless clan chief , I'll be dead out there.

Far from the Blood Claw clan
in town
Unknown POV

After I escaped my "bodyguard", I explored my new home, my dad's army obliterate every building here, even the name of this town is lame...Fontenay-le-Comte, urgh ! the worst name after Berk. Furious warned us about vikingwho could be as nice as bad with us, I wonder why, I never saw a human in my all life, some others young dragons told non sense about them, some says they are strong as bulls, others told me theirs eyes can throw some red thing who can kill a dragon in one shot...some bullshits, as the chief's daughter, I got an access to all good places and I learnt some things about my enemy, they are so weak. My name is Shadow, I got dark gray scales and blue eyes, I'm curious and a good explorer, I just want to know more this world but when I looked to a huge building, far from my dad's HQ, I felt something in my neck, I growled but soon, I felt weird and I slept but I was not tired yet ? When I woke up, I was in a cage in the, help, I'm scared !