Hermione's fourth year the night of the Yule Ball. Instead of dealing with Ron's very negative comment Hermione is invited by Viktor to come out by the lake for a walk with him. Severus has a softer side with Hermione but he is his normal snarky self in classes.

Hermione felt as if she was the most beautiful woman around and she had ever felt this way in all her life. She was at the Yule Ball and one of the most sought after men had asked her to come to Ball with him. Even as the night had progressed on and many of the other women from the other two schools approached her dance partner and requested a dance he refused them all. He would not allow her to get herself a drink of the punch even he had to get them. She felt so well pampered. The announcement had come from the DJ that there would three more songs before the event wrapped up for the night. During the last song Viktor leaned close to her ear and whispered

"Herionee will you join me for a walk by the lake?"

She looked up into his eyes and nodded that she would join him.

"I will just get us one last refreshment before our walk." He said walking away to the punch bowl.

What Hermione did not see was that he had slipped something in her drink before she drank it right down and then as they were walking around the lake he waited until they were in shadows before pulling out his wand and muttering.

Mortem, virginem, Vita amans, a sanguine hominis coles, domina cupiditas hominis

Hermione fell to the grass and she felt this massive tightening in her stomach region she was unaware of the spell or the potion but she was hurting. She was able to see what was around her and who but she could not move, speak or think about anything but the pain.

She looked up at Viktor with fear and worry on her face wondering if he had done this to her and what had he done to her. She thought she heard Latin but she could not be sure. As she was watching Viktor she saw him undoing his pants and then she saw his jewels which could not even carry the weight of a chipped diamond.

He moved so that she could see her legs were parted and his hand went under her dress and tore her kickers and pantyhose then he settled himself between her legs and began to insert his cock into her.

She wanted to fight him off but she could not move and she could not speak and she was so terrified that she had been drugged and maybe even cursed her. She could feel his tool inside her but she also could feel his balls against her intimate folds and so she knew he was in as deep as he could be and he had not torn her maidenhood. That at least she would be able to keep for the right man.

Soon they both heard a noise nearby and Viktor ran away leaving Hermione with her sex on display and her knickers and pantyhose torn unable to move and feeling the tightening getting worse and worse like she was being squeezed.

Worry begins to set in on the young Gryffindor she has no idea who will find her like this and if it will all be reversible she begins trying to remember what Viktor said before she felt the pain that now has grown to 10 times the amount as when it had first begun.

Her mind was traveling at least 10 miles per minute but sadly there was no thought other than the pain she was experiencing. She prayed that however found her would know what to do and how to fix this.

Soon the image of a person is in her view but as it is dark and Viktor had picked the shadows she was unable to see the person's face she did feel their arms lifting her up and then walking with her. She prayed it was back to the school and not someone that Viktor had sent to collect her so he could try again. She closed her eyes at this point because the pain coursing thru her body that seemed to center around her hymen felt like it was going to take her life from her. What she was unable to see was the person carrying her was Severus Snape he had known he always had a soft spot for this know it all but because of her friends he had to keep his distance but if she had been a Slytheran he would have loved to have her in his house and when she was older in his bed.

When she opened her eyes once more she was in the hospital wing of Hogwarts she was able to hear about 5 voices and all of them seemed to not know what had happened to her and how to fix it. Poppy had tried removing the curses that she thought would have been causing these symptoms that they were seeing in her.

Finally Dumbledore said "let us see if she can give us a memory of what happened to her this evening via tears if she can't then either myself or Severus will have to use Legilimency to discover what had happened so that they could help her." Dumbledore leaned over her bed and bent close to her face and said now "Miss Granger we need to know what has occurred to you can you try and move the memories into a tear or two that we may view if not I or Severus will have to use Legilimency on you and I'd rather not do that since we can't officially get a consent from you."

When they received no response and no tear trickled down her face Dumbledore knew he or Severus would have to invade the girls mind in order to know to help her. So with Poppy, Severus and Minerva present he used Legilimency to see what happened to this woman and what he saw troubled him greatly if he had understood the Latin correctly Miss Granger would die unless a man that she desired took her virginity and became her lifelong lover soon.

Once he regained some of his composure he looked at the other 3 staff in the room and said silently "Viktor gave her some sort of potion I believe and then he said the following with this wand pointed at Miss Granger's abdomen Mortem, virginem, Vita amans, a sanguine hominis coles, domina cupiditas hominis. I know my Latin is little rusty but I believe it means Miss Granger will die unless a man that she desires takes her maidenhood for only her bloody would allow this spell to be broken and this man will also be her life lover. I am not sure how long it will take for her to die but I saw three men she desires. One is out of the question as he put her into this mess and I will not allow him a chance to try and complete his wrong doing. Dumbledore looks over at Severus and says you Severus are a second and the third I have never seen so I am assuming he is a muggle. I rather not have her fall to Viktor's plan so that leaves us with you Severus or we have to try and find this muggle."

Severus grabs Dumbledore's arm and pulls him away from the lady's and says, "You know what this means old man. If she still has her hymen her blood will ensure that she will only be able to bear my children. With the war coming, none of us know if we will live to see the end of this one. To seal her fate to be mine as a lifelong lover without being able to at least confirm from Hermione that she will accept this fate?"

Dumbledore nods his head that he is aware of this issue. "Severus I don't know if we have a choice; the girl will surely die if her blood is not given. Now I can try and find this third man and we continue to let her suffer, or we can leave her in your care, my old friend."

Severus looked over at the bed that Hermione lays on and saw how her face is creased with lines of pain and how her body is as rigid as anything and he knew that being attracted to this woman was not an issue for him as he had been since Halloween night her first year.

Sighing heavily Severus looked at Dumbledore and said "Ok I will do what I must and I pray that Hermione does not jinx us all for this solution."

Dumbledore patted Severus's shoulder and ushered the other women out of the room. Once he was alone he looked at her again and walked towards her bed and whispered " Hermione I'm not sure if you could hear us talking but what Viktor did to you it will cause you to die unless a man you desire takes your maidenhood and becomes your lifelong lover. It seems for some odd reason you desire me Viktor and a muggle man so since Headmaster Dumbledore does not want to let Vickor have you it seems it is up to me to save your life. I am so very sorry for what I am about to do."

Pulling his robes aside he undoes his trousers belt and sides them off his hips. Looking up at the women whose most intimate bits are on display for him he says "I'm sorry I'm going to hurt you and I pray you forgive us. Slowly rubbing his tip up and down her intimate area he finds her to be ready to accept him so he enters her slowly at first and as he feels her maidenhood he says one final sorry and pushes himself thru feeling himself fully encased in her body. Knowing that his part is done he begins to slip out until

Hermione says "Thank you but please don't stop you took something I always wanted you to have and I'm glad in a way we will be connected in this manner."

Severus' self-control fades at this point and he becomes a man who is sharing an intimate experience with a beautiful woman. He leans up and kisses her mouth running his tongue over her lips and he lets their tongues duel as they rock back and forth finding their own rhythm enjoying this experience. Soon both are coming and as Severus moves to come all over the floor Hermione locks her legs and muscles around him forcing him to cum deep in her. Once they both return from their high

Severus looks up at Hermione and says "You wanted this even before this was forced on us to save your life? Why did you not let me slip out before this became about passion? Also, you do know that since you had me cum inside of you and I took your maidenhood that you will fall pregnant"

Still feeling him connected to her she could feel a bond that she had felt 1st year " Yes I can't really explain it Professor but when you made your speech first year about ensnaring the senses and all it made me want to be with a man like you and then slowly over each lesson it became you I wanted. Yes I could have thanked you and let you slip out and go back to the dungeon all hot and bothered and me return to Gryffindor all wanting to feel you again. I could not do that to the man willing to help his know it all student I wanted to give you some enjoyment out of it and as for falling pregnant I am on the muggle birth control. So I did not think I would fall pregnant I'm sorry Professor.

Severus looked at the woman before him the woman he was still connected to and said "Well Hermione it works different in the magic world you and I will become lifelong lovers and no contraception from the muggle world will ever prevent children in cases where a maidenhood is broken and the witch is mated with a man who by spell or by fate is her lifelong lover. You will not fall pregnant from this encounter as you are birth control but within a week or two you will as the magic of lifelong lovers makes your egg or eggs ready. You also will feel the need to be with me and I will feel the same for you. I should also tell you that sadly unless I die before you no other man will be able to satisfy your desires sexually as long as I am alive. There is no rule that you or I cannot have intimate encounters with other people but they will not be as enjoyable so most paired matches don't bother to try. This will continue until one of us dies we will have much to talk about as to if we will be married or just lovers but that will come when you are older. For now watch for signs of pregnancy and owl me when you begin to feel the pull to need me as I will send an owl to you. And for now it think it wise that we don't let the other Gryffindor's know that I have a soft side for my know it all witch and that we have been mated I don't think Misters Potter and Wesley will take well to knowing we have been intimate.

Hermione found all this information a lot to take in so all she was able to do was nod her head and smile before she asked "I know in the class room or in the halls around other students and facility would not be appropriate but in private may I call you Severus as you have called me Hermione?

He smiled down at this witch his witch now and said "Yes I think that would be wise and I will remember also to call you Miss Granger unless it is only you and I. Now my dear I know you will be sore right now you are not feeling it because we are still connected but from my read of mates the first time leaves the woman sore once they separate I would recommend a bath to soak and I will see you in class tomorrow. I will owl you tomorrow evening to see how you are faring all my letters will be signed with a snake S. You may sign your how you wish as I will not have housemates to read them over my shoulders. Now good night my Hermione."

And he slowly kissed her and he finally slid out of her body regretting the loss of contact. Fixing his own clothes and casting a spell to repair her undergarments. He walked out of the hospital wing knowing Poppy would be all over the girl to see how she was and make sure she was intact.