The All Spark...

Its origins are unknown even to the oldest of our kind, but we do know that it was what granted us life in the first place. Our creator...

For eons, we held this as a sacred relic, keeping watch over it so that it does not fall into the wrongs hands, as it is capable of great destruction if used with such intention.

Unfortunately, peace would not last long in our world, and war for ownership over the All Spark broke out. Two factions battled for the All Spark as well as control over the resources of our planet. It was a war that lasted eons, but it eventually came to an end when the All Spark, in the midst of the chaos, was jettisoned into the far reaches of deep space, likely never to be seen again.

Perhaps this was for the best, because though it granted us life, it also brought us ruins and destruction with the power it possesses. Such a thing should never fall into the wrong hands, so as long as it is hidden from the reaches of all those who wish to use it for evil, it is a good thing.

Who knows how long it would be before it is found again. Let us hope that day never comes...




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Chapter 1
Arrival of Familiar Faces

Dr. Wily, Mega Man's archenemy, was not one to give up so easily. Though he failed to take over the world multiple times thanks to the Blue Bomber, he managed to escape custody often and go back to his evil ways. After his most recent loss to the same robot, he once again escaped and attempted to retry taking over the world. Of course, he needed a base of operations first, and what place to build a base than in a cold, arctic region where few people go to?

Dressed in a thick fur coat, the evil scientist watched as his robots got busy with designing his new base. The construction had begun not too long ago, so it would take a long time before it was finished. As he observed the blueprint he drew and the construction going on before him, Shadow Man appeared next to him in a puff of smoke and said, "Lord Wily, the construction robots have discovered something that might be of interest to you."

"What is it?" asked Dr. Wily.

"Come and see. You will not believe it unless you see it with your own eyes," the ninja-like robot told him. He then led the scientist towards an elevator designed to go underground, as the scientist had in mind to build a basement as well. After reaching the bottom, he stepped out of the elevator with Shadow Man, who pointed to what he wanted to show him.

Dr. Wily could not believe what he was looking at. His construction robots were surrounding what appeared to be a being made of metal, and a large one at that. It was a silver robot with dimmed red eyes and a mouth filled with sharp teeth, not to mention hands full of sharp claws. The intricate and pointy designs of its body almost screamed to be alien in origin.

The mysterious and inactive robot was mostly covered in ice and frost, an evident that it had been here for quite a while.

"What on earth is this?!" asked Dr. Wily in surprise. "You found it while digging here?!"

"Indeed. We are just as surprised as you are to find something like this in this kind of place," Shadow Man told him. "What do you make of it?"

Dr. Wily slowly approached the mysterious robot and touched its claws. "Incredible! This design is nothing like I have seen before! Regardless of what it is, I'm sure I can put it to good use, especially if it'll help me against that pesky Mega Man!" said Dr. Wily with enthusiasm.

Three months later...

The highway was noisier than it usually was, not to mention being chaotic. A vehicle that was best described as a 2-meter tall high-tech gun on wheels was speeding down the pavement, and seated at the cockpit behind it was a fat guy with long, black hair that covered his eyes for the most part. He wore a black and red striped shirt that was clearly undersized, as evident of his belly bulging out, and a pair of blue pants that were also undersized and looked uncomfortable to wear because of it.

The driver of said vehicle was reckless at driving, as he didn't hesitate to crash into other vehicles and send them crashing into the railing at the sides and therefore causing property damage. The reason for him driving so fast and recklessly was because there was an orange corvette chasing after him from behind, and seated in that vehicle were the Smashers Snake, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong.

The person they were chasing down was Billy the Nostalgic Kid. They had previously tangled with him back in the story Nostalgia Goggles, where because of not wanting to let go of the past and being obsessed with nostalgia, the 33 years old Billy attempted to brainwash the whole planet into behaving like children in order to let them relive the "glorious days of the past." He would've succeeded, despite the Smashers attempt at stopping him, if it weren't for the fact that people on his side betrayed him by letting go of the past and willing to embrace the future. Billy was taken into custody after that, but after quite some time in prison, he was able to escape somehow. A week after his escape, he showed up in Onett with his aforementioned vehicle that was capable of firing beams that would make its victims behave like children. The aforementioned four Smashers caught him in the act and thus gave chase.

"Faster! Faster! We can't let him get away! Can't you drive faster?!" Diddy asked Snake impatiently.

"I'm sorry I'm not Captain Falcon!" Snake told him in frustration. "I'm trying my best to drive my fastest and not hurt other cars already!"

"He doesn't care about hitting other cars, though," pointed out Donkey.

"That's because he's a bad guy, and we're not!" Snake reminded him.

"Oh right... Heheh..." said Donkey sheepishly while scratching his head.

As the Smashers continued to chase Billy, Mario stood up on his seat while holding the windshield to avoid falling off. He produced a fireball in his hand and threw it at Billy, but the latter got out of the way. The fireball hit a car that was in front of Billy and set it on fire. Snake drove out of the way so that the burning car wouldn't hit them. "Sorry!" Mario said out loud to the driver of the car he burned. Said car crashed into another car, and a chain reaction of car crashes happened. "Oops..."

"Nice job being a bad guy there..." said Diddy, looking back at the serious accident that happened.

"I didn't meant eet..." said Mario in guilt.

Billy looked back at the Smashers and said, "Stop chasing me already! I have enough of the likes of you raping my childhood! Why can't you just accept that being a kid is much more fun than being an adult?!" He made the gun face them and fire a purple beam. They avoided it, and the beam hit a motorcyclist behind them. The motorcyclist began making baby sounds while throwing his arms into the air, waving them in a childish manner. This resulted in him crashing into the railing at the side and flying over it.

The Smashers were shocked at what happened to him, but they were relieved when Charizard appeared with the motorcyclist in his grasps. "Way to go, Charizard!" Mario said to the Pokemon.

Charizard flew to the ground and placed the motorcyclist there before joining the Smashers in going after Billy. He flew ahead of their car and went for the villain. He attempted to go for the gun, hoping to destroy it, but it turned around at the last second and fired at him at point blank, causing him to fall off the side of the highway. "Oh no! He got shot!" gasped Diddy.

"Don't worry; a fall like that won't do much to him, and besides, he'll only act like a kid at most, so we can try to change him back afterwards!" Snake told him.

Down below the highway, Charizard got up and looked around with a confused face. A butterfly then flew past his face, and he began chasing it like an immature little kid. He tripped on a rock, however, and began crying loudly like a baby.

Back up there, the Smashers continued to chase Billy, and the longer it was dragged out, the messier the place became. Just as the Smashers were wondering how they could catch up with him more easily, five particular vehicles sped past them and seemingly went after Billy. The vehicles consisted of a red and blue semi truck, a black and yellow car, a blue motorcycle driven by a seemingly female rider wearing a blue helmet and a matching color jumpsuit, an ambulance, and a military jeep.

The jeep and the black and yellow car surrounded Billy from both sides and slowly closed in on him until he could move neither left or right. Looking at the two vehicles in confusion, Billy shouted, "What do you want with me? Get away from me!"

The motorcycle approached Billy from behind and pulled off a move that shouldn't be possible for such vehicles: it jumped into the air. It jumped towards the gun and shatter it with a single hit, much to the surprise of Billy and the Smashers. The black and yellow car then sped ahead of Billy, and then the jeep rammed into him from the side hard, making him crash into the railing. As Billy was not wearing a seat belt, and the cockpit lacked a covering of any kind, the self-proclaimed 9 years old guy was thrown out of his ride and fell to the bottom of the highway.

The Smashers swore that they saw the ambulance changing form while jumping off the highway, going after Billy. They then saw a path that led to the bottom of the highway, and the mysterious vehicles that showed up went down it. Wanting to know what exactly was going on, the Smashers exited the highway and got to the bottom. By the time they got there, they saw Billy lying unharmed on the ground with the mysterious vehicles around him. They then drove off underneath the highway at a fast speed. The Smashers got off their car and ran up to Billy while keeping their eyes on those vehicles. "Who are they? And what was that all about?" asked Diddy.

"Your questions are as good as mine..." Snake said to him. He then looked at the shocked Billy who was breathing heavily while still lying on his back. "We should do something about this guy first."

The police was later called over to take Billy away. As he was being led into the police car, Billy angrily shouted, "Curse you all, you raper of my childhood! I hope you find enjoyment in raping people's childhood! Literally raping everyone's childhood! It's people like you that we cannot have good things!"

"Does he even know what the word 'rape' means...?" grumbled Snake as he watched Billy get pushed into the police car by the cops.

After the police cars drove off, the mysterious vehicles from before returned from underneath the highway and stopped in front of the Smashers. "All right," Snake said to them. "What's with you guys? How about you step out..." Before he could finish speaking, the vehicles underwent transformations that startled all the Smashers. Before the motorcycle began transforming, its rider disappeared as if it was a hologram.

Each of the vehicles transformed into towering humanoid robots that matched the color scheme of their vehicular forms. The robot that transformed from the jeep and the one that changed from the motorcycle were notable in the way that the former had a bulkier and wider build compared to the others and the latter was the shortest of the bunch and had a feminine build.

"What in the world?!" asked Snake in shock.

Mario, Diddy, and Donkey were equally shocked, but there was something about these robots that also surprised them, even more so than Snake. "Aren't you guys...?" asked Diddy.

Before he could finish, the red and blue robot that transformed from the semi truck said in a deep voice, "We meet again, Smashers!"

"Optimus Prime!" exclaimed the three aforementioned Smashers.

"Yes, it is indeed me," said the robot.

"You know this guy?" Snake asked the three.

"Remember when we told you that we went to R.O.B.'s home planet? These are the robots we met there!" Diddy reminded him.

Pointing his hand at the yellow and black robot, Optimus said, "I'm sure you remember Bumblebee." Said robot waved at the Smashers while making odd sounds resembling that of a broken radio.

"What's wrong with hiz voice?" asked Mario.

"That... I'll explain later..." said Optimus, and then he pointed at the ambulance robot. "And I'm sure you still remember our medic, Ratchet."

"Good to see that are all still in good health, organics!" that robot said to them.

"Organics?" said Snake curiously.

"That's what we usually call beings made of flesh," explained Ratchet.

Pointing at the robot that changed from the jeep. "I don't think you have met him before. He's Bulkhead."

"Nice to finally meet you folks at last!" the bulky robot said to the Smashers while stretching out his massive hand towards them.

"Nice to meet-a you too!" said Mario while shaking his hand, or rather, finger. The other Smashers did the same.

"Finally, this is Arcee," said Optimus, pointing at the feminine robot that changed from the motorcycle.

"Nice to meet you," she said to the Smashers. "Hope you didn't mind us interrupting your job earlier."

"No, eetz all right-a," Mario told her. "We are thankful that-a you helped uz catch-a him! He would-a caused more trouble if we let-a him run loose any longa..."

"So... what was the deal with that guy? Terrorist? Thief? Robber?" asked Bulkhead, sounding as if he had great interest in this matter.

"Just some man child who can't grow up and tried to brainwash everyone into behaving like children," replied Snake.

The Autobots became silent after hearing that, as they were not expecting that sort of answer. "That's... Um... Interesting, to say the least..." said Bulkhead, breaking the silence. "That something common around here?"

"That's actually one of the rarer ones," Diddy told him. "We usually deal with another kind of issue around these days."

In some other country, a tall guy wearing a blue shirt and a pair of brown pants was standing in front of a tall office building with the logo "SEGA" printed above the front door. He also wore a blue hat with blue spikes arcing backwards and held a machine gun in his hand. Holding a megaphone in one hand and shouting at the office building, he said, "Listen up! I demand that you cancel Sonic Forces, because that game is already destined to fail! From now on, you should make nothing but Sonic Mania kind of Sonic games! Failure to comply and I will gun down everyone inside the building!"

He then felt someone tapping his shoulder, so he turned around to see Sonic staring back at him. "You know," the blue hedgehog said to him, "the last time Nintendo churned out New Super Mario Brothers one after another..." Everything after that happened so fast that the tall guy had more or less no idea what happened. All he knew was he felt a large amount of wind pushing against his face, and then he found himself inside a police station's prison cell with his gun confiscated. Sonic, resting his arm outside his prison cell, continued his sentence. "...people got bored of the series and complained that they're running out of ideas. Do you want the same thing to happen to Sonic Mania?

"And let's not forget constantly having to save yukkuris from those abusers of World OYP," Diddy reminded the Smashers.

"That only happened three times, which doesn't count as often," Snake told him.

"Yukkuris?" Optimus curiously asked.

"Living buns that resemble human heads, and as for the details of us saving them, the lesser you know, the better..." Snake told him.

Sally screamed in rage as she angrily ripped the hair off of a horrified yukkuri reimu, and then proceeded to pull out its tongue and then its teeth before tearing the entire creature in two, causing red bean fillings to spill out.

At least that was she was seeing through her eyes. In reality, she was tearing a pillow designed in the likeliness of a yukkuri reimu into pieces. As World OYP had no more yukkuris left, abusers had to resort to objects made in their likeliness in order to satisfy their desires. Needless to say, this was not working, and that world is currently in a state of ruins and despair.

All the while, the yukkuris were enjoying a peaceful life in World YB. The thought of this made the abusers back in World OYP go insane with rage. Creatures that were, according to them, despicable and exist only to be abused being able to live happily while they live a life of despair and tragedy was completely unforgivable to them, but it's not like they could do anything about it.

"I'm sure you'll get-a used to the shenanigans of our world eventually," Mario told the Autobots.

"Why are you guys here anyway?" Donkey asked the Autobots. "Not that we don't welcome you, mind you..."

"Yeah, I doubt you're simply here for sightseeing and visiting us. Not that I mind..." said Diddy.

"Indeed, we are here for a reason," Optimus told him as his voice turned in a worried tone. "The Decepticons are here on your planet."


Originally, I intended to remake The Robot King, as I did not like how that story turned out. I consider it to be one of my lowest points in my fan fiction writing history. However, with lots of new Smashers introduced in the official games, I feel like it would be a waste to focus on a remake and therefore leaving them out, so I've decided to write an all-new story instead. Now that I have more knowledge on the Transformers series, I think I should be able to pull off this story much better than that one. I still regret making that story to this day and wish to retcon it, but that would cause a lot of continuity errors with my later stories...

Those familiar with the Transformers Prime cartoon should find the cast of Transformers here familiar. Indeed, I will be using the same cast from that one, just not the human characters.

The plot of this story will be something of a fusion between the first and second Transformer live-action movies, with a small dash of Age of Extinction thrown into it. Can you guess what that small dash is?

All the Transformers characters here are based off the Transformers Prime cartoon designs and portrayal, but for ones who did not appear in that cartoon, they are based on their G1 designs. Even so, I may take creative liberties to things, and elements from the movies will be used as well. Because I'm not good at descriptions, I expect that you look them up yourselves in order to save me the trouble of describing them. I hope you understand.

Also, Sally is an OC who first up in Strive for Easiness Again.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this story. I'll try my best to make it good!