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The next day was Sunday and she had no plans other than to read her chapters.

Hermione found that she was able to read her chapters without interruption in Severus's quarters. She found that she enjoyed the peace that she found being in his presence as well as the fire that they ignited in each other.

Being able to concentrate on her reading without Ron or Harry asking for updates on what she was reading and what the chapter was about was most refreshing. Also the added bonus of her life long lover sitting on the couch next to her helping or answering any questions that she might have. She found she was able to read 4 lessons chapters in about 2 hours with his help and the promise of his company.

Finally after reading all her assigned chapters she found the courage to ask Severus about yesterday. Although she felt that what Viktor did to her was severe she was not sure if what Dumbledore did as his punishment was not ever more severe.

Reaching out and lightly touching Severus's arm to get his attention she cleared her throat and said

"Severus I know what Viktor did to me was inexcusable but was what the Headmaster did to him as punishment not even more severe?"

Severus knew she would eventually ask about this and he knew that he had to tell her that his recommendation was not this severe as she was his lifelong lover and that he was rather upset with the Headmaster.

Stroking her check and then down her neck to try and calm her a bit since she was so nervous asking this question he said

"Hermione I told the Headmaster that Viktor should be punished and that I thought he should not be able to hurt women that way again I was thinking more along the lines of a pain spell if the women he is bedding not the Cruciatus Curse

She saw the logic in what Severus said to Dumbledore and what The Headmaster had actually done and she realized yes Severus had wanted Viktor to be punished but not as severely as he had been.

Leaning over she kissed Severus showing him that she did not blame him just that she was curious whose idea it was to do what was done to Viktor. Feeling the kiss deepen as their bodies turned toward each other feeling his tongue on her lips and then dueling with her own she felt herself moan.

She had kissed a few boys before this man and he was a man that knew what she needed. Severus began to slow down the kiss as they had made love 3 times yesterday and already once this am and he was not looking to just bed Hermione he wanted to talk to her about some things.

Taking her hands in his own and pulling them away from his chest he pulled his mouth away and whispered.

"Do you know what you do to me one touch or one kiss and I want to be with you. But my dear I have a few things I would like to discuss with you. Then I promise if you still want to be with me we will have dinner in."

She just smiled and nodded.

"Ok my sweet lioness as you know we have been intimate many times and I am sure one of these encounters will make us pregnant. I know you have been taking Birth control and I know that does not allow your eggs to ovulate however our magics will allow an egg or eggs to be ready soon. So how do you want to handle that. Will we tell your parents? Do you want to come out as a couple even if it's not really been defined by us yet. Do you want to study away from Hogwarts I can tutor you while you carry our child."

She knew and she had registered that no birth control would help her in regards to Severus but she had not thought about how to handle having his child. It could put Severus and herself and the child in serious danger.

"I did not really think about that Severus, what would you advise I mean with the Order and He Who Must Not Be Named would I and the child be safe?"

"I don't think the child would be safe anywhere near this war yet I am too selfish to let you go away I want you with me I have felt more alive in the last few days then I have all my life. But I can't deny how many people would want to hurt you or our child. Even the Headmaster would not be above my suspicions."

"So what will we do Severus I don't want to be without you but I would not want to see our child hurt. Especially since one or both of us might not make it out of this war alive."

Leaning in Severus kissed Hermione and then said

"I don't know because I am not 100 % who we can trust to care for you other than me. And I can't just go missing that would create too much kayos. We will see how it all goes maybe you can conceal it I can teach you the charms. Only you and I will be able to see your belly and feel the baby kick. But once the child is born we will have to see if I can reach my family's house elf so she can take care of the little one for us."

Hermione nodded thinking to herself that him teaching her the charms might be the safest way. Since she did not want to part from him or keep him from his baby.

"As to telling my parent's I'd like to go and see them and see if we can explain this all to them. Before we would tell them o by the way Hermione is with child. Because I know they will ask about a wedding and love and all that. I can't speak for you Severus but I'm not sure or I can't put a name to what I feel for you I don't know if its love or lust or a mix of both. I'd like to sort that out before they know I have a child with you. I know you will be a good father I have no doubt about that but I want to know my feelings before marriage and child are down my throat from my parents."

"I feel the same way my dear I want to know my feelings and we will have some time I mean we have been together the last 2 days and it will take at least a week or two for our magic to make you ready and a baby would not be here for 9 months but I would like to date you and see how things go. I never only wanted a roll in the hay with you I wanted you mind body soul from the moment we were joined sexually. Will you allow me to date Hermione and see where this road takes us?"

"So you want me to be your girlfriend?"

"No I want you to be my life mate it's different as I will never break up with you. A boyfriend will break his girlfriend's heart and mean to. I want a life mate I might hurt you or break your heart because of what I say or do but I don't mean to."

"Yes Severus I will date you I will be your life mate. See where this all takes us."

Severus took her chin in his hand and kissed her showing her he was happy with her decision.

Pulling away and resting his forehead against her he whispered

"Hermione as I promised if you still want to this evening I will order us dinner in."

"You better call the house elf Severus I want to be with my life mate and I don't care if it makes me pregnant."

Kissing her chastely again he whispered

"You know just want to say to turn me on don't you. Even if we can't fall pregnant just yet"

"I listen to my heart it's not my fault if what my heart says turns you on. Now take me to bed because tomorrow we both have classes."

Fade off of Severus helping her off the couch and leading her to his bedroom where moans and sighs can be heard in minutes.

Fade in Hermione in her 4 post bed with an owl perched besides her waiting for her to wake.

Hermione does wake and sees the owl and see his note giving the owl a few treats she opens her note and reads

My dear,

I really enjoyed this weekend with you. You showed me how to live again

I love the feel of your skin against mine and I miss this contact this am.

I have thought about this most of the night I want us to have a few babies.

I enjoy the act to make you as such. I think our best way to handle is to teach you the charms.

Let you go to school for I am sure Potter will not survive the war without you.

I wish you and I could share a bed each night. I sleep much better with you beside me.

I miss you see you in potions my dear.


Feeling compelled to respond Hermione wrote back

My man,

You might question my choice of pet name but you make me feel like a woman

And you take care of me like a man should care for his lover

I also wish we could share a bed I love the feel of your arm around my waist

Or your love machine poking my thigh. I think you are right about the baby and Harry.

I long to see you in potions too bad I can't kiss your lips and love toy.