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A young adult, carrying a blue file, standing at a bus stop kept shooting nervous glances at his watch. He was bespectacled with dark hair, medium height and green eyes. He was dressed in a formal white button up shirt and black dress pants. His gaze kept moving between the far side of the road and his watch. It was apparent that he was in a hurry. His shoulders were tensed up and he kept wiping off sweat from his brow with a light blue handkerchief. When the bus finally arrived. He breathed out a sigh of relief and climbed on.

He got off the bus in front of a tall white corporate building. He looked at his watch again and his posture tensed up again. He all but ran inside the building and hurried to the reception. A blond woman, somewhere in the mid 30's regarded him and raised a pencilled eyebrow. He understood the gesture and spoke up,

"I'm here for a job interview."

He pushed the blue file towards her. She flipped through the pages with long slender fingers and then tapped something on the keyboard. Once she was done, she closed the file and pushed it towards him,

"Fourth floor, first room on the right."

He thanked her, picked up his file and rushed through the crowd of people. He reached the elevator just in time and edged in just before the doors closed. The soft elevator music played in the background. A woman behind him was talking about some deal on the phone. A guy next to him was reading through a file nervously.

The elevator stopped and he realized that this was where he was supposed to get out. He rushed out and walked to the first room on the right, just like the receptionist had directed him. He found it strange that there wasn't even a single other applicant waiting outside the room. After straightening out his hair and adjusting his shirt, he took a deep breath and slowly knocked on the glass door. Tap, Tap, Tap. The door was opened by a brunette dressed in a pink crop jacket and matching knee length skirt. One glance at her, told him that she was a secretary,

"Are you here for the job interview?"

She spoke in a nasal voice and he nodded quickly,

"Don't just stand there, come inside, Mr. Rookwood is a very busy man."

He stepped into a lavishly decorated office. The walls were lined with shelves filled with books. A huge polished wood table was placed in the centre of the office and behind it sat a man with long sleek black hair and a face that held eyes that were equally black. He walked towards the desk and the man silently signalled him to sit. He sat down in a seat and was just about to say something when Mr. Rookwood raised his hand,

"Save me the banter. The file has all the information regarding you in it, I presume."

Harry nodded and pushed his file towards him. The man picked it up and scanned the pages inside it for several minutes. He looked down in his lap and clenched and unclenched his fingers while Mr. Rookwood studied his file. The impeccable silence in the room was shattered by the sound of a cell phone ringing. Mr. Rookwood set down his file and picked up a smart phone of the latest model from the table. The conversation on the phone was brief and mainly comprised of yes and no. Rookwood took one last look at the open file, closed it and pushed it back across the table,

"You are under-qualified and lack the experience needed for this job. I am delighted that you graced us with your presence and wasted my precious time. Get out of my sight."

Rookwood's voice was cold and laced with sarcasm. The young man hurriedly picked his file and walked out of the room. He exited the building and looked up at the sky to see grey clouds rolling in. It was going to rain soon. He drew several deep breaths. He had needed this job desperately. The bus arrived and he got in. How many more times was he going to get rejected?

The bus came to a halt and he stepped out. The rain was pouring down. He ran into the hospital building and walked through the corridors to a room. He had traversed this path so many times now that he could probably navigate his way to this room even in his sleep.

He paused outside the room and brought his well-rehearsed smile to his lips. Quietly he pushed the door open and saw a frail woman hidden under the heavy covers. He approached her and even though he made sure not to make a single sound, the woman's eyes fluttered open, displaying wide green eyes. It took her a moment to recognize the young man but when she did, a bright smile crossed her pale features. She tried to speak but no sound came out. He drew close to her and kissed her forehead softly,

"I know what you're going to ask, Mom. The interview went great. They said they would call me."

It took him all his strength not to cry in front of his mother. He knew that if he cried, if he even frowned, she would know that he had been rejected once again. He put his file on the side table and sat down in the chair beside the bed. His mother continued to stare at him and he didn't allow a flicker of his emotions display on his face. He knew she wanted to know all the details so he made some up and started telling them to her. She seemed to relax when he was done and very soon fell into deep slumber.

He knew she wouldn't be waking up soon. She had brain tumour. She had been diagnosed with it two months ago. Ever since then he had been working day and night to find a job. His father had died when he was five. His mother had worked as a teacher by day and as a waitress by night to raise him. Most of the money that his deceased father had left him was spent on his college education and now when he had graduated, his mother had fallen ill. His mother's savings and the remaining money from his father was paying for the hospital bills. However the money was running out and his mother needed a surgery that they could not afford, that is why it was essential for him to find a job. He buried his face in his hands and stifled a cry. If his mother didn't have the surgery, she would…. No, he wouldn't think that. He would get the money somehow.

He walked out of the hospital and noticed that the rain had stopped. Instead of taking the bus, he walked to a bar a few blocks down the road. He usually came to this place after visiting the hospital. The bar was crowded with men and women. Loud music played in the background mingled with the sound of gossip and small talk. He made his way to the counter and occupied a stool. He had just taken a seat when the bartender, a man with long curly black hair and a friendly face approached him and spoke in a concerned tone,

"Harry, you look terrible. How is your mother?"

It was the first time someone had spoken his name that day. Harry Potter, that was his name and he was a 22-year-old, College graduate with a degree in accounting. Harry looked up with dull green eyes and met the bartender's gaze,

"Mom's fine or as fine as she can be. I got rejected again, Sirius. It's the twelfth time this week. I think this brings my rejection total to 45."

Sirius patted his hand and smiled sadly,

"You'll get a job, Harry. Don't worry. Just keep trying. Those people don't know what a gem they're missing out on"

Harry nodded quietly. Sirius pushed a glass of gin and tonic towards Harry and winked,

"It's on the house. You look like you need it desperately."

Harry picked it up and passed a small smile,

"Thanks Sirius."

Sirius walked away to deal with the other customers while Harry sipped his drink in silence. He had first met Sirius when his mother had been newly admitted in the hospital. Ever since then Sirius had sort of become a close friend to him. After his glass was empty, Sirius made his way towards him again,

"Can I get you another?"

"You'll run your bar into the ground if you keep offering me free drinks, Sirius."

Sirius laughed heartily and patted Harry on the shoulder,

"You worry too much, Harry."

Sirius had just proceeded to make another drink for Harry when Harry stopped him,

"I'm just going to head home now. I'll catch you later."

Harry got up from the stool and waved Sirius goodbye who waved back. Harry exited the bar and walked to the bus stop. The atmosphere was heavy with the smell of rain and a cold breeze was chilling the night air. When the bus arrived, he got on and waited for his stop, the last stop on the route.

By the time the bus reached his stop, it was empty. Harry got off and walked through rows of old cheap apartments until he reached a particularly ancient looking one. After climbing the stairs he reached a door. After rummaging through his pockets he drew out a key and unlocked the door. The apartment was dark. He walked in and switched on the lights.

The apartment was small, with only two rooms and a small living space that also served as an open kitchen. The furniture was scarce. There was a worn-out sofa, that served as the only sitting space in the living room. A small square table served the dual purpose of dining table and study table. There were only two chairs. Out of which, one was laden with his clothes. Harry closed the door and set the file on the table. He walked to the refrigerator and opened it. It was empty, except for a plate of leftover Chinese take-out that he gotten yesterday. He pulled it out and made a mental note to get some groceries the next day.

He sat down on the sofa and ate in silence, while he reflected upon his day and how Mr. Rookwood had rejected him. This was by far his worst rejection. Sirius's words echoed in his head and he decided to forget about the interview and thought about the two interviews he had the next day.

After finishing his meal, he deposited his plate in the sink and walked to his bedroom. The bedroom was small and consisted of a single metal framed bed and a cupboard. Harry changed into a dull t-shirt and a pair of trousers and collapsed on the bed. As he closed his eyes, he wondered what tomorrow would bring and hoped with all his heart that it would be something good…He hadn't noticed the eyes that had followed him throughout the day and had studied his every move.

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